Differences of grinding machines and polishing. Vibration and deltas -grinding

Grinding and polishing machines

Grinding and polishing machines include the entire tool, which uses a replaceable abrasive nozzle as a working equipment and turns a rough surface into a smooth with a mechanical or electric drive. In the process of repair, such a technique is used quite often, especially at the stage of finishing. Well, right away, in order not to return to this, let’s clarify that the “corner grinder” familiar to many is officially called a corner grinding machine (corner grinding) and was originally developed for grinding, although she also knows how to cut and cut.

Abrasive as the main component

Humanity was engaged in grinding and polishing for a very long time. Jewelers fiddled with precious stones and metals, and watchmakers brought the sixes of their hours to an ideal state, so that the chronometers go for sure and work uninterruptedly. As an abrasive agent (namely, it acts as a second most important element of any grinder after the motor), people used the skin of sharks, as well as many other natural materials with a guaranteed solid and rough surface. For the first time, the Chinese engaged in the production of sandpaper, and the technology they created (with small variations in terms of abrasives used and foundations) is still used. As in the XIII century, craftsmen from the Middle Kingdom scattered sand and shells along paper covered with glue, and now almost everything is done all over the world. The base is glued, an abrasive is poured on it, all this is dried, cut and sold.

The history of grinding mechanization

The task of the grinding power tool is simple and uncomplicated: to give the master the opportunity to make the processed surface smooth or, conversely, give it a given roughness (and this is also possible) without unnecessary efforts). The process under consideration was first mechanized in 1922, when two German engineers. German Akerman and German Schmitt created a company with a completely predictable name Akerman and Schmitt and released a grinding machine with an electric motor on the market. By the end of the 1920s, they made humanity happy, also developing an angular grinding machine. By the way, today this enterprise is known around the world as Flex Elektrowerkzege, and in Germany, masters call all corner grinder “flexes”. For our compatriots, the term “angular grinding” was more familiar, because the first models of such an instrument were imported to the USSR from the then brotherly Bulgaria then.

From the time when the engineers had relatively light and relatively compact electric motors, as well as new foundations for abrasive ribbons and discs, almost a hundred years have passed, and during this time a huge number of varieties of power tools capable of polishing the surface and not only were invented during this time. Therefore, today’s manufacturers can offer a solution for almost any repair and construction task associated with grinding.

Of course, the simplest electric grinding machine is a drill with an appropriate nozzle. But the device is universal, nevertheless adapted mainly for drilling. To keep the structure, the ergonomics of which, in principle, does not provide for the opportunity to evenly and smoothly lead the equipment across the axis of rotation of the spindle is almost unrealistic. With all the variety of tasks solved with the help of a drill, its versatility still has reasonable limits. It is better not to experiment and use a specialized tool.

To date, the following types of grinding machines exist: ribbon (lshm), eccentric (ZShM), corner (corner grinding), vibrational (flat and deltas-grinding), straight and bristle bristles. For some reason, a whole class of an electric sharpener tool also includes this, but for a number of reasons they will not be considered here.

Straight corner and eccentric

Long surveys and surveys of knowledgeable people showed: straight and corner grinders. just native sisters. Only at the first axis of rotation of the grinding nozzle coincides with the axis of rotation of the engine shaft, and in the case of an angular grinder, they are located at an angle of 90 ° to each other. The rotary gearbox unleashed his hands to the engineers and at the same time allowed to install a protective casing: when the wreckage and sparks taken at a huge speed fly directly into the worker’s face. it is extremely unpleasant and very dangerous, despite the glasses, shields and other devices.

It is clear that the “corner grinder” is great for grinding and cutting. It can be smoothed out of the edges of metal sheets, especially if it is a rather soft and thick metal, or cut off the water pipe that has served its water pipe, or eliminate the reinforcement sticking out of the concrete unit. Finally, the corner grinder is quite widely used to cut ceramic tiles, natural and artificial stone, storage of concrete and other similar operations, for which, frankly, there is a much more convenient, safe and effective specialized tool. tile cutters, fine, etc. D. Direct grinders are mainly used to clean up welds, in t. h. In a limited space inside the channels and pipes, where other varieties of grinds simply will not fit. Due to the absence of a rotary gearbox having significant dimensions, these devices are relatively small in weight and compact dimensions. The following on the list are eccentric grinders. In them, the round working surface rotates around the center, which itself also moves in a circle. Such cunning mechanics avoids the appearance of scratches on the processed surface and provides the highest quality grinding. On the surface of the sole and the sheets of an abrasive, manufacturers usually provide holes for the removal of dust. As a result, when connecting a construction vacuum cleaner to the tool, the workplace remains almost clean.

Ribbon for large surfaces

Each tool has its own or less wide range of tasks to be solved. this is an axiom. None of the above varieties of grinding machines will allow you to quickly and efficiently process the surface of a significant area, here another approach is required.

It is difficult to say who was the first to come up with and launched a tape grinder on the market. But the idea was good: the shapes of the Rubank in severe modification, the interchangeable looped ribbons from sandpaper of varying degrees of granularity and electric drive. I turned on and went to iron the flooring or, for example, wall panels, although the tool in question is quite massive, it is not very convenient to use it for processing walls and ceilings. it’s hard, you can’t hold it for a long time. At a level no higher than the shoulders, this trick can be fulfilled, but how to repeat it from a stepladder? But for grinding the floor, there is a large mass and high power of the strip devices only on the hand. there is no need to put efforts and press the equipment to the horizontal surface, the unit itself is a sufficient load, but you need to keep it tight, otherwise it will leave!

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Given the fact that such a tool can be useful not only for operation in car services, but also for other purposes and materials, it will not be easy for beginners to immediately choose one of these devices. In order to make it a little easier in this difficult matter, this article presents 9 best models, according to users.

Their detailed description, technical characteristics, features, pros, cons, the average cost is indicated here. There are also small recommendations for the choice and general instructions for the correct application.

Zubrov ZPM-240

Inexpensive producer polishing machine produced in China. It is highlighted with low power (only 140 watts), but at the same time in working with it the largest circles with a diameter of 240 mm are used. This feature allows you to perform a larger amount of work in a short period of time. Designed for polishing surfaces on which paint coatings are applied. It can be not only a car body, but also a parquet in an apartment or any wooden blanks.

The device has an impact.resistant plastic case of an ergonomic shape with 2 handles located parallel to each other. The start button is fixed when pressing, so there is no need to constantly keep it pressed. The principle of its action is similar to manual surfaces, due to which high quality polishing is achieved, the time of its implementation is reduced.

Thanks to a special water.repellent layer applied to a polishing plate, the polish is consumed economically. The number of revolutions per minute made by the platform is 3200. This is quite enough to carefully polish the necessary area. In addition to the device itself, the kit includes 2 nozzles: for polishing, finish processing.

  • Low price.
  • Large area of ​​the disk for polishing.
  • The presence of an additional handle for convenient control.
  • Five.year warranty period.
  • The case is made of shock.resistant plastic.
  • Not suitable for processing small details.
  • No speed adjustment function.

Kolner KPM 180/1400V

Very light polishing machine (2 kg) is very easy to adjust small defects, scratches on headlights, glass, car body. Can also be useful for other household needs. Belongs to the type of corner models that will cope with processing even in the most inaccessible places. The case with rubberized inserts is convenient for a grip, equipped with a removable additional D-shaped handle. Its presence contributes to a strong retention of the device with both hands, as well as the correct distribution of load during prolonged operation.

There is a fixation of the start button after pressing. In addition, depending on the processed material and the complexity of the work, you can adjust the number of revolutions from 500 to 4000 per minute. The nozzles quickly change when blocking the spindle. To change coal brushes, there is no need to disassemble the entire engine design. All that needs to be done is to remove a special panel on the case and replace.

  • Light weight.
  • Comfortably falls in the hand.
  • The presence of a 6-speed revolutionary control regulator.
  • Fast change of coal brushes in the engine and removable discs.
  • Stylish design.
  • Heats up while using.
  • Poor lubrication quality in the gearbox.

Bort BWS-1405-R

This copy weighing 2.6 kg can be used at home for work with painted surfaces, glass, metal, wooden elements, and is also suitable for bodywork. With the help of this polishing machine, it will easily get rid of chips, shallow scratches, protrusions. After the use of this technique, any processed area will become smooth and even. Due to the uniform distribution of the declared weight throughout the structure, it is convenient for them to use for a long time even without interruptions.

Works from the network, connects to it through a 2-meter cable. This is enough, provided that all actions are carried out in a small section and the cord will not have to be pulled hard during the polishing process. Reflammable circles and grinding nozzles have a diameter of 18 cm, quickly change without disconnecting the grinder from power. At an engine power of 1300 watts, the speed of their rotation changes from 1000 to 3000 rpm if necessary. The equipment is attached with a special hexagon key, which is included.

  • There is a possibility of switching speeds.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Good equipment.
  • Low noise.
  • Change of nozzles without disconnecting the device from the network.
  • Heating quickly.
  • There is no smooth start function.
  • The polishing circle, which is included, does not fit the diameter.

Sturm! AG919CP

One of the few budget class tools with normal assembly and components. The most easy to operate, most often purchased for the simplest work on metal, plastic, glass, wood. This polishing machine can be used even to remove rust from metal elements. For these purposes, nylon or iron brushes are suitable.

This machine develops speed from 800 rpm to 4200. You can choose the right wheel with a special wheel customized in 6 positions, depending on the situation and material that is polished. With a motor with a capacity of 1400 W, the device does not always withstand the last, highest speeds and large loads. In order to prevent this from happening, you can take smaller grinders, then there will be no such problems.

The engine cooling system is also not perfect, which is why it is constantly overheating, it needs rest every 10-15 minutes of functioning. In addition, there may be problems with a cable, which has a very dense, unexpected winding, bursting with hypothermia. In general, this device will cope well with the tasks set before it.

Interskol UPM-180/1300em

Due to the fact that this model has a reliable gearbox made of aluminum alloy and a powerful engine, then with its help you can solve many problems. Interskol UPM-180/1300 is suitable for working with wood, metal and paintwork surface. It is easy to work with this device. After all, Interskol UPM-180/1300 has an ergonomic shape, a comfortable handle, as well as a fixation button for prolonged operation. And to replace the equipment there is a spindle latch, with its help replacing parts you do not have to spend a lot of time. In addition, it is possible to quickly replace the brushes, this can be done at home, this will not affect the product guarantee.

The power “Interskol UPM-180/1300” is 1300 W 1300. The maximum diameter of the polishing disk should not exceed 180 mm. The weight of the device is 3100 grams.


  • Speed ​​can be adjusted within 4000-2000 rpm;
  • The rubber and “velcro” polishes are included;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Smooth start;
  • High power;
  • A large number of positive reviews.

Makita SA7000C

This unit is a powerful device for processing metal, wood or stone. Since the power of the Makita SA7000C engine is 1,600 watts, you can intensively work for a long period of time and not worry about overload. To protect the device from overheating, the manufacturer made an aluminum casing for the gearbox, with its help you can also create additional protection against mechanical exposure. Do not forget about the updated system of protection against dust and dirt, with its help a long safe job will be provided.

The number of revolutions for Makita SA7000C varies from 1,500 to 4000 rpm, a six.speed regulatory system is responsible for the optimal mode. And with the help of a spindle lock, it will be possible to replace the equipment easily.

The maximum plate diameter is 180 mm, and the weight of the product is 3200 g.


  • There is protection against overloads;
  • Can be used in difficult working conditions;
  • Well.known manufacturer;
  • Rotation frequency adjustment;
  • The ability to process various surfaces.

Dewalt DWP849X

This model is a convenient tool with which you can polish and polish any surfaces. It is easy to handle, but has high power and reliability.

The “Dewalt DWP849X” housing is made in such a way that even with prolonged operation, you will not experience fatigue or voltage. You can adjust the speed of rotation by pressing the Start button. The product has mesh screens that protect the engine from dust, wool or dirt. As necessary, they can be changed. The function of zero voltage also has a function of zero. With its help, you can prevent launch, after turning off the power. T.e. At the next time on, even if you did not turn the start button, the device does not spontaneously turn on. When polishing or grinding surfaces, the maximum allowable disk diameter should not exceed 230 mm. For quick replacement of these elements, a large button that blocks the spindle is provided.

The number of revolutions “DWP849X” varies from 0 to 3500 rpm. And the power is 1250 watts. In this case, the weight of the device is 3 kg.


  • Electronic speed adjustment;
  • Rubberized handle that extinguishes vibration;
  • Zero.position switch;
  • The presence of mesh screens;
  • Overheat protection;
  • Convenient operation.

Planning grinding (vibration) machines

If we take into account the cleanliness of the processing of parts, then the flat.grinding devices occupy an intermediate position between the strip and orbital. With their help, finish grinding of flat surfaces made of a wide variety of materials is carried out. plastic, wood, stone, metal Due to the relatively large working plane, PSM is suitable for working with a serious square. The secret of the popularity of vibrational grinder lies in their moderate value, the availability of equipment elements, as well as in the absence of dead processing zones (flat sole easily processes angles).

The main working body of a flat-grinding machine is a plate that with a small amplitude makes frequent reciprocating movements. The motor in such machines is located vertically, which makes it possible to translate the rotational movements of the shaft with the help of the “eccentric-converting” in the progressive movements of the platform.

Most vibrational grinders can traditionally boast of a power with a capacity of 150-300 watts, they are quite maneuverable, moderately easy and compact. A similar level of power plant is almost always enough. However, such a unanimity of manufacturers would be at least strange. there are models with a capacity of up to 600 W (Makita 9046). They, of course, are heavier and larger, but they can work at low speeds without overheating for a long time.

Makita 9046

The most important indicator of PSHM is the amplitude of the sole stroke. In different models it may vary, although it is invariably relatively low. On average, the platform makes movements 1-3 mm in class, in more mobile models, 5-6 mm numbers (Festool RS 100) can appear. A large amplitude helps to polish the surface faster, but such processing will be more rough at the same time.

Another nuance is the frequency of the walking of the sole. At high speed, the machine quickly removes a relatively thicker layer, and at a lower frequency it is easier to achieve accurate finish grinding. Some manufacturers make the frequency of traffic of a variable platform, exceeding the mark of 20,000 moves per minute (Bosch GSS 280 AE L-BOXX), which allows you to adapt to the processing of various types of materials, to the features of specific surfaces.

Bosch GSS 280 Ave

When choosing a vibration grinder, individual attention must be paid to the platform. With its dimensions, everything is quite simple, there are two options: a kind of “standard” and “mini” models. a stove area about 100 mm 2 (Makita BO4557, Sparky MP 250). Kids are well suited for narrow, clamped places. Obviously, the sole should be of high quality, perfectly flat, with clumsy geometric shapes. Budget machines are equipped with a platform of steel or high.strength plastic, and more expensive analogues are equipped with alloy sites of alloys with aluminum or magnesium (Festool RS 100). A good sole has an accurate balancing, which is easily determined by a small degree of vibration when working without load (idle). It is important what the overlay is made of, the most suitable option is a porous polymer, it is better than rubber, “holds” the plane.

Makita BO4557

Vibration grinding devices with a deltoid platform are distinguished in a separate class, the people call them “iron” (Hitachi SV12SH, Makita BO4565). Due to miniature sizes and good “cross-country” they are used to process objects with small details and complex surfaces, such as furniture, carpentry, elements of stairs, car body. Their triangular platforms are rotary. you can continue to work unevenly “eaten” with a petal petal (Festool Deltex DX 93E) or removable (with a quick installation of another type of site. for concave/convex surfaces, for structuring, polishing, grunts).

Festool Deltex DX 93E

The emery can be attached to the site in different ways. It is more convenient when the paper is fixed on Velcro, but a special equipment is relatively expensive. The option with spring.loaded clamps is somewhat more complicated, but you can use inexpensive grinding paper, chopped with your own hand (it is worth only in the right places to make holes for dust remote).

The fight against fine dust, which is inevitably formed during the work of a grinder, sets many tasks before the developers. They have to work hard to protect all mechanisms. In this case, special sealing of the motor, protected bearings and switches, an impenetrable housing, a system of channels with forced dust and dustyness are used. So that the dust is removed from the working area and does not saturate the air, it is directed into a bag or filter bag, in most cases a vacuum cleaner can be connected to the pipe-this is the most effective protection method.

Eccentric (orbital) grinding machines

This type of grinder is designed for high.quality processing. Delicate grinding and even polishing. this is their element, although the performance of such devices can be no less impressive than vibrational machines. They will cope with any material, most often Eshm you will meet with wooden affairs, car malear. In work with specialized, voluminous, curved objects, eccentric grinders have no equal, with the planes they also have no problems. The only thing where such a machine saves is in the corners and small recesses. the “plate” simply won’t get there.

As well as flat.grinding units, the “orbitals” have an eccentric and a counterweight by which the round grinding plate performs not only the movement around its axis, but also in the “orbit” with a small amplitude. Interestingly, the axial movement usually occurs by inertia, and in some models, it is forced (through a gear transmission. Kress 900 MPS). Such a complex movement of the working canvas, coupled with the highest speed of rotation, just allows you to get the surface of excellent quality, without recesses, waves and scratches.

From 200 to 900 watts. so much consumes motors of modern Ashm. Those that are more powerful, of course, will be more productive, they will easily pull the sole larger, up to 150 mm in diameter (for example, 400-vat bosch Gex 125–150 Ave or Interskol ASHM-150/600E).

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Bosch Gex 125–150 Ave

By speed of progressive movement, orbital machines also have differences. If we talk about rotation, then this indicator can be from 4 to 14 thousand turns of an eccentric per minute for models with adjustment (Metabo SXE 425), and about 12000 for models without such. If we talk about the concept of “oscillation”. then these numbers will be half as much. In fact, everything is simple, the higher the speed, the rude the processing will be, but the faster you can do the work.

Metabo SXE 425

The eccentric of orbital machines may not have the same “scope”-from 2 to 7 mm (Festool WTS 150/7 E-Plus). This is called the amplitude of the oscillation. The smaller it is, the less vibration the device generates, the more compact the plate walks, the smaller the area we process, but the cleaner the grinding. In some Ashm, the operator can establish a certain amplitude, affecting the performance and subtlety of grinding.

Compared to its counterparts (lshm and PSM), “orbitals” are usually well stuffed with electronics. We have already talked about the installation of speed and amplitude, in addition to this, the professional tool is supplied with a system of automatic frequency maintenance (Bosch Gex 150 Turbo) so that it does not fall under load. this is a constant electronics. Some models have an electrodynamic brake (AEG EX150ed K), which after disconnecting the “Start” button instantly stops the work plate, preventing damage to the workpiece and reducing the possibility of injuries. For powerful professional machines, a starter limiter (Makita BO6040) can be provided, which smoothly accelerates the tool, preventing the starting jerk and protecting the network from short.term but increased loads at times.

Makita BO6040

We include very pleasant options to include a removable network cable, adjustable or removable front handle, fixing the starter, functional removal of dust.

Be sure to pay attention to the type of grinding sole. Firstly, if you need a particularly delicate processing, do not chase a large plate, it, by the way, has a dead zone more, and amplitude about 5-7 mm. The plate made of metal has stability, high strength and perfectly removes heat. Elastic plate cooles well with convex surfaces. All of them have a Velcro for fixing the emery and openings for the suction of dust. These holes for individual manufacturers can be different in size, quantity and location, on this basis you need to select a suitable equipment.

What is the difference between an eccentric grinder and vibrational

Grinding machines of both types are designed for one purpose. processing and polishing of wooden and metal surfaces. But between the units there are important constructive differences.

Eccentric machines, which are also called orbital, are equipped with an eccentric, which makes it possible to make reciprocating or circular movements. The power of such units is an average of 170-750 W. Use them for cleaning, polishing and polishing parquet, furniture, and car body.

Round workpiece of grinds allows you to use the unit for specialized or curved parts

Vibration devices, also known as flat.grinding, are equipped with a rectangular platform with mounts for an abrasive canvas. In the process, it is necessary to perform reciprocating movements by the device to align the material. The grinding device is suitable for polishing wood and metal, plastic and stone, composites.

Attention! To achieve more accurate grinding when using PSM, you need to move it at high speed, but with a low amplitude.

Thus, the difference between the tools consists mainly in the form of a working nozzle. Due to the features of the design of PSHM and orbital machines, they demonstrate different results when applying.

Which grinder is better to choose. eccentric or vibrational

Buy vibration grinder or eccentric for the house depends on the goals set. Both devices allow you to remove old paintwork, process a car body, polish furniture, doors and other blanks.

In this case, flat.grinding models are more often used for rough peeling of wide surfaces. The degree of accuracy of polishing largely depends on the abrasive installed on the sole. But in general, machines with a rectangular platform provide careless black cleaning. With their help, it is convenient to remove the old coatings, so that then to achieve perfect smoothness with other devices.

Grinding machines with a rounded nozzle provide thinner polishing. They are more often used for finishing work, when the material should not only be cleaned, but make it as smooth as possible.

Better eccentric grinding machine or vibrational. also depends on the features of the polished part. Plant.grinding models with a flat rectangular sole are well suited for processing shelves, steps, window frames and door leafs.

If the surface is curved or has decorative elements, then it is more convenient to use the orbital grinder to polish it. The rounded sole allows you to process radii and small parts of a non.standard shape without unnecessary difficulties.

The scope of use in planning grinding machines as a whole is narrower than in orbital

If a grinding unit is needed for professional use, then it is better to buy models of both types at the same time. In this case, the devices can be used alternately. for a rough peel and finish stripping.

Devices and spare parts

Regardless of the specific model of a polishing machine, its auxiliary equipment plays an important role. Among the nozzles, a bag stands out in its role. It allows you to collect maximum garbage, dust and waste. As a result, the work is carried out as cleanly as possible.

Substers formed on an adhesive base allow you to consolidate grinding wheels in holders. Special flexible shafts help to work in hard.to.reach places. For grinding itself, brushes or rollers made of nylon, metal and special composites are used. Polishing machines are supplied with basic and additional handles. But when selecting such components, it is necessary to carefully check so that they facilitate the work, and not complicate it.

The sole for the vibrational machine, as already mentioned, can be made in the form of a triangle or rectangle. The first type shows itself better in limited space, the second. in cases when you need to process the maximum area. If the initially network cord is short, you will have to continuously use the extension cord. Of course, all spare parts and auxiliary components should be purchased only from official manufacturers.

Tips for use

You can use a polishing machine for processing automobile bodies only after applying a special polish to the surface. In chemical composition, this drug is quite complicated. Preparing for work, you need to prepare a couple of polishing circles: one for rough, and the other for a subtle effect. A small amount of pasta is applied to the discs. Therefore, you cannot process large areas in one technique.

The speed of rough processing should be minimal, and as it approaches the logical ending, it increases. A uniform distribution of polishes is achieved if you work by the “cross” method. initially horizontally, and then vertically. Another should be the approach to polishing wood. To get a good result, you should carefully study the features of a particular machine and the recommendations of the manufacturer. The features of a particular variety of wood should also be taken into account.

The difference between grinding and polishing

To bring the surface of the material, grinding and polishing is used to the right state. But not everyone understands what the essence of each of the mentioned methods of processing, and sometimes even confuse them among themselves. We will try to figure it out and find out how the polishing is grinding.

Grinding. an operation that allows you to align the surface of solid material and suggesting the use of abrasives.


Politing. an operation carried out in order to maximize the smoothing of the surface until a characteristic shine appears.



Two named operations when working with the material follow one after another. At the first (and sometimes on a single) stage, grinding is carried out. Products are subject to it after cutting, welding and other manufacturing methods. The difference between polishing and polishing is the appointment of these processing methods.

The purpose of grinding is to remove from the surface of irregularities, burrs, remove the scale, get rid of the old layer, and also bring the product to the desired dimensions and adjust its shape. Work can be performed using special machines that exist several types. Their action takes place at high speeds.

It is sometimes permissible to use a primitive way when granular sand is used as an abrasive. The product is rubbing about it, as a result of which there is a destruction of protrusions on the surface. You can grind something only with mechanical influence.

If polishing is required, then it becomes the final stage. Its purpose is to make the final alignment and make a matte surface a glossy. It is impossible to achieve such an effect using grinding. Polishing machines are arranged differently than grinding. They work at low speeds. In addition, in this case, you can not do without polishing pastes.

What is the difference between grinding and polishing, except for all of the above? It lies in the fact that polishing can be not only a mechanical. For example, the high quality of processing is given by chemical polishing, in which the surface is exposed to the active solution.

What is the difference between a corner grinder and a grinding machine

Grinding electrical tools of both types are designed for processing, cleaning and grinding of wood and other materials. The units have many similar features, but there are certain differences.

Corner grinding machine. a device with a power of up to 1,500 watts with an angular gearbox, various brushes and disks of different sizes. Designed not only for cleaning wood, but first of all for cutting metal, ceramics, stone and slate.

Coal grinders usually support vibration stabilization, which prevents the beating of the nozzle on solid material.

The usual grinding machine is a device for polishing surfaces presented by many varieties. Release tape, vibrational and orbital units, the difference between which is in the form of a working sole.

Due to the minimum difference between the corner grinder and the grinder and the high similarity, the devices are equally often used to give smoothness to the tree or metal surfaces. But the main purpose of the corner grinder in this case remains precisely the cutting of solid materials.

Is it possible to use a corner grinder as a grinder

In fact, the construction device is a grinding machine of the angular type. Therefore, grind a tree with its help, of course, you can. Despite this, for such purposes, the unit is used infrequently.

To give the surface smoothness using the device, it is necessary to install a support circle on the tool shaft and put an abrasive disk on it with the desired grain indicators. The processed material is recommended to be previously cleaned using a special brush.

Attention! The usual grinding device due to advantageous differences allows you to cope with the harvesting of a tree faster and with the application of less effort.

Why is an angular grinder called an angle grinding machine

The device got its name due to differences in the design-the working nozzle in it is located at right angles with respect to the body. The correct name of the device is precisely an angle grinding machine.

As for the colloquial name of the apparatus, it arose under the USSR. The first corner grinder that appeared on the Soviet market in the 70s were supplied from Bulgaria. People quickly began to call them a producer, so as not to pronounce each time a long official name.

The better to grind. corner grinding or grinding

If it is necessary to grind the tree, and the vibrational, orbital or strip machine with its advantageous differences is not at hand, then to solve the problem, it is quite possible to use a corner grinder. In this case, you need to correctly choose an abrasive circle for the apparatus and install the necessary speeds. The device will help clean the material from traces of old paint and provide black processing.

When using an angle grinding, you need to remember that one of its differences is more rude results after application

If you must grind the workpiece carefully, until maximum smoothness, the corner grinder is not suitable for solving the problem. It is better to take an eccentric machine with its positive differences. Grinding device will allow you to polish the surface without scratches and hooks.

Than the polishing grinder differs from the corner grinder (corner grinder)?

In the modern world, so many different tools are produced that sometimes an uninitiated person cannot distinguish them in appearance! For example, angular and polishing grinders are very similar to each other. over, even the potential sphere of their use is quite similar, so confusing them is not at all difficult. However, experts insist that they are created for different works, and buy or order something one instead of another in an online store is a mistake that is better not to make. What is the difference?

In order not to make a mistake in the choice of one tool out of two, you should definitely know their functional features. Honestly, for carpentry or finishing work performed on a regular basis, it is better to buy both, because the tasks are really very similar. However, today we choose one thing.

So, the corner grinder is a tool that, using a special disk that rotates at a great speed on the spindle, allows you to process the surface, removing the upper layer from it. In this way, the effect is achieved, to some extent identical to the work of an electric grinder. Corner grinder works quickly and removes a rather significant thickness layer of material.

Polishing grinder, as the name implies, is designed specifically for polishing. Roughly speaking, polishing is also the removal of the upper, faded layer of material, but it is done very carefully so as not to damage the integrity of the product. For this reason, the number of revolutions, every minute disk of such an instrument, is much lower than that of corner grinder. In addition, polishing grinder is designed to work with special compositions. polishes that help to achieve a more noticeable shine.

Corner grinder is, in fact, a professional tool, since at home there are not many people seriously engaged in carpentry. over, the final effect given by such a tool cannot be considered final. this is only the primary processing that requires further grinding.

A polishing grinder is also much more often used by professionals, but its use is already quite justified at home, and we are not talking about any special skills. Since the tool is designed to work with any surfaces, including durable metals and fragile paintwork, theoretically it can be useful to any motorist who wants to see his car brightly sparkling. The use of cosmetic repairs for the purposes of cosmetic repairs. to give freshness to painted surfaces.

Two types of tools are really very similar both on the principle of operation, and on the achieved result, only the polishing grinder acts much more tender. Unlike corner grinder, it does not give the subject a new shape, but only returns its pristine beauty and attractiveness, so it is very in demand in everyday life.

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How best to choose a grinder for repair, polishing a car

When choosing a grinder for a car, you need to evaluate the main parameters of the device. performance, dimensions and capabilities. The effectiveness of the unit in the work will depend on these parameters.


The power of a grinding machine for a car can be 190-1000 W. In domestic use there are enough models with average performance. The most powerful electric machines are used for professional purposes.


The most convenient in circulation are grinding machines with a weighing 1-2.5 kg. Heavier aggregates quickly tire their hands, and light models are characterized by increased accuracy, but they work quite slowly.

The speed of the equipment

Grinding their putty on a car is better than a grinder with maximum speed indicators. Finish processing is performed by low speed units. A universal option will be a model with a wide setting of equipment for equipment.

Additional functions

To choose the right grinder for grinding a car, you need to evaluate a set of its auxiliary functions. A good electric unit should support the system of smooth start and engine protection.

Attention! It is desirable that the model is equipped with a vacuumber and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

How To Surface Grind Super Flat Parts ?

On the handle of a grinding machine should be present rubber inserts from sliding

How to choose an orbital grinder for a car

The most popular in the repair of cars are orbital grinding machines with round discs. They allow you to process a wide area in a short time and cope well with the irregularities of the surface.

To choose a grinding machine of an eccentric type for auto repair, you need to pay attention to several points:

  • power-it should be 200-600 watts;
  • speed-it is desirable that it can be adjusted in the range of 2000-13000 revolutions;
  • maximum oscillation frequency. it should be at least 24,000 per minute;
  • mass and dimensions. you need to buy such an aggregate that will not tire your hands with prolonged work.

The diameter of the sole in an electric orbital machine for a car should be 125-150 mm. Small discs are considered standard and are found in stores most often, but wide are more convenient to use.

Rating of the best inexpensive grinding machines for polishing a car

You can choose an electric grinder for automatic work and polishing among inexpensive units. For use in the service, cheap models are usually not suitable, but using them in the garage is quite convenient.

Bosch PSM Primo

The German grinding machine is characterized by small dimensions and small mass. Equipped with a built.in dust microfiltration system, suitable for processing the most inaccessible areas of the car. In the electrical device there is a container for collecting garbage. The model works quietly enough and does not cause irritation.