How much oil to put in the mower

How much oil to put in the lawnmower?

The ideal ratio of oil to gasoline is 50:1, where 50 parts of fuel takes 1 part of the lubricant. For example, you would need 20 milliliters of oil for 1 liter of gasoline, or you would need 100 milliliters of oil for 5 liters of fuel. Important!

Tilt the mower deck and place newspaper and an oil pan or jug under the mower. Use a socket wrench to unscrew the plug counterclockwise to drain the old oil.

Features of lawn mowers

Despite the fact that the overall design of four-stroke lawn mower engines are similar to automobile, they still have important differences: in order to reduce the price of the product at the lawn mowers excluded oil pump and generally the system of oil supply, it increases the requirements to the viscosity used in the motors of garden equipment.

Lawn mower engines distribute engine oil via the crankshaft: it is scooped out of the crankcase and sprayed onto the parts. Because of this design, the viscosity of the grease should be sufficient to keep the oil film on the parts while not being too thick so that it would interfere with component movement or form a hard crust.

lawnmowers, on the other hand, operate mostly at positive ambient temperatures and their engines are not under as much strain as car engines. Lawnmowers most often do not require a “cold start” in the cold, which greatly reduces the life of a car engine and requires low-temperature properties from the lubricant.

On the contrary, lawnmowers are usually air-cooled and therefore tend to have higher engine temperatures than liquid-cooled car engines.

The first filling is designed for running-in of the engine. after five hours of work it is replaced, and then the new grease can be used for the whole season. In the future, replace it according to the regulations after a certain number of moto-hours, or drain it at the end of the dacha season and pour a new one the next year.

General recommendations for lawnmower oil selection

Based on the above engine design features, it is best to use a special lawnmower oil for lubrication, and it should be appropriate for the temperature conditions in which the unit will be used. Specialized SAE 30 grade grease is considered optimum. It is used at temperatures above 5 degrees.

If special is not available, you can use automotive grade lubricants:

These greases, too, are designed mainly for positive ambient temperatures and a maximum value above 35 degrees.

According to the type of lubricating fluid. mineral and semi-synthetic are acceptable. Fully synthetic would be too expensive. API performance level. “SF”, “SG”, “SH”, “SJ” and higher. Gardening equipment four-stroke engines should be marked with “4T” on the label.

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Why is it so important to keep the intervals?

Let’s start by examining how important it is to periodically change the oil in the lawnmower. Firstly, this fluid provides air cooling of the mechanism, thereby allowing the engine to work at extremely high speeds. Secondly, the lawnmower oil protects the lawnmower during winter storage.

It is worth noting that the frequency of oil replacement directly depends on the technical condition of the engine. If, for example, the engine is new, the fluid must be changed immediately after the lawnmower has run-in. In terms of time, it is about 5-6 hours of operation of the mechanism. To prevent further debris from penetrating and accumulating in the engine, it is necessary to make fluid replacement a few more times at intervals of 5-10 engine hours.

How to oil change Craftsman ( Briggs & Stratton ) Lawn Mower 6.5 HP 21 in

If the engine is not new, lawnmower oil can be changed approximately every 25-50 hours of operation of the tool. This is an average of 2 to 3 months of operation. You can also tell the condition of the oil without measuring the number of hours it has been in use. Just make sure that it does not start to turn black. When this happens, be sure to change the fluid, otherwise the engine may soon simply seize up.

Oil for air-cooled four-stroke engines

Engine oils for air-cooled 4-stroke drives differ from those for water-cooled engines. When selecting oils, it is therefore necessary to consider the make and composition of the fluids and the type of engines for which they were developed.

General Characteristics

Air-cooled four-stroke engines are characterized by high cylinder-piston group temperatures. Oil does not mix with fuel and does not enter the combustion chamber, therefore, the engine mixture for this type of drives must have the following properties:

  • Increased number of additives in the engine fluid. up to 25% of total volume.
  • Stability of viscosity characteristics at different temperatures. Lubricant should provide quick and easy engine starting, as well as instantaneous oil supply to all working elements of the drive.
  • Thermal and oxidative stability. The structure of the mixture must be resistant to oxidation reactions, so that it does not form deposits and soot, and also the mixture does not become the water structure.
  • Improved anti-wear and extreme pressure properties to protect engine components from tribological loads.

You should not use motor oils designed for water-cooled engines in 4-stroke air-cooled engines, these two types of oil contain different additive composition, the first are designed to heat the cylinder surface to a temperature of 160 0C, and for the second this parameter is. 220 0C.

Watch a video about the classification of engine fluids:


Lubricant labels are hard for the average consumer to understand, so it is not uncommon for unscrupulous sellers to give out fluids for 2-stroke engines instead of 4-stroke.

Buying these products will shorten the life of the drive, so before you go to the auto store, check the generally accepted standards that indicate the engine oil is suitable for air-cooled four-stroke drives:

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Lawn Mower Oil Guide: What Type of Lawn Mower Oil Should I Use? |

  • The performance class according to the API system must meet the requirements of SF/CC, at least.
  • According to State Standard, the motor oil for these engines corresponds to group G.
  • The SAE standard requires that the fluid meet the requirements of the vehicle dealer. This information can be found in the service book or on the filler cap. For air-cooled engines, it is advisable to use oil that has an SAE 30 designation. summer grade motor mixes, this grease is thick enough not to disperse quickly at high operating temperatures.

When selecting the base oil base, for engines with air cooling system take into account

  • Mineral oil. reduces friction force, reduces wear of drive elements, when burned it does not form soot and smoke, you can use leaded or unleaded type gasoline.
  • Semi-synthetic. used with low-quality fuel, recommended for heavily-loaded engines, provides structural stability during operation, but is more fluent, suitable for leaded and unleaded gasoline.
  • Synthetic. prevents fouling, protects engine from wear, can only be used with unleaded fuel.

When choosing a lubricant, consider the season when the vehicle will be used, because summer types of oils begin to crystallize at a lower temperature.100C, winter ones can withstand250C, all-season, protects the engine at any time of year. For their operating temperature range, see the SAE classification.


The canister with a quality product indicates that the lubricant is suitable for 4-stroke engines with air cooling.

Properly selected fluids must meet the requirements of the vehicle dealer to ensure proper engine operation. Preference should be given to products of famous brands that have a quality certificate from the retailer.

Improperly selected motor oil will lead to increased carbon buildup, higher fuel consumption, and rapid engine damage.

Choosing a particular brand of oil, note that motorcycle oils differ in the number of antifriction additives.

This is due to the mode of operation of power units, snowmobiles, for example, are designed for extreme modes of loading, and scooters are used under much better operating conditions.

Lubricants for these types of equipment will have different compositions and additives.

LIQUI MOLY 2-Takt-Motoroil 1 l

Product is based on high quality synthetic, mineral, and additive package. Compatible with engines that have a separate and mixed lubrication system. Liquid forms transparent, thick oil film. Optimal ratio of base oils and additive package guarantees perfect cleanliness even under extreme loads.

  • emits minimal smoke;
  • does not form deposits;
  • does not leave any deposits on the spark plugs;
  • does not cause any problems when mixing with fuel;
  • complies with European standards.

Husqvarna 2-stroke HP 1 liter

The company is a market leader. It makes lawn mowers, grass trimmers, riders, motorcycles, garden equipment and more. The portfolio is truly impressive. It even includes engine oils for Husqvarna engines. The design takes into account the possibility of using low-quality gasoline and working in extremely difficult conditions.

Properly selected additive package compensates for poor fuel quality. But the cylinders, piston group and bearings remain clean and efficiently lubricated.

Versatile solution is compatible with the entire line of products with a 2T engine. It does not matter in what conditions it is used. The rule of thumb also applies to the task at hand.

  • The variation in container volume;
  • Does not leave any soot on the pistons, cylinder mills, crankshaft, blowout ducts and exhaust system;
  • clean spark plugs;
  • effective lubrication regardless of the working conditions;
  • a blue dye makes it easy to check the filling level;
  • Unique shape that reduces the adverse effects of low-quality gasoline.


Mineral-based fuels and lubricants are designed to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign tool manufacturers. It received good lubricating qualities and optimal ratio of additives. Suitable for trimmers, lawnmowers and two-stroke chainsaws. The oil film formed protects the surfaces from blockages and damage. Users note the reduction of noise and vibration during operation.

Flawlessly working garden equipment allows you to turn the site or park area into a real decoration, which will collect a lot of envious glances and high praise. The cutting height and quality of cut play a significant role. Working order depends on the correct selection of fuel and lubricants and the preparation of the mix. In the top included, its best representatives. They have collected many positive reviews, and won the favor of the audience with high product quality.

How to replace a lawn mower AL-KO

Lawnmower. A very necessary thing for those, who need to mow the grass on lawns and other lands repeatedly. But with the purchase of this tool, we must not forget that it, like any other mechanism, requires repeated maintenance. Start the video with the gasoline mower. One of them. Changing the oil. How to change the oil in a lawnmower, what liquid is better to pour? You will get the answer in the article.

Lawnmower. A very necessary thing for those who need to repeatedly mow the grass on lawns and other lands. Electronic lawn mowers do it themselves. But with the purchase of this tool, we should not forget that it, like any other mechanism, requires multiple maintenance. The construction of the Makita 3710 lawnmower. One of those things is changing the oil. How to change the oil in the lawnmower, what liquid is better to pour? You will learn the answer in this article.

Why the intervals are so important?

First, let’s understand how to change the oil in your lawnmower from time to time. The design and maintenance of the Makita 3311 lawn mower. First of all, the fluid provides air cooling of the mechanism, thereby allowing the engine to run at the highest possible speed. Secondly, lawnmower oil protects its parts during winter storage.

How often should I change the fluid??

It should be noted that the frequency of oil changes directly depends on the technical condition of the engine. Lawnmower popularity rating. If, for example, the lawnmower engine is new, the fluid should be changed immediately after a breakdown. It takes about 5 to 6 hours for the mechanism to run. In order to prevent various debris from getting inside and collecting in the engine in the future, you need to change the water several more times with a frequency of 5-10 hours.

How to change the oil in a DDE briggs stratton 675 mower.

Change the oil in your mower, sharpen the blade, and mow the grass.

If the engine is not new, the lawnmower oil can be changed about every 25-50 hours of operation of the tool. Self-propelled lawn mowers selected. This is an average of 2 to 3 months of operation. The smallest lawn mowers. You can also find out the condition of the oil without measuring the number of hours worked. Just make sure it doesn’t start to darken. When this happens, be sure to change the fluid, otherwise the engine may soon jam.

Changing the oil

Now on to how to change the oil in lawn mowers. Electric ride-on mowers with a wide grip. The whole process can be divided into several steps:

  • Putting the ancient liquid together first.
  • Then the mower is turned to the side (to the side where the drain hole is) for a couple of minutes, until the drain is completely drained. Then the tool returns to the horizontal position. VIKING self-propelled petrol lawnmowers. With all that said, you’ll need to prepare a small container for the old oil beforehand.
  • Then the new one is poured through the mouth into the lawnmower.

At this point, the oil change can be considered complete. The best lawn mowers for grass. When filling the neck with the last liquid, do not forget to pour it strictly to the mark in the crankcase.

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Which lawnmower oil to choose?

It should be emphasized that a certain type of water and its viscosity directly depend on the temperature criteria in which the tool is used. So if the weather is warm (temperature from plus 5 to plus 30 degrees Celsius) it is recommended to use SAE-30 fluid. During the off-season, experts advise pouring lawnmower oil with a viscosity of 10W-30. 5W-30 Series fluid can be used in winter

It is also worth paying attention to Synthetic 5W-30, which by its properties provides reliable operation of the lawnmower at relatively low temperatures

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Lawn maintenance begins with a well-maintained lawn mower, which means that there are certain tasks that must be performed at all times for the machine to maintain ideal working conditions. One of the most important aspects of owning a lawn mower is knowing how to change the oil.

Can I put motor oil in my lawn trimmer??

Is Lukoil 15w40 engine oil suitable for lawn mower ? Yes, you can use SAE 15W-40 or SAE 20W-50 car oil for your lawnmower, but it is better to use special SAE 30 oil, it is considered as optimal.

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For compression ratio up to 10.5 and lower the octane number of AI-92 gasoline is used (we don’t take into account turbo versions of engines). From 10.5 to 12. fill fuel not lower than AI. 95! If the compression ratio is 12 or higher, it is recommended to use not less than AI-98.