Do-it-yourself atv with an engine from a walk-behind tractor

The idea of ​​an ATV from a walk-behind tractor

In English-speaking countries, such a transport is called All Terrain Vehicle, the closest to this name in Russian is the following wording: “a vehicle for off-road driving”.

Unlike conventional ATVs, an ATV is inherently a four-wheeled motorcycle. powerful, high-speed, with excellent cross-country ability, and at the same time, easy to operate and safe. In any case, falling off a regular motorcycle is much easier than falling off an ATV.

The most important part of any moving mechanism is a reliable and well-functioning motor. Home-made ATVs with an engine from the Neva walk-behind tractor have proven themselves best. If you have a well-functioning motor of this walk-behind tractor, that’s half the battle. It is not necessary for a single-axle tractor to be “Neva”, any model will do, just “Neva” is one of the best models to transform.

Everything further is only a matter of skill and patience. When creating a homemade ATV from a walk-behind tractor, you need to be prepared in advance that it will not turn out to be as powerful and fast as a real one. Another feature of an ATV made from a walk-behind tractor is that its landing will not be motorcycle, but will remain standard for a walk-behind tractor. But in terms of endurance and maneuverability, such a homemade product turns out to be no worse than their factory counterparts.

How to make an unusual ATV from an ordinary walk-behind tractor with your own hands?

The designers of motoblocks, probably, in the most nightmare dream, could not dream of what the folk craftsmen would turn their brainchild into. What they just don’t make of it with their own hands: a mini-tractor, a snow blower, an all-terrain vehicle, a snowmobile. in short, everything that can move on its own on Mother Earth. It would be simply amazing if modern “kulibins” did not try to turn a single-axle tractor into such an entertaining vehicle as an ATV.

Stages of turning a walk-behind tractor into an ATV

For the simplest design of an ATV, a special alteration of the walk-behind tractor is not required, the main thing is to get drawings suitable for this purpose. The very transformation of the mechanism into an ATV occurs in 3 stages:

  • Expansion of the wheelbase;
  • Arrangement of the frame;
  • Fitting suitable wheels.

Further, for the future ATV, you need to make a reliable frame. Most often, in its manufacture, a bicycle or motorcycle frame is used as a basis, but if necessary, it can be welded even from scraps of water pipes. In any case, a home-made frame will be the most vulnerable node in a future ATV, since after connecting to a walk-behind tractor, it will inevitably become heavier. Attach a homemade frame directly to the walk-behind tractor in two fonts for the pivot hinge.

For a snack, there remains the setting of the future all-terrain vehicle on wheels. First you need to decide on the disks. There is no need to reinvent the bicycle here: the best option would be rubber rims with a low profile, since they have a wide enough stock, and the rubber tube will fit snugly against them. And to protect the rubber of the camera from damage, it is better to put a gasket made of dense fabric between the camera and the rim.

With tires on wheels, everything is also simple: cameras from the wheels of large trucks are perfect. Low pressure chambers will provide the mechanism with a large area of ​​grip on the ground, in addition, they are well damped when driving, therefore, when assembling an ATV, you can do without installing shock absorbers.

The only drawback of such a solution is that the rubber chambers themselves are very fragile, and without additional protection you cannot go far on them, especially off-road, where various thorns, twigs and other sharp objects are found at every step. The easiest way to provide passable protection for the cameras is to wrap them several times with a canvas hose, securing at the end with superglue.

In such a simple way, you can make a mechanism from a walk-behind tractor with your own hands that does not need a knurled road and steep slopes of hills and ravines are not scary.

How to make a do-it-yourself ATV out of a walk-behind tractor

Auto mechanic specializing in agricultural machinery

do-it-yourself, engine, walk-behind, tractor

There are many craftsmen among the people who are able to make many useful devices and devices from their usual walk-behind tractor. From this technique it is possible to obtain:

Also, very often, craftsmen make homemade ATVs from a walk-behind tractor.

The ATV is a powerful, fast, passable motorcycle on four wheels, with easy handling and reasonably safe.

The main thing in production is to choose a good and reliable engine from a walk-behind tractor. Then it all depends on your skills and skill. With the right approach to work and diligence, you can get a very maneuverable and durable technique for movement.

Making an ATV from a walk-behind tractor with your own hands

Translated from English, in a general sense, the term ATV sounds like a vehicle used to move around terrain without a road, and abroad it is defined by one phrase All Terrain Vehicle.

The ATV includes the maneuverability of a motorcycle and off-road capability, the power and excellent handling of a small SUV. But not everyone can afford to purchase this unit, since it is quite expensive. The way out of the situation is a homemade device.

Consider how to make an ATV with your own hands

The first step is to be confident in your skills in turning and welding. It is necessary to immediately decide on the version of the motor and the main components. Some elements are taken from a walk-behind tractor, others from a motorcycle.

In this video, we will consider an ATV with our own hands:

In addition to the details, you should choose the place where the production will take place, the necessary tools and equipment, as well as prepare drawings, which you simply cannot do without.

Having come to the decision to make an ATV from a walk-behind tractor yourself, you need to understand that the unit will turn out to be less powerful and faster. Also, you will have to sit on it not like on a motorcycle, but like on a walk-behind tractor. But endurance and ensuring maneuvers will be at their best.

Required materials and tools

There are a lot of purposes for which a homemade ATV will be used:

  • Hunting.
  • Fishing.
  • Outing for a picnic or just a cross-country hike.
  • Moving loads and objects that are not very large in size.

The engine power, suspension, the presence of a trunk and its size, additional functions depend on the principle and region of application. For example, an engine removed from a scooter, although small, is very light, therefore, stuck in sand or mud, the unit can be pulled out without any problems. But if it is necessary to transport heavy objects, then its volume and power will not be enough for these actions.

The drawing can be done by yourself, depending on your desires, or you can find ready-made ones on the Internet, of which there are countless.

To perform work, you cannot do without the following tools:

  • Welding machine.
  • angle grinder or electric jigsaw.
  • Drill and electric screwdriver.
  • Wrench set.
  • Caliper for accurate measurement.
  • Hammer and screwdriver.
  • Knife.
  • Plier and other small tools.

If you plan to make the frame yourself, you need to attend to finding equipment that bends the pipes. If you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to entrust the implementation of these actions to specialists.

The ATV consists of the following parts:

  • Motor. Suitable for both a car and a motorcycle. The smaller the engine, the more the fuel consumption is reduced. If the unit will be operated in hot weather, then it is worth choosing a part that has cooling.
  • Frames. It is necessary to fix the engine well on it with bolts to connect the drive and transmission.

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If the frame is made independently, pipes are taken and welded together in a certain order. The ears are immediately welded, serving as mounts for shock absorbers and levers, as well as brackets.

When the finished frame is being reworked, only the frame should be left and the necessary nodes should be attached by welding. Next, the trunks are attached and painted:

  • Front and rear suspensions. You can take the rear axle of the machine, while there will be a differential, or use a cardan-gear design. The levers are attached to the frame with silent blocks, the racks are attached at an angle and shock absorbers.
  • Steering control. It happens as in the form of a car wheel or a motorcycle steering wheel. Some people combine both options. It is better to replace the gear train with a chain gear, which will help save on maintenance. The gearbox is usually made mechanical, which improves the maneuverability of the unit.

Attention! Input shafts must be directed immediately to both the front and rear axles.

Important! It is advisable to purchase a new brake system to be sure of your safety.

Step by step instructions

To make an ATV from a walk-behind tractor, you do not need to greatly alter the equipment. The process itself includes the following steps:

  • The wheelbase is expanding. Since the disks of the walk-behind tractor are located directly under the walk-behind tractor, they are pushed apart. They grind the inserts on the machine, and if there is none, then they simply purchase suitable adapters that serve to expand this base.
  • The frame is equipped. It must be strong and reliable. Usually, a motorcycle ready-made frame is used, but with certain skills, pipe trims can be welded together. A significant load will be made on this part, since it is on it that the engine and all the main components are attached. The frame is attached to the entire unit using two special pins and a pivot joint.
  • Wheels are installed, the size of which differs, depending on the purpose of the motorized device. The first step is to select the disks. It is better to use automobile ones, under low-profile tires, so that the camera fits snugly against them. To maintain integrity and last longer, it is recommended to put a strong but soft cloth between the disc and the camera.

Homemade ATV quad truck part 2

Tubes from heavy vehicles can be used instead of tires for increased stability and traction. Also, their use will help to increase the depreciation of equipment. But they are thin and do not have a safety margin, so such wheels will be easily damaged by thorns, knots and sharp objects. One of the ways to protect the tires from damage is wrapping them with a tarpaulin hose and then fixing it with instantly solidifying glue.

This is how easy and simple a single-axle tractor can be transformed into a unit that moves quickly and agilely over fields, hills, steep ravines and other places where there is no asphalt road surface.

Self-assembled ATV in functionality and performance is no worse than factory devices. The main thing is that you know its strengths and weaknesses, and the unit made with love will last a long time and without any special problems. You only need to carry out maintenance on time and monitor the condition of all systems.

All the little things should be taken into account, scrupulously select all the necessary materials and accurately carry out all the work.

In general, having special and simply basic and additional tools available, you can expand the capabilities of your walk-behind tractor, provide new functionality and use for many new actions.

How to make an ATV from a walk-behind tractor?

How to make an ATV from a walk-behind tractor?

The general scheme of the ATV assembly, we hope, has become clear to you. But few people know how to make an ATV from a walk-behind tractor? We will try to tell you about it. We’ll warn you right away that anyone who wants to make an ATV from a walk-behind tractor must prepare for the fact that the all-terrain vehicle will not have a high speed. But on the other hand, in terms of cross-country ability and quality of maneuverability, it will hardly yield to an expensive branded ATV. Everyone knows that the most difficult part of a car. this is his engine. If you have one, then consider that half of the ATV is ready. If you also have a gearbox, then all that remains is to build a high-quality frame with wheels. Well, let’s get over it! How to make an ATV from a walk-behind tractor? Best of all, the most famous domestic uniaxial tractor is suitable as a basis. Neva. Assembling an ATV from a walk-behind tractor will consist of three stages:

First stage. Since the wheels of a standard domestic walk-behind tractor are located under the engine, first of all they need to be blown apart. Currently, a large number of manufacturers are producing special adapters with which you can effortlessly expand the wheelbase. If there is no adapter, then you will have to contact a turner.

Second phase. It is necessary to make a frame, since it is she who does the bulk of the work. The best frames are bicycle and motorcycle frames. However, if there are none, then you can weld the frame from pipes, for example, water pipes. But be prepared for the fact that your workpiece will become heavier and not as strong. After the frame is made, it will need to be attached to the walk-behind tractor itself by the pivot hinge using two fonts. These fonts are included.

Stage three. The final stage will be equipping the finished frame with wheels. Low pressure tires are best for your ATV. After all, with their help, it will be possible to do without shock absorbers. In addition, the width of the tire surface provides the ATV with better ground contact. The simplest option would be to make them from the cameras of large trucks. But first, let’s select the disks. Best for ATV. These are low profile rubber discs. Due to the fact that the disc bed is wide enough. the rubber should fit tightly. You just need to put something between the tire and the rim. The fabric will do. This chamber has its drawbacks. She is very thin. How to make an ATV from a walk-behind tractor to be durable? It is necessary to simply strengthen these cameras so as not to grab the first nail that comes across on the road. Take a tarpaulin hose and wrap it around the camera several times, then secure it with super glue.

With the simplest modifications, an old seven-horsepower single-axle tractor can serve you for a very long time. Sturdy construction allows you to fearlessly climb mountains and move off-road.

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Arrangement of the frame

Next, you need to weld a steel frame, which must be strong and reliable. But, according to experienced designers, this node is the most vulnerable part of the ATV. It is assembled from a frame from a motorcycle or bicycle. If you have nowhere to take the workpiece, you can weld a structure from pipes, the walls of which are 3 mm thick. They can be either round or square.

The self-made design is attached to the future vehicle with two pins that are fixed to the pivot hinge.

Do-it-yourself ATV from a walk-behind tractor

it is quite possible to convert a single-axle tractor into an ATV, but for this you have to try. To do this, you need to purchase some additional items and use special tools. So, in order to create an ATV from a walk-behind tractor with your own hands, the master must be able to handle a welding machine.

Like the ATV, the single-axle tractor is designed for off-road driving, so it’s relatively easy to convert it into a trendy ATV. The result is a powerful, high-speed vehicle that has high cross-country ability. At the same time, a homemade ATV will be light and safe, it is much more difficult to fall out of it than from a motorcycle.

do-it-yourself, engine, walk-behind, tractor

In addition, the functions of the walk-behind tractor can be retained in a new design. But at the same time, the ATV can be used for off-road driving or trips to nature. But the economic functions of the all-terrain vehicle are preserved in the design.

A homemade ATV from a walk-behind tractor will differ slightly from factory-made models. He will not have a motorcycle landing, since the design will remain practically unchanged, like the saddle that was originally on the walk-behind tractor. In terms of power and speed, a home-made ATV with an engine from a walk-behind tractor will be inferior to popular models. But on the other hand, in terms of maneuverability and endurance, the new vehicle will be no worse.

ATV from a walk-behind tractor: stages of modification

The design of the walk-behind tractor needs minimal modification, since both vehicles are really very similar. But you still have to make some changes. It is recommended to find or develop with your own hands drawings of a 4×4 ATV with an engine from a walk-behind tractor. This will allow you to carefully think over all the details, avoid mistakes in the assembly process.

  • First, the wheelbase of the walk-behind tractor is expanded.
  • The frame structure is equipped.
  • Fitted wheels that fit.


It is best to create an ATV from the Neva walk-behind tractor with your own hands. This self-propelled vehicle has a reliable and powerful enough engine. This is the most important part of any ATV. Depending on the model of the walk-behind tractor, the engine can have a capacity of 6, 6.2 or 7.5 liters. from. This is quite enough to move over rough terrain, transport small and medium loads, as well as perform economic operations, cultivate a vegetable garden, etc.

The motor can be from a walk-behind tractor of a different model, but its power must be sufficient to perform all the functions assigned to the ATV.

Installation on wheels

To install the structure on wheels, you need to decide on the choice of rims. The best option for this is parts taken from the car. They should be designed for tires with a low profile, since such rubber has a wide stock.

When choosing tires for wheels, you need to give preference to truck-type tires with aggressive tread. Such an ATV will be able to drive through mud, bad and uneven roads. The tire pressure should be low to provide sufficient contact area with the surface. So the wheels can overcome various obstacles on the road, and the ride will be smoother. These tires improve ride comfort.

In some cases, the use of soft rubber with low pressure makes it possible to dispense with the installation of shock absorbers, since the tires will directly spring. The disadvantage of this solution is the fact that soft tires are less durable. Without additional protection, they will not be used for long. After all, you will have to drive off-road, where stones, thorns, branches and other sharp objects can come across. In this case, it is much easier to puncture a soft tire than a hard one.

do-it-yourself, engine, walk-behind, tractor