Cordless Brushless Screwdriver Which Is Better

How to choose a cordless screwdriver: 6 tips and a rating of 5 cool models How to choose the right cordless screwdriver for your home? We study the characteristics, manufacturers and additional functionality. Read the detailed guide on MOYO.UA!

Criteria for choosing a cordless screwdriver

To choose a quality screwdriver, it is not enough to pay attention only to the price, appearance and comfort in the hand. It is necessary to additionally evaluate a lot of characteristics. Those who do not trust the consultants can independently study the technical passport of the device they like. It describes the main parameters and capabilities. What is important when buying a cordless screwdriver and which device is better for the house from inexpensive ones is described in detail in the following sections.

All about battery-powered screwdrivers: pros and cons

The main difference between the cordless screwdriver and the network model is the absence of a cord. Autonomy of work and non-attachment to an outlet are the main advantages of a tool with a battery inside.

The advantages of the device also include:

  • Mobility. The tool and the charging battery are in the same housing, no additional elements are needed for operation. It is enough to take the device in hand, and it is already ready to work. Can be transferred to any location.
  • Compactness. Typically, household autonomous screwdrivers are small in size. This makes the device especially convenient in hard-to-reach places.
  • Universality. Technique replaces screwdriver and drill.
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In practice, a cordless instrument is indispensable in objects without electricity, when it is necessary to frequently move or climb to a height. The device can be operated outdoors or indoors.

cordless brushless screwdriver which is better

The only drawback here is the need to periodically charge the battery. Manufacturers are trying to solve this problem in every possible way, for example, offering 2 batteries with the tool. While one is in the working process, the second restores energy.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver: 6 tips and a rating of 5 cool models

A screwdriver is essentially an electrical substitute for a screwdriver. It performs the same functions as its younger brother, only makes the process of tightening / unscrewing screws and bolts much faster. Such a tool is especially effective if there are tens or even hundreds of screws. The device can not only twist the screws. By installing a special drill, you can make holes in wood, plastic and thin metal with a screwdriver. powerful devices even take bricks and concrete. In general, the tool is indispensable in everyday life and during repairs.

How to choose a household or professional screwdriver

The most popular manufacturers of screwdrivers are Bosch, AEG, Makita. The market share for these manufacturers is more than half. Large companies are interested in retaining their customers, so when buying a tool, you can confidently use it in business.

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The best screwdrivers with a 10.8V battery

The purpose of the tool with a power of 10.8 volts, the best option is the assembly of plasterboard structures and furniture.

Several branded models can be considered by functional qualities.

  1. Makita DF030DWE screwdriver is designed for household needs, has a battery capacity of 1.3 ampere-hour with a power of 10.8 volts. The maximum torque is due to 24 Nm, the speed is electronically controlled, there is a reverse. The maximum number of revolutions is 1300 per minute. Charging usually lasts more than 5 hours. The kit comes with a replaceable battery for convenient, continuous operation.
  2. Bosch GSR8-Li is equipped with two-speed electronic speed control. The maximum torque is better than competitors in this category and is 30 Nm. The model has a minimum weight, small dimensions. The presence of a backlight helps to work in low light conditions.

The best screwdrivers with a 12V battery

The best cordless screwdrivers with a 12-volt power system. The devices allow you to work the longest at medium loads.

Screwdriver AEG BS 12G2

Able to drill through metal or other materials of medium hardness.

  1. AEG BS 12G2-equipped with a battery cell with a capacity of 1.5 Ah, the best lithium design allows you to charge the screwdriver in less than an hour. The presence of a reverse and a spindle locking system will help to safely perform work at speeds over 1350 per minute, the speed is electronically controlled.
  2. Makita 6271DWAE battery capacity is 2 A / h, which is the reason for the increased price of the tool. However, the balanced characteristics allow for longer work times than with competitors’ models.
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Useful information about screwdrivers

The cordless drill, necessary for many jobs, is used for unscrewing and tightening screws on materials of various structures. Torque is the main characteristic of a screwdriver, and it indicates the materials with which the cordless screwdriver can work. The amount of torque is directly proportional to the density of the material. Due to the vastness and variety of the assortment, as well as its regular updating, you can always choose inexpensive cordless screwdrivers according to your needs.

For the assembly of furniture, some types of finishing and construction work, a drill screwdriver is an indispensable unit. Its advantage is the fact that this tool works independently of the rechargeable battery. In addition, it is independent of the power cord, which means that it provides the owner with tangible freedom of action.