Grass trimmer stalls when you step on the gas reason

Gasoline grass trimmer does not start and stops

Why the grass trimmer gasoline does not start? Causes and their elimination

The gasoline grass trimmer has recently become one of the main tools in the arsenal of gardeners. This is not surprising, because the motorized lawn trimmer allows you to quickly bring your yard in order. But sometimes it happens that the grass trimmer does not start when hot and even when cold In such situations, we have to independently determine the cause of the malfunction. Let’s find out what to do if the grass trimmer does not start. The causes that most often lead to such troubles, will be discussed below.

What’s the result

To summarize, add that the fuel lines, connections, and hoses are rubber products. For this reason, you should keep in mind that there is a natural aging of rubber. In cars that are more than 10 years, cracking of rubber hoses becomes a frequent phenomenon, which leads to suction of air. It should be added that the external condition of such hoses is not a clear indicator of their condition. The internal surface of the walls also deteriorates, resulting in unnoticeable particles ingress into the injector, carburetor or fuel injection valve, especially when the problem occurs in the areas behind the fuel filter.

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lawn mower stops when you press the gas

Those who have lawns on the homestead plot know that the grass trimmer is quite a useful thing, which will help quickly and qualitatively bring order to the lawn or cleanse the heavily overgrown territory from weeds. And, like any machine, it, too, often fails due to various breakdowns. One of the most common complaints from appliance owners is that the grass trimmer stalls when you step on the gas. We propose to understand the main causes of this phenomenon and identify ways to solve the problem.

Why does the grass trimmer stalls when you press the gas?

  • Unfortunately, the situation in which the engine shuts down when you press the gas grass trimmer, can occur in many cases. Most often the “culprit” of the failure is the carburetor. This is the most common reason why the grass trimmer stalls. As a rule, troubles occur when the carburetor is misadjusted, which is possible after long storage, after operation in unfavorable conditions, heavy loads on the engine. Recognize the “fault” of the carburetor is not difficult by the appearance of vibrating movements of the grass trimmer. If you have experience repairing a car carburetor, it makes sense to try to repair it yourself, using the owner’s manual. Although much more reliable to give details to repairprofessionals in the service center.
  • Another reason why grass trimmer stops when you give gas, can be a clog in the fuel valve, which prevents the normal flow of fuel. Solve the problem easily by loosening the valves, after which you can normally deliver gasoline to the carburetor.
  • If you have a similar problem, you should also pay attention to the check valve. the breather. Being in the gas tank, the check valve prevents the vacuum in the tank. If the breather valve is clogged air is not coming in, so the fuel supply is stopped.
  • Often, without picking up speed, grass trimmer turns off at high load. This happens if the cable, located in the carburetor, is loose and hanging down. It also happens that the overstretched fuel intake hose under load stretches strongly, cracks and eventually burst. If such a problem occurs, it will be necessary to replace this component.

As you can see, there are many reasons why the grass trimmer may stall when you step on the gas. That is why it is important to monitor the condition of your helper, in time to check the condition of all systems of the mechanism.

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Lawn mower does not start or starts, but stops. What’s the reason?

Lawn mower is a mobile high-performance tool for landscaping of household plots and adjacent areas. During long-term use, because of the wear of parts or manufacturing defects appear malfunctions, which lead to the fact that the trimmer for grass stops or does not start. Since this tool is quite a complex mechanism, therefore, the reasons why the lawnmower stalls, there may be several.

There are two main ways to eliminate the problems: transfer the grasshopper to a specialized center or solve the issue with your own hands. The first option is suitable for those who are ready to lay out a “tidy” sum to restore the performance of the unit, and the second for those who have basic locksmith skills and can deal with the causes of failure and ways to fix them independently.

It is now customary to classify breakdowns that cause the lawnmower to stall into the following categories:

  • mechanical damage to the engine crankcase, malfunction of the cylinder-piston group (CPG);
  • Breakdowns related to the fuel mixture supply (air filter, carburetor);
  • Malfunctions due to damaged tubes, hoses, cables or the ignition circuit.

Why does the mower or lawnmower stall when the throttle is depressed, the air dam is open, or at high revolutions

Maximum and minimum engine revolutions, even idling regulate the carburetor. The stable operation of the lawnmower depends on the amount of mixture and air supplied and their ratio. lawnmower won’t start if the carburetor is out of adjustment. The procedure for setting the unit for low RPM (L), high RPM (H) and idle (T) is adjusted with the same-name screws:

  • The chainsaw needs to be run for at least 10 minutes because the adjustment is done while it is hot.
  • Turn the screw H slowly up to the maximum rpm and then turn it ¼ of a turn counterclockwise to reduce the engine rpm.
  • Idle speed is adjusted with the screw T, so that the grasshopper does not rotate.
  • Adjust the L screw by first opening the throttle as much as possible and then gradually lowering the RPM to a steady minimum.

After adjustment serviceable carburettor with cleaned filters, checked ignition should provide engine operation. If the carburetor malfunctions, once it’s repaired, you’ll need to adjust the feed system again before you can start the lawnmower.

Rare breakdowns that prevent the operation of the lawnmower can be:

If even after such mockery your grass trimmer will not start, you can not do without disassembling the carburetor. It could very well be that the needle is stuck in it. At idle, it stops. When it heats up the grass trimmer immediately stops why does it stop? Why does the hot engine stall? ? Actually, if it’s hot, what kind of grass trimmer do you get?? Hitachi. In any case, disassembly and flushing of this capricious mechanism certainly will not prevent.

grass, trimmer, stalls, step, reason

In general, when the grass trimmer began to naughty and sizzle, it is advisable to conduct a complete preventive maintenance: completely change the fuel mixture, try a different oil, as well as mandatorily change the plug. Practice shows that in many cases it is cheap low-quality plugs that are to blame.

We’ve looked at the most typical reasons why the grass trimmer won’t start. If it is something more “exotic”, you can not avoid a trip to the service center. You are likely to find smaller and more obvious defects on your own.

Immediately after starting

The machine may stop shortly after starting if the carburetor is out of adjustment or has not been properly set. this causes an uneven fuel supply. The result is that the unit begins to vibrate distinctly. To correct the problem, the carburetor is readjusted, acting in accordance with the instructions to the mechanism.

Also the engine stops when the fuel valve is clogged. In such cases it is sufficient to simply clean it. If the lawnmower starts working, but then immediately stops, it is possible that the fuel in the carburetor unit has some difficulty. The problem can be solved by loosening the valve, which allows the mixture to circulate freely in the system.

Stopping can also be caused by air suction in the presence of mechanical damage to the hose (holes, cracks) that produces fuel intake. In this case, you need to add revolutions to the drive to expel the air bubbles from the system faster.

In this article we will consider the problem, why the lawnmower stalls and how to deal with this problem.

Even a very good brushcutter may have trouble starting. For example, it starts up and then stops. It most likely indicates a problem with the filters. air or fuel filter. If it stalls at idle rpm, the brushcutter most likely has a problem with the carburetor, which overheats too quickly and can no longer cope with forming a quality air-fuel mixture.

If your weed trimmer stops when you press the gas, i.e.е., When the engine revs too fast, there is a problem with the carburetor or fuel filter.

If there is a problem with the air filter, the machine stops working when the choke is opened.

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Trimmer won’t stay running, fixed.

When to go to the workshop

If the machine is under warranty, at the first sign of malfunction you can safely take it to a specialized workshop. Repair will be made free of charge, regardless of the nature of the damage, if it occurred through no fault of the owner. In case of engine failures, it is better for a person uninformed in technology to immediately contact a specialist. In any case, it is up to the user to determine the severity of problems with the unit.

To sum it up. Both gasoline and electric trimmers for grass are designed for many years of reliable operation. Most of the problems described above are caused by the lack of attention of the owner to his helper. The manual mower will operate smoothly and accurately in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

grass, trimmer, stalls, step, reason

At high revs

The hole in the fuel cap (breather) of grass trimmer

With a similar problem, it is worth paying attention to the fuel valve, which, if clogged, ceases to pass the fuel mixture normally. The way to solve this problem is to loosen it with a suitable tool. Besides, the problem with fuel mixture circulation may be caused by dirty valve. For this purpose it is enough to blow it with a stream of compressed air.

  • etching of atmospheric air into the combustion chamber;
  • malfunction of the fuel mixture circulation
  • clogging the breather in the fuel tank cap (cleaning the hole with a thin sewing needle);
  • improper carburetor adjustment.

If the air leak occurs during engine operation check the tightness of connections and the integrity of gaskets in the cylinder head. The problem with fuel mixture circulation can be solved by removing blockages in fuel pipes leading to the carburetor. If there is a vacuum in the tank and the fuel mixture does not come to the carburetor, it is enough to clean the breather valve with a fine needle and blow it with air.

If the lawnmower stops when you press the throttle, the causes may be.

  • The most common variant is the failure of the carburetor adjustment, which occurs with significant loads on the drive, after prolonged inactivity of the mechanism or when it is used in harsh conditions.
  • Fuel valve plugging that can be repaired by loosening it and making the petrol flow through the system normally.
  • Loose and hanging cable in the carburetor. Stretching or even bursting of the fuel hose caused by considerable force may also occur.
  • Breather plugging (check valve), which prevents fuel from flowing into the tank.

If the problem is related to the carburetor unit, you can recognize it by the appearance of vibration of the lawnmower. When the hose bursts or the cable is stretched, these components are replaced.

When the grasshopper stalls at high RPMs, it is due to the following problems:

  • clogging or sticking of the valve located on the gas tank cap;
  • The carburetor has become misaligned by the vibrations produced by the mechanism;
  • Problems with fuel mixture circulation;
  • Atmospheric air leakage;
  • the fuel hose is cracked or loose.

The carburettor is adjusted according to the instruction manual for the trimmer. To adjust it, it is often sufficient to loosen the tightening of its housing. If there are problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture, it may slowly flow into the carburetor. After its depletion, the engine stops at high revolutions.

The most common cause of mower malfunctions is the air damper or, more precisely, its condition: it is clogged. The part is structurally located in the place where the received fuel is atomized, and, accordingly, the product collects all the inclusions in the low-quality gasoline.

  • clogged air damper;
  • A clogged fuel filter, and when you give gas, it’s especially noticeable;
  • there is air leakage by the crankshaft oil seals;
  • The gasket between the cylinder and carburetor is damaged.

When you have cleaned, flushed and purged the elements, but again the lawnmower stalls when you step on the gas. replace them with new ones, check the quality of the fuel, as well as the literacy of the proportions of the mixture prepared. When the air damper is opened, the tool will stall for the following reasons:

  • Malfunction of carburetor metering system.
  • Cracks in the fuel hose caused air drainage.
  • Occurrence of packing problems.

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In the process of work, there are situations where the lawnmower at high speed is subjected to a similar abrupt stop. It occurs for the following reasons:

  • due to problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture;
  • with air suction;
  • fuel intake hose is badly connected or cracked and can not be operated;
  • stuck or clogged gasoline tank lid valve;
  • the carburettor is out of tune.

In most cases, however, the cause will be the carburetor and related filters, hoses. If you need cutting gear or trimmer heads, then buy them also gladly offer our website tools and accessories for gasoline.