Home Screwdriver Which is Better 2019

Thanks to the advice of professionals, even before buying, you can find out about a cordless screwdriver: which is better, more reliable, more practical for domestic operations. This will save money, choose a model with the maximum resource.

Tool manufacturer

The power tool rating allows you to determine the cordless screwdriver: which is better. Today, the leaders in sales in different categories are companies:

  • more than 200 €. Makita (for example, modification BTD 146FE)
  • 200. 150 €. 14-watt GSR model from Bosch, two Makita screwdrivers of models DF030DW, 6317DWE
  • 150. 80 €. Black HP12KD modification&Decker, PSR tool (14.4 V) from Bosch, option F01320JA from Dremel
  • within 80 €. models of manufacturers Storm, B&D, Bosch (DT-0315, KC9682CK, IX04, respectively)
Home Screwdriver Which is Better 2019

over, in the same price category there are screwdrivers with sharply differing characteristics. The home master needs to know a few nuances:

  • a screwdriver is not a complete drill, therefore
  • quickly fails when installing a drill, mixer for mixing dry mixtures
  • the strike option also reduces the life of this type of power tool

An impact screwdriver can help out in case of emergency for making holes in concrete, but not on an ongoing basis. It is designed for drilling metals, bricks, wood, screwing in any existing fasteners, dismantling structures fastened with bolts, screws.

Screwdriver battery. which is better?

To determine which cordless screwdriver is better, you should first pay attention to its battery. There are several types of batteries with characteristics on the market:

  • nickel-cadmium. a recharge resource within 1000 times, a high self-discharge, the lowest price among other analogues
  • hybrid (Ni-MH). the resource has been increased to 1500 recharging cycles, the average price, increased capacity, is discharged by 1% per month
  • lithium-ion. reduced discharge time, self-discharge is practically absent, the resource reaches 3000 recharging cycles

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The "memory" effect is possessed only by nickel-cadmium batteries. Therefore, acquiring a mid-range power tool increases the comfort of its operation. However, even expensive lithium-ion battery modifications have drawbacks. For example, they are practically not operational in the cold, lose their properties during long-term storage, and do not tolerate complete discharge.

The required number of speeds

When choosing the high-speed regime of a power tool, it is possible to find out which cordless screwdriver is better only depending on specific operating conditions. Budget models have 2 speeds, a professional power tool is usually three-speed. In addition, the speed is regulated within the same speed by the force of the drive button. The switch changes the interval of rotation of the cartridge within:

  • III speed. 3,500. 2,500 revolutions per minute
  • II speed. 1,500. 1,200 rpm
  • I speed. 700. 600 revolutions

The speed of response to a keystroke is more important than professional finishers. For example, most modifications to a Hilti power tool turn off instantly when pressure is released. This is very convenient when drilling with a large-diameter tool at low speeds. when the drill is jammed, the slightest twisting of the master’s brush (reverse) leads to a weakening of the pressure, the tool instantly turns off, avoiding dislocation, fracture.

Specialists pay great attention when choosing any cordless tool ergonomics, safety. For example, in models of Makita, Hilti, Bosch firms, screwdrivers are perfectly balanced, minimally load the brush in any position. The handles are treated with rubber or acrylic pads that resist slipping in the sweaty, damp hand of the master.

Screwdriver gearbox. which is better?

For professional builders, the question of which cordless screwdriver is better is not worth it in principle. They exclusively purchase models in the gears of which metal gears are installed. In a budget power tool, polymer gears or a combined scheme are more often present (a metal planetary gear carrier fixed in the housing, plastic internal satellites). The torque in them does not exceed 12. 10 Nm, which is quite enough for periodic use in everyday life.

When buying a cordless power tool, you must consider:

  • its power with the same dimensions is always less than the network analog
  • maximum power is only observed when the battery is fully charged

Battery voltage also affects the power of the power tool. An approximate calculation when buying a screwdriver can be done independently:

  • a budget model battery with characteristics 2 A / h, 12 V produces approximately 24 Wh / h
  • a professional screwdriver with a battery of the same power, voltage of 18 V will allow to increase this characteristic by one and a half times, bringing to 36 W / h

However, the price of the latest power tool will also rise. Professional models are always equipped with a pair of batteries, in cheap household screwdrivers it is often present in a single copy.

Brushless screwdriver

Professional builders, determining which cordless screwdriver is better, give the top positions to the new generation brushless models. For example, at Dewalt, this is the seventh version of the XRP mobile drill / driver. The high price of this tool is fully compensated by the advantages: