Diamond cutting of an aperture in a bearing wall

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Diamond cutting promotes shockless removal of a selected object or component. Implementation of spot technology allows to cut out damaged structures. destruction of the whole structure is excluded.

Diamond cutting of concrete is commonly defined as a process that involves the formation of an abundance of construction dust, polluting the work area. The introduction of water cooling technology has made it possible to limit contamination, as well as to keep professionals safe during work.

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Devices and tools for cutting the opening

Drilling is carried out for punching various holes, sockets, furrows. The standard opening for a door in a concrete wall, or its enlargement is mainly created by means of diamond cutting tools, which are fastened in different kinds of tools. If the concrete is not very thick, it can be cut with a special grinder, simply put (“angle grinder”) and grinding wheels. Liquid spraying during operation can help reduce dust, and save disk. The size of the aperture for a door of 60 cm is not suitable for all.

Standard opening for interior doors, cut the opening to a depth of more than 15 cm you can use special circular saws (various cutters), they will quickly penetrate the concrete to a depth of 15-17 cm from one area. Discs 300-450 mm are used. When cutting the material it is necessary to work in masks, the dust from the concrete can get into the lungs and cause various diseases, which are really life-threatening. You also need to wear gloves and goggles.

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Masters use and select the device depending on the material from which the walls are made, the area of the room, the size of the openings and the height of the doorway of the interior door and other factors. An interesting fact, most often the size of the opening for the door is 80 cm by 200 cm. Do not forget, the size of the opening for interior doors is different.

The size of the opening for a metal entrance door is more difficult to choose.


Chain hoist and crane beam over the opening

A special crane beam is installed at this site, which enables the cut pieces of concrete to be lowered smoothly and slowly with a diamond disk. Heavy pieces of concrete do not have to be dropped, as a rule of thumb.

Cutting an opening in the floor

The cutting area is secured with special safety tape for safe working. A structure is installed below, which prevents the cut bits of concrete from falling down. The work area is very well lit.

Cutting of slabs with the Pentruder system

A high-strength anchor is attached to the piece of concrete to be cut, to which the chain of the electric hoist is connected. After cutting a piece of concrete it must be lifted out of the flooring.

Diamond cutting

Chiseling concrete by hand or with torches is an extremely unproductive task.

Cutting with a diamond disk:

  • The cut is precisely as specified (the tool is guided on rails);
  • The tool works without creating dust (with water cooling);
  • Cutting depths from 12 to 60 cm;
  • Preservation of structure (no chips, cracks, stress concentrators);
  • Reduced working time;
  • Cost of cutting is lower than that of shuttering or chiseling.

Joint cutting

For superficial cuts (up to 12 cm) use handheld floor saws. They are used to make grooves for laying cables, heating pipes, water supply, cut surface layers of the damaged road surface.

Cutting of concrete structures

For large openings of stairs, doors, windows, etc.e) a wall saw is used. The direction of movement of the tool is on the rail guides.

Wire rope cutting

Used for cutting reinforced concrete, stone and bricks. Cutting is done with galvanic wire, without the use of water.

Cutting A Door Opening Out Of A Concrete Wall

Ordering a service in our company:

The price of cutting is calculated based on the equipment used and the amount of work. Price includes:

  • Employee’s visit to inspect the condition of the concrete structure;
  • consumables (cutting blades, anchors, water, etc m.д.);
  • project development.
diamond, cutting, aperture, bearing

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Cutting of door apertures

If you need to cut the door apertures or enlarge the existing apertures our company offers its services to you. professionally.

Carving of door apertures in the bearing walls is performed by operators with a wide experience in the customer facilities and the Moscow region.

Diamond cutting of the door apertures is performed with professional equipment. with handheld diamond cutters with water-supplied tools, with no dust or noise. Quality and fast. exactly! SRO Approval. We work according to the project, reinforcing the opening.

ο Operator arrives on site within 24 hours.

ο To order the calculation of the cutting of the door apertures: 7(495)991-81-26

ο Cutting of supporting walls is performed without dust and noise!

ο Cashback up to 10%!, to cut doorways by the end of the week. call!

ο Doing unusual jobs

Our specialists have extensive experience and are able to cope with non-standard tasks, as well as ready to connect additional equipment to the object.

ο Timeliness of work

A fast cutting process and an updated arsenal of equipment make it possible to meet deadlines.

Favorable for cutting doorways for construction companies, as well as customized for large orders.

Ways to punch holes in bricks

There are several ways to make a through hole in a brick wall. The traditional, but outdated method is to break masonry with hand tools. Wielding a hammer or sledgehammer, you can break down a wall and extract brick by brick from it, expanding the hole. This method is long and laborious.

The fastest convenient way to dismantle part of the masonry is to use diamond cutters and wall saws. These methods offer a number of significant advantages that make them the most practical ways to install new doors and windows.

Diamond cutting advantages

  • Wall saws can easily cut hollow and solid bricks, masonry, concrete and even steel reinforcement.
  • The average cutting speed for openings in a brick wall is more than 2 cm/min. A standard-sized through hole for a door or window can be cut in a few hours.
  • Diamond cut holes are smooth. This significantly reduces the labor and cost of their subsequent finishing.
  • When cutting building materials with a diamond wall saw, no fine crumbs are produced, and the dust is deposited by the flow of the liquid used for cooling.

Cutting masonry with diamond cutting equipment is a profitable method, which is appropriate in many situations: from major repairs or remodeling of apartments to the complete dismantling of the object or its individual parts.

Prerequisites for implementation

A door opening in a load-bearing wall can be made under the following conditions:

  • The work may not be carried out in all types of multi-storey buildings. In this regard, a project is developed in advance, which includes the reinforcement of the door opening in a load-bearing wall. These measures are aimed at restoring the strength of the structure. The project must be approved, and a permit is required before work can be performed.
  • All work must be carried out strictly according to the design. It specifies the basic requirements for the cutting method, the drawing of the reinforcing structure.
  • Doors and windows in load bearing walls must be made by professionals only. The contractor must have an SRO permit, as well as the appropriate permits for dismantling and construction work.

Cutting openings in load-bearing walls

Cutting openings in load-bearing walls. One of the main activities of the company “STENOREZ.RU”. We use modern equipment and work with the walls of any building. Our specialists will help you with your home or apartment remodeling project.

We successfully cut holes in bearing walls of multi-storey panel and monolithic buildings, which require particular care. The technology is shockless and ensures maximum precision when cutting holes in partitions made of concrete, bricks and other materials.