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Circular saws device

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The saw blade design is relatively simple.

In addition to the body, which unites all the parts of the tool into a single whole, it includes:

  • Electric motor with mechanical gearbox. required for generating and converting torque.
  • Saw blade. fixed on the gearbox spindle with a fixing nut, is a consumable that serves directly for making cuts.
  • Riving knife platform. provides a secure stop and a consistent angle to the seating surface, and prevents the cutting disc from getting caught in the lumber.
  • Protective covers. parts that redirect sawdust ejected when cutting wood downward.

In some models, additional units and mechanisms are installed. So, recently, laser trajectory indicators, sawdust suction systems have gained popularity, and in powerful industrial “circulars”. additional safety covers that exclude accidental injury to workers.

Classification of “circulars” and criteria for their selection

The most obvious criterion for classifying a power tool is power

It is important to take into account that with an increase in the power of a circular saw, its weight and cost inevitably increase, so think three times before overpaying for a top-class tool if you plan to saw it, for example, plywood.

So, according to the power of the “circular” is divided into:

  • Low-power (up to 800 W)
  • Middle class (800-1500 W)
  • High class (more than 1500W)

Finally, the third criterion for classification is the type of power supply of the instrument. Depending on it, circular saws are divided into network saws (connected to a regular household outlet with a voltage of 220 V) and rechargeable ones (they have a power source built into the body). The latter are preferable in the case when there is no centralized power supply near the future place of the main work. But you can not count on long autonomous work. with such engine power for most “circulars” it is limited to 1-2 hours.

Choosing a hand-held circular saw for wood

Working with lumber in small volumes is a task that hand-held hacksaws and jigsaws can quite cope with. But what if you want to get maximum performance in minimum time? An obvious solution is the use of hand-held circular saws, which, firstly, have sufficient power, and secondly, they are distinguished by convenience and mobility, which are not characteristic of stationary sawmills.

We offer you to get acquainted with the classification and design features of circular saws for wood, as well as take a look at the rating of the most popular models of this year.

How to choose a circular saw and discs for it?

Purpose of the tool

In a private house, a circular saw is indispensable, especially when high performance is required from the tool.

Circular saws are used for:

  • Pruning large branches and felling trees
  • Longitudinal or transverse cutting of boards, beams and battens
  • Cutting plastics and soft non-ferrous metals
  • Dissolution of sheet materials

Types and features of saw blades

Saw blades differ, first of all, in diameter. the larger it is, the greater the cutting depth the tool can provide

Since the disc can only penetrate into the material up to the level of the support platform, it is usually about 40% of the diameter.

In addition, discs are classified by purpose, for example:

  • For soft woods
  • For medium and hard rocks
  • For sheet lumber
  • For aluminum profile
  • For plastics, etc.

Selection by purpose

As already found out, there is a wide variety of saws, but the choice of a hacksaw should also be carried out in accordance with certain types of work:

  • For rip sawing, a jigsaw must be used.
  • The transverse will cope well with wood where there is a transverse arrangement of fibers.
  • With a tenon, you can cut various grooves and tenons, as well as technological recesses in the tree.
  • Circular cuts holes of various shapes.
  • Folding hacksaw is used on trees.

The choice must always be made according to the main purpose for which a certain instrument is purchased. A saw with interchangeable blades is suitable for a household, and it is also desirable to have several types of cutting tools at home.

Hand saw for wood: varieties, which one is better to choose

It is very difficult to do on a private plot or cottage without a hand saw for wood. This tool is also called “hacksaw”. With such a simple device, you can cut trees or branches in the garden, shorten fences and perform many more types of work where you need to change the length of some wooden product: boards, laminate flooring, and so on.

  • Choosing a saw
  • Tooth size
  • Steel
  • Blade length
  • Lever
  • Varieties
  • Selection by purpose
  • Selection Tips
  • It is unlikely that someone seriously thought about this, but if you make the right choice of a saw, then its service life, as well as the convenience of work and the quality of the cut, will depend on it. That is why it is necessary to know all the basic parameters for the correct choice of such a carpentry tool.


    • Classic. This is the main type of hacksaw that almost every man has in the garage. Even those who have the most distant relation to construction still acquire such a device. This type of saw can be of any length, as well as a different number of teeth. The tool is very often equipped with a replaceable blade that comes with the kit.
    • Narrow. Such a hacksaw is also called a circular saw. The name appeared due to its use. with a saw, you can create lines of various shapes, and everything is done very clearly and accurately. Another such device can be used to cut various holes. The blade is very narrow, and the teeth are frequent, they are located both on one working plane and on both. It must be remembered that when working, you need to act very carefully, because if hesitant movements are made, then the blade can easily turn in the other direction. That is why it is advisable to buy a canvas made of high-quality and good steel, which will not bend during operation.
    • With a backing. This type of hacksaw for wood is equipped with a stiffening rib, which will not allow the blade to bend while cutting the material. That is why the tool cannot make a low cut, since the backing will interfere with this process. It is worth noting that this type of saw has a very comfortable handle at an angle of 45 degrees. That is why it is very easy to work with the canvas.
    • Luchkovaya. This type of saw is very often used in plumbing work. With the help of a hacksaw, you can cut rough parts of the trunk, saw out various figures from plywood, and also remove knots on a tree. Sawing of wood can be performed both transversely and along. The use of a bow saw is very wide, and therefore it can often replace a small woodworking machine. But such a tool has its drawbacks. The saw is rather bulky. It has a complex design, and all bearing parts are made in the form of a curved arc, to which a very narrow canvas will be attached. And also you need to work with the tool very carefully, since the blade is fragile and can very easily break during operation.
    • Reward. It takes a lot of effort to get comfortable with this kind of device. This tool resembles a plane. There are several handles. With the help of such a saw, you can cut grooves and spikes, make a depression of different sizes, and on any type of wood.
    • Folding saw. This type of instrument is very convenient because you can take it with you on vacation or on a hike. It is very lightweight, compact and folded will not hurt a person. It is worth noting the very small teeth, which are well sharpened.
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    Thanks to the handle, the convenience of carrying out any work is carried out. The tool should fit perfectly in the hand and also be very comfortable. To make a handle, different plastics are used, which will be pleasant to the touch. When choosing, you must make sure that the material will not slip if the hand sweats during work. It is for this purpose that special grooves and recesses are made in the handle, as well as rubberized pads. It is these parameters that all manufacturers take into account, and therefore they produce products that differ in a wide variety of handles.

    Choosing a saw

    • the shape and size of the teeth;
    • the size of the canvas;
    • the brand of steel from which the canvas is made;
    • handle shape.

    If one of the specified parameters changes, then the hacksaw saw will radically change its initial characteristics. All these factors must be taken into account when buying a tool for different cases. And also you should always make sure that the saw fits very well in the master’s hand, because this will greatly facilitate the work. It is not worth purchasing a tool with a small handle for a person who has large hands. Such a hacksaw will be very inconvenient to use, and therefore the quality of the cut will suffer.


    No one wants the saw to fail after a few uses, and therefore it is advisable to choose the highest grade of steel. Teeth can be regular or hardened. Ordinary ones are sharpened at home.

    Saws with hardened teeth are disposable, because when they wear out, nothing can be done with them on their own. This type is very easy to spot by its dark color. It is advisable to choose a saw that is made of stainless steel, since it can often be very damp in garages, and therefore the saw will be covered with unnecessary corrosion. And there are often situations when work is carried out on the street, but after use the saw is forgotten on the site, then it rains, after which the tool is also covered with rust.

    Blade length

    This parameter will be determined by the pitch of the teeth and the size of the saw.

    • Small hacksaws are equipped with small and frequent teeth, the length of the blade will not exceed 350 mm.
    • Universal hacksaws are available with an average tooth size, and the length of the entire tool is no more than 550 mm.
    • A wide hacksaw has large teeth and an increased pitch, the blade length is usually no more than 600 mm.

    The canvas can differ not only in length, but also in shape. A traditional saw is usually tapered on one side of the rectangle. This suggests that you have purchased a versatile tool that can be used to saw various objects. A rounded blade is usually used to cut branches or other objects from a distance. Such a hacksaw is very light and glides on the wood with high quality, without causing any special trouble to the owner.

    Tooth size

    This parameter will greatly affect the speed of work as well as quality. To make it convenient to determine the size and number of teeth, the designation TPI was specially introduced, which should indicate the number of teeth in one inch. Such a parameter can always be found in the description of the tool, and also this value is very often drawn directly on the canvas.

    • A hacksaw for wood with a large tooth will provide a rough cut, as well as a high speed of work. This parameter will be needed for sawing large boards, firewood and branches. TPI of such a tool is 3. 6.
    • If there is a need to make a neat and even cut, then you need to buy a saw with fine teeth. T PI 7. 9. Such a hacksaw is ideal for sawing chipboard, fiberboard, laminate. But it is worth noting that the productivity will be much less than that of a coarse-toothed hacksaw.

    The teeth can also differ in their shape, and this will affect the purpose of the tool:

    • For rip sawing, the teeth are made in a triangular shape with oblique corners. Their appearance will resemble hooks that are sharpened from 2 sides. Such a saw will slide along the grain of the wood and make the cut very evenly, without leaving any chipping.
    • For cross cutting, teeth are made in the shape of an isosceles triangle. This type of hacksaw cuts when going back and forth, but it is advisable to use it only on dry wood.
    • Sometimes it is necessary to use a mixed type of sawing, and for this option, two types of teeth are ideal, which are alternately located one after the other. Long curved ones will cut materials in the forward direction, and the triangles, when moving backward, will expand the channel and cling to sawdust and shavings.
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    Type of food

    Circular saws of the manual category can be operated both from the mains and from the battery. As a rule, models with a built-in battery are less powerful and require regular recharging, but they can be used anywhere in the garden. Chain saws are always limited by the length of the cord, they must be turned on near the outlet or pulled to the desired location with extension cords.

    Smooth start

    If the circular saw is started immediately at full throttle, it will lead to an unpleasant jerk of the device in the hands. In addition, the engine is then subject to wear more quickly. Soft start is responsible for ensuring that the tool starts up and accelerates gradually. The function increases the convenience of use and prolongs the life of the saw.

    What type of saw do I need for which job?

    Military DS1250

    The inexpensive circular saw for planks, timber and soft metals has a power of 1.25 kW and comes with a 185 mm blade. It receives power from the mains, weighs only 3.4 kg, it is easy to carry from place to place. During operation, it almost does not vibrate, but the model also has a minus. there is no blocking from accidental activation on the case.

    The Military hand saw is inexpensive, only 2400 rubles

    Top 10 best hand-held circular saws for quality and reliability

    When choosing a circular saw for your home, you can study an overview of the most reliable models. The user rating contains tools with a reasonable price, but good quality characteristics.

    Disk rotation speed

    For hand saws, this figure is usually 3000-6000 revolutions. The higher the speed of the tool, the smoother and better the cut will be, even in very dense wood.

    Bort BHK-185U

    The circular saw with 185 mm blade handles wood and other materials up to 64 mm thick. Convenient to operate, has an ergonomic body with a rubberized handle. Maintains a maximum speed of 4500 and quickly makes a cut. The disadvantages include the weak fastening of the screw, which is responsible for adjusting the cutting depth.


    Bosch PKS 40

    The 0.85 kW manual device handles both longitudinal and cross cuts. Equipped with the CutControl system, which monitors the evenness of the cut, and is completed with a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Also included in the kit is a 40-tooth nozzle, which is suitable for most cuts. Comes with a solid molded sole, easy to hold with one hand. On the downside, users refer only to the lack of speed control.

    You can buy a Bosch PKS hand saw for 5100 rubles

    BOSCH GKS 190

    The low weight (4.2 kg) makes it easy to operate the tool, and the robust construction and all its elements guarantee a long service life of the saw. The set of the model, in addition to the disk and the key, includes a dust extraction adapter and a parallel stop.

    • Easy control.
    • Smooth cut.
    • BOSCH quality.
    • Large cutting depth.
    • No soft start.
    • High price.

    ZUBR ZPD-2000

    Powerful circular saw with smooth start at a reasonable price. It is ideal for even the most difficult jobs. Ergonomic rubberized handle and additional handle in the kit make the tool convenient and easy to use, and also allow you to fully control the cutting process.

    The circular is equipped with a sliding protective cover that protects the user from getting injured, as well as a soft start, which prevents the motor from overloading when turned on. The operator can independently change the brushes, thanks to the possibility of quick access to them.

    • Power 2000 W.
    • Smooth start.
    • 5-year warranty.
    • Quality materials.
    • At low voltage, it sharply loses in power.
    • Flimsy saw table design.

    comparison table

    To choose the best price-quality hand-held circular saw for wood, you should compare the technical characteristics of each model and their prices. For this we have compiled a comparative table.
    Model Power, W Rotation speed, rpm Disc diameter, mm Cutting height, mm Weight, kg Average price, rub.
    MILITARY DS1250 1250 4700 185 65 3.9 2865
    Bort BHK-185U 1250 5600 185 64 4.1 4715
    ZUBR ZPD-1600 1600 4500 185 64 4.1 4220
    BLACKDECKER CS1004 1400 5300 190 65 3.6 4187
    Hammer CRP 1500 D 1500 4700 190 67 five 5,078
    ZUBR ZPD-2000 2000 4500 210 70 4.25 5 214
    Interskol DP-210 / 1900M 1900 5000 210 75 6.2 7,280
    DeWALT DWE560 1350 5500 184 65 3.7 9875
    Makita HS7601 1200 5200 190 66 four 8 180
    BOSCH GKS 190 1400 5500 190 70 4.2 9451

    Bort BHK-185U

    Reliable model with low cost and high performance. The disc diameter of 185 mm allows cutting material up to 64 mm thick. The tool is easy to operate, thanks to the ergonomic handle and low weight.

    How to Choose a Circular Saw | Ask This Old House

    The circular saw is equipped with an accidental start lock, which increases the safety of its operation. In addition to 90-degree cuts, the operator can perform cuts by securing the support platform at a 45-degree angle. In such cases, the material processing depth is only 40 mm.

    Included with the “circular” are spare brushes, fastening keys, a guide ruler and a disc.

    • Good build quality and materials.
    • Sharp disc that does not dull for a long time.
    • Presence of blocking of pressing the “start” button.
    • Reliable to use.
    • Flimsy screw for cutting depth adjustment.
    • Soft, bendable keys.

    Hammer CRP 1500 D

    Ergonomic hand held circular at a reasonable cost. It has a fairly powerful 1500 W motor that provides good performance. A disk with a diameter of 190 mm is installed on it, which allows cutting up to 67 mm thick. The main handle is fitted with an elastomeric grip. The design also includes an auxiliary handle for a secure fit and comfortable tool control.

    To adjust the cutting depth and the angle of inclination of the disc, the design of the unit has lever and screw clamps. The saw is also equipped with an accidental start lock, and to facilitate the process of changing the blade, it has a shaft lock.

    • Sufficient power.
    • Not very noisy.
    • Doesn’t get warm.
    • Excellent revolving.


    A simple, easy-to-use hand-held circular saw allows you to quickly and accurately saw wood blanks. The light weight and affordable price of this model makes it even more attractive.

    Two protective guards provide the operator with increased safety when working with the power tool. The sawing angle can be adjusted within the range of 0–45 degrees, which significantly increases the possibilities of its use. Over time, when the brushes are worn out, the owner can replace them on their own without asking for help from service centers.

    • Lightweight (3.6kg).
    • Weak vibration.
    • Quality cut.
    • The handle is not rubberized.
    • No fuse button.
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    Hand-held circular saw for wood: rating of the best models for price and quality

    Carpentry or construction work is impossible without a circular (circular) hand saw for wood, or simply “circular”. With its help, the user will quickly and easily saw the necessary wooden blocks, boards, chipboard, fiberboard and other similar materials. It is an indispensable assistant, without which it is difficult to make precise longitudinal, transverse or inclined cuts.

    On the power tool market, the circular saw for wood is presented in the widest range from numerous manufacturers. But in terms of quality and cost, these devices are very different from each other, which makes the purchase very difficult. Consider the most popular models that have won the trust of their owners and appreciated them in their work.

    Makita HS7601

    A good tool with sufficient performance. With its help, you can saw wood blanks not only in a straight line, but also at an angle of 50 degrees. The presence of a ruler allows you to correctly calculate the width of the cut and set the desired angle.

    The circular saw has a wide functionality: protection against overheating, a sawdust blowing system during cutting, a port for connecting a vacuum cleaner, spindle lock, engine braking, sole adjustment. It is equipped with side stop locks, a cast rigid sole, a large bearing in the gearbox, an aluminum casing, and soft inserts on the handles.

    • Durable outsole.
    • Excellent blowing of sawdust.
    • Good build quality.
    • Convenient control.
    • Short network cable.
    • Soft rip fence.

    Hyundai C 1500-190

    Suitable for professional use thanks to its powerful 1.5 kW brush motor and 190 mm disc.

    90 degree cuts up to 65 mm.

    It is also possible to work at a 45 degree angle, but the cutting depth is reduced.

    The model has a locking system against accidental activation. Can work with guide rails.

    By adjusting the speed, you can select the optimal rotational speed of the disc for working with different materials.

    The saw is equipped with a vacuum cleaner necessary to remove dust.


    • power. 1300 W;
    • disc diameter. 190 mm;
    • cutting height. up to 65 mm;
    • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
    • revolutions. 4500 rpm;
    • weight. 5.1 kg.


    • low price;
    • performance;
    • comfortable grip;
    • possibility of tuning.


    • heavy;
    • short cord.

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    When working with wood, you need to perform cuts of varying complexity.

    Many people use a hacksaw, but it is not suitable for long-term work.

    A circular saw can greatly simplify the task.

    With its help, you can cut a large amount of wood in a short time, since the process is fully automated.

    Also suitable for cutting plastics, laminates and soft metals.

    The range of brands is very wide, so it is important to find the right option, taking into account the needs.

    How to choose and what to look for?

    When buying a circular saw, it is enough to focus on the main parameters of the tool:

    • Power. is selected taking into account the thickness and density of the processed material. Power is small. up to 0.8 kW, medium. 0.8-1.2 kW and large. more than 1.2 kW.
    • Weight. the saw is always on weight, so it is more convenient to work with a lightweight model.
    • Sawing depth. depends on the blade. For everyday tasks, an indicator of 40-50 mm is enough, for professional. from 60-70 mm.
    • Speed ​​- affects productivity and the ability to cut different materials. The higher the value, the denser materials you can cut.
    • Angle cutting. most of the tools are used for straight cuts and 45 degree floor cuts. There is a model with a cut at 60 and 90 degrees.
    • Disc diameter. ranges from 130 to 250 mm.
    • Additional functions. make it easier to work with the tool. Among them are soft start, laser mark, sawdust collection, engine blocking from accidental start, stationary chip removal system.

    Best hand-held circular saws

    Makita 5008MG

    Circular saw with a comfortable handle with rubber pads to prevent the tool from slipping out of the hand. The model is equipped with a 1.8 kW electric motor, which provides a performance of 5200 rpm.

    Sawing is carried out using a disc with a diameter of 210 mm in a straight line and at an angle of 50 degrees.

    The maximum cutting depth is 76 mm. The saw is equipped with lighting, a spindle locking system and an electric motor protection system.

    Set includes hex wrench, guide and saw blade.


    • power. 1800 W;
    • disc diameter. 210 mm;
    • cutting height. up to 76 mm;
    • tilt angle. 50 degrees;
    • revolutions. 5200 rpm;
    • weight. 5.1 kg.


    • performance;
    • powerful engine;
    • suitable for working with thick boards;
    • long cord.


    • few holes in the sole;
    • loud noise during operation.

    The best hand-held circular saws with the option of stationary installation

    In addition to standard circular saws, there are models designed for stationary installation. Due to their high power, they perfectly replace sawing machines, therefore they are suitable for professional tasks. The rating includes 5 electric saws with the possibility of stationary installation.

    BOSCH PKKS 18 LI 0

    The tool is effective when working with wood and metal workpieces. The CutControl system ensures maximum precision when cutting along the marks.

    The cutting depth is supported at an angle of up to 45 degrees. Right angle cuts up to 48 mm.

    The saw is powered by an 18 V lithium-ion battery.

    Supplied with a disc with a diameter of 150 mm. The bore diameter is 16 mm. Spindle lock makes tool operation as safe as possible.


    • power. 1800 W;
    • disc diameter. 150 mm;
    • cutting height. up to 48 mm;
    • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
    • revolutions. 3800 rpm;
    • battery voltage. 18 V;
    • weight. 2.6 kg.


    • comfortable to hold in hand;
    • saws perfectly;
    • adequate price;
    • high performance.


    • the saw blade is loose;
    • no battery indicator.

    BOSCH UniversalCirc 12 2.5Ah x1

    The circular saw is suitable for working with wood and other materials. Powered by a rechargeable battery, so the user is not limited in movement.

    Cutting angle can be selected from 0 to 45 degrees.

    At right angles, the maximum depth is 26 mm. A tool with a guide rail can be used. The set includes two discs with a diameter of 15 and 85 mm.

    There is a lock against accidental start-up. Can be supplemented with a vacuum cleaner for quick removal of generated dust.


    • disc diameter. 85 mm;
    • cutting height. up to 26 mm;
    • tilt angle. 45 degrees;
    • revolutions. 1400 rpm;
    • battery voltage. 12 V;
    • weight. 1.4 kg.


    • high-quality assembly;
    • a light weight;
    • high performance;
    • work from different angles.


    • speed control;
    • no dimension marks.