DeWALT angle grinder how to distinguish a fake. Counterfeit or uncertified goods

How to distinguish a Metabo electric screwdriver from a fake

Metabo household and professional equipment is characterized by such characteristics as safety and comfort of operation. The manufacturer’s warranty is 3 years, supported by all service centers in the territory of

At the same time, the large list of advantages of units does not exclude the presence of disadvantages. These include the increased sensitivity of batteries to cold, the presence of backlashes in models of Chinese assembly, high price.

Before you buy, you should know that these home-type variants are not designed for intensive daily use. According to the company’s policy, each task requires a model with the appropriate capacity.

The secrets of how to distinguish the original Bosch tool from a good knockoff

The German brand Bosch is beloved by many users for its high quality, strength, ergonomics and durability. Naturally, in every country there are enterprising businessmen who want to profit from other people’s work. We are referring to the companies engaged in counterfeiting of well-known brands. So, today no one is surprised that bought angle grinder in Kharkov is not Bosch, and a strange piece of plastic flimsy design with a disgusting smell. So when you decide to buy an electric screwdriver or other Bosch tool, you should verify its authenticity yourself, especially without trusting the sellers.

Color. Most often, it is the color of the tool body and the color of its case that indicates a fake. Bosch makes the tool in two colors: blue and green. They are bright and saturated. Replicas, which are often found on our market, have an incomprehensible shade of blue-green or turquoise. They may also just be dull, which is not the case with Bosch.

Price. It is not always a clear indicator, because some craftsmen offer to buy an electric screwdriver frankly made in China for the price of the original. The only thing you must remember: quality can not be too cheap. And if it is not a product from an official store, do not be fooled by tempting offers.

Logos. The original angle grinder in Kharkov has a clear embossed logo of embossed letters in bright red. If you are offered a product with a Bosch sticker, or written in paint, it is clearly a fake. This rule also applies to the information label with a specified country of manufacture and catalog number of the product. Replicas may not have this information, or the catalog number does not correspond to the actual.

Warranty. Before you buy an electric screwdriver, look at the warranty card offered by the seller. For Bosch, it should be a sheet of A4 paper with stamps, contacts of service centers around the country and product labeling.

Quality. It is difficult to judge this parameter visually, especially if you have not worked with Bosch before. Just look for sharp edges, burrs, paint application, smell. Also, the angle grinder in Kharkov Bosch can not be sold in a set with a peorator or jigsaw, for example. Only tools for a specific purpose, no combinations.

Well, the main secret of buying original tools is very simple: you should only trust the official partners who have the confirmation of their cooperation with Bosch. In Ukraine it is “12 Masters” online store. Only 100% original products.

Bagaimana membedakan yang palsu?

It is better to buy the tool in trusted stores, but markets and dubious online stores should be avoided. You can also buy a knockoff in a hypermarket, not all of them attach importance to the quality of the tools sold.

dewalt, angle, grinder, distinguish, fake

When purchasing a DeWALT it is worth paying attention to:

dewalt, angle, grinder, distinguish, fake
  • Consistency of product appearance with the description provided on the manufacturer’s or registered dealer’s official website.
  • Case. Look for possible gaps and defects on the plastic case. If its quality is doubtful, it is most likely a fake.
  • The handle. Real screwdrivers from DeWALT have a thoughtful handle. There are rubber inserts on it. The fakes use plastic instead of rubber
  • The information in the documents. The serial number on the tool must match the serial number on the machine. Each device has its own warranty. Go to the official website of the company and check this number online. If you receive an error when you check it, you have been sold a fake.
  • Battery and charger. Non-original products are often equipped with chargers, which resemble the usual mobile chargers. The original is a complete unit that fits inside the body of an electric screwdriver.
  • On the nameplate and in the accompanying documentation must indicate a mark of conformity of the mandatory certification (PCT). Its absence indicates counterfeiting or illegal importation. The second option allows you to buy a real product, but without any warranty or warranty service. There are instances where an illegally imported device is intended for sale in the United States. It is, as a rule, designed for 110 V voltage and will not withstand a connection to 220 V, which will lead to a quick breakdown.
  • Build quality. Execution of original DeWALT product excludes wide gaps and deformations. Evaluated the appearance of the body and handle.
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Any voltages other than 10.8V / 12V / 18V / 20V / 54V / 60V is a clear sign of a fake!

A sure sign of a fake product is the use of colors that differ from the original black and yellow. For example: a red button on a battery or tool, locks on a suitcase.


angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita 9562 CVH. 220Volt photo

  • Angle grinder Bosch GWS 13-125 CIE: power. 1200 W; speed per minute 2800-11500; soft start. yes; maintain constant speed under load. yes; disc diameter. 125 mm.weight. 2,3 kg.

angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch GWS 13-125 CIE. Picture 220Volt

DeWALT d25143k angle grinder

External differences between the original and fake can not be noticed. You need to examine the individual parts and touch the tool with your hands.


Genuine drills have a branded storage case with handle. The peculiarity is the ability to build up volume for additional accessories. Fakes are not sold with these cases.

Removable handle

The first thing to look for is the presence of the DeWALT inscription. The original has it on the handle, the fake has it missing.

When unscrewing the real handle there is no difficulty, it comes off smoothly and easily. A fake handle, in addition to being difficult to remove, can fall apart. It is made of high quality plastic combined with PVC, so it is easily damaged.

The DeWALT name on the case distinguishes the original from the fake.

The difference in color: the original button is black, the fake one is yellow.


The original electric screwdriver handle is rubberized for durability.

dewalt, angle, grinder, distinguish, fake

The original must carry the DeWALT name, the fakes don’t.


The counterfeit is poorly made, the wire is easily damaged, and white traces appear in the bends. Parts are poorly molded and play between them and the plastic has an uneven surface.

The original wire is very strong, as its coating of rubber makes it. Its execution is of high quality, the joints of the parts are smooth and even.


The original is made of rubber, which provides softness, plasticity and elasticity of the cuff. A knockoff is made of plastic and badly bent.

Drilling depth stop

Design provides for a spring to limit drilling depth. In counterfeit units, it is weak to begin with and deteriorates over time. The original spring is resilient and performs its function properly.

The sticker

The original product is necessarily marked with the date of manufacture. This information can be found on a sticker. The illegal manufacturer neglects this rule.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

9 ways to distinguish the original product from the fake

  • Don’t chase discounts.
  • Avoid suspicious stores.
  • And do not buy on dubious sites.
  • Look closely at the details when buying clothes and shoes.
  • Check the equipment package.
  • If in doubt. ask for documentation.
  • Check the excise tax on the alcohol

External differences of the original Makita GA 5030

The main differences between the original Makita GA 5030 angle grinder and a fake by appearance:

dewalt, angle, grinder, distinguish, fake

Nut and flange

Original parts are black. Because they are hardened under high temperatures.

The original nut and flange are dark colored


This part in the original has a light steel color. In a fake, the reducer has a gray tint.


On the side of the device has the word “Makita” in three-dimensional letters. In the original, it is molded together with the side piece on which it is placed. It’s all one piece. The letters are then painted with white paint. It can wear off over time. In fakes the letters are often glued over the body. Most of them are made of white plastic. Besides the letters are sometimes too big and badly processed, what prevents the hand from holding the tool comfortably while working.

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The Makita logo is cast together with the body of the original angle grinder (below)

The spigot

To prevent the wire of the angle grinder from kinking and chafing during use, an insulated socket separates the wire from the body of the angle grinder. In the original device, the socket is long and made of soft rubber, which does not prevent the angle grinder to rotate to any side. The fakes have a spigot that is a couple of centimetres shorter. It’s made of a stiffer and rougher material that looks like plastic.

The original spigot (below) is longer and softer

The bolts that secure all the parts of the original angle grinder to each other are also hardened and black. All of the fakes have light colored bolts.

The bearing in the original unit is protected by a black part. In a fake, the same part is made of nickel or chrome. light colored.

The part of the fake bearing is light-colored (above)

How to spot a cheat

Before talking about how to distinguish a Makita angle grinder from a fake, it is worth clarifying some points.

Now it’s a fast moving forward. It used to be easy to spot a fake. The quality was so low that literally everything was a fake.

But gradually the underground manufacturers got access to some of the secrets. Have improved equipment. This has made it much closer to the genuine product. Sometimes you can’t tell the difference visually. But there are also the kinds of fakes that can be considered outright copying.

Let’s find out how you can identify a fake Makita brand tool represented by an angle grinder.

DEWALT POWER DETECT 20V XR Brushless 5″ Angle Grinder Review DCG415W1

First, we look at the case

To confuse customers, swindlers try to copy the original case, which sells a Makita angle grinder. But it’s not always possible to do it qualitatively.

Someone is trying to hide a fraud and sells products without a case at all. The original will never be sold without the case. There’s also an accessory kit inside. If they offer to put it all in a package, then refuse immediately.

But even when the case is available, the construction should be checked for authenticity.

They put the name of the brand on the factory suitcases, using embossing technology. That is, the letters are sort of pressed out.

DEWALT Angle Grinders

Fakes are different. Most often there are cases where instead of embossing is a normal polyethylene sticker. Just change the sticker and you’ve got a case of a completely different brand. This is done in order to make the production cheaper. Scammers seldom specialize in making copies of the same tool. And even more so on counterfeit products of the same brand. Instead, a universal press mold is used. This is how you can make parodies of different manufacturers’ products on the same machine.

But each official enterprise has its own subtleties, as well as nuances. Because of this it is difficult to make an exact copy of the case of a particular brand. Literally impossible.

In addition to stickers, the cases can be applied three-dimensional letters, by gluing them on.

If you doubt the authenticity of the case, try to pick up the sticker, as well as the letters, using your fingernail or a suitable tool at hand. If the letter falls off easily, the case is fake.

It is unlikely to count on the fact that inside the fake case suddenly turns out to be the original Makita angle grinder.

Inspect the lid as well. Look at the gaps between the elements. The originals all have minimal gaps and are identical in size. Or they are not there at all.

There is a manufacturer’s name on the back. Only this time it’s in the form of pressed letters. Fakes are usually left without such inscriptions.

The inscriptions on the device

If the Makita angle grinder case does not raise doubts, it is not yet a 100% guarantee of the originality of the product.

Some cases are copied qualitatively. It also happens that the original packaging from the power tool is used. But on the inside, there’s a pathetic parody.

On the handle of the angle grinder there is an inscription in the form of the name of the manufacturer. If there’s no inscription, you’re looking at a Chinese fake.

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A real grinder also has a nameplate. This is a small item that has the specifications spelled out on it. Make sure that this is not a film with paper, and also the nameplate is not placed upside down.

The original nameplate-sticker is black with a white background. No gray inserts. If exposed to the sun, the nameplate should not shine.

Genuine Makita angle grinders are also marked with a serial production number. Look closer to the head as well as on the handle. Fakes don’t put a serial number on the tool.

It is worth adding that the copies differ in design elements. This is a different type of ventilation, grilles, as well as gearbox protection. The shape is different compared to the original. So can the quality of workmanship.

Internal Components

In the store it is unlikely you will be allowed to take the power tool apart to see if it is the original angle grinder or not.

But you can tell a fake by the fact of purchase. It is better not to let this happen, and to nip any attempts to sell you a fake at the stage of device selection.

If it comes down to it, then check the stuffing. The inside of the copy components are rough, as well as unevenly balanced. This tool is a potential hazard. The angle grinder is a potential hazard. After all, when you start working with a rotating at high speed disc can fly off. And this is a direct road to injuries, as well as irreparable harm to health.

The fake gives itself away when you check the protective winding. In fact, a fake from China has no winding. It’s a critical safety feature. Makita always use the highest quality protective winding.

Have a closer look at the brush holders. A counterfeit is identified by its bright luster, as well as by the lack of a marking in the form of the numbers 303.

Makita brand name brush holders are always numbered 303, and the elements themselves do not have a bright reflective surface. That is, a high gloss is not characteristic of the product.

That’s not how scammers do it. Their main goal is to make production as cheap as possible. Therefore, the protective winding is replaced with a cheap, as well as ineffective blue lacquer. It is of minimal use. Calculating that the tool will withstand at least a test run when purchased.

Scammers no longer care what happens to the tool or the person who buys it. It is much more important for them to sell fake products, and make money on it. Alas, very often their earnings are based on injuries and deaths of inattentive customers.

How not to make a mistake when buying

A few more tips that will help you buy an original electric screwdriver, and not take a risk with the possible acquisition of a fake.

  • Never buy equipment at markets. This is the most active source of distribution of counterfeit products. A large proportion of counterfeit DeWALT and other power tools are sold through markets;
  • Avoid one-size-fits-all marketplaces on the Internet. This applies to auction sites, bulletin boards, etc. Here the original is rare;
  • Do not buy screwdrivers in hypermarkets. It sells absolutely everything. And for the quality of traded goods it is difficult to keep track of;
  • Take the photo and characteristics of the original electric screwdriver with you when you visit the official store. If you see a mismatch in appearance or parameters, then they are trying to sell you a fake;
  • Read the paperwork on the tool. The serial number on the case must be the same as the one in the documentation;
  • Make sure the PCT mark is present. It is printed on the nameplate or in the documents. If it does not, you are looking at a counterfeit.

Plainly check on what kind of network the tool is designed to work with. If it says 110 V, this is an electric screwdriver for the USA, and with our 220 V it will instantly break down when connected.

Buy a genuine DeWALT electric screwdriver here

I suggest you watch this video to help you understand: How to tell a fake DeWALT from a real one