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grateful and presented material. It is quite easy to process and is often used in everyday life. It is much easier to work with it, but you need to know some features to cut plexiglass at home.

Orgshydlo softens well when heated, which allows it to give it any form. This is a profitable property for the manufacture of various decorative crafts.

Orgephylo is quite simply processed by all locksmith tools, which allows you to not only cut, glass for photo frames, but also build a transparent gazebo or greenhouse.

Depending on the use of plexiglass, you can choose different cutting tools.

How to cut plexiglass

For cutting electric saw (EL/jigsaw), you need to use special canvases designed specifically for working with orgstes. In the absence, we use blades made for cutting copper or aluminum. In this case, check the sharpening of the teeth. They must be well sharpened, have the same height and be in one plane. That is, do not have a divorce of teeth in different directions. For the maximum quality of the saw, the electric saw should be turned on at the maximum speed. After such a cut of the edge, as a rule, rough. They will need to be treated with fine sandpaper. Naturally, before sawing, it is necessary to cut a place with a sharp knife or nail, applying a metal ruler.

organic, glass

Hand hacksaw for metal. This method is almost no different from the operation of an electric saw. One nuance, which must be remembered, the hacksaw canvas should be stretched as tightly as possible, otherwise you can twist the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut, which will subsequently correct it is quite difficult. Before starting, securely fix the plexiglass to avoid bending.

organic, glass

How to cut plexiglass?

Thanks to its unique characteristics (in particular, thermoplasticity), PMMA will not be difficult to cut at home. You just need to get or get the most simple tools from Arsenal. Most often, a hand saw for metal or circular saw, cutter, milling machine is used for this task. Subtle sheets of acrylic (less than 2 mm) can be cut off even with the help of a regular stationery knife.

First of all, it should be noted that the surface of the plexiglass during cutting is heated instantly, so the surface temperature must be monitored constantly.

Cut (up to 2-3 mm)

The easiest and most common way is to use a cutter. The material must be put on a flat surface, attach a steel ruler to the cut site and several times carry out a cut on the groove.

Cut the sheet must be half the thickness of the material, and then just break off an unnecessary piece. In this way, you can cut PMMA with a thickness of up to 2-3 mm, and serious tools will come in handy for larger work.

Kryazuvka for metal

You can cut the material in a straight line with a regular hacksaw for work on metal.

However, it is worth considering the fact that the hardness of the millet is equivalent to the beech, so you will have to cut the material for quite some time and painstakingly. Acryl tends to heat up during cutting, so you will have to work slowly and constantly make sure that the polymer does not heat up.

Three.toothed disk for corner grinder

A three.toothed saw on wood copes with a sharp plexiglass. In this case, the material does not heat up and does not stick to the tool. This option is suitable for rectilinear cuts of sheets with a thickness of 5-10 mm.

Nichrome spiral

If you need to cut out a curvilineous form, then use this option. The plexiglass begins to melt already at 160 ° C, when the nichrome spiral is able to heat up to 1000 ° C and above. That is why it is necessary to have a rheostat nearby to fully control the process.

Since acrylic may burn, give an allowance up to 0.5 mm when working with a spiral, and then process the material using a grinder.

Laser cutting

The best option, of course, is to purchase a laser cut, which will provide a perfectly flat fishing line for a trimmer, a minimum waste and almost perfect ends, requiring small efforts to process. Laser cutting has several drawbacks: the high cost of buying equipment (however, you can always use the services of professionals) and the appearance of a small internal stress.

Zuker online store.By provides laser cutting service performed by highly qualified specialists. You can read more in the note “Laser cutting and engraving”.

Milling cutting

The milling machine also allows you to carry out high.quality work on acrylic cutting, but the purchase of equipment is not available to everyone. Exit. turn to professionals.

Zuker.BY offers a cutting service on the Volter milling machine, which will perform work efficiently, quickly and with high accuracy. The maximum thickness of the processed workpiece of PMMA is 24 mm. Details can be read in the material “milling cutting and engraving”.

How to glue the plexiglass?

Gluing parts from this polymer does not require significant financial and labor costs, the main thing is attentive and accuracy. Now there are a large number of different means on the market:

The simplest is the gluing using diffusion glue for acrylic Cosmofen PMMA.

One.component glue from the German manufacturer quickly fixes the surfaces from PMAA, acrylic and soxtruded profiles of parts with each other, has excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and thermal loads, high adhesion and low cost. The tool is used in the automotive industry, the production of window and advertising products, can be used both in external and internal work.

  • Dry thoroughly and clean the processed surface from contaminants;
  • Apply glue to one connected part;
  • Comer the elements and fix it under pressure;
  • Hold the details in one position for about 60 seconds;
  • Wait 24 hours (at air temperature 20 ° C).

If you glue everything correctly and in compliance with the basic elementary requirements, then the durable and hard seam of a muddy color will ultimately form.

organic, glass

Since gluing occurs almost instantly, it is necessary to use rubber gloves so as not to harm your hands.

Kryzaovka for work on metal

One of the most affordable options is to use a hacksaw. A good alternative than to cut plexiglass at home.

In its firmness, plexiglass can be compared with beech. So you can imagine how difficult and long you will have to cut the material. In addition, you will need to ensure that the glass does not heat up. Therefore, you will have to work very slowly.

It is convenient to make the markings with a marker, it leaves a bright and noticeable trace. The cutting line for the cutting of the cut is well applied with a knife, a nail.

At the same time, a hacksaw is an option on how to cut a plexiglass at home only if you have to cut it in a straight line. Fortable cuts will not be possible to perform well.

Good to know. When the canvas gets stuck during operation, pour a little water. So it will be possible to cool the fishing line for the cutting trimmer.

Cutting plexiglass at home

Cutting plexiglass at home is not difficult, as it is a malleable and easy to work material. Despite the external resemblance to ordinary glass, the operational characteristics of the organic glass are different, and it is processed by various methods: turning, strict, sawing, etc. Cut the plexiglass is permissible using a large number of devices.

Organization processing is carried out using the following tools:

Nichrome thread

Cutting by melting is carried out using nichrome wire. A voltage of up to 24 V is supplied through the reduction transformer to the wire, as a result of which it is severe heated. The nichrome thread is made by curved and curly cuts that have good surface quality and do not require further grinding.

Pets are used to cut with melting a screwdriver with a straight slot. The metal part of the screwdriver is heated by an electric soldering iron, while the end is pressed to the surface of the plexiglass. Then, holding the tool over the edge of the handle, a sheated screwdriver with a heated blade of a cutting line for a cutting trimmer. To carry out straight lines, it is more convenient to use a metal ruler or the smooth side of the hacksaw. Sequestol easily breaks along the drawn strip. details on

Circular saw or milling cutter

Circular saw or milling cutter is also a good option for working with organic glass. In this case, the milling cutter for the cutting of the plexiglass should be no thicker than 1 mm. It should be borne in mind that during cutting a saw or a milling cutter, the processed material is greatly warmed up, as a result of which it melts and foams at the site of the saw. In order not to spoil the workpiece, you need to provide cooling. To do this, use water poured into a bottle. The vessel is fixed in any way near the cutting tool, and the water is supplied to the working area using a thin hose.

The circular saw should work at high speeds. Some tools have a special mode for processing plexiglass. When working that do not require high quality cut, you can use the saw. The milling cutter is suitable for the production of thinner and clean cuts. When using a water cooling system, a smooth and smooth surface is obtained, and the cut will be transparent and neat.


Plexigilass of small thickness is perfectly cut using a construction cutter. For this purpose, a homemade tool made of a hacksaw canvas, and even a stationery knife is suitable for this purpose.

The cut can only be made by a straight section. To do this, the line (preferably metallic) is pressed to the sheet of the material along the alleged cut, then several times with pressure is carried out with a cutting tool on the surface of the plexiglass along the ruler. Когда разрез достигнет середины слоя плексигласа, его можно легко переломить. The place of fault will be uneven and rough, so additional grinding will be required.

Scabble for metal

The easiest way is the cutting of organic glass with your own hands is carried out by a knife.haired metal. The cut lines must be previously drawn with a pencil or felt.tip pen. In the process of work, the hacksaw must be kept evenly, trying not to tilt it to the side. It is advisable to fix the workpiece hard. The surface of the cut will not be even. All irregularities and burrs are removed by a file and sandpaper.

How to cut plexiglass with your own hands at home

Cutting plexiglass at home is an event that an ordinary person is extremely rare.

Despite this, the time from the time the question arises. how to cut plexiglass? But those people who like to craft with their own hands and use this unique material in their works, very often face such a task. to quickly cut acrylic into the necessary elements.

In production conditions, some methods of cutting this material are used, at home it is more convenient and more practical to use other methods. Below, consider which methods are used not in production.


For cutting polymethyl methacrylate, an electric jigsaw is used with special files for organic glass. Jergery for plexiglass have a special marking. the letters of the Latin alphabet MP.S.

For slicing plexiglass at home, an electrician with mp marking saws are often used.S

During the cut, the canvas must be controlled by the speed of the tool. The more revolutions, the higher the speed of the electrician. With a high cutting rate, the synthetic polymer begins to melt. The cut place becomes white and sealed. such material is unsuitable for operation.

The feed speed and the number of speeds of the files are selected experimentally. Before cutting the working canvas, it is recommended to practice unnecessary fragments of polymethyl methacrylate.

The electric jigsaw is used to create a straight and curved cut line.

Using a construction hairdryer

If necessary, bend a large piece of organic glass or a sufficiently extended part, a powerful construction hairdryer is used as a heat source. Its power should be such that it allows you to warm a fairly large part of the part.

Defhyflow bend with a construction hairdryer

The sheet is clamped in a vice, or if it is not possible, due to large sizes, several clamps are used. With their help, it is fixed to the countertop. They note the future fishing line for the trimmer of the bend and gradually warm the area of ​​hot air thoroughly, adjacent to the line of the future fold. After softening of this area, plexiglass is bending at the required angle. The resulting part is cooled naturally for the required time.

Flexion in hot water (boiling method)

This method among professionals is considered the simplest and least energy consumption. It practically does not require a special tool for its implementation.

Its implementation is as follows:

  • The prepared container with water is heated in such a way that the water begins to boil (the size of the container is selected so that it can be freely working in it with the processed part);
  • The part of the plexiglass is lowered into boiled water and withstand it there for five minutes (time depends on the thickness of the part);
  • After the workpiece is well heated, it is necessary to extract it, and give the required shape.

Extension of the plexiglass by placing on a preheated surface

The peculiarity of this method is that you have to work with a fully heated workpiece. Therefore, it is necessary to provide methods for protection against high temperature.

Cutting Plexiglass with a three.toothed disk

How to cut plexiglass in large volumes? Technical improvement of manual tools does not stand still. For more efficient use of corner grinder, the industry has released a three.toothed saw on wood.The three.toothed saw disk in its technical characteristics, along with wood, is also mentioned organic glass. He copes excellently with sharp acrylic for rectilinear cuts. The material does not heat up, does not melting and does not stick to the saw disc. This disk over the teeth thick from 5 to 10 mm.

How to work with a corner grinding grinder with a three.toothed saw disk, see this

In addition to corner grinders, people’s craftsmen use an electrician with special saws for plexiglass.


The most convenient method of sawing acrylic is a laser. However, this method cannot be applied at home, it is used exclusively in industrial production.

A thin laser allows you to make accurate incisions and cut even the smallest details of the future structure or product. If necessary, you can contact a specialized workshop or an enterprise that is engaged in the production of organic glass and products from it. It is recommended to make drawings in advance and mark on the polymethyl methacrylate canvas.

The laser allows you to carefully chop and plexiglass even small parts, is used only in industrial production


The most convenient method of sawing acrylic is a laser. However, this method cannot be applied at home, it is used exclusively in industrial production.

A thin laser allows you to make accurate incisions and cut even the smallest details of the future structure or product. If necessary, you can contact a specialized workshop or an enterprise that is engaged in the production of organic glass and products from it. It is recommended to make drawings in advance and mark on the polymethyl methacrylate canvas.

The laser allows you to carefully chop and plexiglass even small parts, is used only in industrial production

How to use OAIEGSD_Glass Cutter, Glass Cutting, cut curve lines

Cutting organic glass at home is a fairly simple operation that can be performed using improvised tools. In order to decide how and how to cut the plexiglass, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the sheets, the presence of curved elements in details, as well as a set of tools that are available in a home master. The most universal is the method using a milling cutter and a nichrome thread, and the simplest method is cutting using a hacksaw.

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Production methods of cutting

Orgagslo was widely used due to lightweight and good flexibility. Today it is used when creating greenhouses or arbors. For prolonged use of the material, several methods of production processing were developed:

Often use special milling machines, which are characterized by high performance and versatility. Their high cost determines that the installation is carried out exclusively in mass production.

Some features of the use of industrial equipment

All industrial equipment is characterized by what allows you to automate the process of cutting composite materials. To date, laser cutting is most often used. Among its features, we note the following points:

  • Processing accuracy is about 0.005 millimeters. This is achieved due to the formation of a laser beam 0.1 millimeters.
  • All formed edges are smooth and transparent, the waste is practically not formed.

Land and tape saw machines are widely used. This is due to their relatively low cost. However, such equipment does not allow processing along a complex trajectory.

When conducting machining, the tool and the material itself can be very heated. Orgage is characterized by less resistance to increased temperature, when heated begins, a large amount of smoke is formed. Air flow or clean water can use as cooling.

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Industrial cutting of plexiglass

The most popular tool, if it is necessary to cut or cutting a leaf of plexiglass, is a laser machine. When using it, you can achieve the accuracy and purity of the work performed. Productivity also increases significantly, the costs of human labor are reduced.

Laser cutting is carried out on the in.line lines. If there is a need to carry out non.standard orders, a machine with the possibility of management is used. Such equipment is enough to reconfigure to the necessary parameters to complete a specific order.

Milling cutting is carried out on a machine in which the fastening of the working tool is performed by vertical. The material sheet is fixed on a special machine. The operator enters the work parameters to the program, this is:

In order to inflict engraving to the surface of the plexiglass, you can also use the same equipment. The operator makes appropriate changes to the program.

In addition to the laser beam in production, disk and tape saws are used. The former allow you to perform rectilinear cuts, and the latter allow you to perform curved cuts. In order to obtain neat surfaces at the site of the cut, it is recommended to use the cutter. Disk saws are more often used for rectilinear cuts with a clear cutting line.

High.speed equipment is used to perform really high.quality cutting. The speed of rotation can reach 4 thousand. rpm. This method is better not to use with casting plexiglass, otherwise it can simply get better due to high temperature at the processing site.

Working with an outflow of the house

If necessary, you can process and cut plexiglass at home. Working with this material is quite simple. In order for you to succeed, you just need to remember some features of acrylic, which will help you achieve a good result when cutting.

You can choose one of the proposed tools that will be most convenient for you to work. So you may need:

  • Hacksaw. Suitable is the one that is used to work with metal;
  • A circular saw;
  • Cutter. You can purchase this tool or make it with your own hands;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Filament.

It should be borne in mind that the plexiglass has a low electrical conductivity indicator. That is why at home, using improvised tools, it is necessary to act carefully. Cut acrylic better with a sharp movement. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare everything in advance, outline the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut. There must certainly be water next to the workplace. It will be required to cool the cut. After cutting, you will need to process the cut, remove the existing roughness.

Consider the process of cutting plexiglass at home when using the listed tools.

  • A fairly simple and inexpensive way. this is cutting with a hacksaw for metal. The outline is not smooth. Additionally process it when using sandpaper or a file is suitable.
  • Cutter. To carry out cutting, you will also need a ruler, better metal. Place it along the planned cut line.Next, using the cutter, draw a fishing line for a trimmer along the intended line with pressure. Do it 2-3 times. The thickness of the canvas must be cut by 50%. Then just break the plexiglass along the cutting line. The edge will also turn out rough, it will require its processing.
  • At home, you can use a thin cutter. It is used as an electric drill nozzle. Be prepared for the fact that smoke will stand out in the process, and acrylic will quickly heat up. To avoid heating and melting the material at the process of processing, use cooling with water. Additional processing in this case does not need.
  • To obtain curly circuits, you can use the voltage thread from the tungsten. To build such a tool, you will need a transformer that lowers a voltage of 220V by 24V. Next, attach the thread between the two insulators, the voltage is supplied to it. When everything is ready and the thread is heated, cut out the required figure. The heated thread will melt the material.

If you are planning to process an plexiglass with your own hands using the tools available in your house or building such, you can independently cut it into the required elements.