Electric grass trimmer for grass to fill the line

Preliminary Preparation

First of all, to wind the fishing line requires removing the spool (bobbin, spool) from the grass trimmer specific actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and type of the product itself:

  • small electric grass trimmers with the working position of the motor and spool in the bottom usually have side keys on both sides of the spool. When you press them simultaneously, the upper part of the reel with the internal content for winding the line is disconnected, while the lower part remains on the trimmer. It is desirable to disassemble the bobbin on a flat, smooth place so that the spring included in the construction does not pop out and get lost;
  • electric and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved boom without the possibility of installing a knife, as a rule, have a spool with a special wingnut: in such designs, one hand should hold the bobbin in a stationary position, and the other counterclockwise rotate the fixing bobbin on the boom nut. After loosening the nut, remove the entire bobbin.
  • Electric and petrol grass trimmers with the possibility of installing a knife on a straight shaft (e.g. STIHL grass trimmers) have a hole under the bobbin. To immobilize the boom, a screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into this hole and slow rotation achieves a mutual arrangement where the screwdriver enters the hole and the bobbin is fixed. After that, the spool body is twisted clockwise (with left-hand thread) and removed from the grass trimmer.

For the second and third cases, reels, depending on the design, are disassembled in different ways. For spools with a wing nut, the wing nut is unscrewed, and for spools with latches, the latch latches are pressed and one part of the spool is released from the other part. If the halves of the bobbin are connected by thread, it is sufficient to turn them by hand in opposite directions until they are completely unscrewed.

What is needed to change the filament

If the grass trimmer is used regularly to cut the grass, the discs will blunt, but they can be sharpened and continue to be used. The line in the spool tends to run out, so there is a need to refill a new one, for which you need to determine the type of head and prepare the cord of the required thickness and length.

So, the mowing head is a cylindrical body, which houses the bobbin with the line. Such detail is present both on electric trimmers and petrol mowers of any brand, be it Bosch, Makita, STIHL or another brand. There are three types of heads, depending on how the line is threaded and fed.

  • Automatic line feed heads work like this: they feed the line automatically when the cutter reduces the engine speed. Such designs are convenient when working on large areas, but have the disadvantage of high cord consumption.
  • Semi-automatic line feed heads are simple to operate. automatic line feed is performed at maximum engine speed. To unlock the cord, you need to gently tap the tool on the ground, and then the unlocked thread is pulled out of the spool. Trimming to the required length is performed by a blade mounted on the blade guard.
  • Grass trimmers with manual filament feed need to be switched off beforehand, then the line must be pulled out by hand.

How to Refill Trimmer Line : Lawn Care & Power Tools

Note! The most convenient and best priced are semi-automatic cord reels.

Reels for electric and gasoline powered trimmers can be with one or two fishing line tendrils. The former are used for cutting smaller grass growth, the latter for tall grass and small shrubs.

TrimCut mowing head

These models are considered two-string and are designed for mowing and clearing space. The main difference of this design is the spool for the cutting line and the manual length adjustment. This setting should be carried out with the engine switched off. To do this, loosen the screw on the head and pull the ends of the cord in different directions.

The TrimCut Grass Trimmer begins with two strings of maximum length (8 m, 6 m or 5 m). It depends on the type indicated on the package.

  • Hold the reel of the grass trimmer wide side down in your hand: the warning labels on the body will be upside down. At the top of the recess there will be a fixing screw. Unscrew it with the second hand in a clockwise motion until the nut is free and it can not pull out. If absolutely necessary you can use a coarse hexahedron.
  • Remove the reel itself from the head body. Its winding part is divided into two compartments. Start at the bottom compartment. In each of them there is a small recess. It is in this ear and need to tuck the end of the line to the stop. After bending the string nearly 360°, begin winding it onto the spool evenly and tightly, loop after loop. The arrows on the case will show you the direction of this action. Try to wrap the cords around the bobbin, row by row, without overlapping them, as this can weaken the tension later on. Finally, hook the last 7 to 10 cm of the line onto the notch on the outer ring of the bass drum.
  • Now you know how to wind the cord on the grass trimmer reel. Repeat in the same sequence for the second part of the bobbin and, respectively, the second string. Do not forget to also be guided by the tip with an arrow. Guide the end of this line first through the notch in the split ring and then through the outermost ring so that the two cutting segments protrude from the reel in opposite directions.
  • Now hold the spool directly over the body and gradually insert. In doing so, both lines must also be gently threaded through the main holes in the head on its sides. Pull both trimmer cords outward toward you. Then insert the bobbin all the way in and turn the screw counterclockwise.
  • If necessary, use secateurs to shorten the ends of the lines so that they protrude by approx. 12 centimetres.

Winding the line

Filling the line into the grass trimmer reel is a relatively simple procedure if you follow a certain algorithm. When you need to determine how many meters of consumable material is enough, wind it on the bobbin so that the coil does not exceed the diameter of the sides. Once you have decided on the length of the cord, follow the instructions below:

  • Fold the material in half so that one end of the line is 10-15 cm longer than the other.
  • Charging should begin with the center rim, which divides the grass trimmer bobbin into two parts. Find the groove where you want the filament to go. Bend the last one in half.
  • Determine which direction you want to wind the line. To do this, look closely at the bobbin, which may have an arrow or inscription on it. It indicates the winding side. If there is no marking on the bobbin, look at the arrow on the mowing head. wind it in the opposite direction.
  • Wash the consumable material carefully, coil to coil. Try to maintain maximum thread tension.
  • When you have finished wrapping, secure the short end of the material first. To do this, insert it in the groove on the side of the reel that fits the diameter. Attach the other end (longer), in the groove on the other side of the grass trimmer bobbin.
  • After securing the fishing line, cut the ends. Remember to leave a seam allowance of about 10 cm.
  • Place the thread spool on the mowing head of the machine. To do this, alternately insert and pull the thread into the output holes of the head to place the spool of the device into the skin.
  • After applying the required force, pull the cord out of the locking slots and tighten the material. When you have finished, put on the cover and fasten it with the clips.

Step-by-step winding the fishing line on the spool Winding the cord on the grass trimmer can also be done in another way, which charges two pieces of material instead of one. Replace as follows:

electric, grass, trimmer, fill, line
  • Bend one end of the cord to form a hook.
  • There should be a hole at the bottom of the bobbin to hold the fishing line in place. Insert the bent end of the line there.
  • Wind the cord material in the direction of the arrow to the desired level, which does not exceed the diameter of the grass trimmer spool.
  • The same steps must be done for the second cell of the bobbin.
  • Assembling the head of the device is similar to the first method.

Preparing to change the line

Pull out and then disassemble the head before changing the filament. It usually includes a cover, a spring (on some models), a bobbin with fishing line, a cover. It is necessary to unplug the electric grass trimmer (or shut off the gasoline one), and then proceed to remove the spool. It can be fixed in two different ways: in the first case, you need to completely disassemble the head, and in the second. just remove it from the gearbox shaft, to which it is attached.

  • Under the cover there is a bobbin, it must be carefully pulled out of the body (sometimes a spring is hidden under it, it should also be carefully put aside so as not to lose it);
  • after removing the bobbin, the fixing bolt (or screw) becomes visible in the center of the body, which must be unscrewed in the direction opposite to the clockwise movement;
  • after removing the fasteners, it is necessary, holding by the body, by rocking movements remove the spool from the reducer shaft.

The second method involves the following steps. The spool head is put on the reducer shaft. To disconnect it, you need to lock this shaft. Usually there is a hole for this in mowers, such as Champion or STIHL, into which a nail, rod or screwdriver can be inserted. After fixing the shaft in a fixed position, you need, holding the body, begin to rotate the head clockwise, since the thread on the shaft is usually applied to the left.

Now that the head is removed and disassembled, you need to determine how thick the cord should be. Find out the correct diameter for your trimmer for the grass can be found by looking in the user manual or on the bobbin itself, it usually shows this kind of information. Another way is to insert the thread into the hole from which it is fed. If the string goes without difficulty, you can use it to work.

For your information! To understand how much fishing line to wind for the spool, you need to wind it on the bobbin so that the height of the skein was not more than the diameter of the sides. If the cord protrudes over the edges, the bobbin cannot be hidden.

Features of trimmer application

Grass trimmer, mowing grass with a fishing line, can be used near: houses and other buildings, fences and hedges, trees and shrubs, beds and flowerbeds, row spacing on the garden plot.

Such a convenient, and most importantly, effective device as a grass trimmer exists in several variations:

As is clear from the names, the types of grass trimmer noticeably differ from one another. But regardless of the type of this tool, its cutting element may be a fishing line. Of course, the line tucked into the grass trimmer reel is not infinite. And sooner or later it will need to be replaced with new.

The consumption of fishing line depends directly on the frequency of use of the device and the extent of the work performed. The more clippings you cut, and the more often the grass trimmer mows, the more power is used. And the faster it runs out. This raises the question: how to tuck the fishing line into the grass trimmer reel?

Not everyone knows the answer to this question. But the line winding on the spool plays an important role in the operation of the grass trimmer. In order for the device to function properly, it is very important to properly wind the new line on the spool. On how to change the line on the trimmer, and will be discussed in this article.

What you need to know about the line on the grass trimmer

The fishing line is called the consumable material, which consists of nylon, and serves as a cutting device. Through this tool, the grass is mowed, which is ensured by rotating the head of the tool at high frequency. This material has different thickness, which depends on its application on the respective tools electric low-power (1 to 1.6 mm), electric from 500 watts (2-2.4 mm) and gasoline grass trimmers with brush cutters (2.4 to 3.2 mm).

The more powerful the tool, the thicker the cutting tool should be, respectively. This not only affects the quality of cutting, but also the life span of the material. If you’re wondering how to wind a grass trimmer reel, then it’s time to change your tool’s recharge. With the advent of spring, this issue is becoming more and more in demand, so it’s time to figure out the step-by-step instructions for replacing the line in the grass trimmer reel.

How to correctly wind the line on a grass trimmer spool. Step-by-step guide VIDEO

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER! You can not use fishing line or metal cables for the grass trimmer. This replacement is inefficient and dangerous. ropes can injure not only the user, but also other people.

As for the length, it is worth counting on the estimated frequency of use of the grass trimmer. The more often, the more it costs to stock up on consumables.

How to insert a line into the weed trimmer?

Filling the mowing spool with cutting filament for grass trimmer is not a difficult task, but beginners gardeners will have to practice a little to be able to quickly insert the cord into the existing household grass trimmer in the future.

In total, there are several ways of threading the grass trimmer mowing head. The first method is the easiest, and will work well for novice gardeners.

In this case, the cord is inserted into the reel in this sequence:

  • First, you need to unwind about 6 m of line from the common spool for the grass trimmer, and then cut the resulting segment in half. The result should be two strands, each 3 m long;
  • Then, on one end of the first piece will need to make a kind of hook, and insert it into one of the through holes located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Then start winding the line on the bobbin in the direction of the arrow. During winding you need to make sure that the line lies evenly on the surface of the bobbin, and does not extend beyond its upper section. You do not need to reel it to the end, you should have about 15 cm of thread left in your hands;
  • The remaining free end of the wound cord will need to be inserted into one of the notches located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Next, do the same procedure with the second piece of fishing line. It will need to be wound onto the lower section of the bobbin;
  • As in the first case, do not wind the line all the way around the lower section. The remaining length of thread must be inserted into the second slot of the bobbin.

Once finished, the spool should be installed on the grass trimmer and start it. To check that the thread is securely fastened, you may pull the throttle all the way down so that the engine reaches maximum speed. If the line does not fly out of the head, the line is held securely and will not fly out of the mowing head during mowing.