Forza single axle tractor which belts

Features and technical characteristics of Forza power tiller

The Forza single axle tractor is manufactured by UralBenzoTech company. The lightweight, maneuverable machine helps farmers and cottagers to perform the main soil treatment in spring and fall. In summer they mechanize most of the agricultural work: they hoist the grown potatoes, loosen the row-spacing, mow the grass. The medium and heavy duty models of the budget category of equipment are suitable for transportation of goods, municipal works.

At first, UralBenzoTech was selling. From 1999 to 2007 the company sold gasoline and electric tools. The company launched its own production in 2007, started to produce steel structures and frames for greenhouses. In 2010 they registered their trademark “FORZA” and since 2011 began to produce motor vehicles under their own brand.

forza, single, axle, tractor, which, belts

The modern market for chainsaws for domestic and professional use is full of variety.

Production, warehouse and trade depots of “UralBenzoTech” company are situated in Perm region. c. Perm, the village of Elovo. The products are shipped to 85 regions of Russia and CIS countries. FORZA” brand is producing budget attachments and power tillers. Model range is constantly expanding.

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FORZA MB ECO 105 single axle tractor (13 l. с. wheel 4×10) is distinguished by its affordability, reliability, progressive design and high quality of performance.

This series of power tillers is a representative of the middle class, and is designed for a wide range of agricultural works: cultivation, chopping the soil, uprooting weeds, ploughing, mowing the grass, transportation of goods, etc.д.

FORZA power tillers have a number of advantages over other power tillers: 1) single-axle tractor is made of quality materials, metal is coated before painting, which gives long-term preservation of the original painting.2) New-type engine:.Muffler made with new triple-layer chamber technology, effectively reduces noise while increasing power by 4% to 8%-Minimum engine life of 3000 moto-hours-Reinforced fuel tank ensures reliability for all time operation, 1.5 mm thickness-The quality gas tank plug with tightening locking device securely protects fuel from dirt and spills during operation-The latest air filter reduces drag and provides efficient air flow-The engine crankshaft is made of high-strength steel, with state-of-the-art hardening method to ensure it is more than 40% stronger-Metal camshaft made of high-strength steel-New valve set with a knob effectively prevents fouling, and light weight reduces valve inertia, extending engine life-The “TM” bearing series ensures perfect accuracy, Little noise and long service life.-New carburetor settings provide better fuel economy- Cast-iron liner- Oil level sensor disconnects engine in case of insufficient oil to prevent oil starvation.3) Cutters are already included in the delivery set of the power tiller, made of hardened metal, they can withstand processing even stony soil. And the coulter is capable of adjusting the plowing depth.4) New gearbox ensures smooth gear shifting.5) Transparent indicator for easy control of oil level.6) a single-axle tractor can even be transported on a car due to its collapsible design.

Forza range of power tillers

Forza brand range of motor tractors is quite large. The market presents both compact light and powerful heavy agricultural machines. Each Forza model has its own design features and operating parameters. Below we study the characteristics of the most popular “Forza” power tillers in details.

Forza MB FZ-01-9,0FE. model description

This single-axle tractor belongs to the middle class of agricultural machines. Its design is based on reliable 4-cylinder 1-cylinder gasoline engine, which has a long service life and resistance to bad weather conditions. The engine of this walking tractor can not be afraid of heavy loads. it easily copes with plowing of virgin land in the area of up to 10 hectares. If necessary the standard engine can be replaced with an engine with 13 hp. с. and more, which will allow to work larger plots of land.

The main parameters of the model include:

  • engine power. 9 liters. с./6600 watt;
  • Number of gears. 2 front/2 rear;
  • fuel tank capacity. 6 liters;
  • maximum speed in loaded condition. 8 km/h;
  • weight in the complete set. 126 kg.

This Forza single-axle tractor is equipped with reverse gear, allowing to quickly remove it from marshy terrain.

Forza MB FZ-01-8,0F. machine parameters

This model belongs to the class of heavy power tillers. It successfully copes with almost any household tasks: cultivation of land, site cleanup, clearing of the yard from the snow. All-purpose frame of the walking tractor gives its owner the opportunity to install a 15 l с. and more. The use of the attached equipment together with this walking tractor allows to carry out fast and high-quality plowing, tilling and harvesting of the vegetable garden up to 1 ha in area.

Operational parameters of this Forza power tiller include:

  • power. 8 l. с./5880 watt;
  • Number of gears. 2 front/2 rear;
  • fuel tank capacity. 6,5 l;
  • maximum speed in loaded form. 8 km/h;
  • weight in complete set. 145 kg.

Assembly of the Forza power tiller in this configuration has been thought out in detail. Reliability and long service life make this model suitable for operation in all weather conditions.

Forza MB FZ-01-6,5F. machine features

This unit is among the basic models of Forza. Sophisticated arrangement of the improved gearbox and chain type transmission allowed the manufacturer to increase ground clearance, and with it the cross-country ability of the walking tractor. This single-axle tractor is notable for the simplicity of its design, it is compact, which allows to use the unit in hard-to-reach places. The model consumes a minimum amount of fuel and has a solid service life.

Parameters of this Forza power tiller include:

  • power. 6,5 l. с./4800 Watt;
  • Number of gears. 2 front/2 rear;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 3.6 l;
  • maximum speed in loaded form. 6 km/h;
  • complete weight 100 kg.

Other design features of the walking tractor include availability of a hand starter, powerful wheels and a strengthened steel frame.

Forza MB-80. model advantages

This Forza single axle tractor is equipped with quality long-life motor, manual starter, powerful wide wheels and belt clutch. Each of these elements consists of durable steel parts, which allows regular use of the machine in harsh operating conditions.

Despite the small size of the power tiller, it is able to cover a fairly large area of cultivated soil. The maximum width of the cultivated area is 120 cm and the plowing depth is 30 cm. Each of these parameters can be adjusted. Other parameters of the Forza power tiller include:

  • engine output. 6.5 l. с./4780 Watts;
  • Number of gears. 2 front/1 rear;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 3,6 l;
  • the maximum speed in the loaded form. 6 km / h;
  • weight in full configuration. 87 kg.

This single-axle tractor is sold complete with cutters. Can be equipped with any attachments.

Forza MB-105/7.0. block characteristics

This powerful diesel unit is designed for regular work on medium to large plots. It easily ploughs up any kind of terrain, including virgin land. Reliability of mechanisms and smart design make this unit an indispensable assistant for owners of large plots.

forza, single, axle, tractor, which, belts

Massive wheels with an aggressive tread pattern are responsible for the power tiller’s passability. The machine handle can be adjusted in height and folded for convenient storage. The main features of the Forza power tiller include:

  • capacity. 7 l. с./5100 Watt;
  • Number of gears, 2 forward/rear;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 3.6 l;
  • Maximum speed in loaded condition. 6 km/h;
  • weight of a complete unit is 127 kg.

Forza single-axle tractor in this modification has high maneuverability and shows high performance in all weather conditions.

single-axis tractor “Forza” FZ-01-9,0FE

The most powerful modification in the considered line of devices. Designed for daily use. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the cultivator shows the best performance on the plots up to 4 ha in size. Adapted for spare parts from “Kaskad” and “Oka” cultivators.

  • Dual positioning of the steering boom;
  • clutch stopper, supplemented by extensions for easy adjustment;
  • mechanically indestructible steering boom with control elements
  • functioning on the 1st of 4 speeds, which can be changed with a toggle switch between the handlebars;
  • Possibility to retrofit the machine with a stronger motor;
  • protection from cutterbar injuries;
  • electric starter;
  • headlight for operation in the evening.

Performance characteristics:

forza, single, axle, tractor, which, belts


There are many reviews on the web about Forza power tillers. Owners note the ease of operation, high-quality gearbox, power units and low fuel consumption.

Artem writes :

“Been using the single axle tractor for three years now. In that time I’ve changed about 4-5 belts and also changed the oil (I use from Lukoil 10W-40). In winter at minus 30 degrees starts at the third time.

Pluses: great power, reliability, easy maintenance (2 keys are enough to take apart the whole one-axle tractor)

Cons: The belts sometimes let me down at the most inopportune moment

Maxim writes this review:

“This model has a reinforced gearbox, which prolongs the life of the power tiller. This was important to me as I was buying the unit for constant use. After 1.5 years I can make the following conclusions:

Pros: It starts up easily, consumes little fuel, isn’t “glassy”, does a lot of work, and now I can’t imagine myself without it.

Cons: Had one breakdown and that was my fault, overfilled the oil and didn’t notice.”

Forza power tillers

Forza” motor blocks are popular special equipment in Russia. Reliable engines have power from 6.5 liters.с. and higher, and the base model has a weight of 100 kg, which guarantees excellent ground treatment and performs other functions of a power tiller. The model is available in different modifications, which the customer can choose specifically for his needs. If you are interested in machinery of this brand, read the reviews of owners of Forza power tillers.

Undoubtedly, single axle tractor Forza. is the best investment! We moved to a private house 3 years ago and we have a pretty big plot. The first year we planned everything and decided to sow. But what a heavy soil, how hard it was to loosen it all and dig with your hands.

We have managed only a small part of the site and then periodically borrowed from the neighbors minicultivator. Plotted and planted only flowers (a few bushes).

The second year we decided to plant some potatoes, vegetables and sow the lawn. Again, all the land had to be worked (to remove the first layer/plow and then mix it with chernozem), in general there is a lot of work.

And then I decided that we need a single axle tractor. My husband was skeptical about my idea. In fact, the idea of a motorcycle was very spontaneous. Still, we read a lot of reviews and watched videos, reviews. We decided to go to the store and consult “live”, and of course we left not empty-handed)))).

Guys, this is just a salvation. How we promptly and accurately handled everything. I’m happy with it, and my husband is happy with it! According to him it is easy to handle, the fuel consumption is low.

In addition to the walking tractor we bought a hitch. In general, now we have land like fluff! And we mix fertilizer into the soil with the help of a power tiller. Definitely recommend it!

If you have a plantation or a large area. Buy! It is such an energy and time saver.

Economy of time and effort Price / Quality agile Quality assembly fuel consumption minimum The availability of spare parts Warranty

Description and technical characteristics of Forza power tillers

The company’s products have gained popularity not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries, due to the quality and technical characteristics peculiar to each model of manufactured equipment. The product advantages include:

  • Servicing the machine is easy. Everything is done simply and clearly.
  • Functionality.
  • The products retain performance in all weather conditions, coping fully with their tasks.
  • Parts that fail, can be easily and quickly replaced, and after that the single-axle tractor from Forza is ready for use again.
  • Engines installed in the technique of the range, have high wear resistance.
  • The single-axle tractor is equipped with a wide range of optional extras besides the standard ones sold together with the machine.

Please note! Forza model 105 single axle tractor and other products of the company can be equipped not only with factory tools. Components from other domestic manufacturers are compatible with them.

In this video we will consider Forza power tillers:

Let’s take a closer look at each model, as follows:

Products of such power are represented by models:

  • FZ-01-9.0FE. Used for cultivation of areas not exceeding 4 hectares. Has four speeds and electric starter. Thanks to the headlight, it is easy to work with the tiller at night.
  • FZ-02-9.0FE. Similar in parameters to the previous model, the main difference is the extended functionality of the model. It can be used not only for plowing, but also for snow removal, harvesting and other. Also equipped with a headlamp for working in poor visibility conditions.
  • MBN-02-9.0Е. The gearbox is protected by a robust aluminum housing. It is convenient to operate and monitor the control indicators of the equipment. For example, the oil level is easy to check, thanks to the transparent container. Good functionality.
  • MB-105/9.0. Highly specialized equipment, whose main purpose is considered tillage. Designed for plots not exceeding 4 hectares.

13 л.с.

This is the capacity of the Forza MB-105/13 model.0. Technical specifications:

  • Power. 13 L.с.
  • Weight. 125 kilograms.
  • Tank volume. 6 liters.
  • Width of working area. 1050 centimeters.
  • Working area depth. 0,3 meters.
  • 3 speeds.
  • Manual starter.

15 л.с.

The Forza MB 105GF 15 power unit is equipped with the same capacity. Used in situations where a large area needs to be cultivated. In addition to the function of cultivation, it serves as a snow blower, mower and other functions. Handlebar of the technique is made in a comfortable, ergonomic style, which allows to perform the assigned tasks without wasting too much effort. High cross-country ability of vehicles on various grounds makes it possible to work hard-to-reach areas.

Important! Thanks to the sturdy construction of Forza MB 105 engine and reliable linkage of the attached elements, the model allows you to install a cart, which makes it possible to transport heavy loads with it.

Forza 105

This line is represented by the following equipment:

  • MB-105/7.0. Power. 7 hp, what allows to work small areas. Gearbox has 3 positions. The equipment is launched manually.
  • MB-105M. Similar equipment, allowing to perform a similar volume of tasks, with minor variations. Not designed for heavy, demanding work.
  • MB-105/9.0. Power of the technique is 9 hp, thanks to which it makes possible to work larger lands, with heavy, turfy soil.

About the Forza FZ 177 FD engine

Chinese gasoline engine Forza FZ 177 FD is a four-stroke, single-cylinder, overhead valve air-cooled compulsory engine with a working volume of 270 cm ³. Its overall dimensions: length: 515 mm × width: 420 mm × height: 470 mm. It is an engine with a horizontal crankshaft, transistor-magnetic ignition system and a mechanical engine speed regulator. 9 horsepower is its maximum power output at 3,600 rpm. Maximum torque is reached at 3000 rpm.

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Cylinder diameter is 77 mm. Piston stroke is 58 mm. Shaft diameter: 25 mm. Ignition: magnetic, electronic. Compression: 8.2:1. Engine can be started by both hand and electric starter. Minimum fuel consumption is 374 grams of gasoline/kW.ч. Actual fuel consumption in operation. 2.5 to 2.9 liters of gasoline per hour. Forza FZ 177 FD engine weighs 26.5 kilograms. Engine lubrication with SAE 10W-30, 20W, 30W motor oil. Noise level during engine operation is up to 80dB(A). Forza FZ 177 FD engines are also used for power pumps, cultivators, lawn mowers, generators. Structurally, this engine is an exact copy of another Chinese engine for power tillers. Lifan 177 FD, which is quite a reliable and time-proven option for compact gasoline vehicles.

Cost of Forza 9-horsepower power tillers

The official online store of UralBenzoTech company. “Forza market” has the following retail for Forza motor blocks with 9 hp engines: MBE FZ-01-9,0 FE. 37 873 MBE FZ-02-9,0 FE. 40 157 MBN FZ-01-9.0 FE. 39,144 MBN FZ-02-9.0 FE. 40 663 MB ECO LD 105 9,0. 43 805 (with 410 wheels); 45 001 (with 510 wheels); 46 002 (with 512 wheels); 46 428 (with 1978 wheels). MB FORZA 105M 9.0. 32,864 (with 410 wheels); 33,715 (with 1978 wheels). MB ECO 105 9,0. 32 791 (with 410 wheels); 34 342 (with 1978 wheels); 33 713 (with 510 wheels); 34 421 (with 512 wheels). MBD ECO 105 9.0. 43,489 (with wheels 410); 51,053 (with wheels 410 and electric starter); 52,249 (with wheels 510 and electric starter); 53,251 (with wheels 512 and electric starter); 46,112 (with wheels 1978); 53,676 (with wheels 1978 and electric starter).

In general Forza power tillers are notable for their affordability, reliability, progressive design, high quality and ease of use. A wide range of attachments helps to transform Forza motor ploughs into multifunctional agricultural machines.