Disc for angle grinder for wood cutting

Monolithic or carbide disc?

All woodworking discs available today can be classified by structure. Discs can be solid or carbide-tipped.

Monolithic wood discs are reasonably priced, but they have plenty of drawbacks as well. Their main disadvantage is that such discs are made from a single type of steel, so they quickly blunt. Read about how to safely cut wood with an angle grinder at samastroyka.ru.

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Carbide wheels are made of several steel grades. Their teeth are made of stronger steel than the substrate itself. Thanks to this, to saw wood with such discs is more qualitative, plus they have a long enough service life, unlike monolithic discs.

Variety of angle grinder discs: the most suitable discs for wood

The range of accessories for this tool is quite wide. Products are classified according to their purpose, depending on which we can distinguish 3 main groups of circles for angle grinder:

Discs for angle grinder are divided into three categories: abrasive, saw blades and diamond-coated

Sawing. They are similar to standard saws, but are made from other materials. The most common choice is tungsten carbide discs. They are not suitable for wood.

Diamond-tipped. This group of discs for angle grinder is the most extensive. The high popularity of diamond-tipped nozzles is due to the wide operating spectrum. These wheels can be used for machining metal parts, as well as elements of stone and concrete. For wood such discs are not used.

Please note! The use of angle grinder requires compliance with certain rules. One of them states that you can not use circles with a larger diameter than specified in the passport of the device.

Abrasive discs are best suited for machining wood

Abrasive. Highly versatile. Abrasive discs are not only used for cutting, but also for grinding and polishing surfaces. Products from this group are also used for working wood.

There is another feature that differentiates these products: size. The modern market offers a wide range of products, the size of which ranges from 115 to 230 mm. The 115 mm angle grinder wood disc is the most compact and is used to cut material quickly and accurately. It is worth noting that the largest discs are not suitable for work on wooden surfaces.

Types of wood discs for angle grinder: design options

Many experts do not recommend using an angle grinder for cutting and processing wood. This is due to the operating principle of the device and the characteristics of the material itself. However, the variety of discs for the angle grinder is growing every year. They can be divided into several types according to the features of work.

Circular saws. Such circles on wood for angle grinder are used, as a rule, for more technological equipment, but many install them on the angle grinder. They are subdivided into two types: large diameter with tips and more compact, without tips.

Segmental disks are made of tungsten carbide, which is characterized by high strength

Chain. Ideal for working with wooden materials. Many people are interested in the question of whether it is possible to saw with an angle grinder wood. There is no definite answer, but chain saws are the best suited for this purpose. The edge of the circle in this case is equipped with a chain on which the teeth are located. There are many advantages to this design. This attachment is most commonly used for making straight cuts in boards. It can also be used to process other materials: Chipboard, fiberboard, plywood.

Saws with a small number of teeth. This type of sawblade was developed specially to ensure maximum human safety when working with wood. The compact products in this group have 3 teeth, while the larger ones have 4 teeth. This group also includes cut-off discs for 125 mm angle grinder for wood. Such products perfectly cope with their functions. They can be used for cutting wood lengthwise and crosswise. In addition to standard functions, such discs are used for organizing grooves in workpieces.

Segmented (tungsten carbide material). These products appeared relatively recently, but have already gained huge popularity. The distinctive feature of such products is the absence of teeth. The edge of the disk consists of segments, which are characterized by high strength.

Wood discs are subdivided into chain, circular, segmental, and nozzles with a small number of teeth

Useful information! With the segment nozzle you can work with wood of any strength and toughness. It is very safe and can even resist metal particles present in some workpieces (self-tapping screws, nails, etc.). п.).

They are used for finishing wood, removing fine bumps and irregularities. There are several types of attachments:

  • Scrubbing brush. The working surface is embossed, for deep, rough processing of the wood. The saddle brush “digs” into the base material, smoothing out burrs and chips.
  • End disc. Bowl-shaped. Working surface is just a narrow strip on the outside of the saw blade. This shape allows end cuts in corners and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Petal sanding pad. The most common type for finishing. Consists of a steel backing pasted over with abrasive material. The depth and quality of sanding depends on the grit size of the sandpaper. The smaller it is, the smoother the surface that is produced.
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CAN ANGLE GRINDERS CUT WOOD?? (Tricks TipsCutting Wood With Grinders)

There are two designs. The first one is a disk covered with sandpaper in the shape of a trapezium. Each successive lobe is overlapped. This working surface is ideal for effective woodworking. It tends to grind slowly. The second is a petal disc, where the abrasive material is arranged radially. Suitable for workpieces in hard-to-reach places.

  • Circle sanding with velcro. It is designed to be reusable. Only the sanding paper work surface, which is fastened to the base with Velcro, changes. In stores sold sandpaper with different grain size. This allows you to use the nozzle for both coarse and fine grinding.

How to choose a disc for an angle grinder for wood

Angle grinder, which is often called an angle grinder, is a worthy and versatile tool. Thanks to this equipment, many materials can be cut, sanded, polished and sawn. If the angle grinder must be used for woodworking, then you should provide an appropriate disk on the angle grinder for wood.

Keep in mind that metal and wood processing require different types of cutting tools, which require a specific approach.

What is the best angle grinder disc for cutting wood?

You should never wear gloves when working with such tools.

You shouldn’t use such discs at all

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It’s scary to even look at such a disc without a handle

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To work with these discs, wear iron pants, otherwise they will jam, rebound and cut the most expensive.

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I work in construction. All small things are cut with an angle grinder. Young people know all about the knife. But never used. The last time I used a scissor saw about 20 years ago. Everyone who has an angle grinder has saw blades, along with stone and metal blades. Everything you write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this subject is nonsense.

Basically, you can poke your eye out with a screwdriver. Ban screwdrivers? I used to saw wet branches with this (Bochev’s, though) disk. The main reason for the bounce loose twigs. When they’re loose, the disc tends to bounce forward and upward. If you are prepared, no problem. An attempt to saw two branches at once (where the trunk splits in two) led to a couple of times to jamming. Also without too many consequences. The saw blade is much more efficient than the ordinary 60-toothed speed sabre saw. It is clear that the sabre saw is better suited for branches, but it is much heavier than a 125 mm angle grinder and cuts slower.

Sawed boards lengthwise and crosswise with the angle grinder. I cut forged wood into strips with an ordinary circular saw blade. It’s hard, but when there’s nothing else available, and it’s urgent, I had to use what I had on hand. Grown-ups know what is dangerous and how to be careful not to get hurt. Someone made a good point about not wearing gloves or mittens when working with these tools.

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I have a Makita 150mm. I’ve cut down to 45 millimeters. I use it very rarely. For cutting and sawing 40s. With prayer and utmost caution. But I do use. Sometimes there’s no other way. 125mm angle grinder is useless. Not even an inch can penetrate. And sawing branches is a no brainer.

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Worked all summer with a Boschev wood blade. No teeth, corundum coating on the edge. It’s okay, but there’s a lot of dust. And if your hands are only sharpened for a hammer, you can use an angle grinder to chop yourself into pieces at ease.

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of course, every tool has its purpose, but not always you have everything you need at hand, so this option saw blade on angle grinder very helpful. You just need to have a skill and naturally observe the safety requirements, otherwise you can get hurt with any tool. And when working with an angle grinder you must always be attentive, and it is rightly noted to hold the tool firmly. After all, the angle grinder has a great torque and disks for metal and concrete at a warp, clamping and other unforeseen events are destructive properties, flying into pieces at high speed and often causing injury. Of course, if the handle does not interfere in the limited space, it should be obligatory and the workpiece should be firmly fixed. And this disk is very handy, especially when the amount of work is not great and there is no need to seek or travel for a special tool.

You need to work with your head and hands should be growing from a normal place. I built a 100/150 beam bathhouse with a Bulgarian circulating disc and nothing, intact and invisible.

Working with any tool there is a chance of injury. Even if you get married, you can become disabled if you mishandle your wife. The blade on the grinder specifically for wood. The angle grinder itself should be with adjustable speed. I have different discs. With tipped bits that work perfectly even at 300 rpm. Rough cut, or in uncomfortable places it is indispensable. For other woodworking purposes, other tools.

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What are the discs for wood for angle grinder and how to use them properly??

Angle grinder is one of the most popular tools for processing various surfaces. whether it is metal, stone or concrete. It is also called angle grinder. Angle grinder is usually used for processing metal or stone workpieces. But in some cases the angle grinder can also be used as a woodworking tool.

the angle grinder is considered a universal tool, because it allows you to do a lot of manipulations with different materials. It can be used to polish, sand, cut and mill wood, concrete, metal and other materials.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that this tool is quite complex, as well as dangerous. When working with it, it is worth adhering to extremely strict safety rules. Inattention, carelessness and even accidental unnecessary movements can lead to injury or permanent damage.

Most experts are divided on whether or not the angle grinder is designed to work with wood. Some of them think that the tool is not meant for woodworking, while others consider it successfully used, considering it no more dangerous than other works.

In any case, the angle grinder is used for several areas of woodworking, respectively, you can consider how exactly you can use the angle grinder in woodworking.

Since there are a huge number of different discs available for the angle grinder, you should know which are best for a particular job.

The tools for rough machining

This category includes two types of nozzles.

The panel sander can completely replace a hand planer

To perform rough treatment of logs in the construction of the house, processing fence posts, such a nozzle will be an indispensable helper.

The peculiarities of its use are:

  • It can only be used with a sander equipped with a second auxiliary handle. For safety reasons, the angle grinder should only be held with two hands.
  • It is possible to remove the protective guard because the body of the nozzle is solid and there is little possibility of fracture. But protection against flying splinters is required: gloves, goggles, clothing.

Circular saw blades

Saw blades can be purchased in the online store Order at low with maximum cashback for a purchase of up to 230 bonus.

Many construction and repair jobs require the use of special tools that make them easier and faster. Quite often there is a need to cut through various materials, and it is important to obtain a clean cut in metal or wood. For this it is better to use the “turbine”, for which it is important to buy a disc with the right parameters. Find the product you are interested in on our website and buy it in our online store.

  • Monolithic. Made of solid metal, initially laser-ground. They are inexpensive, can be sharpened repeatedly. But they wear out quickly when cutting hard materials and blunt quickly;
  • Carbide. Alloy steel is used for the core, while the cutting edge consists of titanium or tungsten. Such saw blade for machine tools is notable for sharpness of teeth, durability, cleanness of cut and long-term preservation of original sharpening.

Also cut-off wheels have different characteristics:

  • tooth shape. Chosen on the basis of the material to be processed. For example, for cutting any wood, a saw blade for wood with variable teeth is optimally suited;
  • number of teeth. If the material is to be cut transversely, then discs with a maximum number of teeth are suitable, longitudinally. with a small number of cutting elements. However, in the first case you get a precise and accurate cut, and in the latter. a rough cut;
  • disc thickness. Determines cutting depth.

If you are looking for a high-quality saw blade for a crosscut or circular saw, then you can buy it at the “Order” store!

Diamond disc. features and benefits

It is used as a cutting tool for angle grinders. Diamond wheel is suitable for cutting hard materials: concrete, ceramics, stone, bricks, granite, marble. Some discs have vertical slots, which additionally cool the sawing place and clean it from sludge. They are designed for dry cutting of material, provide better results without dust and use of water.

There are cutting discs with diamond segments and a solid diamond layer, which allows you to get the cleanest cut. Such discs can work continuously for up to 80 seconds. They can be used again after cooling.

Manufacturers of diamond discs for angle grinder produce discs with different characteristics. For example, in the Hagwert line there is a turbo cutting disc, which can quickly and accurately process reinforced and heavy concrete.

The price of the disc is influenced by its type, diameter, number of teeth, manufacturer. The “Order” store has a large assortment of saw blades with different prices. So you can buy the right cutting disc, taking into account your budget and the peculiarities of the work carried out.