How high can you mow with a lawn mower

Lawn mowing: descriptions, rules and regulations

Lawn mowing is the basic procedure for achieving a grass cover of optimum density. The first mowing should be done when little time has passed since planting, because if you miss it, some of the grass will lie down and some will overgrow.

All gardeners want to have a good and beautiful lawn, but not everyone knows how often to mow the lawn. Mow it in the summer on condition of good, sunny weather every week, about once every 5-8 days. then the lawn grows intensively.

In cloudy, prolonged weather, you can reduce the frequency of mowing to once every 2 weeks. If it’s pouring rain outside, mowing is best postponed. wet grass gets tangled, crumpled, which ultimately leads to uneven lawn coverage.

Malfunction and repair: how to diagnose and repair

Here’s a list of the most common faults:

  • Engine does not turn on or switches off intermittently.
  • The blade does not rotate when the motor is on.
  • Strong vibrations of the lawnmower.
  • The machine mows grass poorly.
  • The engine gets very hot or there is a smell of smoke.
  • Self-propelled mower drives poorly forward with the wheel lever depressed or does not drive at all.

How electric mowers work

The overall layout of the electric mowers is the same.

On the wheeled chassis there is an electric motor which directly or with a belt drive rotates the cutting tool and cuts the grass at a certain height.

However, despite the general principle of operation, all mowers are divided into types by:


  • Hyundai L 5100S. Lawn mower with 5 liter four-stroke motor. с., Has the ability to literally pull grass beneath the blade. The technique is optimal for processing large areas of 15 hectares, is efficient, has adjustable speed and cutting height. Ideal for tall grass.
  • Caiman Xplorer 60S 4000360901. This self-propelled lawnmower is powered by a four-stroke petrol engine and can handle both private and public areas. It can be used to care for slopes of rivers and lakes, roadsides, lawns and parks, remove dense weeds, and cut young growth of bushes. Cutting height range of 55-120 mm, three-point wheel base provides high maneuverability. The weight of the self-propelled device is quite large, up to 50 kg.
  • Champion LM5345. Modern, powerful petrol lawnmower with or without mulching function. The four-wheel, rear-wheel drive design weighs 36 kg and has a 3L 4-stroke engine. с. Cutting width up to 53 cm, the kit has a 75-liter grass catcher box, the maintainable cutting height varies from 25 to 75 mm, adjustable at 7 levels.

The model can easily handle the most demanding tasks and is well suited for taking care of large areas.

  • IKRA mogatec BRM 1446 S. Model with an average cutting height of 25 to 75 mm and a cutting width of 46 cm, equipped with a 3 L four-stroke gasoline engine. с. The lawnmower has 4 wheels (front pair diameter 18 cm, rear pair diameter 20 cm), steel body. Equipped with 50L soft grass catcher box for easy collection of cuttings.
  • VIKING MB 2 R. Gasoline lawnmower suitable for use on sites up to 1,500 square metres. m with different terrain types. Three-wheeled design with steel casing, it is easy to maneuver, has a cutting width of up to 46 cm and is able to cut grass up to 77 mm high. The model features a mulching function that shreds waste, no grass catcher box.
  • Huter GLM-5.0 S. Model with a relatively small cutting width (46 cm) and powerful 5 L four-stroke engine. с. Lawn mower comes with a 60 litre hard grass catcher box, mowing height can be adjusted to 5 levels, from 20 to 85 mm. The technique is quite heavy. 40 kg in weight, the housing is robust, steel.

Mowing styles: selection of your optimal cut

Before you start cutting the grass, you need to decide what kind of lawn you want to mow.

Rarely used on garden plots. To create a resilient green “carpet”, preference is often given to plants of the cereal family because of their high resistance to trampling.

For recreation, outdoor games with children, picnics

Used mainly on large open areas

A kind of front lawn, which is often laid near official bodies

Problems with lawn mowers

As with any gardening equipment, wheeled lawn mowing equipment requires safe use. You should only operate your power tool if it is in good working order. this is an absolute must. And before you turn on an electric or gasoline-powered unit, you should always make sure that it is intact. General safety rules and the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed when carrying out the work.

There are five main problems in the process of using a lawnmower:

  • Running into an obstacle;
  • oil leaks;
  • Blades get clogged with grass;
  • The machine is raking the ground with the grass;
  • uneven cutting.

All problems are more or less solvable. In the first two situations, you will most likely need to seek help from professionals. And to prevent such problems it is recommended to check the area before mowing for stones and other objects in the lawn grass, as well as not to put the device in the upside down position for storage.

Young soft and juicy grass can clog the ejection opening, and then there is unstable, torn operation of the motor. In this case you should periodically stop work to clean the hole from adhered grass segments with a thin sharp tool.

When a mower powerfully rakes not only grass stems, but also lumps of earth, it is possible to correct the situation by readjusting the height of cut so that the blade does not reach the ground. If the machine with a normally working motor cuts the grass in uneven strips, shreds, then the problem is with the blade: either blunted or not quite properly installed.

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct positioning of the cutting attachment. Have the blade sharpened by a specialist.

When working with a lawn mower, do not forget to use personal protective equipment. Regularly check the working tools to detect defects in time and solve the problem before a serious breakdown occurs.

When to mow grass after rain?

Even though the weather is wet, wet grass can be mowed with a lawnmower or trimmer a day later, after it has dried. Taking care of the natural grass cover on a suburban plot is much more difficult. Since visits fall on weekends, mowing falls on these days.

Digging of virgin land or not plowed for many years of land: 1500 per “hundredweight”, in summer and autumn before plowing must be mowed and remove all the grass.

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Lawn mowing: WHY, WHAT HEIGHT, WHEN and HOW

Lawn cultivation has recently become quite popular among home owners. But simply sowing a certain seed mixture on a lawn is not enough to turn it into a beautiful, dense emerald carpet. A lawn, unlike a natural meadow, requires constant careful maintenance.

One of the most important procedures of such care is regular mowing of the growing grass. It is necessary to adhere to certain rules regarding the beginning, frequency and end of seasonal mowing, height of grass cutting and the mowing process itself. Although the care of home lawns does not require any in-depth specialist knowledge, beginners often make rather standard mistakes which are easy to avoid.


Although, of course, the lawn is mowed for aesthetic reasons. how else could you give the grass clump the appearance of a neat, soft green carpet? However, this is just one reason and does not explain the requirement for regular cutting.

The fact is that most varieties of grass sown on lawns originally grew on wild grassland. So when grass is cut, which is like being eaten by animals, it reacts to the growth of lateral shoots, tillering and firming of the sward.

So it’s when you regularly mow your lawn that you get the thickest of grass. In addition, the formation of a dense turf suppresses weed growth.


Although for lawn grasses the constant removal of leaves is not critical and cutting is not life-threatening, you should still remember that it is quite a tangible stress. The cutting points become “gates” for diseases, through them the grass loses moisture intensively. So that the plants can recover quickly and painlessly, they should not be cut by more than 1/3 of their length at a time and should be given plenty of water and nutrients after mowing.

If the grass is cut too low and irregularly, it will weaken quickly and cause weeds and moss to appear. If the grass is not mowed low enough, the lateral shoots will not be raised vigorously and the grass will be sparse and patchy. Furthermore, the undersides of the leaves and stems will fade due to the lack of sunlight and the lawn will become blotchy.

The optimum grass height depends on the purpose of the lawn, its condition at the time of cutting, and its age.

The legendary English party lawn at home has a grass height of only 1m. 2 Washing machine. However, in our climatic conditions, mowing to such a height will lead to the formation of a hard grass cover and drying out. For our ground lawns we use the so called European style with a grass height of 3. 4 Washing machine.

Ornamental lawns are mown to plant height 4. 7 mowing machine. If the lawn is functional (also used for games, barbecues/barbecues, sunbathing, etc), the lawn must be mowed to a height of at least 2 meters.д.), the grass should be left 4. 6 Washing machine.

Sports lawns for soccer, field hockey and rugby are sown with resilient grasses and mown to a height of 3 cm. 4 Washing machine. Depending on the location of the golf course, the lawns are sown with different grass mixtures and cut to different heights. They are operated by experienced professionals.

In summer during hot, dry weather the grass cutting height should be increased slightly. This provides more shade to the lawn and lessens the drying out of the lawn.

The height of the first mowing of a young lawn should not be lower than 8. 10 Washing machine. Over the next two years, the grass on functional and decorative lawns is mown to 5. 7 Washing machines and 4 Washing machines on parterre lawns. 5.

If for some reason the grass cover on the lawn has reached a height far in excess of the norm, it should not be brought up to the regulated height in one go. As mentioned above, not more than 1/3 of the length of the plant can be removed at a time. So you need a few cuts to get your lawn in shape.


When choosing a time to mow the lawn, you must always take the weather into account. If it’s wet and rainy that day the plants and soil will be wet and mowing with a lawnmower is not comfortable (the grass clings to the housing and the blades of grass). As a result, electric and gasoline units have reduced power and heat the engine, and when working with a mechanical mower will have to make a lot of physical effort).

In addition, it is highly likely to damage the lawn surface with sticky wheels/roller, and wet grass is cut unevenly and is more damaging. The lawn will look rather unkempt after mowing.

Fresh grass cuttings dry out and turn yellow very quickly in hot sunshine. not good for the lawn at all. If the soil is dry, grass may also be pulled up by tearing out the roots.

How Lawn Mower Blades Cut Grass (at 50,000 FRAMES PER SECOND). Smarter Every Day 196

Mowing dry grass in dry weather and when the ground is somewhat damp is optimal. Ideally, you should mow on a warm, slightly cloudy day in the morning or evening.

The mower blades must be properly sharpened. Otherwise the lawn would look whitish after mowing. If young lawns are mowed with blunt knives during the first cut, the grass roots can be pulled out. Unsharpened rotary mower blades will not so much mow as crush the grass, which will result in discoloration of the tips of plants after mowing.

Before mowing, make sure that nothing is left on the lawn. garden furniture, children’s toys, sticks, twigs, stones, pieces of wire and other items that can cause interference or damage the mower.

Then go over with a rake or a stiff broom, flattening earth mounds left by earthworms, bees or ants and removing fallen leaves.

The grass is mowed with a lawnmower in parallel strips, one after the other. there are two things to pay attention to: the general direction of the strips and the grass underneath the mower wheels. If the last one is not taken into account, narrow strips are left after mowing. But mowing in the same direction all the time will lead to a washboard effect. The slightest hint of wavy edges along the stripes.

What you can mow the grass on the property

As soon as the lawn grass seeds have been sown, you should immediately wonder what tools you need to mow the lawn. A simple scythe will not make a straight cut. Many different tools are available for this purpose:

Grass trimmer

It consists of a rod with handles, a special reel and a motor that can be electric or gasoline. The reel has a bobbin, on which a special line for the trimmer is wound or a knife is dressed.

Note! The electric grass trimmer is simply plugged in and ready to go. It is light, handy, but its work requires a long wire and the presence of a socket, which is not always convenient

Mowing large areas would be difficult.

  • Low-powered. Comfortable, lightweight, but cannot cut through tough, damp grass and weeds.
  • Powerful. Are available with a bottom motor and with the top. A special blade can be installed, allowing you to mow rougher grass. Models with a bottom-mounted motor can not mow wet grass.
  • Cordless mowers are lightweight, portable. The disadvantages include the fact that the battery charge lasts for one hour.

Grass trimmer with a gasoline engine is heavier than an electric mower, but differs from it in mobility. It has a forged shaft, shoulder straps and a powerful power drive. Gear design allows you to use not only a line for trimmer, but also a knife and toothed disk, which greatly improves the quality of treatment of the site. With the gasoline mower you can mow quite impressive areas.

Pt 1 How To Cut Tall Grass with Cheap Lawn Mower. Mowing Tall Overgrown Grass

Trimmer can mow grass in hard-to-reach places (under benches, near poles), as well as mow paths, regardless of their location.

Lawn mower

It is clear why this unit is called so. it is a technique for mowing grass on the lawn. Looks like a dolly on wheels with special blades and a grass catcher box. Lawn mowers come in different models:

As with trimmers, gasoline lawnmowers are mobile, can work away from home. But they weigh a lot, it is more complicated to use and they make a lot of noise.


Lawn mowers with electric motors are lightweight, do not make much noise, are well cleaned, absolutely harmless to the environment. The disadvantages are the need for power supply in the vicinity.

Cordless mowers are good: not much noise, smooth lawn, easy to work, but the battery only lasts a certain amount of time.

Spindle mowers are those without a motor. The device is designed as if the lawn is being mowed with scissors. It turns out very beautiful and neat, but the process is very time-consuming.

Can I mow tall grass with a lawnmower?

Buying a military ticket has long been a common practice, as many young people are in no hurry to pay off their internal debt. But with the intensification of the fight against corruption, it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy the cherished red crust, military officials have become more cautious, so conscripts have to bribe in other places. Is it legal to mow the army?

Why you can’t mow

New recruits who want to leave the military usually use one of two options: pretend to be sick or try to bribe the military, doctors and other authorized persons. Doctors calculate the simulation very quickly, and in case of doubt will send the recruit for an additional examination at a state hospital, where it will be confirmed that he is healthy. It is possible to break an arm or a leg, but the injury only gives a delay and does not exempt from the call. Poor health is unlikely to be deferred.

How else to get out of the army? Young people can try to bribe an authorized person, but this is expensive and unreliable. For example, the standard procedure for obtaining a category B military ticket for money involves an amount of about five thousand euros in foreign currency. They refuse to take the Russian equivalent. Of this amount, a percentage is paid to military records and enlistment officers, conscription doctors, and hospitals to which youths are referred for additional examinations.

Corruption scandals

Bribery is a highly unreliable method because it can come to a committee at any time. Employees may not be able to “walk away”, so all information about “wartime suitability” will fall into the hands of high-ranking officials. One recruitment hinted at in 2015. The person went to Infinity and saved all the information about the special recruits in an unencrypted spreadsheet on his computer.

That is why it is hardly possible to “turn away” from the army, because it is too difficult, expensive and unreliable. But there are several ways to legally get a cherished military card.

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This could break the law

By the way, many conscripts decide by all means (including illegal ones) to mow down the army, because they do not know what responsibility is provided for these actions. The consequences can be very serious, so it is better not to break the law. If a guy mows from the military, but it was discovered, and the attorneys proved his intent and found him to be deliberate, this faces a fine of 200,000. In addition, arrests of up to six months or even imprisonment (up to two years) could apply. They can be sentenced to up to 8 years for bribery and must subsequently pay the state thirty times the bribe. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the legal methods of avoiding military service.

How to legally discharge from the army

There are two ways to avoid military service by law: to challenge the decision of the draft board and find a serviceman with a diagnosis for which he can get a legal discharge. Each developer has the right to appeal the decision. This right can and should be exercised because there are violations of procedure in every project campaign. You need to undergo a comprehensive medical examination to determine if you have a category C disease. This will entitle them to legally get out of the military.

Statistics show that at least 95 percent of today’s youth can find at least one such disease. List B contains more than 2,000 unspecified diagnoses, so the likelihood of at least one of these diagnoses is very high. But you can’t slash out of the military and into psychiatry. In the future, such a diagnosis can significantly damage a young person’s life.

Lesbian orientation

Many draftees choose to declare their sexual orientation to a committee, but this does not give them the right not to participate in the armed forces. One can only try to prove that this particular orientation is a mental disorder. The idea is extremely unfortunate because it threatens to result in a psychiatric hospitalization, with all the negative consequences that come with it. People with “diagnoses” cannot get permission to be armed, adopt a child, and sometimes even banks, when granting loans, check if the borrower has any mental disorder to be safe.

Confirmation of illness

Most importantly. Provide medical documents confirming that the conscript has a disease that makes him unfit for military service. It is very important that the wording match exactly what is listed in the “B” disease category. This means, for example, that we should not mention “pimples,” but “multiple conglomerates of pimples.”. There is no name on the list of illnesses.

Alternate Service

The conscript has the option not to join the army, but to do alternative service. In this case, it is necessary to explain the reason why the recruiter wants this particular type of service and not the armed forces. You can argue this desire with your moral principles or religious considerations. But it’s worth thinking again, because the alternative service period is 18-21 months, and the Army. 12 months. At this time, the young man is working in his profession, but with minimum wage. They work outside of the Russian Federation, where the recruit resides, and this service can only be provided at state enterprises. The decision to replace the army with alternative service is made by the draft committee. By the way, Russia was the first country in the world, which introduced the possibility of alternative civil service for the benefit of the country.

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