Hand Circular Saw Which To Choose

Circular saws Circular hand-held circular saws for wood. With laser line guide, tungsten carbide discs from 150 to 335 mm and variable speed!

Guide bar.

The straight-line movement of the plunge-cut saw takes place along it (parallel stops are not used).
Some disc models are also capable of working in conjunction with guides. They are easy to distinguish by the groove that runs through the entire support frame and is located on the side opposite to the saw blade.
The tool is put on the tire from above, and not wound from the end.
The size and geometry of the grooves of most of the guides are standardized and suitable for devices from different manufacturers.
Size range: from 0.36 to 2.6 meters. The connection takes place with a replaceable butt plate.

Circular saw for wood BauMaster CS-50200

If the tool is used quite often, when choosing a saw, many pay attention to the location of the engine. It comes in two versions, longitudinal and transverse. Experts believe that it is much easier to work with a saw with the engine along the tire. In addition, longitudinal units have better balancing.

Types of electric saws

If you need to cut a variety of materials of plywood, wood, plastic, chipboard, metal pipes and sheets, you should purchase a circular (circular) saw. Cutting is done with a rotating saw blade, and there are specific types of blades for each material. There are two variants of models, manual and fixed, attached to the bed.

A fairly versatile tool is a reciprocating saw, which is often used for cutting in hard-to-reach places. It is convenient for roofing and installation work. The working element is a file, the length of which varies from 0.1 m to 0.35 m. It produces oscillatory or translational movements.

Smooth, neat, even curly cut can be made with a jigsaw. It works equally well with ceramics, wood, laminate and metal. The file (working blade) of a jigsaw is indispensable if you need to cut a round hole or make a curved cut.

The best saws for summer cottages are recognized as chain aggregates, the main active element of which is a tire with a chain stretched over it. It is easy to use, relatively compact, and does not require fuel mixture preparation. Almost all gardening work can be done with its help: to knock down an old tree, cut off branches and branches, saw a trunk. It is good for carpentry and construction, especially in confined spaces.

When working with a chain saw outdoors, you must follow the safety rules. For example, the tool cannot be used when it rains, a short circuit is possible

about the chain saw

First, consider the characteristics that you need to pay attention to when buying.

Hand circular saw. How to choose a saw

Many decide on how to choose a saw only from whether it is a household tool or a professional one.

In theory, everything is correct: a professional hand-held circular saw is designed for continuous and intensive use in difficult conditions, and a household saw is usually only used occasionally. Naturally, the power tool of these two classes has differences in functionality and, of course, in price.

In life, not everything is clear: a professional hand-held circular saw can fail in a short time, and a household saw will serve faithfully for many years. The reason for this is many circumstances, including a banal accident, but the main reason for the failure of a power tool is its improper operation.

How to choose the right circular saw

Before choosing a saw, you need to clearly identify the purpose for which the tool is purchased and only then, based on this, consider in detail the parameters of each of the pre-selected models.

Almost all other parameters of the tool depend on the outer diameter of the circular saw blade, the main of which is the maximum cutting depth.

The most widespread are hand-held circular saws with the ability to cut to a depth of about 50-70mm. These saws are quite maneuverable and allow most basic operations to be performed without much physical effort. Lighter and more compact saws with cutting depths up to 40mm are easier to use when processing thin materials.

Actually, with such a circular saw, you can cut a fairly thick bar if necessary, but you will have to cut from both sides. However, another power tool is available for working with thick wood such as thick planks and tree trunks. Read up on how to choose the right chain saw.

Heavy professional hand-held circular saws with a cutting depth of 100-130mm and even more are a high-performance tool for performing large volumes of work. Such saws weigh more than 10 kilograms, it is difficult to work with them for a long time, and the accuracy of work suffers, therefore in this category it is advisable to choose a saw that can be installed permanently.

Saw blade diameter and saw power are directly related: the larger the diameter, the more powerful the tool. The saw motor is subjected to very severe stress during operation. The choice of a saw in terms of power is exactly the case when the stock is not superfluous: the more powerful the better, and the longer the tool will serve you.

Almost all models of hand-held circular saws have the ability to change the cutting angle from 0 (vertical position) to 45, and sometimes even more degrees, for ease of operation. The cutting angle is adjusted by tilting and fixing the platform in the desired position according to the scale marks on the tool.

When choosing a hand-held circular saw, it is customary to pay attention to the sole of the tool. The cast base is more rigid and does not deform over time, however, if the saw sole is made of thick sheet metal, then it will last no less than a cast one. In addition, if you are not going to set the circular saw in a stationary position, then you may not be so critical of the stiffness of the sole.

Personally, I preferred to choose the SPARKY professional TK 70 hand-held circular saw. For my needs in suburban construction, its capabilities are enough for the eyes.

Grunhelm GES18-35B

This small file belongs to the budget models. Bribes with a very low price with quite good quality, as well as extremely light weight. Hold a small sawing device weighing 3.5 kg in your hands for a long time. Pure pleasure. The saw is quiet, with reduced vibrations, the body is made of shock-resistant materials. The start is smooth, the work is smooth and quite playful. Easily handles tree twigs, branches and even trunks. Good for DIYers, carpenters, joiners. It is also widely used in household repairs, small construction sites, and the preparation of firewood. Will bring the young garden into a neat look. The design is uncomplicated, very well thought out and comfortable. The tire is shortened to 35 cm, so the tool can be held in any position without weighing down your hands. The engine is not very powerful, at 1.8 kW, but he can work on a home site, the main thing. Avoid overheating during work, and then the saw will serve for a long time and undemanding. The motor is located transversely. The cutting equipment is made by the manufacturer. Lubrication is automatic, but chain tension and replacement are done with a wrench, a wrench is included.

  • An excellent budget tool in a shockproof case, safe and convenient at a low price;
  • Safety during operation is guaranteed by a brake flap and an accidental start-up lock;
  • Built-in soft start function to avoid jerking when turned on;
  • The lubrication is regulated by a pump, the oil level is determined through the sight glass;
  • A wrench for adjusting the chain is included.

Makita UC3541A

This model is just as small, lightweight and extremely comfortable. 1.8 kW motor, 35 cm tire. But its price is 3 times more. The point is that Makita. Pure Japanese manufacturing, which gives us high-tech and durable tools. This tiny saw is unanimously recognized as the best not only for sawing wood at home, but also for professional sawing work. If not for the cost, she would have led the top sales, and so. Not everyone can afford it. But it is equipped with professional functions and is made extremely high quality. Carries out sawing works of any complexity. Does not give any backlash, no creak, no vibrations. The motor from the pro series, does not lose power during long sawing, synchronous, with copper rotor and stator windings. There is nothing to worry about overheating and overloading, the manufacturer has already taken care of the automatic protection systems. As you understand, the lubrication goes by an auto pump, economically, as it is used, and the tension is keyless. There is no abrupt start, there will be no blow from the reverse recoil either. The emergency brake will be applied with lightning speed. The cut is clean, precise and free of burrs.

  • Makita, thanks to modern developments, introduced a small and safe professional tool;
  • Sophisticated rubber-coated handles allow you to hold the saw at any angle, overhead, horizontally or vertically;
  • Keyless adjustment and automatic lubrication of the cutting attachment. A special indicator will remind you of a decrease in the oil level in the crankcase;
  • The transverse arrangement of the revving motor will ensure the transfer of 100% of the power to the chain;
  • Robust protective cover, restart lock button and instantaneous overrun brake. Guarantee of the safety of the working person.

Vitals Master EKZ 2245

The Latvian company Vitals is known to the Ukrainian buyer for inexpensive, high-quality and richly equipped equipment. This saw is no exception. For a reasonable amount of money, you get a powerful tool that is convenient for sawing wood, cleaning branches in the garden, and performing minor repair and construction work. Cuts easily and stably. The engine is also transverse, like the previous Dutch model. The power is slightly less. 2.2 kW. However, it is quite enough for a variety of household chores. The thermal balance has been improved, when overheating, the automatic shutdown system will work. The manufacturer also took care of reducing vibration, so the tool can be used for a long time without feeling tired in the hands. The bar length is increased to 45 cm, so thick logs are not an obstacle for the device. The chain and the tire are American, branded, from the Oregon brand. Lubrication of the chain occurs in an automatic economy mode, with a load of oil, more oil is supplied, at idle, the supply stops. The oil sump is equipped with a full indicator. Tightening and replacement is performed manually, which increases reliability and avoids chain sagging. The inclusion on the start is smooth, without a jerk, there is a brake shield and an accidental start blocking.

  • The motor, economical in energy consumption, placed across, gives good productivity and stability of work;
  • American cutting attachment with professional bar length of 45 cm expands the possible range of work;
  • All necessary security systems have been implemented to reduce risks when working with a sharp and powerful tool;
  • Soft start function. It is smooth and safe work at the start;
  • The handle facilitates a comfortable grip, has elastic inserts that dampen vibration vibrations.