Cordless Screwdriver Or Screwdriver Which Is Better

Cordless screwdriver or screwdriver, which of the 2 is better and what is the difference? Looking to add to your toolbox but not sure which is the best for a cordless screwdriver or a screwdriver? Look for the answer to this question in the text of the article.

Main features of the screwdriver

First of all, it should be noted that the electric screwdriver is not a universal, but a narrow-profile tool. It is designed to work with screws and pre-drilled holes. Accordingly, the design features of this device are significantly different from the classic screwdriver.

Firstly, power indicators are practically not important for a screwdriver; its efficiency is achieved, rather, due to the intensity of the base rotations. An indicative parameter is the number of rotations per unit of time. For a minute, a screwdriver makes about 200 revolutions on average, for comparison, even the weakest screwdriver can boast at least 2 times the speed of rotation.

cordless screwdriver or screwdriver which is better

Since the screwdriver is lightweight, it is much easier to hold it in your hand. This fact explains the lack of a volumetric rubberized handle, like a screwdriver.

The basic set of cordless screwdrivers usually includes a set of interchangeable bits, which are used to tighten certain types of screws.

Such screwdrivers work on the basis of built-in batteries, and they can be recharged directly during operation by installing on a special stand.

Cordless screwdrivers used:

  • For assembling furniture;
  • In the process of researching household appliances for faults;
  • During finishing work.

Cordless screwdriver or screwdriver, which of the 2 is better and what is the difference?

The difficulty in choosing a power tool for the home lies in the fact that in the abundance of options on the market, you can easily get confused and lost. In addition, it is not always obvious which solution is more rational, universal or highly specialized. So, in the case of a screwdriver and an electric screwdriver, making the right choice is difficult enough, since each tool has a number of advantages.

Secrets to Choosing a Successful Cordless Screwdriver

So, in order for the cordless screwdriver to really benefit, and not to dust aimlessly at the bottom of the toolbox, due attention should be paid to the selection process. It is important to consider the following characteristics:

  1. Handle shape. As a rule, household models of cordless screwdrivers have a pistol form factor and fit easily in the hand. For serious tasks at a professional level, it is better to give preference to models with a T-handle. However, the most versatile solution is screwdrivers, the shape of the handle of which can be modeled independently, depending on the operating conditions.
  2. Manufacturer. It’s not even the brand itself that matters, but the build quality. Accordingly, before giving preference to products of a specific brand, it is better to familiarize yourself with the information on the location of production facilities.
  3. The functionality of the screwdriver is also important. Models with backlighting, various indicators and protective mechanisms are in priority.
  4. Number of bits. It all depends on the purpose of use, in some cases it is quite possible to get by with a minimum set, so you should not overpay for unnecessary items.
  5. Basic configuration. The certificate of high quality of the screwdriver is provided with a manual, a protective case and extended bits as standard.
  6. Battery type. This parameter is also directly related to the operating conditions, since, for example, lithium-ion batteries cannot stand the cold, while nickel-cadmium batteries work well at negative temperatures.

An unequivocal conclusion that it is impossible to make a better screwdriver or a cordless screwdriver, since these tools, although somewhat similar, have completely different operational properties.

Why do you need a cordless screwdriver?

Many men use a standard set of tools and do not experience difficulties, why do you need a cordless screwdriver? The difficulties of using ordinary screwdrivers are due to the fact that working with them is very energy-intensive, you cannot work with a standard screwdriver for several hours a day, and if you conduct such an experiment, then the next day you can say goodbye to your brush.

The cordless screwdriver saves a lot of time and makes all operations easy. At the same time, the tool has a large number of bits for working with various fasteners. Another advantage is the compactness. Where a conventional screwdriver fails, a screwdriver can work in almost any place.

STAYER screwdrivers

Cheaper and more widespread are devices from STAYER, which have:

  • A large set of bits;
  • Built-in illumination of the working area;
  • Movement of the working element in different directions.

Reviews indicate that such screwdrivers are intended only for household use and are not suitable for a professional builder, as they are less reliable than other devices.

The difference between a cordless screwdriver and a screwdriver

If we compare a cordless screwdriver and a screwdriver, then the second device is more functional and allows you to perform many operations. In addition, it can work with both wood and metal. The screwdriver is adapted only for household needs. But then why buy it?

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The purchase of a screwdriver can be beneficial if it will be used, for example, to collect furniture. Using a heavy screwdriver for many simple operations is completely ineffective. over, such products are in demand not only among ordinary users, but also in the construction industry, so you can safely choose them for work at home.

Also, special attention should be paid to the type of handle. The choice depends on what kind of work will be done with a screwdriver. T-shaped tools are more maneuverable and allow you to work even in hard-to-reach places.

Key features of cordless screwdrivers:

  1. They are not designed for drill use. The cordless screwdriver is designed for hex bits only. However, you can also find special drills, but their number is limited and does not allow you to replace the screwdriver.
  2. Screwdrivers come in different shapes. The screwdriver is presented only in the form of a pistol.
  3. In screwdrivers, the battery is located inside the handle, which is one of the main features. With a screwdriver, this part is located below and is removable
  4. Screwdrivers only rotate at one speed (most often).
  5. Have less weight

Choosing a cordless screwdriver or what you need to know before buying

Cordless screwdriver hand tool designed for screwing in and out of fasteners (screws, screws, self-tapping screws). It is a compact, lightweight, easy-to-use assistant for solving simple tasks around the house or in a professional environment. A definite plus. Affordable cost of most models with good functionality.

After reading the article to the end, you will have a clear understanding of what types of electric screwdrivers exist, what are their features, and, finally, you can decide which option is better to choose specifically for your purposes.

What is the difference between a screwdriver and a screwdriver?

Modern manufacturers of cordless tools offer a very rich assortment of products that are similar in functionality and purpose. But this does not mean that they can always replace each other. A striking example of this. Electric screwdriver and screwdriver. Please note that a screwdriver can replace a screwdriver, but on the contrary, it will not work. But you should not consider it a useless thing, because everything has its own purpose and scope.

Agree that the first thing that catches your eye is the difference in size. Electric screwdrivers are small, some models even fit in a pocket. But this is only a visual difference from a screwdriver. In fact, it is more expedient to judge by technical characteristics. Consider the main ones.

  • Power (torque generated by the gearbox)

If you take cordless screwdrivers that are excellent at drilling and twisting fasteners into any material, power is the main indicator of their work. The opposite is true for cordless screwdrivers. Drilling is possible only in certain models, and that is ineffective, since the speed is low, and the torque is low. There is hope that it will turn out to tighten the long fasteners, but this will be an isolated case, after which the battery energy will be running out.

  • Battery capacity

It makes no sense to use large-capacity batteries in tools for household use or small-scale production. Rather, it is needed for screwdrivers that are designed for large volumes of work. In electric screwdrivers, the batteries are much weaker, they function for a short time, because in most models the battery itself is built into the case, and for small dimensions, light weight and ease of use, the volume of the tool. Extremely important element. There are, of course, professional series with replaceable batteries, but for the price they are expensive for the average consumer.

The cordless screwdriver is equipped with a tool bore with a hex shank. Due to this, it becomes impractical to use it as a drill. A self-clamping chuck is installed on screwdrivers with a drilling function, which allows you to fix an expanded range of nozzles.

So, having analyzed the differences in the main characteristics, I want to remind you that this is information against the background of comparison with a screwdriver. And, if you compare him, for example, with a powerful drill, he will also lose. You need to understand that when the tool is used for its intended purpose, it does an excellent job with the functions assigned to it.

I propose to clearly define the advantages of an electric screwdriver:

  1. Compact dimensions;
  2. A light weight;
  3. Mobility;
  4. Most of the products are equipped with modern lithium-ion batteries;
  5. The ability to work comfortably in hard-to-reach places;
  6. Narrow specialization, which significantly increases the efficiency of each model;
  7. Affordable price.

How to choose the right cordless screwdriver?

The operation of this tool is directly dependent on the battery. On the one hand, this guarantees mobility. And on the other. It does not last very long, and when the battery runs out, it needs to be recharged or fully charged. This option is only possible with a power supply. It turns out that there is a dependence on the energy supply and the power supply point. It will take 3-6 hours to fully charge (for household series) and up to 1 hour (for professional class). Rational decision. Purchase a model with a quick battery change option. These are devices with the AAA battery type, allowing the use of simple finger-type batteries for replacement, but functioning for a shorter time.

Only advanced professional-grade tools come with replaceable batteries and quick-charge chargers. They are considered ideal for long-term work. Do you want to purchase such an assistant? Then be prepared to spend money, since the price for it is not the lowest.

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Choosing a cordless screwdriver is not difficult if you clearly understand where and how you plan to use it. As for the class of the product, everything is clear: household ones are used to solve household tasks, and professional ones are useful to builders, installers, carpenters, furniture makers, car mechanics. Feasibility of buying a professional device for home use. The decision is individual.

Advice! Don’t go after the cheapest or the most expensive. Choose the middle ground, it will be the best combination of functionality and price.

What else is worth paying attention to? I propose to analyze the main selection criteria regarding functionality.

  1. Battery type. They are divided into nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries. efficient, of course, is Li-ion. They function more hardy, withstand more discharge-charge cycles, and are durable. Minus: nickel-cadmium do not tolerate low temperatures. Consider this nuance when buying;
  2. The number of revolutions. One of the main parameters indicating device performance. It’s good when you can adjust the bit rotation speed;
  3. Number of speeds. If there are two of them, then the first is usually designed for tightening fasteners, and the second can be drilled;
  4. Torque. Are you planning to work with hard materials? Then choose a tool with a high torque. The more adjustment variations the better;
  5. Reverse run. Allows you to turn the fasteners in the opposite direction. Not every cordless screwdriver has this option;
  6. Hull design. The advantage will be an adjustable handle that can be set straight or at an angle. Thanks to this, it is comfortable to work with the device along the edges, as well as in areas with difficult access;
  7. Sophisticated ergonomics, easy handling. The electric screwdriver should fit comfortably in your hand. It is desirable to have rubberized inserts. An intuitive level of understanding of the controls is encouraged. All elements should be located within easy reach.

The higher the characteristics, the wider the functionality, but still you should not expect that the electric screwdriver will surpass its purpose. Drilling hard materials, tightening long self-tapping screws, working with metal will be very problematic for her. Or the battery will run out quickly or you will purposefully kill the tool. If so, I would recommend that you consider a cordless drill / screwdriver.

Summing up, I would like to note that there is nothing difficult in choosing a suitable helper for screwdriver work. To quickly and easily decide, follow the simple guidelines in this article. I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the TOP-5 rating of cordless screwdrivers on the S Torgom website. It contains popular models based on sales results and customer loyalty, as well as the ratio of quality, functionality, price.

The best Wiha SpeedE cordless screwdriver, but you certainly won’t buy it.

Each of us loves and respects a quality tool. Whether manual, electric or cordless.

Performing any work with such a tool, you will get not only a good end result, but also incomparable pleasure. The Wiha Speed ​​E cordless screwdriver is one of the clearest examples of all of the above.

In fact, Wiha SpeedE is today the world’s first cordless screwdriver with the ability to work without removing voltage in mains up to 1000V.

Wiha speed electric screwdrivers come in a handy L-Boxx. In shape, it resembles the well-known ale boxes from Bosch.

What is a cordless screwdriver? This is a tool that can be used to tighten, unscrew screws and screws, but at the same time do not use large forces of the same type with your hands.

However, there are a lot of such battery devices. Wiha has made an instrument that combines:

  • The best quality of a simple screwdriver. Compactness
  • Torque control capability

Compare a conventional hand-held dielectric screwdriver and the Wiha motorized model.

As you can see, the dimensions are almost the same. The same applies to the dynamometric models.

However, the latter weigh even more than rechargeable ones.

Compactness is ensured by a small battery. The most important thing. It is removable.

Two of these batteries are supplied in the factory set. That is, while one is working, the other will be charged at this time.

The charger is basically no different from similar devices from other manufacturers. For a visual understanding of what is happening with the battery and in what condition it is, there are inscriptions on the case:

  • The red LED is on. Charging in progress
  • Green. The battery is 100% charged
  • Red blinks. Some kind of error or malfunction

The charger can be connected both through a 220V network, and through any device with a USB connector.

One battery can perform 800 unscrewing and screwing cycles. Although the maximum possible result. 1200.

However, fasteners can be of different lengths, diameters, broken threads, etc. Therefore, it is better to rely on guaranteed values.

At the same time, in order to tighten and unscrew 800 screws, an electrician often takes several days. Unless, of course, you assemble industrial cabinets and switchboards with hundreds of terminal assemblies.

The screwdriver is available in three configurations. They are all supplied in L-boxes.

The first starter kit includes:

  • Set of 5 insulated Slim bits

In these slim bits, the insulated part is a natural extension of the blade and in no way protrudes outward.

Due to this, it can be immersed deep enough into small holes limited in size and diameter. Nothing will interfere and rest against the walls.

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The second assembly already includes more bits. Plus add one adapter with set torque. 2.8Nm.

And the third, the richest and most expensive package, contains 16 bits and as many as 5 adapters with different preset points.

How does the tool work? This screwdriver is mainly intended for working with wiring accessories, fittings, automatic machines, relays, terminal blocks, etc.

Naturally, there are also quite small screws that are very easy to overtighten and rip off the thread.

The designers installed a high-speed, sufficiently powerful motor in the WihaSpeedE screwdriver, which is connected to the drive through a two-stage planetary gearbox.

However, at the same time, the electronics of the screwdriver automatically limits the maximum tightening torque from the motor, preventing it from exceeding 0.4 Nm.

As you understand, this is a very small moment, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to break anything with it. When it is reached, the electronics stops and blocks the drive.

Then you can safely manually, in the usual way, pull the fasteners to the required amount of torque.

The manufacturer claims that you can unscrew it by hand up to 8 Nm and not break anything.

As you know, the screws on each socket, machine, terminal block have recommended tightening torques, which are prohibited to exceed. On the cases of this equipment, it is usually indicated with what force you can tighten the screw contacts under the wire.

At the same time, a loose contact tightened with a lower recommended value is also dangerous for the development of a fire.

That is why special torque screwdrivers are produced.

The Wiha Speed ​​E screwdriver also has this useful feature. To use it, simply install the adapter between the bit and the handle, at the required tightening torque.

When manually pulling all the screws and reaching the design force of the adapter, clicks are heard. This means that the wire is tightened as needed.

Nothing will break off or sparkle due to a weakened contact spot at the cable connection.

In this elementary way, your screwdriver automatically turns into a torque screwdriver. In this case, the electric drive does not disappear anywhere either. Now you don’t have to buy certain types of such tools.

The screwdriver operation is very simple. There is a ring in the middle of the handle, bordered by yellow stripes.

In which direction you turn it, the screwdriver will turn in this direction. At the same time, 250 rpm is issued to its sting.

The screwdriver also has an LED backlight.

It turns on until the bit starts spinning, and turns off a couple of seconds after it stops completely.

This tool is not just an exclusive from Wiha. It is still the first and only battery model that meets all VDE requirements.

That is, each screwdriver and all its bits undergo high-voltage tests and can tighten screws on the contacts of machines under voltage up to 1000V.

Disconnecting and de-energizing electrical equipment, of course, while observing all other safety requirements, is no longer required.

In addition, it is a cordless tool that, in terms of its weight and dimensions, does not exceed most models of conventional screwdrivers. For clarity, compare bulky options from Bosch Go, Bosch GSR2Drive, AEG SE, Makita TD, etc.

With all this, they also cannot be operated under voltage.

Not everything is so smooth with them and with torque control. Even if the minimum value is set on the gearbox, delicate fasteners will still break off.

In fact, Wiha Speed ​​is a tool that combines all the positive qualities of both a simple insulated screwdriver and a torque screwdriver. And all this on a battery engine, in one case.

Even in the smallest configuration, the cost of a Wiha SpeedE screwdriver set at the beginning of summer 2018 is more than 20,000 rubles. And in the maximum set it reaches almost 40 thousand.

As you can imagine, this is the salary of an ordinary electrician for a month or two. For ordinary fitters and craftsmen who do not turn hundreds of screws every day, such a device is unlikely to pay off.

In addition, when working with such a screwdriver on a construction site, there is no guarantee that it will not be accidentally damaged. You can skip watching and put it in the place where something heavy will fall or accidentally drop it from your hands, working at a height.

Situations are different, you cannot be insured against everyone. At the same time, breaking a screwdriver for 1000-1500 rubles, of course, is AL-KO, but not fatal. But spoiling a screwdriver for 40 thousand is another matter entirely.

You can get acquainted with the current prices in force today here.

Most of us can only hope that this revolutionary model will push other manufacturers to produce similar products. And then, due to competition, its price will drop significantly.

Well, in the end, I would like to quote from a German blogger, which shows a small test comparison of the work of a conventional screwdriver and Wiha Speed. See how much it really saves time on just 10 cogs.