First Launch of a Bosch Washer

first launch of a bosch washing machine

Congratulations on your purchase of a new washing machine! Now that you are the owner of this useful household assistant, you can finally start the first automatic wash. But before that, your machine needs to be installed.

If it has already been installed and connected, and experts have dealt with these issues, then you can skip the following tips. If you installed the machine yourself or if people who are not professional installers and home appliance repair technicians did it, you need to make sure that everything is done correctly.

We check the readiness of the washing machine for work

To prepare, read and follow these steps:

  • Check if the transport bolts are twisted. These items are necessary in order to fix the drum of the washing machine during its transportation. They are located on the back of the washing machine. If you find them, then the machine cannot be turned on yet. First you need to remove these locking elements. The holes that remain in the place where the bolts were must be closed with special plugs. They are attached to your new household appliances and are included.
  • It is advisable to find out how hard your tap water is. This will help you choose the type of powder you need for proper washing and determine its quantity.
  • It is also necessary to check whether the machine is connected to the network, to the water supply and to the sewer.
  • Check if the tap that shuts off the water in the water inlet hose is open.
  • Put dirty things in the washing machine tank.
  • Pour the required amount of powder into the desired dispenser tray.
  • Set the program for washing. In some models, you also need to select the washing temperature.
  • Then start the wash. To do this, press the start button.
  • Do not worry if, after washing, the machine does not allow you to immediately open the hatch. Usually, after washing, you must wait up to three minutes before the lock opens and allows you to pick up the washed items.

Video: First Launch of a Bosch Washer

Many home appliance repair masters advise making the first run “idle”. That is, no laundry inside the drum. It is produced in the same way as regular washing. Only linen is not put in the machine at all. And fall asleep less detergent. Despite the fact that all washing machines are tested before they go on sale, it is better to use the “idle” wash. Since it will wash the inside of the machine and prevent the possible appearance of an unpleasant smell of linen from the first wash.

Read the instructions!

Before you start using the washing machine, carefully read the attached instructions. Yes, many buttons and washing programs are intuitive. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to study the information on the proper use of this household appliance before starting the first wash.

If you immediately start using the machine in accordance with the rules specified in the instructions, then avoid a lot of possible breakdowns and troubles with your washing machine. In addition, proper handling will increase its lifespan. therefore Be sure to read the instructions and follow all the rules for using this device.

Even if you are already familiar with one or two models of washing machines, still we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tips that manufacturers give on the use of this particular machine.

Wash Tips

And finally, we will give you some tips on how to properly wash your laundry:

  • Wash white and colored items separately. This will prevent the possibility of dyeing bright things in other colors.
  • Between washing, leave the hatch ajar. So all the moisture from the drum will not stagnate, but will evaporate. This will help to avoid bad smell.
  • Be very careful not to leave anything in the pockets of the things you are about to wash. Small items, coins, rings, etc., can ruin the machine. And sharp things, such as a pin, can pierce the cuff. This will cause leaks.
  • Clean the drain pump filter regularly. This is done easily. For most models, it is located in the lower right of the machine. Its cleaning will allow you not only to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor, but also protect it from breakdowns.
  • For high-quality washing, use only powder that is intended for SMA (automatic washing machines). And do not fill it with more than 100g. for one wash.

Once again, congratulations on your purchase of a washing machine. This useful technique will make your life easier and free up a lot of time for you!


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