DIY tire tread cutting with a drill

DIY crawler snowmobile making

Before starting work, decide on the tool. We can say with 100% certainty what you need: various screwdrivers, a hammer, welding, a pipe bender (if there is no ready-made frame).

Before preparing a drawing for making your own snowmobile, familiarize yourself with the standard configuration.

  • Frame. Every snowmobile has a frame: the more complex the structure, the more reliable and strong the frame must be. The best option is to take from an ATV, scooter or motorcycle. If there is no such part, you can weld it yourself from pipes with a diameter of at least 40 mm.
  • Seat. The seat on the snowmobile must be strong, as the structure itself is quite low.

Prerequisite: the seat must be made of waterproof material.

  • Engine. When choosing an engine, pay attention to its power. If you want a powerful snowmobile, then the engine should be like this.
  • Tank. A container with a volume of 10-15 liters, made of metal, is perfect for a fuel tank.
  • Skiing. If you do not have ready-made skis that can be adapted for a snowmobile, you can make them yourself from wood. It is better if it is at least nine-layer plywood.
  • Steering wheel. When choosing a steering wheel, think about your convenience. It is best if it is borrowed from a two-wheeled unit..
  • Caterpillars. Making tracks is perhaps the most difficult part of the entire self-propelled vehicle..
  • Drive unit. To spin the tracks, you need a drive – it is best in this case to use a chain from a motorcycle.

If there is no ready-made frame available, then it is easy to weld it from a profile pipe, and give shape using a pipe bender.

If you cannot make calculations and draw up a drawing on your own, then for example, use the drawing from our website.

Once the frame is assembled, treat it with an anti-corrosion agent and cover it with quality paint that will withstand both moisture and frost.

Work technology

Do-it-yourself tracks for a car should be made using a technology that involves the initial removal of the beads from the tires, then, if necessary, you need to remove excess layers that are located on the seamy side of the formed ring, this is necessary if the track has increased hardness. If the tread pattern does not fit, then you need to cut a new structure, which will be necessary for the structure to be able to cling to the soil..

A do-it-yourself track for a snowmobile, made according to the above scheme, will have many advantages, even if compared with the above option. This is due to the fact that it has a closed loop, which indicates reliability. But there are also disadvantages, one of which is expressed in the limited width of the caterpillar, but if there is a need, then you can apply a double width.

Track Belts

This option is very easy to manufacture and does not require any skills. The material is quite common. There will be no difficulties with its acquisition..

Manufacturing process:

  • The belts are wedge-shaped, therefore, it is very easy to create a one-piece belt. And the lugs can be made at your own request. Bolts with nuts or rivets are used as a clutch.
  • The belts are convenient in that they have holes that easily fit the drive sprocket of the snowmobile. For these purposes, in the process of work, a gap is left between the strips..
  • For fastening, it is allowed to use any durable material, for example, a small diameter cable. It is important that the work is done with high quality, otherwise the whole structure will fall apart while driving..

In fact, there are many more DIY methods for making caterpillars. It also does not hurt to connect your imagination and come up with something better and replace tires and rubber with more practical material. But, nevertheless, tire tracks are considered the best solution. They are simple to manufacture, and the time spent on work will be minimal..

How to drill tape?

Homemade tracked snowmobiles work fine on belts drilled with a conventional drill. However, in order for the device to work as long as possible, you need to re-sharpen the drill to work with rubber in advance. You should first purchase a tool designed for processing wooden surfaces. Never use metal drills.

Snowmobile design technology

  • A suitable frame is made of metal pipes of different diameters and steel corners. Its basis is made in the form of a rectangle (its dimensions are 150 x 43.2 cm).
  • The steering beam is constructed from metal corners (its dimensions are 50 x 50 x 5 mm), its parts are sheathed with dense metal linings. The finished structure is installed horizontally on a drilling machine.
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The control system of a homemade snowmobile from a motorcycle is quite complex in design. It consists of:

  • skis;
  • longitudinal thrust;
  • lateral thrust.

From the information provided, we can conclude: a homemade snowmobile made of elements of a tiller, chainsaw or motorcycle is a reality. Any master can make it. For productive work, only certain skills, equipment, tools and materials are required.

Drawings, options for finished works

Snowmobile design must begin by creating a drawing of the desired product. He will help in the process of work to make practical and functional equipment that will serve for more than one year..

If you can use ready-made drawings to create a snowmobile from a tiller or a motorcycle, then for a construction from a chainsaw, they are not provided, since each tool has its own technical characteristics and features.

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Snowmobile from Tiller

tiller is another option for equipment that is used in the process of making a snowmobile with your own hands. Its design practically does not need to be redone, since it is initially multifunctional.

There are three types of tiller snowmobiles:

  • wheeled;
  • on tracks;
  • combined.

Before you start working with a tiller, you need to decide on the type of future design. The complexity of the master’s work, as well as the duration of the entire process, will depend on him..

The main purpose of the tire tread

The primary role of tire treading is to maximize the performance of the tires themselves. There are circumstances when buying new tires is not possible. However, there is a way out of this situation, and it is quite simple and not too expensive. Basically, the groove on the tread is nothing more than a special pattern that significantly improves traction. Among other things, you need to understand that protectors are cut in specialized companies, however, you can perform this procedure, including at home..

Correctly grooved tires will significantly improve traction, even on difficult terrain. It should be understood that this procedure is only possible in certain situations. If your rubber is too worn out, then such a procedure will help you for a short period of time..

How to cut tires with your own hands

If used correctly, a truck tire can last for at least a couple of years. You need to understand that cutting should be done only if the depth is already less than 1.6 millimeters. The slicing process is simple enough.

Before performing this procedure, you need to select the required depth. The work should be done by the regruver. The cutting is carried out exclusively on the old tracks, there is no need to invent something new. Also, the tread depth must comply with the regulations..

Which tires should be cut

This procedure is performed primarily on trucks. Cutting of all-metal tires is made, made with an additional layer of rubber and a specialized reinforced frame. On a passenger car, this procedure will not work for the reason that an additional layer on the rubber simply does not exist..

It is possible to perform the cutting procedure if the tire has a special regroovable marking. It is worth operating the tread on trucks until the moment when you can change old tires for new ones..

Slicing technology

Truck cutting should be done on tires without significant abrasion of the rubber. A high-quality result is possible if the correct design specifics are used. A gap of a few millimeters is required, which can allow the tread to deepen without too much trouble.

The tread is cut not only on new tires, but also on used ones.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

There are certain pros and cons of using this procedure, which you should definitely pay attention to..

Among the main poles are the following.

  • A significant increase in service life. In some cases, due to the incorrect execution of the procedure, certain problems may arise. For this reason, you must strictly follow the rules that will be presented below..
  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption. With a good tire, it is possible to save up to a quarter of the fuel used, which is certainly very important. The tread depth and width must be selected individually.
  • There is, in fact, only one minus. This is a rather dangerous movement in such a car. Wheels with a road surface must be made especially well. This is especially true for trucks.

DIY car tire tread cutting

Quite often it happens that even a fairly frayed and bald rubber can serve as faith and truth for a period of time. It’s worth noting that grooving your tires is the only way to slightly extend the life of your already worn rubber. It is imperative to follow certain rules and features in order to perform this procedure as correctly and reliably as possible..

  • The main purpose of the tire tread
  • Is it possible to cut the tread
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
  • Which tires should be cut
  • How to determine if tires can be chopped
  • Slicing technology
  • How to cut tires with your own hands
  • Nuances of the procedure

How to determine if tires can be chopped

Slicing solid tires is only possible if specified by the manufacturer. Among other things, you can use this service in Russia only in specialized companies. Although some non-professional companies are also willing to offer you this service, the quality may not please you..

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It is imperative to know that the standard tire pressure is 22.5 radius and 8 atmospheres. If there is even a slight deviation in depth, there is a high probability that the tires will last you significantly less. If everything matches the specified parameters, then this procedure can be performed without any problems..

When grooving is not allowed?

Rubber for passenger cars (with the exception of specially marked rubber) cannot be restored. And that’s why:

  • Passenger car tires do not have an additional layer of rubber. Going deeper into it with a cutter, you can easily damage the cord. After that, the wheel will become unusable and cannot be repaired. The idea to make winter rubber out of summer rubber can end in a wheel explosion and an accident.
  • Even with a cut tread, a tire that has gone out of its life will not remain as soft and supple as it used to be. Cracks and red spots on the lateral surfaces. a clear sign of the end of her service.

What tires are restored?

Car enthusiasts argue a lot about whether it is necessary to cut the tire tread, or rather. can I do it. Here are examples of cases when you really can:

  • The tire is labeled Regroovable or U. These marks indicate that the manufacturer has made an extra layer of rubber above the cord, into which the grooves can go deeper..
  • Almost all truck tires have a thick rubber layer that can also be restored.
  • A wheel with normal tread depth, repaired and vulcanized. In this case, the drawing is simply restored from the patch. This procedure can be carried out on any wheel..
  • Winter tires are adapted for off-road driving, cutting off part of the pattern with a machine.
  • A layer of rubber is welded onto the worn out tread, thereby increasing the thickness of the tire to an acceptable level. Already on a new layer, cutting is carried out. Such restoration will be more expensive, but if the tire is not cracked, it is quite acceptable..
tire, tread, cutting, drill

As a rule, after restoration work, rubber serves another third of the term from the one that has already passed.

tire, tread, cutting, drill

making tools for carving tires

Slicing process

DIY tire tread machine. the tool is very easy to use. It only takes a little skill. We take a tire that can be restored and proceed:

  • We study rubber. Make sure it has the required markings (Regroovable or U). Then, using the slicing indicators, we determine whether it is necessary to carry out the procedure.
  • If necessary, remove the rubber from the disc and thoroughly clean it from dirt, sand and stones. We inspect the product from the inside: there should be no damage. Otherwise, the tire can only be restored in the tire service..
  • Find the most worn part of the pattern and measure the tread depth. If the rubber is worn unevenly, then we will strive to ensure that the depth indicator is the same everywhere. not less than 3 mm.
  • We take a machine for cutting a tire tread and install a cutter on it corresponding to the width of the pattern.

Tire tread cutting with a machine

When the tread pattern starts to fade from the surface of the tire, the car enthusiast wonders if the wheel will last for the season. There is a miraculous way to extend the life of worn tires with tire tread grooves..

Tread cutter

Indeed, do-it-yourself tire tread cutting. pretty simple procedure. Special devices have been invented for her. machines-regrovers. They are all licensed. You can choose a device suitable for the price.

Cheaper machines are equipped with a modest set of blades and are not protected from overheating. Designed to work only with passenger car tires. They are small and compact. They are not used at service stations.

More expensive devices are already considered professional. Naturally, they cost twice as much, have a rich set of blades and a powerful transformer. Here they are used at tire shops..

Cars are made in China, USA, Turkey. The most popular are made in Germany and France..

Those who are not interested in keeping up with progress use an angle grinder, chisel or soldering iron. In this way, the tread was deepened in freight transport, when there was simply no alternative to these devices..

Tread grooves are very popular. Unfortunately, this method is often used to restore rubber that is not suitable for this, endangering all road users. When buying a used tire, you should inspect very carefully..

What is a protector and its types

To understand how to properly cut the tread of tires, you should first understand the terms.

A tread is a part of a tire whose main purpose is to purposefully increase the contact of rubber with the road surface. Also, in addition, it performs a protective function of the inner part of the tire from all kinds of damage..

  • symmetric;
  • asymmetric;
  • directed;
  • undirected.

Tread cutting is the process of indenting and grooving a tire..

Is it possible to cut a tire is a question that many car owners are asking. On this score, there are quite opposite opinions. Some experts recommend performing tire retreading, citing the economic benefits of these actions. Others, on the contrary, do not recommend cutting the tread, justifying this by the fact that the cord can be damaged and the rubber will be irretrievably damaged..

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You can cut the rubber, however, you need to do this only with those products that are marked with one of the following markings:

  • Regroovable;
  • U.

These marks on the tire indicate that the tire is grooved by the manufacturer. At the factory, during production, a special layer of rubber is applied, which allows you to perform such actions.

Making new Tyres from old Ones

The main problem of disagreement in views lies in the fact that local craftsmen do not pay attention to such markings and begin to cut rubber all in a row. Naturally, such actions can damage the cord and at high speeds the consequences can be dire..

Deepening grooves (rubber cutting) are possible on tires with a residual tread depth of 2-3 mm. Failure to observe this rule can damage the cord, which is the supporting structure of the tire, its damage leads to a rupture of the car wheel.

Tire tread cutting – do it yourself retreading

Date: 2017-05-31

tire, tread, cutting, drill

Over time, any tire falls into disrepair, but there are times when cutting the tire tread helps to give life to an old tire. Today, the cost of new rubber makes it not a cheap pleasure to replace it. Retreading tires is much easier. This article will just talk about how to perform these works..

  • What is a protector and its types
  • Types of tire tread cutters
  • The process of cutting, retreading a tire
  • Outcomes

Types of tire tread cutters

The tread can be cut on both passenger cars and trucks. Today there are a huge variety of options for homemade cutters, however, experts recommend abandoning them and using only a certified tool. For tire tread cutting, the range of cutters is represented by a huge assortment from simple ones with a limited number of blades to “advanced” ones with numerous functions. Several models are worth considering:

  • S125B. German regrover machine, one of the simplest and quite high quality. Applicable to work with lightweight tires only.
  • S146B. Also a representative of German production, however, with a large set of functions. Such a device is equipped with a special thermal sensor, as well as a toroidal transformer, which significantly increases labor productivity. Cutting truck tires is easy with this cutter.
  • Rubber Cut RC400 TipTop. The German manufacturer TipTop presents its regrover machine that provides fast and accurate slicing.

It should be noted that when choosing a cutting machine, it is necessary to give preference to proven and high-quality brands. The price for them will be slightly higher than similar cutters, however, quality and safety are above all..

The process of cutting, retreading a tire

It is recommended to restore the tire tire at professional tire shops, because they have specialized equipment. Before starting to cut a tire, you should make sure that this model is designed for this. It is necessary to find the inscription “Regroovable” or “U” on the side, if there are no such marks, it is strictly forbidden to perform cutting. The slicing process is as follows:

  • The tread depth is measured, this is done at the most worn out point.
  • Using a tire fitting machine, the tire is dismantled from the rim, and the inner surface is inspected.
  • After the measurements. the required cutter is selected and the cutting process is performed. Small strips up to 15 cm long are cut and the cut material is immediately removed.
  • Upon completion of the work, the grooves are cleaned from the stuck pieces of rubber, the tire is installed back on the disc.
  • Installation is allowed on both the rear and front axles.

The tread of truck tires is cut according to the same principle, differing only in some inconveniences due to the dimensions of the tire itself. Using a regenerative slicing process can extend service life by 20-25%.

Cutting can be done on both summer and winter tires. One has only to take into account the permissible tread depth standards, which comprise the following indicators:

  • Summer. Here, the indicators vary between 7.5-8.5 mm..
  • Winter. The tread depth of winter tires is 8.5-9.5mm.

The difference in these indicators is due to the intended use of the tires for certain weather conditions. Summer tires are mainly designed to drain water from the contact patch with the road surface. Winter tires are designed to provide reliable grip on ice, as well as increase cross-country ability in loose snow. You should be guided by the rules and choose winter tires in winter, and summer tires in summer.

a small logical conclusion should be made. If you carry out work with specialists, then such a procedure will allow you to extend the operation of the tire and the performance will not be affected..