Cordless Screwdriver Which Is The Best Of The Inexpensive

How to choose a cordless screwdriver: 6 tips and a rating of 5 cool models How to choose the right cordless screwdriver for your home? We study the characteristics, manufacturers and additional functionality. Read the detailed guide on MOYO.UA!

Rotation frequency

To choose the ideal device for specific purposes, you should pay attention to the number of revolutions. The manufacturer calls this parameter speed or rotational speed. It is adjusted by pressing the trigger, the harder you press, the greater the speed. In addition, the frequency shows whether the tool will be able to drive a screw into a dense material and what is the approximate diameter of the hole if the screwdriver replaces the drill.

If the customer is confident that the device will only be used for tightening screws and bolts, 500 rpm is more than enough. Screwdrivers acting as drills operate at 1200 rpm.

Nuance: there are models with 1, 2 and 3 speeds on the market, where one is for self-tapping screws, the second is for drilling small holes, the third is for working with metal or other durable raw materials.

Manufacturer focus

The hackneyed truth is a brand beyond competition. Yes, branded tools are more expensive, but they have a quality guarantee and service centers for repairs, and the screwdrivers themselves are made of durable components.

Quite good screwdrivers with a removable battery are also offered by Varo Kreator, Sparky, Dnipro-M and others.

cordless screwdriver which is the best of the inexpensive

How to choose a cordless screwdriver: 6 tips and a rating of 5 cool models

A screwdriver is essentially an electrical substitute for a screwdriver. It performs the same functions as its younger brother, only makes the process of tightening / unscrewing screws and bolts much faster. Such a tool is especially effective if there are tens or even hundreds of screws. The device can not only twist the screws. By installing a special drill, you can make holes in wood, plastic and thin metal with a screwdriver. powerful devices even take bricks and concrete. In general, the tool is indispensable in everyday life and during repairs.

Hitachi DS12DVF3-TA

An inexpensive tool from a Japanese manufacturer. It is not recommended to use the device like a professional screwdriver. The manufacturer has spent a lot of attention on the creation of each element of the device, which confirms a truly attractive appearance.

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The large weight is significantly offset by the power of the device. The comfortable handle with a special coating does not slip in a sweaty palm, which greatly facilitates the fate of the master.

A two-position gearbox allows you to adjust the tool for drilling, screwing in. The quick-release head allows quick bit changes. The chuck diameter is designed for drill up to 10 mm.

The low revs are fully compensated by the 26 Nm torque.

Additional options are also on board. There is a reverse mode, motor brake, speed control, accidental start blocking. And also there is a spot illumination of the working area.

Nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 1.5 Ah guarantees 3 hours of autonomous operation. Supplied with an additional battery.


  • Good equipment;
  • Low noise level;
  • Fast charge;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Convenient weight distribution of components.


  • Large weight of the device;
  • Plastic cartridge.



Top 10 cordless screwdrivers continues the manufacturer Hammer. The device is positioned by the manufacturer as a tool for household use.

The ergonomic handle is complemented by a well-executed weight distribution. The keyless chuck makes it possible to immediately change the cue ball, drill. Speed ​​control has 2 gradations. The maximum chuck diameter of 10 mm allows the use of large drills.

The power of the device is quoted at 1050 rpm at 20 Nm of torque. Such indicators allow you to drill wood up to 20 mm and metal up to 10 mm in diameter.

The main options are presented by reversing, spindle fixing, speed control. The 1.3 Ah battery capacity allows 2-3 hours of continuous operation. Charging takes place with a pulse device in 1 hour.

The comfort of use is achieved by additional illumination, by blocking the start button. The mass of the device is 1 kg.


  • High-quality assembly;
  • Good equipment;
  • High torque;
  • Durable case withstands drops.


  • Lack of a spare battery.


Budget, high-quality device. The main purpose of use is in the home workshop. Sufficient ergonomics are in harmony with the build quality.

The model has one rotation speed, reverse mode. A chuck diameter of 10 mm is sufficient for various drill sizes. The idle speed is set to 550 rpm. The 15 Nm torque is designed for domestic use. Maximum drilling hole in wood 16 mm, metal 6 mm.

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There is also an option for hammer drilling, which makes it possible to work with concrete. And the safety of work is ensured by the engine brake.

Factory complete set standard 2 batteries, backlight flashlight, charger.


  • Fast charge;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Automatic brake of the cartridge part;


  • Large battery;
  • Additional lubrication is desirable;
  • It is difficult to find spare parts.

Cordless screwdriver

A lot of electrical work cannot be imagined without a screwdriver. Cable laying, installation and assembly of furniture are carried out using a universal tool. The cordless screwdriver has mobility, ease of use. Before choosing, it is worth determining the nature of the work performed and the required power of the tool.

The best screwdrivers with a 10.8V battery

The purpose of the tool with a power of 10.8 volts, the best option is the assembly of plasterboard structures and furniture.

Several branded models can be considered by functional qualities.

  1. Makita DF030DWE screwdriver is designed for household needs, has a battery capacity of 1.3 ampere-hours with a power of 10.8 volts. The maximum torque is due to 24 Nm, the speed is electronically controlled, there is a reverse. The maximum number of revolutions is 1300 per minute. Charging usually lasts more than 5 hours. The kit comes with a replaceable battery for convenient, continuous operation.
  2. Bosch GSR8-Li is equipped with two-speed electronic speed control. The maximum torque is better than competitors in this category and is 30 Nm. The model has a minimum weight, small dimensions. The backlight helps to work in low light conditions.

Which is better to choose a cordless screwdriver

The choice of tool is based on the parameters of the work performed. The tasks of a cordless screwdriver can be varied, you should pay attention to the key parameters.

  1. The tool has a maximum torque, the parameter may vary in equipment. When working with soft materials such as drywall, a compact screwdriver up to 30 Nm is suitable. In cases where the tool is intended for drilling or roofing, models over 35 Nm are perfect.
  2. The impact screwdriver will drill a hole in hard materials faster. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the presence of this function, in modern models the presence of a drummer is used everywhere.
  3. When operating in dark rooms, you will need backlighting. The location can be above the button, better above the battery space.
  4. To perform heavy work, you need to pay attention to the gears, the material of manufacture can be metal, as well as with plastic gears. A high-quality screwdriver with metal gears is more reliable and durable, but it has an increased price.
  5. The battery capacity is displayed in the product passport, measured in ampere-hours. The higher the number, the more work can be done without recharging. The memory function of the battery can extend the battery life, but it can be a hassle if misused.
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A more powerful screwdriver will undoubtedly be the best choice for your budget. High-capacity battery, durable construction make it a favorite among competitors.

Models Energomash, Bison and Bort

Energomash CD3014C model of the Russian brand, analogue of Stern. Thanks to the keyless chuck, changing parts takes a minimum amount of time. The rotating element is adjustable in 16 positions.

Bison ZDA-18-KN compact device with low weight. A backlight illuminates a darkened workspace. Speed at 1,400 rpm enough for most common tasks. The lithium-ion battery takes no more than one hour to charge.

Bort BAB-12-P combines the positive aspects of a screwdriver and a drill in one body. Works with bits and drills. Suitable for drilling in wood and metal. There is no speed changeover.

Which is the best inexpensive. 2018/2019 rating

Vitals Master AUmo 12 / 2dn Latvian power tools with powerful torque, the performance of which is 26 Nm. Battery capacity 2,000 mAh enough for 1 hour of continuous work. The rubberized handle is comfortable and ergonomic.

INTERTOOL WT-0318 budget option with optimal parameters. Allows installation of drills with a section up to 20 mm. Has two options for switching speeds. The battery takes up to one hour to charge; if necessary, it can be replaced with a more capacious one.

Cordless screwdriver: which is the best of the inexpensive models, TOP according to experts

The cordless screwdriver excels in performance, which is why it is widely used for mounting and drilling holes on non-solid surfaces. The lineup is represented by equipment of various capacities.

Mobility, low weight and compact dimensions allow using power tools in furniture production, everyday life, as well as for assembling and disassembling various structures. Consider what a cordless screwdriver is, which is the best inexpensive option to choose for the home.