Compressor from a Zilov compressor with their own hands

Compressors are used to create a device that pressurizes air:

KamAZ device has a good performance, is durable and reliable, but requires serious revision, and GAZ, MTZ. low-productive. Therefore, many for the manufacture of the device, forcing air, with their own hands choose Zilovsky unit.

Let’s consider an example of such an assembly. Let’s take a ZIL 130 compressor, propane tank 50 liters. For a network of 220 volts you need a motor for 2-3 kilowatts, if you use 3 phases, the power may be less. The frame is made of steel angle, for mounting you need bolts, self-tapping screws, sealant, clamps.

  • The first thing to do is to make a tray. For this purpose you need a sheet of metal with thickness of 5 mm. To avoid oil leaks in the joints of the oil pan with the compressor crankcase, use paronite gaskets and sealant treatment.
  • To avoid jamming of the device during operation due to poor lubrication, finishing of assemblies is necessary. To do this, you need to remove the head, take out the connecting rods, and drill them together with the bearing shells. The depth of the holes should be 3 mm and the diameter 10 mm. This is enough to lubricate the shells. During operation, an oil mist is formed, which lubricates the cylinders.
  • The next step is to make two threaded holes in the crankcase. Here we screw in the plug for oil inlet and outlet.
  • With the painting area, the system must be connected with a special tube. The air from the device comes out strongly heated, therefore copper products are used for this purpose.
  • If the capacity of the compressor will not be enough for the operation of the paint sprayer, you can connect additional receivers. To control the pressure on the receiver, a pressure gauge is installed. With insufficient and unstable pressure paint layer on the body of the car will lie unevenly.
  • In the receiver you can install an overload valve, which will protect the device in case of an excessive increase in pressure.
  • Many craftsmen also install an air dryer. For these purposes, a special dryer (spirtushku) from the KAMAZ, which is located between the compressor and receiver. As a working fluid is used alcohol, heating oil, etc.

For the motorist who has a little experience in welding and locksmith work, to make his own hands a device for pressurizing air on the basis of a compressor ZIL 130 will not make much trouble, if you follow our recommendations.

How to make your own hands paint compressor on the basis of ZIL 130

The best basis for creating a paint compressor with their own hands. ZIL 130, which compressor is structurally most suitable for this.

For body painting, the use of a compressor is important, because it improves the quality and durability of the applied layer, increases productivity. In addition, it can be used for pumping tires, air supply for pneumatic tools.

In view of the considerable cost of the compressor, to acquire a device for a “one-time” painting your car is not reasonable, and not everyone can afford. Home craftsmen are able to make such a device with their own hands.

Features of work

Pumping air with a ZIL-130 compressor is made by the movement of pistons. In addition to them, the functioning is ensured by the presence of a wire sump, a stuffing box inside the central system and a supercharger, the action of which is triggered by springs. Safety during high-pressure operation is ensured by a gasket. When the piston rod is withdrawn in the opposite direction, the air flows to the valve. ZIL-130 compressor device consists of two cylinders. The piston system is made of aluminum. It is equipped with metal pins secured by retaining rings. The compressor air filter contains the air that passes through the intake valves into the compressor cylinders. The air flows with the help of the pistons, compressing the air flows into the system. It then enters through the discharge valves. details about the ZIL 130 compressor can be found in the manual that comes with the device.

compressor, zilov, their, hands

The structure

The compressor is a two-cylinder piston-type device. Its operating principle is to pump air through the movement of the pistons. The structure of the compressor consists of:

The pistons are made of aluminum and are fitted with pins that are secured with retaining rings. Through the inlet valves, the air in the engine air filter enters the compressor cylinders. It is compressed by pistons and fed into the pneumatic system. Then it goes through the discharge valves which are located in the cylinder head.

Cooling system

The engine has a liquid cooling system of the closed type. It consists of: a radiator, a thermostat, a pump, a temperature sensor, a compressor and a pipe. Works on the principle of forced circulation cooling. If the fluid in the system overheats, it is necessary to open the radiator plug. When it is opened, a stream of hot water is ejected from the neck. That’s why it has to be done carefully.

Lubrication system

The lubrication system is combined. The lubricant comes from the lubrication system of the engine and cools with the coolant.

How to make a hand-made paint compressor on the basis of ZIL 130

The best basis for creating a compressor for the painting with their own hands. ZIL 130, which compressor is structurally most suitable for this purpose. For car body painting the use of compressor is important, as it improves the quality and durability of the applied layer, increases productivity. Besides, it can be used for pumping tires, air supply for pneumatic tools.

In view of the considerable cost of the compressor, to acquire a device for a “one-time” painting your car is impractical, and not everyone can afford. Home craftsmen are able to make a similar device with their own hands.

Homemade compressor on the basis of ZIL.

Found some pictures, thought I’d post them.Made by a neighbor in the garage. In my opinion. the most expertly made compressor on the basis of ZIL 130-3509009-11. With their own lubrication system and cooling system. Usually no one has one of those. Cooled by air and lubricated by oil in the crankcase. That’s why the liners are burning. They need lubrication.The oil pump seems to be from the classic, and the German pump pumps coolant through the Zilov radiator.

The best self-made compressor (based on ZIL-130, from 220V)?

The other day for the first time changed the oil in his assembled three years ago (in fact it was the first trial of the pen) home-made compressor.

In short. based on a compressor unit ZIL 130 (77 years of production, from the preservation, lightweight connecting rods, pistons), the output of 250-300 liters (winter summer pulleys), this is analogous to the designation “in” about 500-600

The compressor has a lubrication system (including an external oil pump and oil filter with pressure reducing valve)

Полное описание самодельного компрессора на базе зил 130./ HOMEMADE COMPRESSOR

combined with cooling system, filter at the inlet from VAZ-2101, homemade oil-water separator at the outlet, full automatic start (turns on. off, all like a factory, from a constant) with electro-pneumatic valve to facilitate cold start (do not forget, it works 220 V, though through a phase divider)

I take it to the mane and tail, orbitalka, sandblasting sometimes for half a day without a break, painting and other household chores.

Thought for 3 years he “fell” loomed, as before a pair of “Chinese”, I looked piston. no wear and tear at all, all like yesterday collected.

Failures for 3 years. zero (during the initial assembly of the spring out of the valve fell into the cylinder, it does not count)

At the end of the season compressor moved to the street so as not to take space, because 3 years of operation has proven the resiliency of the system to 100%.

Later in the blog will add more photos and descriptions, but so far. a review video about this “monster

The review video “The best homemade compressor (based on ZIL-130, working from 220V)

I remember a lot of people have kicked me here that it is difficult, cumbersome Do not forget. the design was made that once and for 10-20 years to not return to the subject.

Practice: 3 years in very harsh conditions (up to work in the room where there is sandblasting) and by all appearances it has a resource left for another 10 years at least, if not more.

I filled it with Lukoil Anagard 10w40, now the compressor starts in a jiffy, even in the cold (I have an idea to put the summer pulley in the winter, it may pull a cold start) and runs quieter and smoother than before on mineral oil.

For reference: the total volume of receivers in pneumostemu. 500l, the performance is quite enough for any full painting, pneumatics and other where air is required.

(Except that the sandblaster would be more powerful times 3-4))). But that’s a plan for a future diesel compressor, and so far and baseline levelmno enough to work with sandblasting zavaltsovok, local bugs and wheel disks.

What do you think, from 220V to make a compressor better than him (in terms of layout, practicality and performance, I did not take into account the appearance in the manufacture) really or not and whether there is a point?)

Domestic use

To begin with, it should be said that such products will not be of great performance, and their production may require large expenditures. However, there are many uses, which also make you look for material on how to make a compressor with their own hands from a Zilov compressor.

  • First of all, such a device is ideal for inflating car tires.
  • Also such a unit can be used to work with some small pneumatic tools.
  • Most often these products are used in workshops for applying paint to the surface. The fact is that in the presence of a volumetric receiver, they can work for quite a long time and create the necessary pressure.
  • Some professionals use such units in blacksmithing and other industries. The main thing is that the technical characteristics correspond to the specified parameters.

Compressor modification

Even if you plan to make a regular garage compressor from a ZIL compressor, the unit itself will need some modification.

  • The first thing to do is to create cooling. The thing is that such units in the process of their work greatly overheat and as a result not only decreases productivity, but also the service life. Therefore, it is necessary to drill the connecting rods, and in the bottom cover is installed oblique tube.
  • To check the oil level, it is necessary to install a transparent filter in the crankcase outlet. It also makes sense to put a moisture separator, which you can make yourself from a small fire extinguisher.
  • The oil reservoir is installed separately. It is worth noting right away that it will be used as an expansion tank and will help to normalize the pressure in the system.

Nowadays, there are just a huge number of all kinds of modifications, which are aimed at increasing performance and service life. All of these are usually part of the lubrication and torque transfer system. But the final choice always depends on the purpose of the final product.