How Does A Robot Lawn Mower Work

By control method

Feedback. An important part of a robotic lawnmower. The simplest models are equipped with a built-in control unit or require a connection to a PC to set the operating mode. The more expensive ones have a built-in Bluetooth module, communicate with a smartphone or tablet, and are controlled from it. There are also options with a remote control that support several control methods at once. This is convenient if you need to mow a lawn of free form or fix noticed deficiencies in mowing the lawn.

How Does A Robot Lawn Mower Work

Rating of the best models

Among the options on the market, you can rank the robotic lawnmower models that are considered the best today.

Caiman Ambrogio L60 Deluxe

Robotic lawnmower for small (up to 200 m2) lawns, with the possibility of autonomous operation up to two hours. Fully automated, no boundary wire is required due to the built-in grass sensor. The technique optimizes work on already mowed areas of the lawn, which extends the battery life, a model with four-wheel drive, suitable for steep slopes. Control from two buttons on the body, width Mowing 25 cm, recharging is carried out in manual mode, with the transfer of equipment to the socket.

By technical equipment

All robotic lawn mowers, one way or another, are equipped with security systems. They recognize large obstacles and change direction in the event of a collision. expensive models are equipped with rain sensors and, when it starts, they leave for the base. A waterproof case can be a useful option too. It makes it easy to clean and clean the robotic lawnmower’s body of dirt and adhering grass.

Most of this technology is rear-wheel drive. It is wise to choose models with four-wheel drive if there are noticeable differences in height and slopes on the site. Other useful options include protection from children and theft, plotting a site map and controlling the height of the grass. This eliminates the need for re-rolling on already mown areas.

Worx Landroid M WG757E

Mower for automated lawn care up to 800 m2. The mowing width reaches 18 cm, a grass catcher is included, there is a 150 m cable included, mulching function. The equipment overcomes a slope of up to 35%, operates on battery power for more than 60 minutes, and automatically returns to the station.

Selection recommendations

When choosing a mower-work for mowing the lawn, you should definitely pay attention to a number of fundamental parameters.

  • The presence of a boundary wire. It is present in all budget models, but more expensive versions use different control methods. The technique without a boundary wire is more versatile, suitable for work in areas of 3000 m2 and more.
  • Cutting tool type. The tiller copes well with mowing grass with tough stems and mixed plantings. Free-floating knives are more suitable for a classic lawn.
  • The presence of obstacle sensors. They help the lawn mower-work not to drive into a wall or stone, stop when approaching a person or animal.
  • Swath width. The larger it is, the faster the work goes, and the more economical the charge is consumed.
  • Availability of automatic power detector. This option is available on premium models. It is useful if the grass on the object is heterogeneous in height and thick.
  • Battery capacity and type. These parameters depend on the battery life and the overall service life of the equipment. Husqvarna has a solar-powered Sular Hybrid with a nickel-magnesium built-in battery. Most other models have Li-ion power supplies, Worx has lead-acid equipment.
  • The presence of a charging station included. It greatly simplifies the life of the site owner. It is not necessary to look for a discharged lawnmower among the plants, to carry it to the outlet. The unit will reach the place itself and start charging.
  • Bevelling function. It is important because it allows you NOT to modify the appearance of the lawn with the trimmer. All grass will be the same height.
  • Having a service center within reach. Robotic technology is still a novelty even for Europe, so there is a flaw, and it is better identified, and not waiting months for the seller’s decision to send the mower to the factory.
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What are the nuances? What is important to consider before starting a job?

First, before starting work, site preparation is required. The preparation includes the installation of a base station, working with a power connection, laying a boundary loop and a guide cable, to which the mower is guided during the mowing process. It is also important to take into account that the lawn must still be level, slopes are acceptable, but the mound and holes will NOT allow the work to effectively cope with its task. The grass should be NOT tall. How the robotic lawn mower works. “more often better”. It needs to be run regularly, it removes not a lot of grass, but just due to the frequency it supports “green carpet” in a well-groomed form, with each helping him it becomes ever thicker. The works leave the cut grass on the lawn in the form of mulch, which rotates and turns into fertilizer.

The perfect lawn with a robotic lawnmower: myth or reality?

Spring, it seems, has just begun, and the long-awaited summer time is on the doorstep! Ahead are hot days outside the city, cozy picnics in the shade of trees, active games with children in the fresh air and romantic “dates” on the porch of the house overlooking the garden. Summer for gardeners. It is also a time of active work, maintenance of the territory and maintaining the beauty of plants, flower beds and lawns! Is it possible to keep the lawn in perfect condition, and without doing it for almost a minute, and will be discussed below.

Today, more and more robotic equipment appears in everyday life, ready to replace our cleaning hours, labor with a pleasant pastime with family, friends, or, for example, a book. Gardening is NOT an exception. Automatic watering systems. A vivid confirmation of this. And if they are no longer a rarity for many residents of our country, then lawn mowers work. A fairly new phenomenon in the world of gardening. And like everything new, it raises a lot of questions, the main of which is: do these works really work effectively? The perfect lawn with a robotic lawnmower: myth or reality? Let’s try to figure it out.

What is a robotic lawn mower and what manufacturers usually promise?

Robot lawn mower. This is a rechargeable equipment that independently cares for the lawn while you are resting or not at all. Producers guarantee an excellent lawn, work of the devices in various weather conditions and even on slopes. Equipment Equipped with a special program in which the owner enters all the necessary data and tasks for the robot. And then he independently proceeds to work according to the plan and returns to his charging place at the end of the session. You can program the robot to mow the lawn only on weekdays or at night, then during the day and on weekends nothing will distract you from your rest. The works differ in size, battery power, equipment, the presence of additional functions (for example, mowing the edges of the lawn) and all these factors, of course, must be taken into account when choosing a particular model of work for your site.

The main advantages of a robotic lawn mower

In fact, it turns out that meeting all the requirements for the operation of a robotic lawn mower is not difficult. The only negative of the equipment. Its price (on average from 50 to 100 thousand rubles). But it will pay off with interest, and you can see for yourself by testing the work on your site.

Let’s highlight the main advantages of a robotic lawn mower, why it is still worth considering buying such a smart “friend”:

  • Saving personal time and effort due to the automated operation of the device;
  • Ease of programming and management, as well as adjustment of the cutting height;
  • As a result. Perfect condition of the lawn on a permanent basis;
  • The works are NOT afraid of water, so they can be safely washed with a hose, cleaning the body, blades and wheels from dirt, dust and grass residues, and leave them outside throughout the season. In case of rain, works equipped with special sensors are sent to their station so as not to mow the lawn with mulching in bad weather.

Today there are several major manufacturers of robotic lawn mowers. For example, the German brand GARDENA has been developing this direction since 2012 and for the 2019 season presented the new model GARDENA SILENO life. Its blades cut the grass neatly, and thanks to the SensorCut system, the mower follows a specific trajectory rather than creating stripes on the lawn. The cutting height can be easily adjusted without the need for additional tools. The device is equipped with an intuitive interface, complex calculations and programming are not required. The model is available in three modifications with recommended cutting areas from 750 to 1250 sq. M.

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Based on THESE data and the results of testing the device, we can confidently say that the perfect lawn with a robotic lawnmower. This is not a myth, but a reality! The world of high technologies is developing rapidly, on the basis of unique developments, gadgets and equipment are created that we need in everyday life. And they make our life more comfortable and joyful. It is so beautiful. After all, there is nothing better for science than gender with an applied form, part of people’s daily life.!

Review of the best robotic lawn mowers 2020. TOP 7 models

An ideal vacation in a country house or in a private house looks like this. Whether you are doing housework or relaxing, the robotic lawnmower cuts the grass neatly and beautifully on your lawn. It is a great helper for people who value their time. Mowing times vary. Depending on the size and complexity of your site, the capacity of the built-in battery and the planted grass. But let’s not forget about the Weather conditions, because this technique is not required to work in the rain. Lawn mowers have quite serious advantages over all other types of hand mowers. They DO NOT get tired, and even when the battery runs out, they independently return to the charging station, replenish the charge and continue their work. Also, most robots cannot be stolen or stolen, as they are equipped with special alarm systems. They will NOT run into your neighbor’s area, AND will not bump into obstacles when properly laid out. Well, if you want to take part in the mowing process during your rest, choose a robot that can be controlled from a phone or tablet. So you can both observe his work and independently set his route.

In order to bring such a project to life, two things must be done. Level the area where the lawn grows to the maximum level and plant a special variety of lawn grass. Although, as practice shows, often the work does a good job in areas where you can find herbs. Another, of course, one of the most important factors is the price. Although all manufacturers strive to make this type of mower more affordable for buyers, the production technology of this equipment is. It is quite an expensive pleasure, so the price of the final product a priori cannot be low.

In this article, we have collected the best lawn mower jobs. Criteria by which the rating was formed:

  • Sales and popularity statistics for the period 2019-2020;
  • Reliability level, service life of a particular model;
  • The optimal ratio of quality and price;
  • Service support from the manufacturer (warranty period, network of operating service centers).

Robotic lawnmower Sulo by AL-KO Robulinho 4100

The famous German brand AL-KO produces some of the best robotic lawn mowers of excellent quality with excellent technical characteristics. This model cuts grass from 30 to 60 mm in height, the adjustment is automatic. Productive, with a cutting width of 320 mm, which is convenient for large lawns with wide aisles. An inclined surface is allowed up to 35%. The cutting system is represented by two floating knives. Controlled by a liquid crystal display. You can return to the parking lot with one button. There is a rain sensor. When it is triggered, the machine hiding into shelter on your own. The battery is a lithium-ion type of good capacity. 4.4 Ah, which will make it possible to mow the grass without recharging for up to 3 hours. Works silently, very small and lightweight. 10 kg weight. Recommended lawn area. 2000 sq m.


  • A modern battery with a voltage of 25.2V and a capacity of 4 Ah works for 180 minutes without interruption;
  • Wheels on soft rubber are designed for descent and ascent with an incline of up to 35%;
  • Equipped with obstacle sensors and rain analyzer;
  • The robust housing made of modern plastic is hermetically sealed and protected from dust and moisture;
  • Simple programming including time and date of start of work;
  • Cuts grass from 3 to 6 cm in height, independently adjustable cutting height.

Robot lawn mower. What is it, device, principle of operation, pros and cons

Automated lawn mowers are professional equipment. They have wide functionality. The robotic lawn mower is able to determine the site plan, tent route and even select the appropriate lawn mowing mode. World manufacturers are working to improve their models of these devices.

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How the robotic lawn mower works

We need to figure out how a robotic lawn mower works. Its functioning is impossible without a limiter cable, which comes with the device itself. It defines the boundaries of grass mowing. The wire should be laid in such a way that it bends around all kinds obstacles on the site (flower beds, reservoirs, paths made of rubble. In a word, everything except the grass on the lawn). However, if there are a lot of different attractions on the site, laying the wire will be difficult, so you will have to give preference to a conventional hand-operated lawn mower.

What is Robot Lawn Mower?

It is important to understand how a robotic lawnmower differs from manual models. It performs all functions independently, without the involvement of human efforts. Its use assumes absolute autonomy of work. The smart robot itself determines the desired mowing mode, the time for cleaning the lawn, and so on. The only thing the owner has to do. This is to set a work schedule for the machine before the first implementation and define the boundaries of the lawn on which cleaning is planned. Then the robot will put the site in order no worse than a gardener.

Smart the cleaner works quietly and unnoticed. The presence of this technique can only be understood by one sign. A neat and even mowed lawn. If for any reason it is necessary to stop cleaning on the site, you can use the control panel, Which is equipped with many models of robotic lawn mowers. It is also possible to turn off the device using the Bluetooth function.

How to choose a robotic lawn mower?

It is imperative to know what characteristics the best lawn mowers have. When buying, we advise you to follow the following rules:

  • When choosing this device, you should focus primarily on the size of the area.
  • Experts advise NOT to buy too powerful and expensive model smart lawn mowers for small area.
  • It is not necessary to fall to the other extreme, Trying to save money on the purchase of work for a huge area, especially if the selected device indicates that it is intended for cleaning a smaller area.
  • The best models have a manufacturer’s warranty.

Robot lawn mower with grass catcher

It may well be that among the wide variety of models, an automatic lawn mower with a grass catcher will seem attractive. The latter can be in the form of a bag or container. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The common disadvantage of both types of collectors is that, when filled, they increase the overall weight of the apparatus, which can lead to its slipping.

Robot lawn mower device

Outwardly, a lawn mowing robot looks like a regular lawn mower. The device has a sturdy body and is equipped with knives for cutting grass. The robot moves around the site using wheels. Perhaps the main external difference between an intelligent machine and a traditional lawn mower is the lack of a control handle. This device consists of the following elements:

  • Durable high quality plastic housing. It protects the internal components of the device from external mechanical influences.
  • Battery resistant to multiple charging cycles.
  • Electric motors. One of them is needed to control the knives, and the others. To keep the wheels running. Combined operation of several electric motors ensures high power operation of the lawn mower.
  • Working knives. The high speed of their rotation ensures the speed of the operations performed (mowing grass).
  • Sensors and built-in control system. They are nothing but brain robot. Sensors recognize factors important for the operation of the device. Thanks to the control system, the owner of the automated lawnmower can make memory smart cleaner the necessary parameters (grass cutting height, cutting duration, etc.).
  • Wheels. Works are equipped with high lugs, thanks to which they can move even on very thick grass and even on wet soil.

An automatic robotic lawnmower is capable of receiving a charge from different power systems: an electrical network, a separate charging station. Some models of these devices are equipped with solar panels. The need for recharging is also determined by work independently, without the control of the owner. In this case, they automatically connect to the base station.