Craft Tec Ct 5000 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

Chainsaw Solo 651C-45 professional saw for logging and other heavy work. Powered by a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a power of 2.6 kW. / 3.5 hp the maximum speed of which is 13500 rpm. The tires are 450 mm long. Chain pitch 0.325 inches. Primer. Decompression valve. air heating. Oil flow adjustment. Electronic ignition. Metal gear. The weight of the saw is only 5.4 kg.

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The Solo 651C-45 chain chainsaw cannot be unambiguously attributed to a specific class of chainsaws, because by such an indicator as power it clearly refers to a semi-professional tool, while the rich equipment and properties of this model are more likely to be found in professional saws.

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Model 651C-46 is, in fact, an improved version of the proven SOLO 651-45, and the main differences include:

Craft Tec Ct 5000 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

The chainsaw is equipped with a powerful technological engine (3.5 hp) with high torque over the entire range of operating revolutions, which has a significant resource, low fuel consumption, low vibration and harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Technological engine SOLO 651C-46 is enclosed in a housing made of impact-resistant plastic.

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The model is saturated with the latest production technologies and patented developments. The nickel coating of the engine cylinder (Nikasil. An alloy of aluminum, nickel and silicon) significantly increases its life. The balance and low weight of the cylinder-piston group provide instant access to working revolutions, and therefore productivity. Electronic ignition, an effective primer (fuel priming pump) and a decompression valve facilitate easy starting in all weather conditions, even in severe frosts. The convenient lateral arrangement of the chain tensioner, the EcoMatic system, which regulates the lubrication of the chain, the OekoMatic system, which does not allow oil consumption at idle, the anti-vibration system and the InertiaMatic anti-bounce protection (inertial chain brake with a response time of about 0.1 sec.) Functionally enrich the chainsaw adding comfort and ease of use.

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In addition, SOLO 651C-46 is equipped with a winter air heating system, an optional nylon air filter and a compensator. Compensator. it is a regulator in the carburetor that maintains high engine speeds, ensures exhaust quality and monitors low fuel consumption for a long time, regardless of how much the air filter is dirty. If desired, for an additional fee, the chainsaw can be understaffed with heated handles.

Completeness of the Solo 651C-45 chain saw:

  • Chain.
  • The tire.
  • Metal gear.
  • Tire guard and chains.
  • Combination key.
  • Carburetor screwdriver.

Distinctive features of the Solo 651C-45 chain saw:

  • A powerful professional saw for all types of forestry operations, a model of strength and wear resistance.
  • Nickel-plated cylinder for longer life.
  • The primer provides an easy start.
  • EasyStart makes the easy start even easier.
  • Extremely durable magnesium sump, with increased heat resistance and impact resistance.
  • Electronic dust-proof ignition.
  • Paddle fan to maintain optimum engine temperature.
  • Three-jaw chain clutch with interchangeable drive sprocket.
  • Optimum performance and ease of maintenance.
  • Excellent cutting performance.
  • Heated air during winter work.
  • The tire size is perfectly matched to the saw power.
  • Lateral chain tension.
  • Oil flow adjustment.
  • Solo-Oekomatic system. oil idle stop.
  • Efficient multi-point anti-vibration system.
  • Access to the air filter and candle without the help of special tools.