Gasoline for a chainsaw Ural

Ural chainsaw what gasoline

How much gasoline a chainsaw uses Another very important metric is how much fuel a chainsaw uses during operation. The container for its storage may have a volume of 0.3 to 1 liter. It depends on the following points:

This figure can vary in a fairly large range.

In what proportions to mix liquids?

Proportions of petrol-oil consistency for each brand of sawmill are determined by the manufacturer. How to dilute gasoline for (Ural, Druzhba what to use oil for a chainsaw. How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw? Gasoline with high octane number is used as fuel for chainsaw: ai-92 or ai-95. The more common proportion of 1:50, the best for saws above 1.5 kW. But some manufacturers may recommend other ratios: Chinese. 1:25, Partner. 1:40. STIHL and Husqvarna recommend a ratio of 25 ml oil to 1 litre of juice for chain saws with less than 1.5 kW.

Consumption rates of fuel and lubricants for chainsaws

The filters can be characterized by different degrees of filtration, which is worth considering when choosing.

  • The carburetor is designed to mix air and fuel so that an enriched mixture is obtained. The parameters of engine operation depend on the peculiarities of the adjustment of this design.
  • A fuel pump is used to pump the mixture obtained directly to the engine. It can be of different types.
  • The principle of operation of the system responsible for the fuel supply to the chainsaw engine is quite simple.

To store gasoline, the device has a tank, from which the fuel flows into the carburetor. The simplest designs don’t have a pump, which is worth considering. The filter, which is responsible for purifying the fuel mixture, is installed at one end of the hose, which is lowered into a container of gasoline.

Method 2: Adjusting the ignition

Another way in which you can transfer the engine of a motorblock type “Agro” or “Cascade” to AI-92, is to re-adjust the initial ignition torque.

The process is as follows:

  • Empty the fuel tank;
  • We turn on the engine, giving the opportunity to use up the remaining gasoline in the carburetor;
  • dismantle the tip of the spark plug;

In the process of assembly it is necessary to take into account that:

  • a key was installed on the crankshaft;
  • the flywheel wrench was tightened with a force of no more than 16 kg/s and covered with a check washer on top;
  • a new A17B type spark plug was installed instead of the old one.

Регулировка карбюратора кмп100у бензопилу урал 2 электрон

After that, the engine can safely run on fuel brand AI-92.

Chainsaw fuel

B 33 STIHL 025 chain saw; felling trees (2.3) 1.0 B 34 STIHL 044 chain saw; felling trees (3.8) 1.5 B 35 STIHL 066 chain saw; felling trees (4.8) 2.3 B 36 STIHL 250, MS250 chain saw Sawing trees (2.3) 1.0 B 37 STIHL MS170 chainsaw; sawing trees (1.3) 0.7 B 38 STIHL MS180 chainsaw; sawing trees (1.5) 0.7 B 39 STIHL MS230 chainsaw; sawing trees (2.0) 1.0 B 40 STIHL MS260 chainsaw; sawing trees (2.6) 1.0 B 41 STIHL MS270 chainsaw; sawing trees (2.6) 1.0 B 42 STIHL MS361 chainsaw; sawing trees (3.4) 1.2 B 43 STIHL MS440 chainsaw; sawing trees (4.0) 1.6 B 44 STIHL MS460 chainsaw; sawing trees (4.4) 2.6 B 45 STIHL MS660 chainsaw; sawing trees (5.2) 2.1 B 46 TAIGA-245 chainsaw; sawing trees (2.6) 1.6 B 47 Horizont Husqvarna band saw (5.2) 3.0 B Notes 1. B. petrol. 2.

If the fluid flows constantly, it creates a negative pressure in the tank, which fills it with atmospheric air. Such a situation leads to the fact that the carburetor does not receive the required amount of liquid. To avoid the problem a breather valve is mounted on the lid.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that the chain saw’s breather doesn’t get dirty when it’s in use. Very often a primer is used in construction. Due to this it is much easier to start the engine. The design features of such an element determine that the fuel enters the carburetor in advance. Requirements for the fuel to be used The first question to ask when using a chainsaw is what kind of fuel is right for the job. Specialists recommend careful selection of gasoline for the chainsaw, as with a low-quality substance, the structure of the internal combustion engine can be damaged.

Chainsaws. Gasoline, oil and its consumption

L Note.For these rates it is assumed that the machine works 50-60% of the time. rate of consumption of lubricants for benzomotor saws (from the used quantity of moto-petrol) T T ¬ Brand of saw for the lubrication of the saw and the consistency of the lubricant ¦¦ Working mixture ¦¦¦”Husqvarna” 1¦2%¦50%¦0, 2% ¦”TAIGA”¦5%¦35%¦0.2% ¦”Friendship”¦5%¦2%¦0.2% ¦”Ural-5″¦5%¦16%¦0.2%…”Secor-3¦5%¦-¦0.2%… (“Secor-44”) ¦¦¦¦ L 1 When using the special oil from Husqvarna. fuel consumption rate in liters per hour for chopping wood and felling woodland T T ¬¦ Brand of saw ¦Engine output, fuel consumption rate in liters per hour.с./kW¦liva, l/mot.

How to calculate fuel consumption per hour

The question of diesel consumption is the most important when buying special equipment with internal combustion engines. Any device must initially be put on the balance. Fuel is written off in accordance with existing regulations.

However, there are no clear indicators of consumption per 100 km for special equipment. Manufacturers, on the contrary, set the consumption per unit of engine power. In order to calculate the fuel consumption for one moto-hour of work it is necessary to use the appropriate formula: (NtG%)/p. In order to determine and accurately calculate the formula, it is necessary to clearly know all the necessary components:

  • N. is the engine power, measured in kW;
  • t is the fuel consumption time, i.e. 1 hour;
  • G. specific fuel consumption of the machine, g/kWh;
  • %. the percentage of the machine load during operation;
  • p. fuel density.

Often choose unleaded gasoline, as it largely meets the established standards. The exact brand is specified by the chainsaw manufacturer in the instruction manual. That’s why it shouldn’t be a problem to choose the right mixture. Using fuel that does not meet the basic parameters will cause the following problems:

  • Power output can be significantly reduced.
  • Power outputs can fluctuate significantly.
  • The engine will overheat if the recommended octane rating is exceeded. Too high temperature may cause the plasticity of the material to increase, and the structure will fail under high load.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to mix gasoline mixture with other dubious compositions.

Suitable oil grades and their classifications

In order to dilute the fuel mixture for a two-stroke engine, these types of engine oils are used: synthetic, semi-synthetic. Mineral oils are undesirable because they tend to solidify at low temperatures, in addition, they are more expensive. Recommended type of oil to pour to gasoline for the mixture: oil for air-cooled two-stroke engines.

Modern manufacturers of fuel and lubricants mark oils by type: synthetic, mineral, semi-synthetic, so it will be difficult to make a wrong choice. Note that European standards for oil quality have been lowered, but the Swedish brand Husqvarna has kept the old standard as a benchmark. That’s why the proportion of Husqvarna oil diluted with gasoline is lower than that of oils of other brands.

How to calculate the fuel consumption rate for a chainsaw

That is why after a year or two of operation, refilling has to be done much more often.In professional services related to the sawing of construction materials, models with higher power are often used. They can run for long periods of time, which leads to frequent fuel consumption. In the household, models that are characterized by a smaller capacity are used.

With 5-6 kW power the flow rate may be 3 liters per hour. If the power is less, the value drops to 0.6-0.8 liters per hour. Note that new models are extremely intolerant to a bad fuel mixture. That’s why when buying an expensive chainsaw from a well known manufacturer you need to pay attention to what kind of fuel can be used when refueling. If you found a mistake, please highlight text and press CtrlEnter.


When preparing a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil for your chainsaw, be sure to look at the manufacturer’s recommendations. Why is it so important to follow these recommended proportions? A small amount of oil in the gasoline will cause heating of the cylinder and piston and accordingly will result in scuffing, which means failure of the cylinder and repair. If there is a lot of oil in the gasoline, it is fouled and will fail again.Each manufacturer has its own recommendations for the proportions (see: “How much oil is in the mix”).table 2 below). Try not to store the ready-to-use mixture for more than a month. Do not store it in direct sunlight and in the open. Avoid water and dust. this will lead to carburetor failure, as the fuel filter is often not able to clean the fuel completely.

How to calculate the fuel consumption rate for your STIHL chain saw

As for gasoline just a hunch I’ve been using peshkarus for 3 years now (-)mine.))According to your calculations.25 1 refueling (40 min) or 38 hours (124/3,3) then begs the question. How much sense in the Moscow region to have a saw T.е. On average (without tearing up) how many cubes of firewood (logs) can be cut in one hour or 3.3 hours a Husqvarna 136 and how much a cube or a ton in the Moscow region.д. logs(Or how much a cube of firewood costs and how much it costs to chop it).In my opinion, very interesting questions (we do not take into account the price of the saw, and its repair and maintenance) (Of course, the pleasure of sawing firewood, I omit, for me it is a separate story, that’s why I want a saw) VladlenPopolitov (Khimki) May 11, 2004 18:25:12 On the price of oil. looked at your link, indeed so.

Fuel mix

To correctly prepare the fuel, a list of additional tools comes in handy:

  • Plastic or otherwise iron container for diluting the substance;
  • A measuring bottle for gasoline;
  • Dispenser;
  • Syringe;
  • A primer bulb to put in your chain saw’s tank.

Some Russian automakers, like STIHL for example, make measuring containers to measure fuel consistency more conveniently.

Various Russian car manufacturers produce oils in different colors. The HP manufacturer produces a reddish colored fluid. Greenish-colored oil is a premium “synthetic” sector. For the Husqvarna chain saw, you must use oil of the correct brand. It is a high price, good quality and has a greenish or blue color.

Chainsaws. Gasoline, oil, and usage

L Note.When defining these rates it is assumed that the engine works 50-60% of the time. rate of consumption of lubricants for power saws (from the used quantity of moto-petrol) T T T ¦ Brand of saw for the lubrication of the saw and the consistency of the working mixture ¦¦¦¦”Husqvarna” 1¦2%¦50%¦0, Lubricant” working mixture from Husqvarna 1¦”TAIGA”¦5%¦35%¦0.2%…”Friendship”¦5%¦2%¦0.2%…”Ural-5¦5%¦16%¦0.2%…”Secor-3¦5%¦-¦0.2%… (“Secor-44”) ¦¦¦¦ L 1 With the special oil from Husqvarna. Fuel Consumption Rate in Liters per MACHINE Hour for Chopping and Sawing Sawmills T T ¬ ¦ Brand of Saw ¦ Engine Power, Fuel Consumption Rate for Top-¦¦l.с.kWh/ltr, ltr./mot.

How to calculate the fuel consumption per hour

The question of diesel consumption is the most important when buying special equipment with internal combustion engines. Every machine has to be put on a balance from the beginning. Fuel is written off according to the existing regulatory documents.

However, for special equipment there are no clear indicators of consumption per 100 km. Manufacturers, on the contrary, set the consumption per unit of engine power. In order to calculate the fuel consumption for one moto-hour of work it is necessary to use the appropriate formula: (NtG%)/p. To determine and accurately calculate the formula you need to clearly know all the necessary components:

  • N is the engine power, measured in kW;
  • t. fuel consumption time, i.e. 1 hour;
  • G. specific fuel consumption of the machine, g/kWh;
  • %. the percentage of the machine’s load during operation;
  • p. fuel density.

Unleaded gasoline is often chosen because it meets the standards to a large extent. The exact brand is specified by the chainsaw manufacturer in the instruction manual. That is why there should be no problem in choosing the most suitable harrow formulation. Using fuel that does not meet the basic parameters leads to the following problems:

  • The power level may be severely reduced.
  • Power can jump over a wide enough range.
  • The engine will begin to overheat if the recommended octane rating is exceeded. The material’s plasticity can become too high and cause the structure to fail under high loads.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to mix gasoline mixture with other dubious compositions.

Why mix oil and gasoline?

Most people are used to handling four-stroke engines. Even in motorcycles, this type of motor is now more common than two-stroke engines. The mere requirement to pour oil into gasoline does not in itself lead to an understanding of the process. After all, in conventional car engines, there is a whole system that prevents mixing of oil and fuel. The entire Focus is in the peculiarities of low-powered internal combustion engines with two strokes. They are very simple in design and do not have an oil pan and pump to force the liquid lubricant into the right places. In the crankcase fits only a cylinder and crank mechanism with crankshaft.

To provide lubrication, the designers went the other way: they arranged the system of channels in such a way that fuel not only penetrates into the combustion chamber, but also washes the moving units from the back of the piston. Since the lubricating properties of gasoline are clearly insufficient to reduce friction, they add oil to it. By the way, due to these features, the rings on the piston are exclusively compression rings, there are no linchpins.

What will happen if you put used oil in a chainsaw?

When the chainsaw owner has been using it for some time, he may want to make some modifications. And it is good if his desires are limited to the purchase of various attachments that expand the functionality of the chainsaw. But some go further. they start experimenting with the gasoline and oil that their saw works on.

If we have already talked about gasoline earlier (most modern saws require it with a high octane number. not lower than 92-95), then about oil it is worth mentioning especially. Many motorists in the process of exploitation of the car accumulates a significant amount of used machine oil. And so some people have a desire to use that material to fuel their chainsaw.

If you do so, it is guaranteed to cause engine failure. The reason for this is primarily due to the low lubricating power of the reused oil. It will burn with a great emission of black soot. Metal particles in the oil will first clog the fuel filter (those are the larger particles) and then the cylinder o-rings will fail. The metal suspended particles in the oil will damage both the cylinder surface and bearings.

Some “innovators” try to use exhaust to lubricate the chain itself and the chain block on which it sits. It also does not do any good. You can see exactly what happens in the accompanying video.


Gasoline comes in at least the octane number of AI92. There is a variant to fill in and АI95 as well, alas quality of it at our gas-filling stations civilized enough, if you don’t know as 95-th, it is better still to take gasoline of mark АI92 for dilution of gasoline in a chainsaw. It also makes no sense to take gasoline that has been sitting in a canister, tank or other container for a long time. Gasoline for the manufacture of fuel consistency in a chainsaw must be fresh, otherwise it loses its characteristics, namely, the octane number and if you run a chainsaw on such fuel, it will not give a workable version of the power. The saddest thing in this case is that a chainsaw failure due to bad fuel is considered a non-warranty case and leads to a costly repair. At times it is easier to buy a new chain saw than to repair it after such a breakdown!

Read more about gasoline for chainsaws here:

The highest quality product is considered to be. Lukoil” machine oil is in the second place.

  • Low consumption.
  • Preservation of quality.
  • The ability to maintain technological qualities for a long time.
  • Can work in extreme conditions.
  • No toxins.
  • Minimal fouling.

Many professional tools use grease, which is made according to API-TB technology (USA). Products, which are produced according to JASO-FB method (Japan), are also popular.

It is acceptable to mix oils from different brand manufacturers with similar characteristics. Mineral and synthetic oils are incompatible with each other. The best oil for home chain saws is considered to be “Standard”, for professional machines the technical liquid “Ultra” is optimal.

Some oils can successfully substitute one another. For example, substances produced by Husqvarna and STIHL. Lubricant for scooter or motorboat engines is not suitable for chainsaws, because the oil quality in them is low. If the proportions of oil and gasoline do not hold, then the tool will quickly fail due to the abundant formation of carbon deposits.

Oil and Gasoline Proportion for Ural Benzosaw

This chainsaw, which is the “sister” of the more famous “Druzhba” chainsaw, was made from 1955 to 1980 in the factory that worked for the needs of the defense industry. This plant is named after the famous Chekist Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky and is located in the city of Perm. than fourteen million chain saws Ural was produced, which allowed the entire forest industry of the USSR to reach a truly industrial volume.

gasoline, chainsaw, ural

Running in a chainsaw in the Urals

Running-in of the “Ural” gasoline saw began with idling until at least four full tanks have been used up. In all this, the ratio of oil and gasoline for the Ural chainsaw running-in should be 1:15, in other words, for fifteen liters of. One liter of oil should be put in gasoline.

After the saw has been idle the run-in time lasts. The chainsaw should not be fully loaded for 20 5 hours. Fuel mixture is prepared in the same proportions as at idling.

Oil to gasoline ratio for Ural chain saw after the running-in period. 1:20. At 20 liters. One liter of oil.

Adjustment of ignition of a Ural 2T-Electron chainsaw

The ignition is adjusted in the factory in the best way! The properties of ignition are given in the annotation, which can be downloaded below. I will tell you how to set the ignition on the chainsaw Ural after removing the magneto.

Adjusting the carburetor of a Ural chainsaw

Chainsaw motor idle speed adjustment.

Adjustment is done by configuring the properties and amount of incoming fuel consistency. Engine cylinder. The amount of consistency fed into the carburetor is changed by the screw number three (outline 14), which limits the turn of the throttle control lever one toward its closure. The consistency of the carburetor can be adjusted with the carburetor consistency screw (Figure 15).

When adjusting the idle speed of the Ural chainsaw, be guided by the manufacturer’s subsequent annotation:

A) The engine should idle smoothly and moderately and the saw chain should be in position. B) The engine should not emit large amounts of smoke. C) The engine must have a good throttle response, in other words, when you sharply press the control lever with the throttle, it must quickly and easily develop revolutions. D) Adjustment of idling speed is performed in the following order:

  • Start the engine and warm it up at low and medium rpm. Screw no. 3 (sketch 14)
  • Set slowest possible speed so that chain doesn’t run on the saw blade. If the engine is smoking too much (which is an obvious sign of excessive richness), turn the carburettor screw until the RPM increases and the smoke from the muffler decreases.
  • Then we set the throttle back to the lowest speed of the chainsaw. unscrew the screw (Fig.14);
  • After making this adjustment you need to check how the throttle of the chainsaw motor reacts. To do this, pull the throttle control lever for a few seconds until it stops. In this case the engine should pick up speed very quickly. If the engine stalls or has a “power dip”, i.e., the throttle response of the chainsaw engine should be checked.Е. Slowly picks up speed (lean mixture), then the carburettor screw must be unscrewed to the right value. The engine rpm will decrease. To increase idle speed the screw
  • Should be partially torqued. Check the engine again for throttle response;
  • After adjusting the screw three is fixed special locknut two (sketch 14).

Adjust motor to highest power

This adjustment should be done after you have run your own Ural and adjusted the idle speed. Adjustment is done with the carburetor screw “2” (5) by depleting or enriching the fuel consistency while the engine is running. the mixture is leaner while screwing in the adjusting screw partially, while unscrewing it. the mixture is enriched. The better position of the carburetor screw is determined experimentally with the chainsaw.

When adjusting the idle speed of the Ural chainsaw, follow the manufacturer’s instructions:

  • The chainsaw engine must develop the power to provide the highest cutting performance with a small amount of smoke.
  • The chainsaw must have a good throttle response, not overheat, not slow down or stop during cutting (overheating of the engine). sign of depleted consistency and motor overload).
  • Because of the lack of experience it is possible that the carburetor is completely misaligned and the chainsaw does not operate normally, it becomes difficult or impossible to start the engine.
  • You will need carburetor screws number one and two to restore normal adjustment (Sketch 15). To set in initial position by the following way: a) screw one up to the stop and then unscrew it one turn; b) screw two up to the stop and then unscrew it 1/2 turn. After restoring the original, adjust the position of the adjusting screws in accordance with the methods described above

What to watch out for?

Used oil is not recommended for chainsaws.

When choosing a chainsaw it is very important to find the type of tire required for your purposes. Flat bars with a low-profile chain are not dangerous. that’s why they are often used in chainsaws for home use. Certain applications use chain saws with lightweight bars that consist of iron bars with polyamide-filled slots.

gasoline, chainsaw, ural

It is very important to see that the accessories for the chosen saw can be bought only of the same brand, because these parts are not unified. For this reason, a recognizable manufacturer, extensively on the market, is even better when choosing a chainsaw. You should pay more attention to the safety of the saw. STIHL HP ultra two-stroke engine oil. For the chainsaw. How to dilute gasoline for. Here, the choice is made on two aspects: vibration protection and backstroke protection. The farther the fuel tank is from the engine, the less vibration. In addition, rubber pads between the handles and the body protect against vibration. Brake and shield are used to protect the user from reverse impact. In order to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw, it is necessary to consult with experts before. It is best to ask those who work in. A reverse impact is possible in this case if the material to be sawed has only been gripped at the end of the guide bar. Brake is placed so that the hand would push it with the automatic. The shield insulates the saw from rebounding. It must be understood that the Swiss brands of chain saws do not have a deflector.