Electric Mow For Grass Which Is Better

Which trimmer is better: electric or gasoline


How quickly and easily the tool starts up depends on it. It is good if it is equipped with a quick start (EASY START) or cold start (PRIMER):

  • Easy cold start is carried out by pumping fuel into the carburetor. This is done manually by pressing the Primer membrane on the mower body a few times;
  • Manual EASY START provides a twitch-free start. When the starter moves smoothly, energy is accumulated first. Then it is instantly released, rotating the shaft and starting the engine.

Electric Mow For Grass Which Is Better

Which trimmer to choose: petrol or electric

If you plan to mow your lawn, it is preferable to use an electric mow. Low-power units do an excellent job with young grass, since they have a small-section fishing line or a small-diameter knife.

Mowing a large area where shrubs grow is only possible with a garden trimmer with a gasoline engine. Let’s figure out the differences between them in order to understand which trimmer is better. gasoline or electric.

Engine power

Look at the cubic volume of the engine. It comes in the range of 25-52 cubic meters. You can mow with any trimmer, the question is speed.

  • 25cc braids are lightweight, they are often made with a shorter barbell. Suitable for braces near the curb or scaffolds of small areas. Such a model does not pull a large knife. And if it pulls, then only idle. For low-power ones, multi-pronged knives (36-40 pcs) with holes in diameter are good. They are lightweight and mow as good as a heavy lawnmower. But the old grass is not cut.
  • If you need to mow on 10 acres, take a 43 cube trimmer, it is optimal. 37 cubes. slightly weaker.
  • 52 cc is better in power, but heavy. Several hours of work and shoulders fall off. And balancing such a lawnmower is more difficult, because the knife and line are lighter, and the motor is heavy. Outweighs.

– The standard length of the garden trimmer bar is 1.5 meters. It is convenient to hold it: the motor does not hit in the side, the knife or line mows parallel to the ground. But a lawn mower with a shortened bar is better to take undersized. It is not handy for a tall and medium-sized person: you cannot lower it below it (the engine interferes). As a result, the gearbox mows unevenly: the front part mows at the root, and the rear part is 3-5 cm higher. The cuts are uneven.
– Units with rod connections are convenient for transportation, but they break more often. The stainless steel rod is more durable, but heavier. Aluminum facilitates construction.
– Curved barbells are beautiful but close to the legs. NOT comfortable to work with. They have a flexible shaft in their structure, which is not durable for centuries, like a straight.

Gasoline trimmer: 4 features

The trimmer requires gasoline and oil to operate. The tank is enough for 30-40 minutes, then refueling is needed. It is started manually. by the starter handle. The operation is NOT difficult, a little training and everything will work out the first time.

Cover clamp

The one-sided clamp is adjustable in height, the double-sided one is available. On the one hand, it’s good, not spinning. But its level remains unchanged. And this plays a role. For example, mowing with a small knife will be fine, but placing a larger diameter will clog the grass. Mows heavily on dense and semi-recumbent greens.

The ease of use of the device depends on the design of the handle.
– D-shaped. good choice for mowing grass and cutting trees.
– J-shaped suitable for mowing tall thickets.
– T-shaped (bicycle). a universal option for processing large areas. It allows a firm grip on the mower with both hands. Facilitates mowing and increases maneuverability. Well, if the control of the unit is placed on the handle, it is impossible to break away from such a trimmer until the fuel runs out.

Working pressure cycle: 2-stroke or 4-stroke

Work is work: you miss somewhere, a little and a little. the piston flies.

  • The 4-stroke unit saves fuel and lubricants. The oil is poured into a separate container, it does NOT burn out. Such models last longer, because they overheat less. Those who have a lot of mowing should take a closer look at the four-stroke model.
  • 2-stroke is filled with a mixture of gasoline and oil. Since oil burns along with gasoline, it is overrun once every five. But such models have a simplified piston system, so there is nothing special about the Riot of salesmen.

See the table for comparison of the duty cycle of 2-stroke and 4-stroke lawn mowers.

The four-stroke trimmer mows equal pleasure. But if you have to often “drive” the gas, the 2-stroke is better. These models are capable of developing up to 10 thousand rpm and above. I recommend walking trimmers for home use Patriot, Sadko, Oleo-Mac, Interskol.

Electrokosa: advantages and disadvantages

Everything is clear with the trimmer: plug it in, press the button and get started. In work and care, she is NOT picky. It is enough to clean the cutting head, bleed the cooling holes and periodically check the lubrication in the gearbox. The only thing is that you will have to carry them around with you, since the operation of the tool does NOT depend on fuel and engine oil. Look at the location of the engine: the lower one adds maneuverability, but mows damp grass dangerously. Can short circuit.

Advantages of a trimmer limitations
Quieter than petrol. Doesn’t work without electric carry.
Works regardless of the quality of fuel and engine oil. Low-powered.
Does NOT emit exhaust gases. DOES NOT cut shrubs.
Light weight. High line consumption.

Grass mirrors. petrol or electric: comparison table

benzo- electro-
Ready to go

Natalyay “We use an electric model, we have to carry around. Our trimmer is NOT equipped with a knife, therefore, having stumbled upon sprouted bushes in the grass, you have to change the line. It’s risky to wind a wire around the carrier in tall grass (this happened to me this summer. It’s good that I noticed it in time). Now we are thinking about purchasing a gasoline“.
Source: indasad.Ru

Svobodnuy “And I chose a gasoline trimmer for the following reasons: practicality. not tied to an outlet and carrying DOES NOT get confused underfoot power. the electric one just rests, especially if it mows the grass in which there are a lot of weeds“.
Source: indasad.Ru

Llolla “We are using a trimmer. True, our lawn is small, so the range can be varied with an extension cord. I can’t even imagine how I would tolerate the smell of gasoline“.
Source: indasad.Ru

Ruslanauskas writes about Intertool DT-2242: “I use an electric scythe from time to time. I cut thickets of rough grass up to a meter. It is convenient to maneuver and control in narrow places or where you need to gently mow, and not touch the flowers. This trimmer is easy to work with, quick to assemble, louder than a drill, but quieter than an angle grinder. Very powerful, steel knife included. There is only one drawback: with this hold (right hand on the handle on the engine body), hands quickly get tired“.

What is the difference between a lawn mower and a trimmer

Lawn mowers differ from trimmer in purpose, functions performed and adaptability to loads.

Trimmer. a technique for cutting grass and short bushes. It is often lighter and more compact than lawn mowers, and is characterized by low power and productivity. Supplied with a spool or spool with line for cutting grass. Outwardly, it differs in the presence of one handle for holding. The difference between a lawn mower and a trimmer is also that the latter is NOT a long-term tool.

Lawn mower. a more powerful device adapted for grass, tough vegetation, shrubs, thin branches of trees. Complete with fishing line and disc for cutting. In most cases, it is larger, more powerful and heavier than a trimmer, is capable of operating at full power for up to 8 hours a day and comes with two handles.

Features of electric braids

Electric scythes and trimmers have less weight, low operating noise and low vibration on the handle. In operation, electrical equipment is simple and intuitive, even for beginners.

Disadvantages of an electric scythe. low performance, low power of the electric motor (from 300 to 1300 W), the need to constantly pull the extension cable behind you.

The best models. Rating of the best electric and lawn mowers: device features, what is better and what is the difference

An electric scythe or trimmer is an affordable and effective solution to lawn care problems where it is easy to stretch an extension cord. For devices such as electric scythes, the best rating is based on technical characteristics, cost, design features and ease of use.

Lawn mowers features

Gasoline scythes and trimmers in some cases have more powerful power units, which allows them to better cope with heavy loads: hard grass, Burians, bushes, young growth. Motor power range ranges from 600 to 3000 W.

Adapted for the improvement of large areas, non-electrified sites, heavily overgrown and abandoned areas. Some models are equipped with a cutting knife for shrubs and tree branches.

What is better than a lawn mower or electric mow

In order to figure out which is better, a lawn mower or an electric mow, we will consider the main pros and cons of tools and highlight the differences.

  • Application. The trimmer is suitable for trimming a lawn with soft grass and cutting weeds in a summer cottage or garden plot. A trimmer with a more powerful gasoline engine is more versatile, and is suitable for both soft lawns and for men from areas of hard grass, dead wood, grass, bushes and young growth of trees with a thin trunk.
  • Autonomy. The lawn mowers are operated by a two-stroke internal combustion engine running on a mixture of gasoline and oil and started with a manual starter. The electric trimmer is powered by the mains, and in order to start it, you need constant access to the power supply. Therefore, if you will work in a place where there is a network at all, or the section is large and it makes no sense to pull many meters of wires from the outlet, choose a gasoline model.
  • Weight. Due to its design, a lawn mower, even with an empty tank, will weigh almost twice as much as an electric tool. Since the trimmer has to keep the canopy all the time when working, this factor plays a role, especially for girls, adolescents and the elderly.
  • Preparation for work. Preparation of the electric scythe is NOT required, it is enough to plug it into an outlet and press the button. This option is especially suitable for people who have NEVER cut grass before. Lawn mowers with a 2-stroke engine, firstly, need an initial run-in (how to do it is described in detail in the operating instructions). Secondly, it must be filled every 40-60 minutes with a gasoline mixture, which must be prepared in advance by mixing gasoline and engine oil in a special Canister in the required proportion.
  • Ease of use. The trimmer is much quieter than a petrol trimmer and does NOT pollute the environment with exhaust gases. But it is worth noting that models powered by electricity often have a lower engine location, this makes working with them in rainy or damp weather unsafe. And also the electric motor should NOT overheat, therefore you need to carefully monitor and DO NOT overstress the trimmer, otherwise it will quickly break down.
  • Service and storage. In service, there are less picky electric scythes. It is only necessary to clean the cutting elements from the grass residues, bleed the cooling hole and lubricate the lower gear. You will have to tinker with the Petrol Tool: you need to regularly check the spark plugs, clean the fuel filter, you need to learn how to prepare high-quality oil and gasoline or change the oil on time (if the trimmer is equipped with a 4-stroke engine). The trimmer is stored only in non-residential premises due to the smell of gasoline, and “canned” for the winter.
  • Price. The indisputable advantage of the electric trimmer is its relatively low cost, in contrast to the petrol counterpart.
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Based on the advantages and disadvantages given, we can conclude what is the difference between gasoline and power tools. Otherwise, it all depends on what goals you set for the selected trimmer.

Lawn mowers

Among electric lawn mowers, the following models are considered the best:

    The FIT ET-1200 is one of the most powerful and cheapest lawn mowers on the market. Made in Canada, no Chinese parts.


Of the trimmers, the following models are considered the best:

    Bosch ART 26SL. the lightest and most compact device, German quality.

Even women, elderly people and adolescents can mow with an electric scythe with their own hands.

Vitals Master EZT 144vrs

Electric scythe Vitals Master EZT 144vrs is intended for cleaning lawns, as well as mowing grass where a normal scythe does not go: around trees, flower beds, between fences, on a lawn with an uneven surface. The spit has an electric motor with a power of 1400 W. This electric tool is very comfortable to start. It is equipped with a soft start function, with which the unit turns on without jerking. The engine runs on a Belt drive, which does NOT make unnecessary noise during the operation of the scythe and does NOT create strong vibrations. The Vitals Master EZT 144vrs electric trimmer has many advantages, including the fact that the rotor and stator of the electric motor are wrapped in copper, which provides the device with durability and durability. In the complete set you will find a belt with which the scythe is put on the shoulder and a knife with three teeth for mowing vegetation. The line spool must be purchased separately. Depending on the hardness and size of the vegetation, choose either a three-pronged knife (mows 255 mm) or a spool with line (designed for cutting plants with a diameter of 420 mm). The shoulder strap is adjustable to suit the height of the person, while it can be detached separately from the braid. After adjustment, the belt is very easy and quick to attach to the mowing device.

  • High-quality material for the manufacture of the rotor and stator windings, as well as the housing, rod and handle as a whole. It is a guarantee of a long service life;
  • Smooth, jerk-free start-up prolongs the operation of the unit and simplifies the load on human hands;
  • The powerful motor makes it possible to change nozzles and use a knife for cutting weeds;
  • Bicycle handles provide a firm grip and comfortable control, designed for cutting vegetation of different sizes;
  • When working, the tool is convenient and simple, and does not create unnecessary noise and vibrations.

Top brands of electric trimmers

These are the most reliable trimmers ever and they are the best sellers by right. We have selected for you the TOP-ten of the best models. the best-selling trimmers of 2019.

AL-KO GTE 550 Premium

If you need to clear an area of ​​overgrowth where a normal scythe will not pass, the AL-KO GTE 550 Premium trimmer will handle this task with ease. The unit of this type is designed to destroy vegetation between trees, under a bench, along fences and walls. This type of technique is very easy to use. The presence of a rotary handle and a bar allows you to adjust the braid so that it is easy to hold it during operation. To prevent trees from being damaged during mowing, especially for young seedlings, a special bracket and a wheel that moves in different directions are mounted in the trimmer. The unit is equipped with a powerful engine, which operates at a load of 550 kW. In one approach, the scythe mows up to 30 cm of grass, which allows you to clear a large amount of area in a short time. Cutting, the main part meets the semi-automatic cutting head with double nylon line. The head can be adjusted by means of which the electric trimmer gets to places where it is NOT possible to reach with a regular scythe. There are many advantages to this trimmer on the electric motor. Its motor, unlike other similar devices, is located on top. This provides it with protection from impacts during operation of the unit, which affects the rock and its duration. Another important advantage is an affordable price and convenient transportation.

  • The uniqueness of the design, which lies in the ability of the scythe to work in narrow and hard-to-reach places;
  • The proprietary AL-KO electric motor has a continuous operation with minimal electricity consumption;
  • It is possible to clean areas of large volumes in a short time due to the head with a double line;
  • Low weight of 3 kg ensures ease of use and reduces stress on the user’s hands.

AL-KO BC 1200 E

AL-KO models in the top three are already an unbreakable tradition. The reason is the high quality of the equipment and the very meager% of hits on the service. This German electric trimmer can be safely called the most reliable trimmer to date. She’s just unkillable. The average service life is 5 years without any service. These are verified statistics. In the model, all the characteristics show premium quality: 2 speeds of mowing, motor overload protection, soft start function, light and durable aluminum rod. As practice shows, the engine power is 1.2 kW. The most optimal for a trimmer. This motor handles most vegetation without overloading. over, it is light in weight and quite hardy. The only negative is the high price. It is at the level of gasoline models. Unfortunately, impeccable quality is not affordable for everyone. But who appreciate a reliable manufacturer, this trimmer is for them.

  • The lowest percentage of users’ calls to service centers;
  • Has established itself as the most reliable grass trimmer;
  • Two-speed;
  • High-quality copper-wound electric motor;
  • Drive from engine to gearbox. Forged steel shaft;
  • Includes weed cutting knife.

Hyundai GC 1400

  • Heavy duty motor for demanding tasks;
  • Bicycle handle. Design as in lawn mowers;
  • Due to the top-mounted engine, dust and moisture does NOT enter the engine through the air grids;
  • Collapsible design;
  • Smooth start;
  • Large width Mowing in one pass.

TOP 10: rating of the best trimmers

  • They serve for a long time and DO NOT break;
  • They have good power combined with a low price;
  • They have an optimal set of functions.

Iron Angel ETR 1400

The Dutch electric trimmer Iron Angel ETR 1400 is designed for quick and thorough clearing of garden and suburban areas from vegetation. The manufacturer of the machine from the Netherlands offers two attachments to choose from: a knife for cutting grass with a diameter of 25.5 cm and a line for vegetation NOT more than 38 cm. The motor power is 1400 W, the total weight is 7 kg. The motor starts smoothly without generating unnecessary noise and vibration. Depending on the nozzle, the electric scythe makes from 4800 to 6300 rpm. A metal shaft acts as a drive. In addition, the parts of the electric trimmer are a handle with a D-shape, a shoulder strap, a steel, collapsible straight bar. As for the motor, it is on top. This kind of arrangement protects it from accidental blows to the root or hard object, which increases the life of the braid. The Iron Angel ETR 1400 Electric Trimmer has advantages not only in motor power, but also in that the motor is equipped with a thermal protection function that protects the device from overloading and overheating. In addition, the device has an additional handle, which makes it more convenient to use. Leading units are lubricated automatically.

  • Robust construction and wear-resistant, stainless material of the body and drive shaft ensure long-term use of the tool without any repairs;
  • Ease of use and comfortable grip handle make the tool lightweight and trouble-free in work;
  • Engine power of 1.4 kW in combination with a steel shaft makes it possible not only to mow with a fishing line, but also to cut off hard growth with a sharp knife;
  • Equipped with an air flow cooling system protects the equipment from overheating in case of prolonged operation;
  • Efficiency is noted, which consists in prolonged operation of the engine while consuming a small amount of energy.

Hyundai GC 550

If you need to clear areas for an even and smooth cut, then Hyundai’s GC 550 Electric Trimmer is just what you need. This model is equipped with a powerful, improved motor that doubles the speed of the rotating block compared to other models, thereby improving productivity. The engine power is 700 W, at which it makes up to 1000 rpm. The electric trimmer Hyundai GC 550 also has advantages in heat dissipation, since a special system is built into the device, which is responsible for cooling the engine in case of overheating. There is also an automatic thermal protection that turns off the unit in case of overload. The cutting element is a head with a semi-automatic line feed. The length of the line is 6 meters, the diameter is 1.6 mm, which allows it to mow 300 mm of grass in one fell swoop, while not damaging the stems of plants. The handle of the scythe is adjustable, which makes it possible to lengthen the handle and, thus, reach hard-to-reach places. To make it comfortable to hold the scythe during work, there are pads for the handles made of durable, wear-resistant rubber. The unit also features a push button injury protection that protects the engine from accidental starting. Also, using the adjusting device, you can adjust the rotation of the head in any direction. The D-shaped handle, which makes it easier and more comfortable to use, helps to adjust the width of the attempt and the angle of rotation of the trimmer head. The built-in wheel helps to bring the tool to the place of work, which can also be used as additional support.

  • High productivity thanks to the 700 W motor and high-tech cutting head;
  • Hyundai manufacturer used high quality materials, which provide the unit with strength and durability;
  • Due to its low weight, the yak is 2.9 kg, the scythe is easily transferred, and the transport wheel allows it to be transported around the site;
  • Smooth start relieves the load on the hands and protects from jerking at the start;
  • The trimmer adjuster head penetrates into hard-to-reach areas for full cleaning.
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Grasses most adapted to the Russian climate

If we analyze all the plants offered in mixtures according to the five listed criteria, then from the whole variety there will only be three names of grass for the lawn, ideally meeting the conditions of Russian weather. These are bent grass, red fescue and meadow bluegrass. All of them are included in the group of short-rhizome cereals and have similar properties.

These plants are NOT afraid of temperature contrasts, especially with frosts in early spring or late autumn. Their Root System can withstand severe frosts and forms such dense turf that weeds are simply unrealistic to break through. For 1 sq.M. About 30 thousand shoots develop. Grasses withstand frequent mowing, have a high vegetative propagation rate, therefore, with proper care, the lawn will serve without overseeding for decades.

Red fescue grows rather slowly, so in the first year of planting the lawn will look poor, but the next season the plant creates a dense, even cover

Meadow bluegrass is not worth buying in its pure form, because it slowly builds up the root system. It is better to take a mixture where it is the main component.

The field bent is famous not only for its winter hardiness and unpretentiousness, but also for its rich dense green color, which gives the lawn a rich look

  • The bent bane is designated Agrostis tenuis;
  • Meadow bluegrass is Poa pratensis;
  • Red fescue translates as Festuca rubra.

Herbs with specific properties

There are certain types of low-growing lawn grasses, which are adapted to specific growing conditions. They cannot be called universal, but for SEPARATE places of the site it is recommended to plant them.

So, in the bluegrass Dubravnaya, a high ability to grow in partial shade. Those. Under garden trees and in places near buildings where light rarely enters, this plant will relieve the lawn of bald spots and pale cover. True, you must take into account that oak bluegrass cannot form a dense root system, therefore it does NOT tolerate movement and frequent mowing.

Swamp bluegrass will save the situation on a lawn with high humidity, where there was no drainage. It forms a beautiful green cover and develops strong roots, but does not live long and requires frequent sowing. It can be combined with white bent grass, which also grows well on wet soil. But its decorative properties are lower than that of bluegrass, and the lifespan is about 8 years.

For parterre lawns, on which it is NOT planned to walk at all, you can use the bent field. It is one of the most luxurious outwardly herbs, because it has an emerald color and delicate, thin blades of grass. Such a lawn is also called “velvet”, because from a distance it looks like an expensive fabric. But with all the external advantages, the plant is very capricious. It lives for about 5 years, has weak roots, grows slowly and is not at all resistant to trampling.

If it is important for you that the lawn looks aesthetically pleasing in a month or two, then pick up a mixture that contains meadow fescue. This is the fastest growing cereal, which will close its stems after 2 months. It can be used in its pure form for a temporary lawn, which is destined to grow in one place for 4 years, because the grain does NOT live longer. In addition, meadow fescue has weak roots that are afraid of trampling. But in the composition of the mixture, this cereal can be very useful as an addition to the main herb. For example, meadow bluegrass grows slowly, and while it is in full force, the empty spaces will successfully cover the stems of meadow fescue.

Meadow fescue will save the owners when it is urgent to make the lawn decorative, because after 2 months the blades of grass will form a continuous thick carpet

Your lawn will be thick in the first summer, though a little bit motley. Meadow fescue has wide stems and a light color, which will look contrasting against the background of narrow dark green blades of bluegrass. The next year, when the main grass begins to grow rapidly, it will simply squeeze out this cereal and take its place.

What requirements should a quality grass meet?

Any ornamental grass for the lawn must be perennials, because the lawn is not created in one year, and it makes no sense to sow the site in a new way every spring. Of all existing plant species, cereals are the most adapted to lawn conditions. But not all, but only those that meet the following requirements:

Herbs unsuitable for the Russian climate

There are herbs in European mixes that should be avoided when planting on lawns because they are designed for mild climates. For example, perennial ryegrass has excellent growth, decorative properties and a dense cover, but after the first winter your lawn will noticeably “shed”, although in Europe such lawns have been successfully green for about 8 years.

Perennial ryegrass (pasture) is capable of surprising only in the first year after planting. The harsh winter is beyond his powers

Often found, as an additional component of the mixture, annual bluegrass. Its peculiarity is unpretentiousness in care and rapid growth. But this cereal multiplies by seeds, so that with constant slopes for the next year, it will NOT be able to give offspring in any way and will free up the land for germination of weeds.

Another “two girlfriends”. turfy pike and sheep’s fescue. are good with all the properties, except for one: they form bumps over time, and gradually your lawn will turn into a field of green hills.

Grass for lawn planting: a selection of the best varieties for our climate

It happens that with proper care, the lawn does not please with its density, in some places it freezes over the winter and requires frequent overseeding. These are all consequences of an incorrectly selected herbal mixture. When buying, we usually pay attention only to the information for which type of lawn the mixture is intended (sports, parterre, etc.). The herbs that make up the composition are of less interest to us, especially since their names usually tell the buyer little. But this information is more important than the rest, because a lot of mixtures are imported into our country from Europe. The climate there is milder, and the criteria for the selection of lawn grasses are not so strict. But in our harsh climate, the European lawn often freezes because it contains NOT frost-resistant grasses. To avoid these problems, lawn grass must be selected for the climate and soil conditions in your area. Let’s analyze this in more detail.

Additional components in mixtures

In addition to three cereals, other plants may be found in mixtures that are suitable for the climate of our latitudes. All of them will have good resistance to frost and undemanding care. But there are some disadvantages, and not allowing to consider these grasses the best for the lawn. And if you find their names in the mixture, then remember that they should NOT be the main component, but can be used as a supplement.

Here are the types of herbs commonly used in lawn mixes:

  • Pole grass escaping. The best quality is very fast growth. Minus. gives horizontal shoots, which stand out in light color against the background of a dark green lawn. This gives the lawn an uneven color. This quality is inappropriate on parterre lawns, although it is important for a recreation area not centuries.
  • Other types of bluegrass. In addition to meadow grass, which we described earlier, there are narrow-leaved, common and flattened bluegrass species in mixtures. They are characterized by poor durability, i.E. After 5-7 years, they require reseeding, and the decorative properties are lower (the blades of grass are too hard and with a gray tint).

The light green color of the horizontal shoots of the common bent grass contrasts with the color of the main lawn grass, therefore the grain is not suitable for parterre lawns

Latin clues

To make it easier for you to navigate, reading the compositions of lawn mixtures, and to better understand what grass for the lawn the manufacturer offers, we have collected the names of the herbs described in the article in Latin. Remember them and look for them on the packaging:


High power, simplicity and ease of use, and most importantly. Safety. This is not a complete list of the qualities that electric trimmers have (otherwise they are also called manual electric trimmers). This lightweight instrument, made of plastic and soft alloys, weighing 4-5 kilograms, is quite easy to use. Due to its small size, the electric scythe easily fits into the car and is easy to clean.

Electric trimmers are designed for consumers who don’t like the smell and noise of the exhaust gases. However, to all those who care Not only in their beloved neighbors in the summer cottage, but, above all, to those who care about their health.

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MAIN TYPES of electric scythe

Trimmers (electric scythes) with electric motors are of two types:

  • Light (bottom engine): bosch art 23 bosch art 26;
  • Powerful (top engine): husqvarna 235r, makita bcm 4300.

Naturally, it makes no sense to ask which braid is better. Each, undoubtedly, solves different problems. And, in order to better understand which tasks, we will consider each type separately.

In the device of a light electric trimmer, everything is quite simple: at the end of a metal or plastic pipe-rod, a coil with wound fishing line is fixed. The electric motor is positioned above the reel of coiled line. In the lower part of the trimmer, above the coil, there is an electric motor, not high from the ground. Due to the absence of any additional elements between the reel and the motor, the spit layout becomes not only simpler, but also more reliable. As for the lower location of the engine, it makes the electric scythe more compact and lighter. These important qualities allow you to move the trimmer, if necessary, to your home country house, not only by personal, but also by public transport; also there are no problems with their storage in a city apartment, the smell of gasoline comments.

By the way: It is necessary to take into account the fact that models of trimmers (electric scythe) are completely unsuitable for cutting wet grass, since moisture can harm the engine. Low power does not allow mowing areas with wild vegetation, thick stems, etc. Remember. Lightweight trimmer. This is a scythe for the rare mowing of lawns around a well-maintained country house and for maintaining the good condition of already inhabited places. Perhaps this trimmer option is more suitable for our beloved grandmothers and grandfathers, Who do not need to “raise the virgin soil”.

Electric trimmer (electric trimmer) with an overhead engine. The device here is of the following nature: the location of the motor. The upper, lower ego is not placed for the reason that its mass is too heavy for this. The motor is located at the maximum distance from the cutting system. The presented type of trimmer is more expensive, more powerful and is NOT afraid of wet grass. Here they use thick line, which can be used to mow dense tall grass. Some models of braids are equipped with a shoulder strap or a special knapsack fastener, which allows them to work for quite a long time. The rods in the electric braid are straight and curved, detachable and solid. Remember that the bent bar is, of course, used in trimmers (electric trimmers), BUT NEVER complete with serious mowing tools (for example, milling cutters). There is only one reason. The inner cable must also bend, repeating the profile of the rod, which is NOT desirable at high powers.

Note: Despite the fact that electric braids weigh more than lungs, they are easier to handle! The weight is distributed over the entire trimmer length and the handle is located in the center of gravity of the entire structure for easy and agile handling. As for the shortcomings of this particular type of braid, its large linear dimensions are immediately striking. This is really NOT convenient. A tool with a length of more than one and a half meters is NOT suitable for transportation in transport, both personal and public.

An electric trimmer (electric trimmer) with a detachable bar makes transportation and storage much easier. Here there is the possibility of using other attachments, which indicates versatility in application.

By the way: If a trimmer (electric trimmer) is needed ONLY for cutting grass, it is not worth paying for the opportunity to transform it into something else, because connecting the knee of the rod. Weak point in the device.

Author: Natalia Zobnina, Source: no data

Electric or lawn mower, what to choose

What to buy for cutting grass, a trimmer or electric mow, which is better, and how to make a choice in an abundance of proposals. Consider the principle of operation of the trimmer, design features, as well as the pros and cons of this garden technique.

If grass grows on your site, then sooner or later, you will face making a decision about choosing and buying benzo or electric scythes, just a trimmer.

The garden trimmer is used for mowing grass in small areas, it is indispensable for mowing in hard-to-reach places (around trees, flower beds, as well as on uneven terrain).

Trimmers are divided into two varieties, electric and gasoline with an internal combustion engine.

Let’s take a look at each trimmer in order, and try to weigh the pros and cons.

Electric scythe

Electric braids are divided into two types, their main difference is the location of the electric motor.

One type, where the electric motor is located at the bottom of the trimmer and is connected directly to the head on which the cutting line is installed, and the other type of electric scythe looks like a trimmer, but with the only difference that instead of an internal combustion engine there is an electric motor.

The electric scooter option where the engine is located at the bottom is uncommon.

These trimmers are quite low-power and are used for small and short-term work on cutting grass, for example: cutting around a flower bed, or paths.

The lower position of the engine is NOT the best constructive solution, the trimmer should not be used in case of strong dew, since the water located in the lower part of the electric motor can suffer.

Also, you need to be careful, as with careless handling, dust and grass particles may get into the engine ventilation holes.

Devices with a motor in the lower part are rechargeable and operate on a battery charged from the mains supply, and ordinary ones that work directly from the mains. The power of the cordless trimmers has a plug from 1.35 to 1.6 ampere hours (which allows an average of 30 minutes to work without interruption). Electric scythes with a bottom drive, powered by the network, have a power from 0.245 kW to 0.6 kW.

The mowing width in such a braid varies from 26 to 30 cm., The thickness of the line used does NOT exceed 1.6 mm.

Top-mounted electric braids, the most popular.

They differ from each other in engine power, long and shape of the rod, holder for hands, and options: fishing line knife or only fishing line.


All lawn mowers are equipped with a two-stroke high-speed internal combustion engine, power from 0.65 kW to 3 kW, engine displacement can vary from 28 cm cc to 54 cc.

The engine cylinder can be chrome-plated, which has a positive effect on the engine resource. Clutch and starter, carburetor and tank for fuel mixture are attached to the engine body.


When buying electric braids, you need to know that the bar can have several types, detachable and non-detachable, as well as curved or straight.

A detachable bar may be convenient when the trimmer is often transported, and a curved bar may seem more convenient to someone than a straight one.
The straight bar has a gearbox at the bottom and is usually installed on high-performance electric scythes.
It is also worth paying attention to the handles, they can be very short or have enough length for comfortable holding the trimmer.


The power of the electric motor is in the range of 0.650 kW to 1.3 kW., Some models are equipped with motors with a motor soft start system, this function will prevent sudden shocks and make the operation smoother, and the automatic power control system will adjust the engine speed of your electric scythe depending on what you are mowing, heavy and tall grass or simply leveling a recently mown lawn.
Also, some models are equipped with a system that protects the engine from overheating.

Lawn mower (lawn mower)

Lawn mower. The name speaks for itself, gasoline. Means engine.

Gas trimmers consist of the engine itself, a rod, and the lower cutting part, which includes a gearbox, a drum with a fishing line and a protective cover.

Bottom part

The lower part of the electric scythe is no different from the scythe device with a gasoline engine.
Grip width and line thickness are proportional to the power of the electric motor, line mowing width from 26 cm to 45 cm, line thickness from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm, some models can be equipped with a knife.

Pluses of electric braids

    NOT the high cost of the simplest models

Quieter operation (compared to gasoline equivalent)

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Cons of electric braids

      NOT mobile (connected by a long electrical cable)

  • Work with an electric scythe must be carried out with care so as not to damage the electrical wire
  • Barbell

    The bar of the lawn mower can be straight or curved (in high-performance models the shaft is straight, a metal rod passes inside the shaft to the gearbox, and a metal cable is located in the curved shaft, which transfers torque to the head with a fishing line), the bar can also differ in the length and shape of the handles.

    A barbell that is too short is usually found in low-power trimmers, It is not comfortable, as it puts a lot of stress on the back of a person of average height (you have to work incline).

    The bar can be either detachable or one-piece, attachment of handles and a belt, plays an important role when working with a trimmer, long handles and a comfortable belt will be a big plus when choosing a lawn mower.

    Lower part (working)

    The lower part consists of a gearbox (if the rod is straight), a head, and a casing.

    Trimmer head can have different attachments and working widths.

    For example a trimmer with a not very powerful 0.650 kW motor will have a permitted line thickness of up to 2 mm. With a width of the mowed surface of 38 cm, but not be able to install metal knives.

    And a lawn mower with more power, that’s 1 kW with a maximum cord thickness of 2.5 mm. And a working width of 45 cm, has the ability to install metal knives.

    A lawn mower with a power of more than 2 kW can be equipped with metal knives, and also a saw blade, which can be used for sawing shrubs.

    Pros of lawn mowers

      Mobility (you can take and work anywhere)

  • Power (a powerful gasoline engine can handle even a bush)
  • Cons of lawn mowers

      Very noisy instrument.

    A gasoline engine is more complex, whimsical and expensive to maintain than an electric one.

    Many will not consider this a minus, but still, the lawn mower is NOT environmentally friendly.

    Higher price versus electric trimmer.

  • It is heavy.