DIY snow scraper for tiller

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Ski scraper drawing

A traditional metal snow scraper in the form of a rectangular plate and a U-shaped handle is difficult to push. Back and arms get tired. In addition, the edge of the scraper will often cut into the ground if the tool is held at a slight incline. The improved design shown in the drawing helps to simplify the removal of thin layers of snow. Basically, the job is to install the finished scraper on the skis..

Runners 1 m long are made from corners. The edges are folded up to prevent the skis from crashing into the ground. The scraper is fixed at an angle to the runners with bolts, having previously welded the lugs. The bottom edge of the build plate should also rest on the skis and not rest on the ground..

Snow scraper on wheels

To clean a large area from snow, scrapers are made, and the wheels provide the convenience of moving them. To make a working surface, you will need a piece of pipe 60-80 cm long, 27-30 cm in diameter. The workpiece is opened by an angle grinder lengthwise into 2 segments. The one-piece mouldboard semicircle is strongly bent. A strip 3-5 cm wide is also cut off from it.You can try to slightly straighten the semicircular segment, but carefully to avoid the formation of dents from blows with a sledgehammer.

When the blade is ready, proceed to the assembly of the scraper on wheels:

  • A steel plate is welded to the back of the dump strictly in the center perpendicularly. On its edge, 5-7 holes are drilled in a semicircle. Another hole is drilled in the center of the plate..
  • Take a piece of pipe. One hole is drilled at the end. The workpiece is connected with a bolt through the center hole of the plate. The tube will rotate up and down on the bolted joint. Now a second hole is drilled on it, coinciding with those on the edge of the plate. The result is an adjusting mechanism for raising the blade. Another bolt is used to fix it..
  • The wheelset for the scraper is taken from an old stroller or made from a piece of pipe, fixing rubber wheels at the ends. The second end of the blade adjuster tube is welded to the center of the chassis..
  • The “T” handle for the blade is made from a 20 mm diameter steel tube. It can simply be welded to the center of the chassis at the desired angle, but it is better to make an adjusting mechanism, such as on the blade..
  • The scraper is almost ready, but it will scratch the tiles, knock out rubble from the asphalt. You can improve it with an overhead knife. It is cut in the form of a strip from a thick conveyor belt. Through the entire length of the lining and the bottom of the blade, through matching holes are drilled, the parts are bolted together. The finished structure for cleaning a large area of ​​snow is painted, providing protection against corrosion.

Before starting to remove layers of snow, set a convenient angle of the bucket and handle. The elements are securely fixed with a bolt on the adjusting plate. Pushing forward begin to shovel snow.

The hand scraper on wheels can be easily converted into a shovel-engine. The handle is disconnected from the chassis and, using a hitch, is placed on the tiller. If a motor is lying on the farm, it is permanently installed on a scraper, having previously welded a frame under it. The drive to the wheels is provided through a belt or chain drive.

How to make a DIY snow scraper

A do-it-yourself snow scraper was made by almost every person living in a private house. The design usually resembles a shovel. Sometimes a rectangular plate with an attached handle acts as a scraper. To make it easy to work with the tool, you need to know the parameters for choosing a structure. If desired, the inventory can be improved, and then cleaning with a snow scraper will become fun..

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Scraper with brush

When cleaning sidewalks from tiles, roofing, a telescopic snow scraper, additionally equipped with a brush, is convenient. The magazine version consists of a sliding aluminum bar, at one end of which a comfortable handle is attached. A rectangular plate is attached to the second end perpendicularly. One edge is made of plastic or rubber, and the other is made of stiff bristles that form a brush. The hard side of the scraper first scrapes thick layers of snow. Brush away the remaining thin layers.

You can assemble a similar scraper yourself, but it is better to attach the brush to the back of the blade on wheels. After one pass along the sidewalk path, the improved scraper leaves a clean tile without the slightest remnants of snow.

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Scraper selection options

Retail outlets offer a variety of snow scrapers, among which it is difficult to choose a convenient tool. Snow removal equipment has the following differences:

  • the size;
  • material for making the handle and working surface;
  • the mass of the tool;
  • the shape of the working surface, handle;
  • the presence of additional devices that simplify the cleaning of large amounts of snow.

Usually, when buying a scraper, a person is guided by his financial capabilities, which is extremely wrong. The price is of great importance, but you need to consider the amount of work to be done.

Power Broom or Snow Shovel? Craftsman 8 in 1 attachment

First, scrapers are hand tools. Choose the size of the inventory according to their physical capabilities. The lighter and more comfortable the scraper, the less fatigue from clearing snow is felt.

If you focus on lightness and long service life, they prefer inventory made of aluminum or composite alloys..

Secondly, cleaning will be easier if the person does not bend over too much to scoop up the snow. The scraper handle is selected according to its height. It is optimal to purchase a tool with a height-adjustable handle. Each family member will be able to operate the scraper, adjusting the handle for themselves.

Buckets of snow shovels and scrapers are made of plastic, composite alloys, plywood, aluminum, galvanized. The cuttings are usually wood or thin-walled aluminum tube. The handle material only affects the usability of the scraper. The bucket is selected taking into account the surface on which snow removal is supposed to be. In order not to damage the paving slabs or other type of decorative coating, cleaning is carried out with a plastic or wooden scraper. On the ground or old asphalt, it is better to paddle with an aluminum or galvanized bucket. A plastic and wooden shovel will work, but they should have a steel blade at the edge to protect the canvas from abrasion.

Snow shovels are available with different bucket widths, and it varies on average from 25 to 80 cm.If a large amount of work is expected, it is better to purchase equipment with an oversized bucket, for example, a scraper. The tool can even be operated by two people. For easy movement, choose a model equipped with casters or small casters.

DIY snow scraper

Before starting the manufacture of the scraper, you need to think about where the snow will be removed with the tool. Its form and design will depend on this question. To remove a thin layer of snow from a flat surface, the simplest version with a U-shaped handle is suitable:

  • A rectangle is cut out of an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3 mm or plywood with a thickness of 5-6 mm. The width of the workpiece is taken as standard – 50 or 60 cm. The length depends on the physical capabilities of the operator. Usually adhere to the parameter from 0.8 to 1.2 m.
  • If plywood is selected for the scraper, the edges are framed with steel tape to protect against abrasion..
  • For a U-shaped handle, it is advisable to find a thin-walled tube. An excellent option is the frame of an old clamshell. It is made of aluminum tube, and it is already bent with the letter “P”. The handle is fixed to the plate with bolts.

The scraper is pushed through the snow with both hands, holding it at an incline towards you. Wide tool cleaning can be done by two people.

Cleaning of large drifts with snow removal outside the territory is more convenient to carry out with a scraper-drag. In such a tool, the most difficult to make a bucket. It is cut from thin galvanized or sheet aluminum. The joints of the connected fragments are fixed with rivets or bolts with a diameter of 5-6 mm. A U-shaped handle is fixed to the bucket with a bolted connection. Fastening is carried out as often as possible so that when lifting a bucket laden with snow, the sheet metal does not break off.

A plastic scraper is used to remove snow from the roof. The design consists of a shank with a rectangular plate end-mounted. When self-made, the work surface is cut out of a plastic barrel. It is desirable to make the handle collapsible from aluminum tubes. With such a scraper, it is more convenient to remove snow from slopes without climbing on them..

For a collapsible handle, tubes of different diameters are used. If the workpieces are the same thickness, use adapters. It is necessary to find at least small pieces of a smaller pipe. Long pipes are pushed onto the workpiece from both ends. To prevent the scraper handle from coming apart during snow removal from the roof, the joints are reinforced with a bolted connection.

The inconvenience of the end model is the cleaning process. The snow has to be pulled over. After passing one lane, the scraper is again thrown up the roof slope..

The best telescopic scraper for removing snow from the roof is a frame structure. In the home version, the handle is similarly assembled from aluminum tubes. A rectangular frame made of a rod or thin tube is attached to the end. The size of the part depends on personal preference. A long strip of waterproof fabric is fixed to the lower frame element. A piece of old tarpaulin or thick film will do..

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Snow removal is carried out by cutting layers. The scraper frame is pushed up the roof slope. The clipped snow slides along the belt, crumbling under the foundation of the building.

The video will help you make a simple and reliable scraper:

DIY snow scraper

Many owners of private yards make snow scrapers and shovels themselves. Usually the structure is assembled from a sheet of tin or plywood and a shank. Craftsmen approach the issue in a creative way. Draw up a drawing of a snow scraper, where wheels, stops, skis and other devices are provided.

A do-it-yourself snow scraper is better in that it is given the desired shape and size, which determines the convenience of work. In addition, inventory costs free.

What is a snow blower?

A snow blower is a unit installed on a tiller to remove snow from any surface (unpaved, asphalt, etc.). This snow plow is an active attachment, since it is connected to motor vehicles not only by installing on the front pin, but also by means of a belt that transfers rotation to the snow blower pulley from the driving pulley of the motor vehicle.

In our assortment of attachments there is a snow blower SMB “NEVA”. A feature of this unit is the presence of a toothed-edged auger, which crushes even snow crust into small crumbs..

The operating procedure for the snow plow is as follows. The snow is picked up by the auger of the unit and moved into the pipe, from which it is thrown out. Ejection direction is manually adjustable.

How to choose snow blowers for a tiller

Tiller snow blowers are selected based on the following criteria. First, it should be borne in mind that snow plows are usually made for specific equipment. For example, only the SMB snow blower is installed on the NEVA tiller..

Secondly, the criteria for choosing a snow plow attachment are technical parameters such as the working width, the height of the snow to be removed and the distance of the snow mass throwing. Note that the SMB snow blower has a cleaning width of 64 centimeters. At the same time, in one pass, the snow removal nozzle removes the snow cover 25 centimeters high. Snow dump is carried out at a distance of up to 10 meters.

Snow blowers

Snow blowers for tiller

Many owners of land plots in the winter season are faced with the need to remove snow from the local area and access roads. Some people use a shovel for this. However, if you have a tiller, then cleaning will be faster and easier. Install a snow removal attachment on motor vehicles and forward. You can buy snow blowers for a tiller from our dealers. The recommended retail price for attachments is presented on the website.

Snow blower installation: features

In order to install a snow blower on the tiller, it is enough to use the parts that are included in its kit. An exception is the MB1 MultiAGRO model, for aggregating the product with which auxiliary parts will be needed. The procedure for installing a snow blower on a motor vehicle and its subsequent adjustment are described in detail in the operating manual of the product..

Cleaning the area with a tiller with a snow plow installed is a fairly simple process that does not require special skills. However, in order to ensure comfortable working conditions, we recommend installing lugs and weighting weights on motor vehicles during this operation..

You can watch the video showing the snow blower for the MB2 tiller in operation by clicking on this link.

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DIY snow scraper for tiller

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Aggregated to Tilleri Neva and Salyut


  • Weight, kg: 30
  • Brand country: China
  • Plow swing angle, degrees: 30
  • Capture width, mm: 900


  • Coverage 80 cm
  • It is aggregated to VT401, VT403

Tiller blade classification

No matter how simple this attachment may seem at first glance, however, there is also a variety here..

snow, scraper, tiller
  • by form (design);
  • by the method of attachment to the tiller;
  • by the location of the working body relative to the tiller;
  • by the form of the coupling;
  • by lift type.

Model range of motoblock dumps

We offer you to familiarize yourself with popular factory models.

Do-it-yourself blade for a tiller, drawings, video

Many owners of agricultural machinery are interested in whether it is difficult to make a blade for a tiller with their own hands, because a homemade shovel is no worse than a purchased one, and besides, there is an excellent opportunity to save money.

How much will a purchased shovel cost? Starting from 1800 rub. Up to 10 500 rubles.

If you use improvised materials, a sheet of steel, an old barrel, a gas cylinder, a pipe and elbows of a suitable size, then the price will decrease dramatically.

We offer several different ideas with drawings that will help you make universal equipment with your own hands..

Design features of the device

Snow shovels are effortlessly attached to any type of equipment, significantly speeding up and simplifying the procedure for clearing snow. All snow plowing equipment for a multifunctional implement includes 3 basic parts: a snow shovel, a plow angle adjustment mechanism and a mounting module that holds the snow plow to the frame of the implement..

There are a number of designs of factory shovels that are part of the attachments, however, such a device for a tiller can be built with your own hands, especially since there is a wide variety of information and drawings on this problem in the global network.

This makes it possible not only to manufacture equipment with the required characteristics, but also to significantly save money..

The blade is an integral part of the attachments used in conjunction with a motor cultivator. With his support, you can facilitate such everyday work on your own plot of land as collecting garbage in summer, in winter – clearing snow, in addition, leveling the surface layer of the earth and transporting it from one site to another. Snow plows come in different variations, but in their total mass they are endowed with one principle of operation and design. They mainly have a number of standard working positions..

These are almost always the 3 points below:

  • straight;
  • to the left (with a turn of 30 °);
  • to the right (with a turn of 30 °).

Varieties of couplings for tillers of famous brands

The hitch is an indispensable device that comes complete with a tiller, which allows you to aggregate various attachments. Depending on the brand of the tiller, its design, the configuration of the coupling itself also changes. In addition, the couplings are also adjustable (angle of attack, horizontal) and non-adjustable.