Do it yourself miter saw for metal

From a hand-held circular saw

The structure is common and acceptable for home construction. The body of the trimming unit is made of wood or iron. A base is built from plywood sheets (chipboard), on which a vertical rack is mounted, having previously cut holes in it to fix the facing. A pendulum-type device is made from a board and is attached to the base by means of a long bolt.

Having prepared a steel rod or corner, it is attached on top of the pendulum so that the end sticks out. Then the spring is taken, one end of it is fixed to the rear shelf of the corner, and the other. to the vertical rack. The tension is selected empirically, but it should be enough to easily hold the circular saw in the hanging position.

Having removed the handle from the equipment, it is fixed on the pendulum in a previously prepared hole. The wires are placed in the slots prepared for this, and the power supply is connected. A small slot is made in the table top, and side stops are fixed to it at an angle of 90 °. If they are made to rotate, then it will be possible to cut the blanks at a specific degree. The unit is assembled, it remains to test it in operation. Using drawings, you can make anything, even a very complicated apparatus.

Manufacturing a complex unit

There is a variant with a more complex and heavier design. She will accurately cope with the facing of metal pipes. At the same time, a self-made device does not require the use of a circular as an element of the unit. But for specific moments of work, it is better to keep the circular at hand.

Based on the selected components, you have the opportunity to make a high-power unit. To create it you will need:

  • an electric motor with a resource of about 900 W, and if you need constant cutting of pipes, you can take a more powerful electric motor;
  • sheet iron;
  • metal corners;
  • channel;
  • hinge groups;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • file;
  • powerful spring.

When everything you need is ready, you can start assembling the end machine.

  • The bed can be made using customizable supports, metal corners and bed racks.
  • A sheet of strong iron is used as a working surface. It is necessary to make holes in it and file them with a file.
  • For the manufacture of the pendulum rack, we use a channel and a welding machine. The structure is placed on an iron sheet. Approximate rack height 80 cm.
  • The base for the electric motor is made of iron sheet in the role of a stationary plate. The bed is necessarily mounted on hinges.
  • A powerful spring will serve as a stabilizer for the electric motor of the miter saw. If you find one, then you can refuse from the pendulum and belts.
  • The lifting bolt can be used to tension and adjust the belts. The pendulum can be made of steel for a strong, reliable structure.
  • The cutting tool will be a disc of the required diameter. For household tasks, as a rule, a saw blade with a diameter of 400-420 millimeters is enough.

Tool creation

It is possible to make a miter saw with your own hands, taking the available equipment as a basis.

Oshlun 10″ Steel-Cutting Miter Saw Blade


Cross-sections are divided into the following types:

  • pendulum;
  • combined;
  • with broach.

The base of the pendulum device is the frame. A table is also attached to it, which is based on a rotation mechanism with a ruler. This mechanism solves the problem of setting the cutting angle with its adjustment. The cutting angle can be adjusted by moving the work table in relation to the surface of the base. The saw component is held in place by a handle and is spring loaded with a hinge. The pendulum moves the saw vertically.

In the combined modification, it is possible to change the cutting angle in two directions. The structure is the same as that of the pendulum facing, only one more hinge is added. As for changing the angle of cut in a horizontal surface. it can be changed in the horizontal direction, which is also opposite to the installed drive.

Crosscut with a broach allows you to translate the cutting component both along the circumference of the hinge axis, and directly along the length of the cut. This is obtained due to the existing guides.

How to make a miter saw with your own hands?

The miter saw is created by hand on the basis of the existing equipment. a hand-held circular saw, an angle grinder (angle grinder). And when mounting disks of a specific type, a home-made device can be used to cut a profile on a metal-plastic base, pipes, which will increase the area of ​​its use.

From an angle grinder

Miter saws are capable of cutting wood, iron, plastic and other materials.

The most famous facing is based on the use of an angle grinder.

If you manage to do everything correctly, your device with a broach will have the following options:

  • disk rotation speed. 4500 rpm;
  • cutting distance. about 350 millimeters.

If necessary, trimming is dismantled from the unit and is practiced as an ordinary hand tool. A big plus is that the homemade device is versatile and can be easily disassembled.

Consider how the manufacturing procedure takes place.

  • Place the swivel mechanism of the angle grinder on the pivot of the implement wheel. Its fastening is made by means of a ball bearing. The recommended size is 150 millimeters, but larger will also work.
  • Ears are welded on the outer side of the bearing. They are designed to secure the base of the unit. Install with M6 bolts.
  • The holder should be covered with a protective cover so that chips do not fly on you during operation.
  • The broaching problem is easy to solve. To create it, take shock absorbers from a truck. Even if they are not in working order, this is not a problem. Remove any lubricant from the shock absorbers, drill holes for ventilation and cover with a mesh to prevent chips and dust from entering the cavity.
  • Install the soft start module. Thanks to him, you will not experience sudden jerks during the start of the trimming.
  • The final stage is the installation of the saw blade guard.

Depending on the supplied disc, the unit can be used for metal or wood, for trimming pipes. But be aware that the power of the unit may not be enough to cut the ends of the pipes. Decide on the technical parameters of your angle grinder to find out if the machine is capable of cutting pipes, or is it only suitable for working with wood.

This design has two important drawbacks.

  • To adjust the precision of the cut, wood residues are used first. Then the traction is fixed, and you can get to work.
  • The unit makes a lot of noise when cutting pipes and working on iron.

Pros and cons

Homemade miter saws have both positive and negative properties.

The advantages of homemade units include a number of characteristics.

  • The creation of a trimming machine will require an order of magnitude less money to be invested than in the purchase of industrial equipment for trimming wood, pipes, plastic and other things. Tentatively, specialists for the re-equipment of an angle grinder invest in trimming from 500 to 1000 rubles.
  • You have the opportunity to independently select the performance characteristics for the future end machine. Such parameters include the dimensions of the working surface, the power of the electric motor, the diameter of the discs, the depth of cut, and more.
  • The manufactured devices have a simple design. Due to the fact that you yourself assembled and disassembled the device, there will be no difficulties with finding breakdowns.

There are also disadvantages, among which several factors are particularly different.

Metal Miter Saw Station. Part 2

  • For homemade units, as a rule, old, useless materials, tools and devices are used. This negatively affects the quality, service life.
  • They are not very powerful very often.
  • In some situations, saving on the purchase of an industrial design becomes far-fetched, because a lot of money is spent on repair work, refurbishment, preventive measures of a self-made unit.
  • You are putting yourself at risk, in terms of your own safety, using a homemade trimmer.

Having an angle grinder, hand-held circular saw for wood and metal, you can freely make a home machine. Follow the instructions, follow the safety instructions.

Be sure to take into account the presence of protective fences, since working on such machines is not entirely safe.

How to make a miter saw with your own hands, see the video below.

Varieties of pendulum saws

  • appointment;
  • the presence of a broach function;
  • saw blade parameters.

Household, professional equipment and machine tools are allocated for their intended purpose. The first are distinguished by low power (up to 1500 W), compactness, Example. Bosch GKM 18 V-LI 0 L-BOXX (battery model for 15 thousand rubles), Kolner KMS 210/1400 for 4000 rubles, domestic Caliber PTE-900 / 190M with a power of 900 W at a price of 4500 rubles.

Miter saw. equipment not for household work, used only at enterprises that produce rolled metal and are daily engaged in their cutting or other processing. Such machines cost tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles, their power exceeds 1000 W, and weigh several centners. An example is domestic-made machines TsT 10-4 (3 kW, 360 kg, 105 thousand rubles) or TsKB-40 K (5.5 kW, 700 kg, 340 thousand rubles).

Professional trimming for sheets, profiles and pipes occupies an intermediate position according to the specified parameters. For example, Makita LF 1000 (1650 W, from 60 thousand rubles), DeWALT 27111 (1500 W, from 50 thousand rubles).

The broach option gives the user a slight advantage when processing long sheets or pipes. The models have two parallel rails, on which the cutting disc is mounted and moves freely along them. The broach tool is distinguished by a large kerf width of the part, as well as extremely fine teeth on the disc. Also, the tool sometimes has a laser pointer for easy marking and process control. Trimming for metal with a broach weighs more than usual, and the presence of an option increases the cost by 20-30%.

The parameters of the cutting disc are the most important classification criterion. They have two diameters. external (at least 20 cm) and internal (also known as landing; about 3 cm). The size of the teeth determines the depth and width of the cut, and the material determines the ability to work with one or another metal.

Now. a few words about manufacturers you can trust.

Tips for choosing metal miter saws

What are the features of a metal miter saw? What types are there? What to look for before buying? Answers to these questions. further.

There are many tools for cutting metal, but only a pendulum (end) saw makes it possible to obtain an angular cut. With its help, window frames, door frames and much more are produced. However, the article will consider a miter saw for metal. What features does it have? How is it classified? What to look for before buying? Answers to these and other questions. below.

General information about the tool

Along with jigsaws, circular and circular saws, trimming is capable of cutting metal sheets, profiles, various types of pipes. The design of the device is simple. the main elements are the bed (base), the handle with the start button, the saw blade, the gearbox and the motor. The latter is of two types:

  • collector;
  • asynchronous.

The advantage of the first is ease of maintenance, the second is a long service life and less noise during operation.

The motor is connected to the saw blade by means of a belt or gear drive. They have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the belt is almost silent, eliminates the vibration of the disc, but it can slide off during long work, forcing the user to stop the process. The cogwheel is rid of this minus, but it makes noise and vibrates slightly.

The working body of the miter saw is a disk. It is made of durable metals, since it is under a serious load. Some detachable elements have wavy lines or cuts on the surfaces. This is done to reduce noise during operation, as well as to compensate for thermal deformation.

Recommendations for choosing a product brand

  • Metabo;
  • Makita;
  • Bosch;
  • DeWALT;
  • Hitachi;
  • Corvette;
  • Interskol.

How To Slow Down A Mitre Saw To Cut Metal. Cold Cut Saw Conversion

Most of them offer a table extension to accommodate the workpiece, however, additional supports are sometimes required for cutting bulky parts. These are found by the manufacturer “Makita”, for example, in the LF 1000 model. This simplifies the user’s work. At the same time, the movable part of the Makita metal saw enters a stable bed, which has an area for setting the cutting angle.

The best trims in terms of reliability and stability are those whose frame is made of aluminum or magnesium alloy. They are strong, stable, but weigh acceptable at the same time. Example. Bosch GCM 10, popular among professionals, weighs only 15 kg.

yourself, miter, metal

Hitachi is the leader among saws with a possible inclination of the cutting edge to the workpiece. When “Bosch”, “Metabo” or “Makita” for the most part allow you to set the cutting angle only 0, 90 or 45 degrees, the Japanese concern offers the user the ability to turn 15; 22.5; 30 degrees. This option forces to add a rotary device to the structure, due to which, however, the weight of the installation for cutting profiles, sheets or pipes will still not exceed 30 kg. The price increases by 15-25%.

The manufacturer DeWALT is distinguished by the presence of the XPS system (projection of a clear cut line). Before work, a shadow is projected from the saw blade, which makes sawing metal more accurate.

Domestic models “Interskol” are structurally simple (have a disc, handle, base, engine, start button), inexpensive (from 5000 rubles), light. To cut a metal profile, sheet or pipe, you will need to turn the table or disc. The latter can rotate in both directions.

Please pay attention to the manufacturers data models before purchasing. Now. to the recommendations for wisely investing money in equipment.

Tips for choosing a miter saw

  • For rare and short-term works, choose household equipment (low power, compactness,), for permanent ones. professional (price from 15 thousand and more, power. more than 1 kW).
  • The more powerful the engine, the less it will heat up during operation, the higher the performance of the tool and the larger the disc can be supplied by hand if it needs to be replaced.
  • Many discs indicate the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the material to be cut or its type (for sheets / pipes / profiles); pay attention to this.
  • Models with a spacious blade for work are more expensive, but it is much more convenient to cut metal on them.
  • The design encourages the presence of a cutting depth limiter. this is how you can choose a groove for processing a workpiece in width.
  • Evaluate if you need laser illumination, broaching and similar options. If not, don’t overpay.
  • If the safety guard does not cover the disc during operation, it is a poor tool and it is dangerous to work on it.
  • The wider the workpieces will be cut with the miter saw, the larger the diameter of the blade should be.
  • The heavy weight of the device during cutting will cause fatigue, although the cost is higher than for compact counterparts.

This material briefly reviews the types of miter saws for metal and tips for choosing. You can describe your experience of using devices or give advice on choosing a tool to visitors to our site.