How many acres you can mow with a trimmer

How long can you use your trimmer??

The recommended continuous operation time of the electric trimmer is 15 minutes, after that it is recommended, especially in hot weather, to rest for 15-20 minutes.

The time of continuous operation of the lawnmower is specified in the instructions of the grass trimmer. On average, we mow for 15-20 minutes, and then turn off the grass trimmer and let it cool down for 3-5 minutes. Continuous operation time is also affected by weather conditions.

Can a trimmer mow without a guard??

Do not use the grass trimmer without the blade guard. vNiNg! The safety guard is vital for your safety. When operating the grass trimmer it is recommended that you wear tight-fitting safety glasses, headphones, a respirator mask and closed, non-slip shoes, and gloves.

There is another feature of trimmers, in a strong heat they pretty much overheat and shut down. I advise you not to torment him, and give him to cool down for about ten minutes, after which he again quietly start up and do their job.

How much does it cost to mow with a trimmer?

Price list shows the cleaning cost per one hundredth of a lawn or surrounding area. over, inside our price list you will find both “retail” rates for areas from a couple of m2, and “wholesale” for the treatment of fields from 5-10 acres.

Approximate price per m2, on the basis of which estimates are made, depends on the size of the area. the larger its area, the cheaper the cost of processing one m2. If you do not have time to study our price list. use the online-calculator on the website. It includes mowing calculation per one hectare or m2. In addition, the price per hundred square meters or m2 of mowing depends on the remoteness of the site from the Moscow Ring Road. The farther the distance, the more expensive the service.

For exact calculation you should operate not only with the area in sotka or mere square meters but also with the urgency of the service and the initial condition of the grass. Therefore the exact cost of mowing the lawn with a gasoline grass mower is determined by the evaluator of our company, which leaves to the client free of charge.

When to cut grass with a trimmer

Unlike lawn mowers that are used on flat grassy areas, lawn mowers are suitable for mowing any thickets with stiff stems and bushes, work on slopes and areas with difficult terrain.

Most often grass mowing with a trimmer is used to tidy up neglected dacha plots, pre-sale preparation of the object. Regular work with a brushcutter is necessary in gardens with lots of trees, paths, buildings. Trimming around trees and bushes, and vegetation on road edges, fences, and on the perimeter of the house. Lawn trimmer successfully copes with grass up to 50 cm and higher, leaving a neat cut of 3-5 cm. To improve the growth of plantings and prepare the soil for clearing weeds, the vegetation is cut at ground level.

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Preparing the right fuel mixture

Before you start running in a new lawnmower engine, it is also necessary to properly prepare the fuel mixture. As is known for two-stroke engines, it is prepared from special two-stroke oil and gasoline, taken in certain ratios. You can find out the proportions from the instructions that come with the tool, or on the label of the lubricant. You will also learn the recommended fuel and oil type in the manual.

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Prepare fuel in small quantities, enough for one mowing. Use special plastic canisters for fuel or separate glass or metal containers. It is better to use a medical syringe to get the oil.

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When getting ready to run in a new lawnmower, many people have a problem with the fuel mix. And the reason for that is a discrepancy in the tool manufacturer’s instructions and in the engine oil manufacturer’s instructions. The former recommends 1:25. The second recommendation is 1:50. Who to Believe? What to do?

According to experts, if the manufacturers write the proportion 1:25 or 1:30 in the instructions to trimmer, it is most likely either a cheap tool with poor cooling, or the manufacturer does not know what oil the consumer will add. But here we must understand that an excess of lubricant does not affect the performance of the grass trimmer in the best way. Excess oil does not burn out completely during engine operation. It cokes and clogs the cylinder and piston.

What to do in this situation when running in a new tool? The ideal is to buy exactly the oil that is recommended by the manufacturer of the lawnmower. In the case of running-in engines, when there is no possibility to buy the recommended oil, it is better to get a good Husqvarna two-stroke oil for the gasoline-powered tools of the same name. It is not cheap, but it lasts for a long time. It is necessary to mix it in the way that is written in the instructions on the jar.

Remember, it is best to use the proportion that the oil manufacturer gives. Whether the ratios on the lawnmower are really good or not is better determined by experiment. If at the proportion recommended by the manufacturer of the trimmer for grass, the engine is dripping oil and you can see leaks, then the proportion needs to be increased.

How much to run in the grass trimmer?

Run-in service for your power till the tank is empty. After that, you can begin intensive work. Important! Monitor the presence of lubricant in the gearbox, in the beginning of operation, you should add it every 2-3 hours.

Thus, if to operate the mower it is necessary to fill it with oil-gasoline mixture in the ratio of 1 to 50. 20 cm² of oil per one liter of unleaded fuel, then in the running-in mode the mixture should be dosed in the ratio of 1 to 25. 40 cm² of oil per one liter of gasoline.

What does the cost of this service depend on?

These are the main factors that determine the cost of grass mowing:

  • mowing method;
  • necessary equipment;
  • type and height of vegetation;
  • terrain;
  • The presence of stones;
  • the total amount of work;
  • transport accessibility;
  • remoteness from the location of the equipment;
  • urgency;
  • related services.

Mowing methods: grass trimmer or tractor?

There are two basic methods:

Mechanized method is more productive, because any vehicle has a much higher capacity than a human, which means you can put more powerful attachments.

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This is especially important when you have to mow heavily overgrown weeds that are difficult for manual equipment.

Manual way is used in cases when for any reasons self-propelled technique cannot be used.

For mechanized mowing self-propelled or mounted equipment based on different tractors and other automotive equipment is used. All kinds of grass mowers, grass trimmers or other devices are used for manual mowing.

Much less workers are operated at mechanized mowing, and it is necessary to pay wages to them, and their remuneration makes up 30-50% of the mowing cost.

Due to the fact that the manual method requires a larger number of workers, the unit cost of mowing a conditional area is much higher than with the mechanized method, especially if the size of the area is comparable with the one that can be mowed by self-propelled machines during the shift, for example 10 hectares.

Type and height of vegetation

The higher the vegetation and the more resistant crops are included, the more powerful equipment must be used. And the higher the power and performance of the equipment, the higher the cost of the work, because it includes not only the cost of fuel, but also the depreciation of mechanisms.

If it is necessary not just to mow, but to do it strictly on one level, then instead of trimmers or brushcutters will have to use lawnmowers, and considering that their price is ten times higher, the cost of their depreciation will also be much higher.

If it is necessary to mow allergic weeds during blooming, the workers will have to use respirators and goggles, which will also increase the cost of work.

Terrain and presence of rocks

Self-propelled machinery can be used only on terrain with flat relief, because often the slope of 5-10 degrees, which is peculiar to hilly or mountainous terrain is a serious obstacle to the work of such equipment because of the high probability of slipping or overturning.

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If there are no stones in the area, you can use not only a trimmer for grass with a fishing line, but also a brushcutter with metal blades, but even small stones pose a serious threat to the blades, so where there are stones, you can only use a trimmer for grass with a fishing line. However, grass trimmers are ineffective against mature weeds, so they will take much longer to mow, and therefore the cost of the work will be higher.

Total volume of work

Most of the companies and entrepreneurs providing such services offer good discounts for larger quantities of work. That is why a one-time order for mowing a large area (the size of this area is determined by each contractor independently) or a contract for long-term maintenance of a not very large area is somewhat cheaper than an order for mowing a small area.

because the higher the amount of work, the less time the contractor will have to spend looking for new orders, which means that customers with a large order should be attracted to discounts, so they do not go to a competitor.

Transport accessibility and remoteness

The farther away the work is from the contractor’s location and the worse the road is, the higher the price will be.

After all, in addition to the costs associated with mowing the grass, the contractor will have to pay for the delivery of equipment to the site, as well as part of the income set aside for the depreciation of vehicles.

Driving on bad roads or off-roads means accelerated wear and tear on all parts of the car, which means that the depreciation costs will be much higher than when driving on good roads.

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There are times when the grass needs to be mowed urgently and all the contractors are busy and won’t be free for a while, but some of them are willing to change their plans to get a job at a higher rate.

After all, they will have to hire staff for overtime, which means paying them double their wages for that time.

In addition, they will have to meet some customers who do not require urgent work, and they are willing to wait. However, in order for such clients not to go to a competitor, the contractor will have to offer them discounts or some bonuses, so the size of the fee for urgency should more than compensate for these costs.

That’s why it will cost more to mow the grass on the property on an urgent basis.

Related services

On lawns, not only do you need to mow the grass, but also collect and then remove and dispose of it. Some businesses and entrepreneurs offer an expanded set of services, but the price of the entire set is noticeably higher than a single mowing.

Therefore it is necessary to determine in advance whether it is necessary to remove the mowed vegetation and, if necessary, who will do it.

After all, not everyone can hire their own staff for this purpose, such as construction workers or handymen, who receive a salary regardless of the type of work performed and its volume.

How to choose a service provider?

In any, even a small town, there are quite a few businesses or private entrepreneurs, as well as those who mow the grass in their spare time from their main job, that is, the miners.

The main difference for the consumer between these contractors is that shabashnikov do the work much cheaper, but its quality can be unsatisfactory, then there is a high probability that there will be no one to make a claim.

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After all, the shabashnikov completed the order, received the money, and then disappeared in an unknown direction, while businesses and entrepreneurs always have:

Therefore, if the result of unsatisfactory work, you can always present them a claim, and if it does not work “amicably” to oblige them to eliminate all the shortcomings or pay for the damage caused, it can be done through the courts. In addition, the equipment of enterprises specializing in mowing or cleaning services is much better than that of not only shabashnikovs, but also of those for whom this is not the main activity.

Also, when choosing a contractor, you should pay attention to their reputation and the work already done.

The reputation can be found by typing in a search engine the name of the company and following the links, as well as browsing local internet forums or message boards.

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In addition, you can ask the contractor for the coordinates of those to whom they have performed the work, as well as photos or videos to confirm the performance of the work. Many large companies put photos or videos on the website, as well as the names of organizations to which they have provided such services.