How Can You Cut Slate

How dusty slate

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Slate holds water, but water cuts slate”. I came up with a proverb when we cut the slate in this way.

And so, all in order. We were going to cover the roof with slate, and the question arose then, how to cut it?

Slate, despite its strength and durability, is a brittle material; it is made of asbestos cement and has a fibrous structure. There are many ways to cut slate offered on the Internet. Some of them, probably Grandpa’s advice, we immediately weeded out as Inconvenient or expensive and Inconvenient. Although, for fans of experiments, I will describe a few:

Sun. This is not for us. The roof in our country house is large enough, there is a lot of slate and manual work is long and laborious. Yes, and we do not live in the Stone Age, it is better to process mechanics and use a power tool.

How Can You Cut Slate

We take a cut-off wheel on a stone “concrete stone 125 × 2.5 × 22.23” Meadows for 19 rubles (and one more spare). As well as protective glasses against sparks and fragments.

We will be sawing slate angle grinder, our choice. Angle grinder with disc diameter 125 mm. You do not need to take an expensive tool, you probably will NOT need it anymore, but the simplest, cheapest angle grinder will do for this purpose.

We bought an angle grinder Hammer USM 650 W 850 rubles.

First step. Preparatory. First you need to rest, sit, think about everything, drink a bottle of beer, preferably a plastic 1.5-2 liters, we will need it later. Getting started. You can’t do without an assistant here, and it’s more fun in the company, especially after such an outdoor recreation.

And it is much easier for two to carry it, the eight-wave slate letter weighs 26 kg, why bother. “I can hardly bear physical labor,”- we came up with another saying in the process.

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We lay the slate letter on specially prepared plank walkways. For this we have turned up an old wooden staircase, which we accidentally broke off from the house. Just in time, she perfectly suited the role of a table-base under the slate.

For marking a sheet of slate, we will use a special tool made of a wooden block of the required length with an emphasis. We will be sawing the letter of the corrugated slate in half across. Therefore, move a kind of ruler along the short side of the sheet, make marks on the waves, which we then connect into the cutting line.

We will dust the slate on the wet. If there is no helper, place wet rags on the cut line and leave for two hours. Although, why, we have enough people and little time, and everything is much simpler.

We will water the slate in the process. It’s simple. Saw one, the second pours on the cutting line and a little on the disc, cool it.

This is where we need our bottle, from which we will make the Splatter, punched a hole in the cork. When working with a sander, it is convenient to first cut the tops of the waves, then by connecting the cuts.

It is better to pre-wet the surface to be cut with water, the same spray AL-KO. The angle grinder presses hard on the sheet, so as not to crack the slate, it is wet, it is easy to cut. All dust dissolves and flows down to the ground, and residues settle on the instrument.

The cheap angle grinder coped well with the task and paid for itself. It is advisable to immediately cleanse it of asbestos dirt and it will last for a long time.

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How to choose slate for finishing garden beds

Slate is available in several variations. The composition of the material is the same, but different in configuration:

  • Flat. A letter with a flat surface, 6-10 mm thick;
  • Wave. A letter with a wavy surface, this option has a higher mechanical strength, since such a relief serves as additional stiffeners.
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Wave slate is most often used. Flat looks more aesthetically pleasing, but its strength is much lower.

Flat slate beds

Flat slate is produced in the form of sheets with a thickness of 6 to 10 mm, a length of 2 to 3.6 m and a width of 1.2 to 1.5 m.This dimensions are certainly too large, so the fences are made either from the already received scraps after roof structures, or sawing whole sheets.

Pressed and non-pressed slate is produced. Their characteristics differ markedly:

  • In pressing the material, the strength reaches 23 MPa, and in unpressed ones. Only 18 MPa, respectively, for the construction of high beds, for example, you need to use the first option;
  • Pressed slate lasts longer, with such processing the material acquires a density higher than 1.8 g / cm instead of 1.6 g / cm, respectively, the material becomes more durable, less delamination;
  • The impact strength in unpressed is 2 kJ / m, and in compressed. 2.5, this option can withstand more pressure;
  • The resistance to temperature extremes and the action of water is strikingly different: pressed slate can withstand 50 full cycles of freezing and defrosting, and not pressed. Only 25.

Slate trimming. How to cut flat slate?

Cutting flat slate is fastest with an angle grinder and stone disc. If you need to cut on a hard surface, which is highly undesirable to damage, place a wooden strip under the slate sheet, not far from the place where the cut will be made. However, this option will help you out when you need to cut close to the edge. If you need to cut the sheet in the middle, then it is best to put the slate on a flat surface that will not be scared to damage, for example, on the ground.

It is best to work with an assistant. While one person is cutting, the second will constantly wet the cutting site with a thin stream of water from a hose or bottle. If there is an assistant, then try to bring a hose to the cutting site, so that the water spreads along the plane of the slate in the place where you will cut. In this way, you can avoid spraying asbestos dust, which will drip onto the ground in the form of dirt. Its remains must be washed off from tools and surfaces, as the dirt will harden upon drying. Using the same angle grinder and diamond wheel, you can not only cut, but also polish the edges of the slate. Slate cutting angle grinder. A very noisy event, so ear protectors will NOT interfere at all.

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How else can you cut slate from power tools? Indeed, an angle grinder. Not the only solution to the problem, a jigsaw or even a hacksaw with a fine tooth will do. However, in this case, get ready for a long marathon. These tools are only suitable for small amounts of work. To make it easier to spray with a jigsaw, and even more so with a hacksaw, put a wet rag over the cut site and let it stand for at least a couple of hours. Just don’t get carried away. Remember that the sheets will not only become elastic from moisture, but also more fragile, so you should not press too much. When working with a jigsaw, set a reduced spindle speed.


Slate beds. A simple and practical solution for a summer residence or a personal plot. Such a fence is very easy to implement, it serves for a rather long time and protects the plants in the garden from rodents and pests.

Required tools and materials

You will NOT surprise anyone with roofing slate. This is the most common roofing material throughout the vast territory of the countries of the former Soviet Union. However, how and how to cut flat or wave slate. Rather fragile products. For the younger generation, it often remains a mystery. We will try to clarify this issue.