Disassembling The Battery Of The Makita Screwdriver

Screwdriver battery “Interskol”

Screwdriver “Interskol” is one of the most popular for its versatility. In addition to the main function, it can also serve as a drill.

Disassembling The Battery Of The Makita Screwdriver

Lithium-ion batteries do not have this disadvantage, but they have a much higher price. During operation, when every minute counts, a little recharging is often required to maintain the required power of the screwdriver. Here, such batteries are indispensable, since their capacity can be quickly restored.

Screwdriver battery “Interskol” the buyer chooses independently, depending on preferences, capabilities and required work. In most cases, nickel-cadmium batteries are used.

How to restore a screwdriver battery “Interskol”, if it has NOT been used for a long time? During operation, one must try to ensure that there is no voltage drop to zero. For a 1.2 V can, the discharge is made up to 0.9 V. If it is completely discharged during long-term storage, then the charger may not “see”. It is necessary to “push” the battery with a second, more powerful source of current, so that a small voltage appears on it. After that, you can connect it to the standard charger.

Battery recovery of the Hitachi screwdriver

How to repair the battery of a Hitachi screwdriver? Both Ni-Cd batteries must be charged, after which they must be disassembled and the voltage measured on each cell with a 1.5 ohm load. Elements showing lower voltage can be discarded, and one high-quality battery can be assembled from the whole. Just 1 or 2 cans can spoil the battery experience. How to restore a screwdriver battery “Hitachi”, as well as all other models, depends primarily on the type of elements installed in them.

Battery recovery for Aeg screwdriver

2 Li-Ion batteries are sold with the screwdriver. If one of them does not charge, this is still not talking about its malfunction. It is possible that it is too much DISCHARGED. To do this, you can try to “train” the battery by applying a pulse voltage to it, and then put it on charge. The easiest way is to connect to a charged battery for a few seconds.

After it was not possible to restore the battery of the Aeg screwdriver using the above method, its case should be disassembled and each jar should be checked.

Battery maintenance guidelines

  • If the unit has not been used, it will be discharged once a month and recharged again.
  • It is advisable to buy a screwdriver with two batteries included.
  • Screwdrivers Must be stored and used in conditions free from moisture ingress.

How to restore the battery of a screwdriver and its capacity? Is it possible to restore a screwdriver battery

The screwdriver is a necessary tool in the household, but the time and its source of energy come. The battery stops working. Models are constantly changing and sometimes it is not possible to find the right battery. At the same time, it can be completely restored or its service life can be extended by 2-3 years. How to repair a screwdriver battery is described in this article.

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How to restore a screwdriver battery

The batteries inside all look alike. They consist of sequentially welded cans. The result is the total battery voltage at the output terminals. Elements are used of the following types:

  • Ni-Cd (Nickel-Cadmium, U = 1.2V).
  • Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydrite, U = 1.2V).
  • Li-Ion (lithium-ion, U = 3.6V).

How to disassemble the battery of a screwdriver yourself?

We take the battery and begin to carefully cut with an ordinary, but very sharp knife at the junction in the battery.

Then, in order to tear off the layer of glue located lower, I scrolled along the entire length with a self-tapping screw. This must be done carefully, because the body may crack and then you will have to get a haircut as a monk 🙂

When you feel that the battery begins to “crackle”, you need to start tapping the joint with a flat screwdriver

So, my dear hands, I independently disassembled the battery of the Makita screwdriver. Of course, my method is not a panacea, but I know for sure that it works 🙂

We disassemble the battery with a spatula or a stationery knife

For those who are NOT used to working with a mallet and want the battery disassembly process to look quieter and more gentle, you can suggest using a small metal spatula or a utility knife. The main thing is that they do not have sharp edges, like a large screwdriver, which can easily damage plastic.

First, you should completely walk with a knife around the perimeter of the entire block in order to loosen the seam, and only after that you can begin to “pick” the flexible plastic with a small screwdriver. The method is no less painstaking than the first, and if the person is not experienced enough, damage may remain on the plastic case. However, if you work as carefully as possible, it is possible to do without “losses” in this case.

If, when disassembling the battery pack, you still have cracks or other damage, you should not be upset, because this type of plastic lends itself well to gluing with dichloroethane.

How to disassemble a Makita screwdriver battery

How to assemble one battery from two

It so happens that the best way out of the situation when both batteries are “hooked” is a way to assemble one full battery of two. Using any of the proposed methods, you can disassemble both blocks in order to understand which elements are suitable for further use, and which should be discarded.

For this you will need:

  • Two batteries;
  • Charger;
  • Any thin and flat screwdriver;
  • Scalpel;
  • A piece of sandpaper;
  • Two wires;
  • Load resistance (two are possible)
  • Voltmeter for voltage measurements.

Dismantling the battery of the Makita screwdriver.

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What is the load for?

Let’s work with the load resistance. As already mentioned, you can take two, each with a nominal value of 1 ohm. If we put both of them in parallel, then the total resistance we get 0.5 Ohm. It is not necessary to adhere to these ratings, but the lower the resistance, the better.

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What is the role of load resistors in qualitatively replacing the battery pack? If we take any electrical appliance and measure the voltage indicator in its battery, we will get a certain value. However, this value does not show how well a particular battery can give its energy. If we measure the voltage under load, we will have what is called “voltage drop”. It is just from it that you can judge how good or bad the battery is.

Carefully connect the load resistance in the form of two small metal blanks and wires connected in parallel to each other to a voltmeter. This loading method is acceptable only if the output voltage of your battery is NOT more than 12 volts (safety voltage level).

The wiring is neatly fixed in the “sockets” of the voltmeter with probes, and a constant voltage threshold of 20 volts is set on the voltmeter. This indicator is quite enough to measure U in the entire bunch of elements as a whole and for each element separately, which is especially important.

How to disassemble a screwdriver in general

Let’s analyze the disassembly, an example is a Makita screwdriver:

  • We remove the block housing where the battery is located.
  • Removing the screws that join the two halves of the case using a Phillips screwdriver.
  • We take out everything that is contained inside the tool body.
  • Detaching the reverse button.
  • Dismantle the speed switch.
  • Disconnecting the motor and gearbox.

Makita screwdriver device

The Makita screwdriver is a fairly simple design, which consists of several main parts:

  • Battery;
  • Engine;
  • Reducer;
  • Mode switch.

Additional devices may be added on some models, but the main components remain unchanged.

The inside of the Makita screwdriver is pretty simple. Here are the places where the battery is connected, the wires go to the speed switch, as well as the start button itself, from which the contacts go to the engine. The engine is frontally inserted into a gearbox consisting of a whole set of gears of different configurations. The composition of the set depends on the number of speeds or operating modes of the screwdriver. Modes are switched using a special controller, which is brought out.

In a gearbox, gears with external teeth work in close connection with the housing itself, in which the teeth are located from the inside. And if in some parts the teeth are made of metal, then the plastic body itself includes plastic teeth. It is not surprising that such a structure wears out and fails over time.

We solder banks

Soldering should be done by spot welding using a regular aspirin tablet. It is impossible to solder one element directly to the second: any heating causes the evaporation of the electrolyte and a rise in temperature, which can be critical for the battery.

When disassembling a bundle and soldering, it is important NOT to lose metal particles, which may be indispensable when soldering elements together. To be on the safe side, you can take care of how to make blanks of spare plates from bending metal in advance. It is important to remember the following: the better I solder, the better the battery will work.

Aspirin gives off a lot of corrosive fumes, so work in a well-ventilated area. A soft fusible composition with flowing properties is taken as a solder. The solder is sprinkled with aspirin powder, so it flows between the plates and connects them securely, and aspirin helps fix the composition in the right place.

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The assembled battery is installed in the case, and the operation of the screwdriver is checked. If the tool is running, the newly assembled battery is charged as usual and its functionality is checked again. If there is no drop in revolutions in the instrument, this means that the experiment was successful. Since nickel-cadmium batteries work for a long time with proper operation, there is a chance that a new bundle assembled by your own hands will NOT let you down, and a self-made screwdriver battery will work properly.

How to repair a Makita screwdriver

One of the most common problems with a Makita screwdriver is first speed problems. At the same time, everything functions perfectly at second speed. This problem is associated with a malfunction of the tool reducer, which does not allow effective use of the first speed. Consider how to get rid of this problem and repair the screwdriver.

A little about how to convert a battery from cadmium to cast and who needs it

Let’s talk about how to convert the battery from one type of battery to another. There are many on the Internet on this topic, where a lot is said about what advantages there are if it is cast in the screwdriver. However, if you DO NOT use the tool intensively and constantly, the lithium battery makes absolutely sense. Lithium-ion batteries tend to “age” more quickly than cadmium, and simply do not have time to develop their resource under conditions if the tool is used from time to time.

Alteration of the screwdriver battery using lithium batteries may be necessary for professional craftsmen who use the tool every day and need powerful power sources. Of course, with a strong desire, you can re-solder the battery to a cast one, but will it be advisable. It’s up to you to decide. Read more about which batteries are best for a screwdriver →

Thus, you can not only disassemble the battery of any screwdriver, but also solder one of two bundles, which will last as long as possible, and you do not have to buy a new battery in the near future.

The operation of a converted battery, provided that the parts are correctly soldered, will be no worse. The main thing. Treat the process with patience and maximum care, so that at the first experience you can prove the case to the end with minimal losses and the fast ice is correct. If you manage to collect everything. This will be an additional incentive to continue to continue their experiments in the field of electronics. Assemble the battery yourself once. And you can save money in the future on buying new batteries for the screwdriver.

Brushes for the Makita screwdriver

The brushes used for the screwdriver have a graphite base. Their price today varies during the 2-5th century. E. They are located in the motor case and are two graphite cubes fixed on iron plates. With intense work, they wear out and wear out.

Carrying out repairs on your own, of course, grind them with ratfil from brushes from a second tool, for example, an auto starter. After grooving, they should be stuck into the brush holder and put to the area, collecting the engine.