Electric screwdriver network which is the best of the inexpensive

The first thing that attracts attention of this electric screwdriver is its very small size in length: this will allow them to work in a very limited space, for example, when assembling the same furniture. At the same time, an electric screwdriver equipped with a proprietary brushless motor has a very decent torque. up to 57.5 Nm at the first of two speeds.

The electric screwdriver sits perfectly in the hand. both thanks to the shape of the handle and due to the excellent weight distribution: its center of gravity is not shifted forward, but is located exactly on the mowing line of the handle. With prolonged work, the hands do not get tired, and, what is most pleasant, an electric screwdriver in many cases can replace a powerful 18-volt one, while maintaining compactness, for which 12-volt systems are often chosen. over, DeWALT takes its 11 thousand for a fully ready-to-use case package with two 2-amp-hour batteries, and not for a “naked” electric screwdriver, which will still need batteries and a charger.

  • Compactness and good weight distribution
  • Brushless motor
  • High torque
  • Build quality
  • Is that the lack of a magnetic mount for bits

All-round and with good torque. what else do you need to work? The price, especially by the standards of a professional tool, is very tasty.

Inexpensive (do not forget that this price is indicated for a case configuration with two 1.5 Ah batteries) an electric screwdriver with a two-speed gearbox, although it is heavy (1.1 kg. compare with 0.87 kg for DeWALT), but it sits comfortably in the hand At first speed, the gearbox allows you to get up to 30 Nm of torque on the spindle: not a record figure, but more than enough for most jobs.

It is another matter that during operation the batteries are “sucked out” rather quickly. after all, their capacity is not so great, and the motor here is an ordinary collector, which is not as economical as the brushless ones. Of course, the batteries are charged quickly, but constantly moving them back and forth between the charger and an electric screwdriver is not always convenient.

  • Reliability
  • Good torque
  • Comfortable grip
  • The capacity of standard batteries is too small
  • Not very convenient location of the backlight LED

A normal electric screwdriver for this money, worked for a year already assembling furniture without problems, pulls well for 12 volts.

This compact electric screwdriver will be convenient first of all when working in “narrow” places due to its small size and weight, but this also immediately indicates the use of a small capacity battery here. Indeed, an electric screwdriver is able to “eat” a battery for one and a half ampere-hour quickly enough.

However, the Bosch electric screwdriver is small but smart. A two-speed gearbox allows, if necessary, drilling at a speed of up to 1300 rpm, while a “reduced” gearbox provides a torque of up to 30 Newton-meters. The small capacity of the batteries pays off with their fast charging. True, the kit lacks a belt clip. for installers who often work at height, this accessory will definitely not be superfluous.

  • Compactness, low weight
  • Electronic stabilization of turns
  • No battery indicator
  • Bosch GSR 120-LI 1.5Ah x2. model with flashlight

I took it in pair with a full-size screwdriver, with which you can’t always work at altitude. Lightweight GSR 120-LI here is just the best electric screwdriver, hands get tired much less.

22 085 (two high-capacity batteries (5 Ah at 18V))

A serious professional tool capable of delivering up to 95 Newton meters of torque. In the 18-volt DeWALT range, this model uses the most powerful (820 W) brushless motor, so the complete battery must match it in capacity: here the manufacturer offers the top 5 amp-hour XR lithium-ion batteries with built-in charge indicators. They are charged, by the way, from a universal charger. having several DeWALT tools, you can use one charging station that supports work with all types of batteries with an operating voltage from 10.8 to 18 V.

Reducer. three-speed, in a robust housing. It does not emit strong noise during operation on all ranges, and the operation of the torque limiter is clear and comfortable blindly. In short, the electric screwdriver is really very good. but, alas, the price matches the quality.

  • High-capacity and fast-charging batteries
  • Good torque
  • Modern brushless motor
  • DeWALT DCD991P2. two high capacity batteries (5 Ah @ 18V)
  • DeWALT DCD991X1. extra capacity XR FlexVolt Li-Ion battery DeWALT DCB547 (9 Ah @ 18V)
  • DeWALT DCD991NT. without battery and charger

The best electric screwdriver I’ve ever worked with. Already survived two seasons of GVL installation without the slightest criticism.

29 969 (two batteries (5 Ah), charger and case)

Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. Yes, Boris Razor would definitely approve of Makita engineers, whose electric screwdriver “grew fat” up to 2.7 kg.

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But at the same time, Makita knows how to work with concrete (a shock mode was added to the gearbox), and produces a record torque of 115 Newton meters. Lithium-ion batteries are not lightweight, but with a capacity of 5 ampere-hours they can be fully charged from scratch in less than an hour. So the creators of the electric screwdriver clearly counted on long-term work under heavy loads, which in itself would require a certain amount of physical training.

As befits a modern screwdriver, the DHP481RTE has an electronic speed governor and an overheating protection system. The motor is brushless, with good efficiency and resource.

  • Impact mode
  • Excellent torque reserve
  • Makita DHP481RTE. two batteries (5 Ah), charger and case
  • Makita DHP481Z. without battery, charger and case

Good drill-electric screwdriver, excellent combination of torque and economy, the battery lasts for a long time.

8 128 (without battery and charger)

An ergonomic hammerless drill / electric screwdriver that is well suited for most installation work. The battery capacity of 2 amp-hours is a reasonable compromise between the weight of the assembled electric screwdriver and its autonomy, while it is capable of developing up to 60 Newton meters of torque. The gearbox is a familiar two-stage, with the development of the tightening torque limiter ring there will be no problems either.

Where it is often necessary not only to tighten self-tapping screws, but also to drill small-diameter holes, this electric drill will show itself at its best. the spindle is able to spin up to 2100 rpm. The brushless electric motor is equipped with an electronic speed stabilizer, so the electric screwdriver practically does not react to changes in the pressing force, as is the case with low-power models without stabilization.

Plus and at the same time a minus of the model is the LED backlighting: of course, it shines brightly and where necessary, but it does not turn off. And it is not always needed, so why waste the battery?

  • Build quality, weight balance
  • Stabilization of revolutions
  • The battery and charger will have to be purchased
  • Metabo BS 18 LT BL 0. without battery and charger
  • Metabo BS 18 LT BL 2.0Ah x2. two Li-Power batteries (2 Ah / 18 V), air-cooled battery charger, branded case
  • Metabo BS 18 LT BL 3.5Ah х2. two LiHD batteries (3.5 Ah / 18 V), air-cooled battery charger and branded case
  • Metabo BS 18 LT BL 4.0Ah х2. two LiHD batteries (4 Ah / 18 V), charger, branded case

An excellent electric screwdriver, a complete professional. Works well, does not overheat, there is overload protection.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive “all-rounder”, then this electric drill will be worthy of attention. Here, the gearbox is supplemented with an impact mode, so that with understandable reservations (it’s still not a hammer drill) Black and Decker BDCHD18KB will be able to cope with concrete.

the electric screwdriver is well assembled and fits well in the hand. The scope of delivery is minimal (two batteries and a charger), but is sufficient to get started. Well, 40 Nm of torque is enough for most cases.

  • Good price / quality ratio
  • Decent ergonomics

For the money, a good choice, the power of the electric screwdriver is enough and it is assembled well. Well, the shock mode is not so necessary, but it will not be superfluous.

If the electric screwdriver is required to “twirl” first of all, and drilling holes is not a major task, then purchasing a model with a socket for bits will be a reasonable step. In the DW269K model, DeWALT uses a 540-watt motor with a proprietary torque control system, the maximum tightening torque here is 42 Nm. The weight of an electric screwdriver is only 1.3 kg.

The comfortable rubberized grip fits well in the hand, the vibration level is minimal. The only complaint about ergonomics is the trigger lock button in the on position: on the overwhelming majority of tools of this format, it is customary to press it from the side, here it is in front of the handle under the little finger. This cannot be called a minus, but you will have to get used to.

  • Good torque at low weight
  • Convenient bit lock
  • Specific switch-on latch

Even with long-term operation, the electric screwdriver does not overheat, the cooling is done well. At the same time, the tightening torque is also decent, and in terms of weight it definitely wins over battery.

electric, screwdriver, network, which

This electric screwdriver is useful where you need to tighten a lot of self-tapping screws. this is indicated by the bit holder and the low maximum torque of 18 Nm. But the 550-watt motor allows you to work very quickly. the self-tapping screws will begin to fly into the right places literally one after the other.

The design of the power section here is the same as that of most Metabo drills. first of all, the side swivel reverse engine catches the eye. And in terms of ergonomics, the electric screwdriver practically does not differ from the drills of this brand, which can also be considered a plus if you have already purchased the Metabo tool. As for the reliability of the motor and gearbox, then you can’t find fault with them. the developer did not spare the “meat” to create a sufficient margin of safety. True, because of this, the weight of an electric screwdriver stretched under 2 kilograms.

  • Great for high volume jobs where no tight tightening is required
  • Overweight compared to competitors

Often I take this electric screwdriver with me instead of a cordless one. the cord does not interfere much, but the speed of work grows noticeably.

A chic, but highly specialized tool. Its compact size and huge torque speak in its favor. The first allows you to hold the electric screwdriver for a long time in any position on the weight and not get tired at the same time. And the second is to work with very large fasteners. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not consider it necessary to equip the tool with a limiting clutch, so the torque cannot be adjusted. In addition, given the relatively high revs. I would like to be able to change their number using the gearshift, and not just the trigger.

  • very light tool;
  • high torque.
  • no limiting clutch;
  • just one speed.

Shura is just excellent. he twists everything until it comes out through and through. The only thing that is better to use it for large fasteners.

The most practical option for infrequent home use is considered to be not a cordless, but a mains power tool. A good example here is the recommended model of an inexpensive, but good-quality drill-electric screwdriver Enkor DSHE-2 350ER / 10. The device has a maximum torque sufficient for tightening powerful fasteners and a relatively high idle speed, which makes it quite comfortable to drill various materials. The weight distribution is not bad, but still with a slight forward advantage due to the heavy gearbox and cartridge.

  • low price;
  • wide range of applications.
  • no backlight;
  • no electronic brake;
  • short cord
  • unstable quality, a lot of defects.

I have been using it periodically for about two years now. no complaints about the tool. Twists everything that I give him, even not provided for by the standard capabilities.

How to choose a networked electric screwdriver for your home?

an electric screwdriver is one of the most demanded power tools. It is needed for minor repairs, furniture assembly and finishing work. It is an indispensable assistant for builders, carpenters, furniture makers and DIYers.

Manufacturers offer screwdrivers that differ in characteristics, capabilities and price. Such a variety interferes with the choice and introduces into a stupor novice masters. What to choose from dozens of proposed options? You will find the answer to the question in this article.

Which network screwdriver is better?

The choice of an electric screwdriver begins with an acquaintance with its characteristics. Knowing the scope of the tool, you can choose the right option wisely. What characteristics to pay attention to?

Quality and reliability. There is no point in a disposable tool, so we recommend buying a device with the maximum service life.

Classness. The tool is divided into 2 classes: household and professional. Professional is more powerful and more expensive. Household. easier and cheaper.

Power. The higher this indicator, the harder the material the electric screwdriver can handle. The power of household models does not exceed 550 W.

Torque. Measured in Newton meters, it characterizes the force exerted on the fasteners. The higher this figure, the longer the fastener can be tightened. For home use, 10-15 Nm is enough, for professional work, a torque of up to 40 Nm is needed.

Torque adjustment. The adjustment allows you to change the force exerted by the electric screwdriver on the fastener. The higher the force (the number on the regulator), the deeper the screw will enter the material. For drilling, you need to switch the electric screwdriver to a mode specially designed for this work.

The presence of a reverse motion. Reverse tool is more convenient to work with. Previously, only professional models had this function, today almost all screwdrivers have it.

Ergonomic features. A good tool should not only be functional, but also convenient. Therefore, you need to pay attention to its weight, the shape of the handle, the presence of anti-vibration pads, the location of buttons and controls.

The 20 Mini ELECTRIC Screwdriver!

Chuck type. This indicator affects the speed of replacement of tips and the quality of their fixation.

There are several types of chucks for different purposes that can be installed on an electric screwdriver. The three most commonly used cartridges:

Keyless chuck. for tightening you do not need a special wrench that requires constant attention. This is one of the most reliable and durable chuck types.

Self-clamping chuck. fixed without a key. It does not require the use of muscle strength to tighten it. A slight turn of the movable coupling is sufficient. Needed by craftsmen who often change attachments.

Bit chuck. a special chuck for bits. Such a product is usually used to install a bit and is used only for loosening (screwing) threaded fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws, self-tapping screws, etc.).

Availability of additional functions. The simpler the instrument, the lower its price. Additional options add comfort but increase cost.

  • key lock,
  • illumination of the working area,
  • drilling function,
  • the presence of anti-vibration pads,
  • length and material of the power cord.

By studying the characteristics and differences of models, you can weed out unnecessary functions.

TM Worcraft offers corded screwdrivers of various classes. Knowing the task and the dimensions of the fasteners, you can choose the best option. Worcraft ED-280 is enough for assembling furniture and small screws. For wider drilling applications, the Worcraft WED-650 is ideal.

Top 10 rating according to KP

an electric screwdriver from a well-known American manufacturer of repair equipment in a corporate yellow color. Although the price here is significant, but this device can be considered almost a standard. There is a keyless chuck, adapted to work with bits or drills up to 13 mm in diameter. The electric motor of the device produces 1500 rpm, which allows the screwdriver to develop a maximum torque of 42 Nm. The engine brake instantly stops work, as soon as you release the trigger.

By the way, the set includes two batteries, which dramatically increases the autonomy of one of the best screwdrivers for the home. However, there are some remarks about the model. For example, for some reason, even an elementary additional reinforcement for bits is not provided on the case, and the built-in LED, which should highlight the place of work, does not cope well with this.

Excellent workmanship Additional (and not cheap separately) battery included Engine brake

An extremely popular model from the German company Metabo. The origins of such popular love lie in the fact that the creators managed to maintain a balance of characteristics, quality and cost, which is difficult to compete with competitors. the electric screwdriver is very compact, and its weight is only 800 g. For a small size, of course, you have to pay somehow. But not in this case. the electric motor allows the screwdriver to develop a torque of 34 Nm.

If this “kid” is too loaded, then the electronic protection will work, which will not allow the device to break. Not only that, the chuck is removable here, and the hex bits can be used with and without an electric screwdriver. Finally, there are two batteries included, which charge relatively quickly. Confusion is caused only by a huge case, in which it is easy to lose a small electric screwdriver.

Excellent value for money Weighs only 800 g Hex bits can be used without a chuck

Network screwdrivers

Compared to other types of screwdrivers, the network electric screwdriver today has earned the greatest recognition not only among builders and repairmen, but also among everyone who at least once in their life had to hold this tool in their hands. Best of all, the network electric screwdriver reveals its positive aspects in working with such a difficult material as drywall, although it can also be used to solve other problems. The cordless electric screwdriver itself has a convenient design that makes it easy to hold and lightweight. In addition, corded screwdrivers are equipped with a speed controller, which simplifies the handling of the device and makes the workflow more accurate and streamlined. Also, the network electric screwdriver is distinguished by the presence of a magnetic holder that replaces the chuck.

When choosing a networked electric screwdriver, it is important to pay attention to several determining factors. The most important technical characteristics on which the productivity of work depends are the power of the network electric screwdriver and the amount of torque. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the availability of additional functions in the device. For example, the reverse function will not be superfluous, when in the process of work it becomes necessary to unscrew the screws.

Remember also that cordless screwdrivers can be both household and professional. Household screwdrivers are less powerful, but their set of functions allows you to solve the vast majority of household tasks. In addition, the price of a household electric screwdriver is much lower than that of a professional one, so before making a choice, think about it. if you need an electric screwdriver to perform one or two tasks, there is no point in buying expensive professional equipment.