How Many Links In A Stihl Chain

To the chainsaw Stihl ms180 chains with a step of 3/8 inch and a groove width (leading link thickness) of 1.3 mm will do. How to choose a chain for the most popular chainsaw in our country? It is worth starting from your needs. If you need a thin and high-quality cut and you have installed a tire with a groove of 1.1 mm, then put PMMC3. Included with the saw is a chain for a standard tire of 35 centimeters marked PMC3. And in case you need a chain with increased strength characteristics, then install a chain on a standard bus Picco duro (PD3)

Chainsaw Stihl MS 180

One of the most common questions about the chain for the 180th Calm is: “Chain for the Stihl 180 chainsaw. how many links?” They asked, we answer))

Number of links:

  • Tire length 14 ″ (35 cm).50 links.
  • The tire is 16 ″ (40 cm) long with 55 links.

Types of chains suitable for Stihl MS 180:

Stihl Picco Micro Mini Comfort 3 Chain (PMMC3)

Stihl Picco Micro Comfort 3 Chain (PMC3)

Stihl Picco Duro Chain (PD3)

Chain Price for Stihl MS180 Chainsaw

Since the 180th Stihl is our most popular chainsaw, there are a great many chains for it, respectively. Among this variety there are frankly unsuitable products and quite decent analogues.

Original chain from Stihl 50 links in 3/8 increments on 07/11/2019 retail costs 550 rubles.

Buy chains for Stihl MS180 chainsaw:

Stihl Oilomatic Chain Video

Sharpening chains:

Before sharpening the chain, it must be cleaned of dirt. Then you need to choose one link as the starting link. Install the chainsaw on a stable surface.
Sharpening can be done in several ways:

Manual chain sharpening machine

How to use files and devices for manual sharpening of chains read here: File for sharpening chains of chainsaws. Tools for sharpening.
Watch the chain sharpening video

Watch the video on electric chain sharpening

Chain sharpening

Chainsaw Sthil MS 180 chain: types, sharpening, tension.

Design Features

Main characteristics

Among the additional functionality, you can highlight the automatic lubrication of the chain, the lock of the power button, as well as the presence of a reservoir for lubrication, whose capacity is 0.26 liters. When choosing a chainsaw, you should definitely pay attention to additional functions, namely: a compensator, a chain lubrication system, and also an anti-vibration system. All these additions are available in the described model.

How Many Links In A Stihl Chain

Saw carb reviews "Stihl"


Chain Saw Reviews "Stihl"

Chainsaw MS 180 has a chain, which implies compliance with the operating rules. Thus, with long breaks in work, this part of the tool may become worthless. Users say that this possibility can be excluded by storing the chain in an oil bath. To buy a Stihl saw in Kiev at the best price from stihl ms 180 (35) rollomatic-e chainsaw 45 cm chain step. For this type of saw, the manufacturer advises using a chain whose characteristics are 3/8 ″ by 1.3 mm. Experienced users emphasize that it is permissible to use the tool with a chain of the following sizes: 12, 14 and 16 ″.

Video: How Many Links In A Stihl Chain

Chainsaw chain STIHL MS 180

How to calculate correctly chainsaw chain links so as not to make a mistake in the selection.

Stihl Chains. How to understand the chains.

Far from all, but often found. In your own words, and affordable.

Description of chainsaw brand MS 180-14

In order not to have to receive spare parts for the Stihl 180 chainsaw, you need to use the tool with the greatest accuracy, following the annotations provided by the manufacturer. The equipment option mentioned above has a 14-inch tire and a lower price. The manufacturer advises using this equipment for construction with the introduction of lumber, as well as for harvesting firewood.

Specifications MS 180-14

This equipment belongs to the household class, the manufacturer shows the purpose of the tool, which should be used in the criteria of the garden. The power of the unit is 1500 watts, the working volume is equivalent to 31.8 cm3. Home page »how many links are in a chainsaw chain, in a Stihl 180 chainsaw. There are 50 in the chain links, and chain thickness and pitch are 1.3 mm and 3/8" respectively. The products are warranted for a year after the acquisition, and the weight of the instrument is 5.7 kilograms. You can use this equipment for cutting small trees, bushes, thinning groves, as well as quick firewood. Home craftsmen with success use aggregates for other types of work. A two-stroke internal combustion engine was installed inside, the manufacturer supplied the equipment with an IntelliCarb carburetor, which is equipped with a compensator.


Spare parts for the Stihl-180 chainsaw may not be necessary to receive, because the tool will not be affected by excessive load, because it is intended for domestic use. Users note that the unit is easy to use. The fuel tank is made of translucent plastic, also differs in capacity. This greatly simplifies the control of the fuel level inside. For the safety of the master, an inertial chain brake is foreseen. How much oil to pour into 25 ml of oil per liter of Stihl 180 chainsaw? If you want to reduce fatigue in the process of carrying out work, then it is worth choosing such an instrument specifically, because it has an anti-vibration system.

Recommendations for use

Chainsaw assemblyStihl-180 ”is done using the latest technology, which ultimately allows you to get the highest quality tool. According to users, it is comfortable to use it for sawing at least any tree. It is very comfortable to hold the tool; it starts easily enough. Among the main disadvantages, users note a fairly fast fuel consumption, as well as the wear of certain parts that are made of plastic. But this defect cannot be called critical, because the unit is intended for personal use, which does not imply unnecessary loads. All users who received this equipment several months ago note that during this period of time they managed to process about 4 cubic meters of the freshest tree species, among which there are pine, birch and aspen. Saw when performing tasks indicates excellent results, and you can operate the equipment for several hours in a row.

Possible problems during operation

"Stihl." chainsaw MS 180, the cost of which can be 15,000 rubles, should be used very carefully. Why the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start. Obstacles in inexperienced masters may appear at the first start. If you are used to working with the Russian brands "Friendship" and "Ural", then out of inexperience you can simply fill the candle. This effect may occur if you stretch the starter an excessive number of times. If you are faced with something that does not start chainsaw "Stihl-180", then after you figure it out, you will understand that the instrument will start without problems in a cool state. To do this, it will be necessary to move the lever to the last position, after 2 times pull the starter slowly. Then pull it a couple of times quickly, and then the saw will definitely start. Do not leave gasoline in the tank if you do not plan to work with the inventory for a number of days. It is recommended to develop a tank completely. Specialists recommend choosing such equipment to those users who want to become owners of not very expensive, but reliable and high-quality equipment.

In search of an answer to the question of why it might not start chainsaw "Stihl-180", you need to use the above tips.


On sale, you can meet another variety of chainsaws from this manufacturer. Stihl MS 180-16. It has a 16-inch tire. For this reason, when assembled, the tool has more impressive dimensions, and it can be used for felling trees, the size of which reaches 30 cm across.

Before purchasing, you should ask what quality the chainsaw carburetor has. "Stihl-180 ”, because the tool’s performance depends on almost everything. Only in this way can you be convinced of the acquisition of a high-quality tool that will last for a long time, and it will also be able to do all the tasks properly.

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