Gas handle on a single axle tractor with their own hands

How to make an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands?

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Self-made adapter for power tiller will not require from you special financial and material costs or specific knowledge. It will be enough to think over the drawings and dimensions, to have some materials and an appropriate set of tools. The necessary minimum of devices for self-assembly of the adapter to the power tiller looks as follows:

Homemade tractor.The process of Assembly.Did the accelerator pedal.#47

  • metal corners;
  • Metal profile square;
  • 2 wheels of appropriate size;
  • welding;
  • Dense sheets of metal (for support under the legs);
  • Small hand tools (screwdriver, saw, tape measure, etc.);. д.).

A general idea of how the adapter should look like, we have already given in the beginning of the article. Now more about the other main elements of its design.

  • Frame. The main component of the future equipment. The design of some adapters foresees unification with a power tiller into one whole, but such an adapter requires rearrangement of the power tiller as well (a new stand for the engine will be needed).
  • Suspension.
  • Coupling. Provides stability and reliability of the whole construction. You should consider the type of hitch depending on the type of adapter. If the adapter will be with a rudder. the coupling must be rigid. With movable coupling, the coupling must be pivoting, on the horizontal pivot.
  • Seat. Is created or is selected as a prefabricated product based on the designer’s preferences.
  • Control system. Suitable with a rigid hitch. Also can be welded yourself or buy.

The drawings below show in detail the dimensions of the adapter’s construction, as well as its main connecting assemblies.

Homemade angular gearbox for a power tiller

The design of the reducer is not particularly complicated, and it is possible to assemble it yourself. First calculate the power rating: (Pn);Pn=Pe (l).с.)x FS, which will allow you to correctly determine the angle of the bevel gear.

The same principle is used to calculate the number of possible revolutions per minute and the calculation of the torque. Made by our own hands, the device needs to determine the working conditions, including the radial or axial load of the shafts at their ends. The work is optimal with the right choice of temperature and lubricant.

Assembly is carried out after the above steps. You can take the factory case. Its diameter will tell you what the bearing housing should be for the shaft. A good quality drill bit and a caliper will help. Next, two bearings are taken under the shaft.

A steel flange is installed on the front. The flange bearing and washer are placed inside. The flange is attached to the generator with screws. Steel key with drive pinion and idler shaft selected in advance.

Assemblies attached to the rotary oscillator are connected to the gearing. It has a pulley that provides the V-belt transmission. It is fastened to the machine shaft by a nut with a spring washer.

Main gearbox elements

Angular reducers are often used in the automotive industry, because these units provide efficient operation. The bevel gear provides the linkage between the transmission and the motor. It is possible to modify the finished product. Among the main elements of the gearbox are the following:

  • Flange.
  • Generator housing.
  • Pulley with V-belt drive.
  • Pulley mounting.
  • Steel washer.
  • Rotor shaft.
  • Steel key.
  • Flange bearing.
  • Flange mounting.

It is quite easy to understand the gear unit by looking at its transmission, which is the gear between the wheels and the motor. The direction is changed in the power tiller. The transmission is the gearbox with the clutch. It is often used in heavy power tillers and tractors.

Main construction elements of power tillers

  • The base or frame. It mounts the motor, the transmission system to the wheels, the traction device for attachments and suspension.
  • Power train. Power. 5-10 liters. с. Engines from motorcycles, mopeds, compressors, and chainsaws are used.
  • Suspension. Usually simple: fabricated or off-the-shelf wheels from farming equipment. Sometimes motorcycle and automotive wheels are used. Usually gantry or axle suspension.
  • Gearbox for crawler tractor. Serves to reduce drive shaft speed with a simultaneous linear increase in torque. Quite often a gearbox from a scooter or automobile is used as a gearbox.

Self-made device does not require pairing with the engine, because the calculation is made for specific tasks, and there is no limitation due to the ready-made technical solution.

Tractor with their own hands in Minsk

The compact mini-tractor becomes irreplaceable at summer cottages, homesteads and small farms. It can be used for planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, clearing snow, and many other operations that are difficult to handle by hand.

The compact mini-tractor becomes an indispensable assistant in the country house, on the homestead and on a small farm. Planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, shoveling snow, and many other hard-to-reach operations. But not every owner can afford to buy expensive factory equipment. In this case, the optimal solution would be to make a tractor on the basis of a power tiller with their own hands.