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Kubota Mowers

Offering high performance, exceptional reliability outstanding fuel economy, Kubota’s vast array of commercial residential lawn mowers are designed to lower workloads increase productivity.

Mowing is now enjoyable and not a chore! Designed to put out exceptional power to tackle even the most demanding jobs while still offering superior comfort. From ‘Zero turns’ to ‘Ride on’ to out front and walk-behinds, the Kubota mower suits every application operator.

T Series: Efficient, Powerful comfortable, Kubota’s “T Series” ride-on type mowers have been created for the residential customer. We understand your time is valuable, and that is why we have created the T-Series range to assist you to get more out of your day, achieving impeccably manicured lawns without fuss. With simple maintenance long service life, you will come to rely on the Kubota T Series for years.

Z Series: The Kubota Z-Series has a wide range of commercial residential “zero turns” lawnmowers that bring together ease of operation, maximum comfort superior cutting performance that you can count on all day, every day.

F Series: Kubota F-Series will challenge the status quo, establishing a new standard for professional, ride-on mowers. Powered by Kubota’s diesel engines, celebrated worldwide for their excellent reliability, the Kubota F-series features a hydrostatic transmission for faster response, increased work speeds more strength to tackle the toughest mowing. Offering fantastic maneuverability, the Kubota F Series is the ideal machine when dealing with confined areas tight corners. If you are in need of a versatile, efficient powerful commercial mower, then the Kubota F Series is for you.

GR Series: Kubota’s GR Series 4-wheel drive, diesel-power, ride-on mowers that outlast outperform their competitors. Efficient on fuel, reliable requiring little routine maintenance, the GR Series is perfect for those residential operators that need a mower that tackles hilly ground and tough mowing jobs with ease.

Walk-Behind: Accomplish perfectly manicured lawns with Kubota’s range of self-propelled push walk-behind mowers. Outpacing outlasting competitor machines, The Kubota walk-behind mowers are ideal for the operator who wants a mower that is low in maintenance and that is reliable, year after year as well as giving you a great cut

Comparing Kubota Lawn Tractors

comparing, kubota, lawn, tractors

Looking for a riding mower? Kubota offers lots of great mowers and lawn tractors to suit a variety of purposes. Everyone’s needs are different ranging between smaller mowers for less land, and larger, more powerful models that can do more than mowing. Choose the right mower, and you can use it in the spring with a lawn roller or in the winter with a front-mounted snowplow. Let’s talk about the different types of lawn tractors as well as a range of Kubota riding mowers to suit different purposes.

Types of Mowers

Before you buy a mower, analyze your needs. Options include traditional riding mowers and lawn tractors, zero turn mowers, and small tractors. Consider the following:

  • How much grass do you have? If you have half an acre to mow, a small riding mower gets the job done faster and easier than a push mower. However, if you have a lot of acreage, you’ll probably want something larger that features a wider mower deck to speed the process.
  • Is your lawn sloped? Slopes play a big part in the type of mower you’ll need. Zero turn mowers have a high center of gravity, which can make them unsafe on steep hills. Lawn tractors and compact tractors may be a better fit to mow those hills safely.
  • Is your terrain packed with lots of obstacles? Lawns with lots of trees, landscaping and other obstacles mean lots of tight turns and lots of backing up to make sure you don’t miss anything. Zero turn mowers feature high maneuverability to make navigating obstacles easier.
  • What else do you need besides mowing? For many homeowners, the only real need they have is mowing. If that’s the case, a riding mower will be the best fit. However, gardeners might be interested in lawn tractors that can pull wagons or tillers. People running a small farm may prefer a compact tractor that can not only mow, but use a rotary cutter, a front end loader, and other implements.

We’re mainly concerned about Kubota lawn tractors here, but understand that mowers break down into three types:

Riding Mowers

Riding mowers are the most popular type of mower for mid-sized yards. For most homeowners, these mowers will get the job done. They come standard with a mower deck. Deck widths will vary based on options selected and the size of the mower. Some riding mowers, particularly on the larger end, can be equipped with implements like yard rollers, grass sweepers, sprayers and wagons, making it a versatile tool that can handle any job the average homeowner may need to do.

This is the mower of choice if you have a lot of grass to mow or a lot of tight turns and obstacles in your terrain. Traditional riding mowers feature front wheels that turn together when you turn the steering wheel. Zero-turn mowers turn on a dime using dual transmissions driving side wheels independently.

These mowers are typically speedy, averaging six to eight miles per hour compared to the three or four that a riding mower achieves, which lets you mow lots of grass quickly. That’s in addition to the fact that many zero turns offer large mowing decks. Kubota zero turn mowers range between 42 inches and 72 inches while Kubota lawn and garden tractors go between 42 and 54 inches.

The drawback to these mowers is that zero turn mowers can be dangerous on steep slopes. They have an increased risk of tipping, and because they don’t have a dedicated braking system—you have to pull back the levers to stop the mower—they can be difficult to stop if they start to slide. Here’s how some of the top Kubota zero turn mowers compare.

Compact and Subcompact Tractors

This is the ideal choice when you need a lot more than a mower. For many homeowners, though a compact or subcompact tractor is probably too much tractor. Kubota tractors come with a lot of options like choices between turf tires and tires for other uses, plus options for a front end loader. Since they feature three-point linkages and PTO drives on the rear, this means you can use a lot of different types of equipment, including box blades, rear driven mowers, post hole diggers, snow blowers, sweepers, tillers and more.

That’s what makes tractors ideal for hobby farms or homeowners with a lot of land to maintain. If you’re looking at several hundred feet of driveway that needs to be graded each year, or if you need an easier way to clean barn stalls or move earth than a wheelbarrow, these tractors will do it—and they’ll mow your lawn, too.

For the homeowner with an acre or two, remember that bigger the equipment, the harder it is to maneuver. Compact tractors need a larger area to make turns.

What Are The Top 5 Kubota Lawn Tractors?

If you’re looking for a new mower, Kubota a top brand to consider. They offer a lot of options, and they’re built tough. Accidents can happen when you’re mowing. Cheaper mowers don’t place as much emphasis on structural quality, which means the chances of something bending or part of the framework warping when you hit something goes up. Below are five of the best Kubota mowers out there, each ideal for different budgets and different needs.

Kubota T2090BR-42

comparing, kubota, lawn, tractors

This is a smaller riding mower, but with a 20 HP Briggs Stratton engine, it still has plenty of power. It has a lot of great features including a ductile cast iron front axle that will stand up to bumps and shocks whereas other mowers with weaker front axles are more likely to bend or break. Mower decks for this model range between 42 and 48 inches. which gives you a nice wide path for a riding mower. Other options are available, like a deluxe high back seat with armrest and suspension for extra comfort while you’re mowing. This lawn tractor also has optional attachments, including a front snow blade, snow blower and grass catcher.

Kubota T2290KW-42

comparing, kubota, lawn, tractors

Also a smaller mower, the Kubota T2290KW-42 is ideal for small to mid-sized yards. It has a 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine, which is a step up from the 20 HP engine in the T2090BR-42. It also adds a few features. Cruise control lets you set the right speed and go, and suspension beneath the seat makes the ride more comfortable. Mower deck sizes are available in 42 and 48 inches. As with other models, you can also get a front snow blade, snow blower and grass catcher for this lawn tractor.

Kubota T2290KWT-48

comparing, kubota, lawn, tractors

The Kubota T2290KWT-48 is a feature-rich riding mower. It has an updated dash that lets you monitor the mower’s systems and the 21.5 HP engine. This is a comfortable mower, too. Dual arm rests and a suspension seat prevent shocks when you go over bumps and give you a place to rest your arms. There is also a 12-volt power outlet and a slot for your phone so that you can charge while you mow. Available mower decks for this model come in 42-inch and 48-inch sizes.

Kubota GR2120

comparing, kubota, lawn, tractors

This heavy-duty mower is designed for small to mid-sized yards. It features a 21 HP engine and mower decks between 48 and 54 inches. While the horsepower is lower than other models, keep in mind that this is a powerful diesel engine. This mower is made with durable 10-gauge steel while the mower deck features a tough 5/16-inch U-frame platform. With the optional mulching kit, this mower breaks down grass clippings so that you don’t have to collect them—although a grass catcher is available, too. One of the things that sets this mower apart from others is the shaft drive PTO, which is a sturdy, low-maintenance improvement on belt-driven mower decks.

Kubota GR2020G

comparing, kubota, lawn, tractors

This mower offers several upgrades. It features a 5/16-inch U-frame platform that gives it enhanced durability. It also has a shaft-drive PTO to power the mower deck, which is a more durable, less maintenance intensive option compared to the belt drives that most riding mowers use. It’s a riding mower that has been designed for comfort with a high-backed seat, cruise control, and a step-through operator platform that makes it easier to get on and off the mower without bumping your shins.

With a 48-inch mower deck. and with Kubota’s Glide Steer technology, it features a tight turning radius that gives you professional results. Optional attachments include a front snow blade, snow blower and grass catcher.

Have questions about which is the best Kubota lawn tractor for you? Stop by our showroom or get in touch! We’ll be happy to help you pick the right fit.

About the KUBOTA GR1600 ID Ride-on Mower

Kubota’s GR1600 ID is an entry level ride-one mower suitable for domestic use. It has a 42 inch Infinity Cutter Deck and can side discharge, mulch, or collect (with the optional collector bag). The power is from the Kubota 10.1 kW diesel engine, which is able to compete with a 14.9 kW petrol engine, but with better fuel economy.

The Infinity Deck makes mowing trouble-free, allowing you to choose from side-discharge, mulching or grass collecting modes without having to change blades. Side-discharge discharges grass evenly and efficiently using its two counter-rotating blades. Switching to the mulching mode simply requires sliding across the steel gate on the outside of the deck, which then keeps grass under the deck for the perfect mulch. You are also able to attach an optional 250 litre grass collector, should you wish.

Kubota’s hydrostatic transmission is included as standard with this model, allowing the operator to easily control speed and direction with a single foot pedal, up to a maximum travel speed of 10 km/h. The large 18 litre fuel tank means you won’t need to stop to refuel as often, making this a really easy machine to run.

The diesel engine requires no special maintenance in the off-season, making it easy to look after, while this mower also uses shaft-drive transmission, shaft-drive PTO and wet-type mechanical PTO clutch, all of which are incredibly durable and trouble free.

Kubota lawn tractors by model

Mower Deck
F2000 20 HP 60/72″ deck 1986. 1987
F2100 20 HP 60/72″ deck 1988. 1997
F2260 22 HP 60/72″ deck 1997. 2005
F2400 24 HP 60/72″ deck 1988. 1997
F2560 25 HP 60/72″ deck 1997. 2005
F2680 25 HP 60/72″ deck 2008. 2013
F2690 25 HP 60/72″ deck 2014.
F2880 28 HP 60/72″ deck 2006. 2007
F3060 30 HP 60/72″ deck 1997. 2005
F3080 30 HP 60/72″ deck 2008. 2013
F3680 36 HP 60/72″ deck 2006. 2013
F3990 39 HP 60/72″ deck 2014.
FZ2100 20 HP 54/60/72″ deck 1992. 1997
FZ2400 24 HP 54/60/72″ deck 1992. 1997
G1700 15 HP 48″ deck 1989. 2000
G1800 16 HP 48/54″ deck 1989. 2000
G1900 18 HP 48/54/60″ deck 1989. 2000
G2000 21 HP 48/54/60″ deck 1989. 1997
G2160 21 HP 48/54/60″ deck 2001. 2008
G2460 24 HP 48/54/60″ deck 2001. 2007
G3200 10 HP 40/44″ deck 1983. 1988
G4200 12 HP 40/44″ deck 1984. 1990
G5200 14 HP 40/44/48″ deck 1984. 1990
G6200 16 HP 40/44/48″ deck 1986. 1990
GF1800 18 HP 48/54/60″ deck 1994. 2005
GR2000 20 HP 48″ deck 2005. 2007
GR2010 20 HP 48″ deck 2008. 2009
GR2020 20 HP 48″ deck 2010. 2014
GR2020 20 HP 48″ deck 2015.
GR2100 21 HP 54″ deck 2005. 2007
GR2110 21 HP 48/54″ deck 2008. 2009
GR2120 21 HP 48/54″ deck 2010. 2014
GR2120 17 HP 48/54″ deck 2015.
GT850 15 HP 48″ deck 1978. 1988
GT950 18 HP unknown
PX-2100 20 HP 60″ deck 1987. 1995
T1400 13 HP 40″ deck 1987. 1996
T1460 12 HP 40″ deck 1997. 2001
T1560 14 HP 40/44″ deck 1997. 2001
T1570 15 HP 40″ deck 2002. 2007
T1600 13 HP 44″ deck 1990. 1996
T1670 15 HP 44″ deck 2002. 2007
T1700 17 HP 44/48″ deck 1991. 1996
T1760 17 HP 48″ deck 1997. 2001
T1770 17 HP 44″ deck 2002. 2007
T1870 19 HP 48″ deck 2002. 2007
T1880 18 HP 42″ deck 2008. 2017
T2080 20 HP 42″ deck 2008. 2017
T2090BR 20 HP 42″ deck 2018
T2290KW 21 HP 42″ deck 2018
T2290KWT 21 HP 48″ deck 2018
T2380 23 HP 48″ deck 2008. 2017
TG1860 18 HP 48/54″ deck 1998. 2003
TG1860G 18 HP 48/54″ deck 1998. 2003


Kubota’s range of equipment is extensive and includes RTV utility vehicles, ride-on lawn mowers, commercial mowers, compact and agricultural tractors, generators, engines, excavators and wheel loaders.

Kubota can now provide you with the complete range of Kubota products and in doing this have the strength to be able to provide the highest level of service demanded by our Kubota customers.

comparing, kubota, lawn, tractors

What’s available through Norwood

Kubota products have been distributed in New Zealand for 40 years now and have fast become a dominant figure in the market. It all started in the mid 1970’s with Kubota supplying the first L series, L175-L185, and B series tractors into the New Zealand market. This was the start of Kubota’s success in the under 50 horsepower agricultural and grounds care tractor market. 1977 saw the start of the over 50 horsepower tractors being supplied to the New Zealand market with the introduction of the M7000 tractors. From this beginning Kubota have developed its line of tractors, right up to the latest MGX series of tractors with the biggest cab on the market today.

Kubota Corporation has the corporate slogan to Kubota “For Earth, For Life”, meaning, “While protecting the earth’s beautiful environment, Kubota continues to support affluent lifestyles of people”.

The world is facing many challenges in areas such as food, water and environment, which are all essential to human beings. The new slogan represents Kubota‘s commitment that the directors and employees of all global Kubota networks would unite and move forward as a corporate group that contributes to solutions of these challenges through business.

From humble beginnings as a cast iron manufacturer in Osaka, the Kubota Corporation, established in 1890, has grown into a highly successful multinational company employing over 23,000 people worldwide with a turnover in the billions of dollars. Kubota has become an international brand leader with a FOCUS on contributing to society by offering environmentally compatible equipment designed to improve quality of life.

Over the past few years exciting releases from Kubota have expanded the market and the introduction of the MGX series of tractors has moved Kubota to the top end of the 100 to 135 horsepower range with exceptional performance, reliability and comfort.

With a variety of grounds care equipment ranging from the T1880 18 horsepower ride-on lawnmower up to the L5740 59 horsepower hydrostatic 4WD tractor, Kubota enables its customers to find the perfect unit for their individual application. The range also includes zero-turn mowers in both diesel and now a new petrol option, out-front commercial mowers in 18 and 36 horsepower as well as front end loaders and mid mount mowers to fit all ROPS and cab compact tractors.

Our agricultural range spans from the new MX5100 51 horsepower utility tractor up to the top of the range M7-1 170 horsepower tractor.

With the release in 2005 of the RTV900 utility vehicle into the New Zealand market, Kubota built on its success with the RTV1100, with a full cab, air conditioning and heater. The range also now includes the versatile RTV1140, an easily convertible unit with either two or four seater options at your fingertips. The RTV500, a new compact petrol machine with the simplicity you have come to love about Kubota as well as the 2012 model, the RTV400. With its CVT Plus transmission and electronic fuel injection the RTV400 heads to top of its class. These are purpose built machines; using proven tractor technology to make a rough terrain vehicle suitable for a huge variety of applications.

Why buy Kubota tractors and equipment?

Why should you buy a Kubota? We can think of a lot of reasons, but here are some of the top reasons people buy Kubota equipment:

#1 selling sub-compact tractor in the world.

Kubota ZD1021-60

comparing, kubota, lawn, tractors

Rent1 offers brand name lawn care equipment rentals at the guaranteed lowest rates. For small-to-mid sized landscaping work, the Kubota ZD1021-60 riding mower rental is an excellent choice. This mower has a 21.6 horsepower 3-cylinder kubota diesel engine providing a forward travel speed of 9mph (14.5 km/h) and a reverse travel speed of 5mph (8 km/h). Landscaping professionals can quickly drive this equipment across grass and turf to perform precision cuts with a 60” mower deck. The ZD1021-60 mower is designed to be easy to control, with hand levers and foot pedals that anyone can learn how to operate. Book your riding mower rental online with Rent1 today.

  • 8” (2.23m) long x 73.8” (1.88m) wide x 74.4” (1.89m) high — easy to transport with truck and trailer. Fold down the ROPS and the overall equipment height is 56.3” (1.43m)
  • Deluxe suspension and a high-back seat improves operator comfort.
  • Easily cut through tall grass with a liquid-cooled engine; 21.6hp @3200rpm.
  • 3-blade, 60” mower deck provides precision and high cutting power of grass, weeds, and turf
  • Equipment operating weight is 630kg (1389 lbs.).
  • 24×12 rear low-profile tires and 13×6.5 smooth-pneumatic front tires provide excellent traction and maneuverability on all types of grass
  • Easy to operate with foot pedals and hand levers
  • Max forward speed 9mph (14.5 km/h), max reverse speed 5mph (8 km/h).

Power: Kubota riding mowers are known by professional landscapers for their reliability and power. 21.6hp 3-cyl diesel engine offers exceptional driving and cutting force for any type of grass and weeds.

Versatility: 60” mower deck makes it possible to perform precision cuts on your landscaping project. With a compact frame, this light-weight lawn care equipment rental is easy to load onto a truck and trailer if you need to transport it between projects.