How To Adjust A Carburetor To A Patriot 545 Trimmer

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Patriot trimmers. a vivid demonstration of the achievements of American-made garden tools

How To Adjust A Carburetor To A Patriot 545 Trimmer

The products of the famous American brand Patriot have their positive features, which attract the attention of an increasing number of users. Despite the huge number of competitors, the company still manages to actively stay afloat and develop, constantly delighting fans of the brand.

Born in 1973, the organization passed many tests on its way, but it coped with all of them perfectly, therefore it thrives today, offering a wide variety of horticultural products of only high quality.

It was Patriot trimmers that received special attention, because they comply with current safety rules, are distinguished by well-thought-out assembly, considerable power and considerable endurance. What else do gardeners need? Nothing!

What are the best Patriot trimmers to showcase brand strengths? Now we will consider them /

Lawnmower Patriot RT 3355

The model is considered an excellent acquisition for owners of small land plots, because with its help you can mow grass near trees, bushes or even near a fence. The split bar allows for compact storage and convenient transportation.

Thanks to the presence of a primer, the engine starts literally within a few seconds. The shoulder strap included in the kit reduces the load on the operator and relieves him of uncomfortable sensations during operation.


  • Thickness of fishing line, mm: 2.4;
  • Landing Diameter, mm: 25.4;
  • Power (hp): 1.8;
  • Cutting width, cm: 46/23;
  • Tank capacity, l: 1.1.

It is worth noting that on the handle there is a clamp and a trigger of gas, allowing you to get maximum control over the situation.

In order to protect the operator from injury, the Patriot gas mower is equipped with a protective cover.

Unit Features:

  • The presence of anti-vibration system AVS;
  • Easy access to the spark plug;
  • Supplementing the casing with a knife, allowing you to get rid of excess fishing line;
  • The ability to easily and quickly repair the air filter with your own hands;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Light weight.

Due to the serious engine power (1.3 kW), the device copes even with dense and dense weeds.

Lawnmow Patriot RT 555

The powerful universal device has a non-folding bar and a bicycle handle. The unit will cope with cutting hard grass, even on uneven areas. If you replace the fishing line with a knife, you can safely remove small trees, dense shrubs and dead wood.

The machine was equipped with a specialized anti-vibration system, which provides ease of use and creates a comfortable feeling during operation. The handle contains all the necessary controls. The device starts up very quickly, because the mechanism contains a special ignition coil and is supplemented with a primer.


  • Engine displacement, cc: 52;
  • Power (kW): 2.21;
  • Mount: M10x1.25 LH;
  • Weight, kg: 7.7;
  • Cutting width, cm: 41.5 / 23.

Before starting to use, many newly made users are asking the question: "In what proportion to dilute the fuel?". The ratio of oil to gasoline: 1:32.

A more detailed answer to this and other questions can be obtained in the instructions presented on our website.

It should be understood that for such an aggregate it is necessary to purchase only patented fuel and oil in order to extend the functionality and reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Petrol trimmer Patriot PT 4355

The gas-powered car has impressive functional characteristics, which is not surprising, because this is facilitated by a 2-stroke engine (2.5 hp). The product is lightweight, sturdy, low noise and creates a safe working environment for the operator.

Design features include the upper placement of the starter with a transparent gas tank. The telescopic rod has a quick-release coupling, so adjusting the handle for yourself will not be difficult.


  • Power, hp: 2.49;
  • Noise Level, dB: 112;
  • Weight, kg: 7.44;
  • Fuel tank volume, l: 0,8;
  • Rotational speed, rpm: 9000.

Particular attention should be paid to the presence of a chromed cylinder. As a productive cutting element, a 2 reel reel and a knife act.

What oils are suitable for Patriot trimmers?

  • Semi-synthetic Premium 2-stroke (1 L) Inforce;
  • Mineral Premium 2-stroke (1 L) Inforce;
  • Semi-synthetic two-stroke motor 2T-OIL ADA;
  • Semi-synthetic (1 l) for 2-stroke engines Caliber, etc.

Often, such substances contain a special set of certain additives, they dissolve perfectly in fuel at low temperatures and guarantee excellent protection of engine elements from the negative effects of friction even under intense loads.

Garden Trimmer Patriot PT 545

>A well-groomed lawn is considered a real decoration of any territory. The basis of its beauty is the timely and proper cutting of the grass. Now there are many devices for lawn mowing. Among them, three main ones can be distinguished: lawn mowing, trimmer and lawn mower.

The choice of lawn mower depends on the type of grass, area and terrain. The Patriot PT 545 trimmer has a capacity of 2.5 liters. with. Tue gas trimmer PATRIOT PT 545 (11). Advanced anti-vibration system, balanced design will ensure ease of use. All controls are integrated in the ergonomic handle. The working volume is 42.7cc, 2.

5 l with. , complete with Comfort semi-automatic reel with quick refueling, 3-blade and 40-tooth disc. 25.5 cm disc diameter, 2.4 mm fishing line, 460 mm gripper, non-demountable rod, rigid one-piece shaft, “bicycle” handle with anti-vibration high support, knapsack shoulder strap.

The powerful PT 545 universal trimmer with an adjustable bicycle handle is designed for mowing thick grass on uneven, large areas. When replacing fishing line with a cutting knife, it is used for mowing dead wood, hard weeds and small bushes and thin trees. It has high performance and excellent traction.

The trimmer is equipped with an ergonomic backpack belt, a rigid transmission shaft, providing maximum reliability and durability.

The difference between the trimmer and the lawn mowers. Launch and upgrade of the Patriot 545 after winter. My experience

Review of Patriot Promot series petrol trimmers

Order online and get a part of the money back, in more detail.

  • Almetyevsk
  • Zelenodolsk
  • Naberezhnye Chelny
  • Nizhnekamsk
  • – July 28, 2013To replace Solo. It justifies itself 100%. Power, equipment, price. Right squealing with delight. The combination of price / quality is better not to find. China drives! Highly recommend. For the cost of repair Solo, a new braid. In the event of a breakdown, you simply change to a new one. Among the shortcomings: the bend angles of the handles are not very well chosen. With my height (185 cm), I do not have to naturally bend my right (control) arm. Otherwise, no complaints.

Period of use:

more than a year11 0. May 17, 2013 I use two years no complaints


Period of use:

less than a month11 June 1. June 27, 2014 I bought this unit for 3990 rub. The kit includes a knapsack harness, a container for preparing the mixture (1/2 tank is too small for this model), a fishing line head, a three-blade disc and a frightening-looking circular saw blade. Assembled according to the instructions. Everything is very simple. It started up even before I noticed I mowed one hundred and a half low grass. There is simply no problem with the supply of fishing line. There is no easy hit on the ground. Despite the solid weight, you can’t feel fatigue when working. Noise from the engine is no more than that of less powerful models. I didn’t notice vibration before. trimmer Champion 1kW Nitsch I can’t say anything bad about it, although it was all over 4 years of operation, it’s one thing to mow 5 acres, and another 15 to overgrown. An interesting detail. from the electric trimmer I was in the mowed grass from head to toe and changed clothes on street, and after gasoline I came home almost clean. I look forward to the end of the break-in (4 tanks), then you can put the knife and go on the offensive on the weeds. I’ll try to write about using the knife and brush cutter as I gain experience. Today I mowed the heavily overgrown part with a disk garden bushes up to 2.5 cm (thickness we didn’t have time to grow up)., a variety of mugs and other budyaks lay in even rows without any noticeable resistance. At first I was annoyed by the inability to mow below 7-10 cm from the ground (a protective cover interferes), but then I realized that this was a good protection against stones that do not protrude much from the soil. Productivity (in sq.m.) when working with a disc is less than when working with a fishing line, but you can’t cut the bush with a fishing line and the disk cuts it a few times. PS The whole head is sometimes clogged and does not feed the fishing line. Avoid contact of the head with dirt, and When replacing the fishing line, carefully clean it. I begin to think about replacing the head. Otherwise, the unit is simply magnificent!

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Period of use:


Powerful! One-piece rod and rigid shaft.


The corus of plastic is weak. when the starter was jerked with a handle, one bar of the grille on the body was beaten off. not critical. but unpleasant.

Period of use:

the problem arose unexpectedly: the engine suddenly began to stall when trying to give high revs despite the fact that at idle, as well as at start, everything works fine.

and this is in the midst of the season! I tried to contact the service indicated in the coupon, but the latter moved to an unknown destination, and in its place the service of Al-ko was formed. guard! P.S. everything turned out not so bad! the service was found, though in a different place. There they diagnosed the scythe (400 rubles) and replaced the carburetor (1400 rubles).

it turns out that the carburetor is a weak spot and can die completely unexpectedly, the warranty for work is not subject to repair (?) for 1 month (as they said in the service, and it is written in the contract for 20 days!). I, of course, rushed to mow the grass, which managed to reach out already above the belt. so what? mows! Yes, how! and yet the braid is good! Now, if not for the carburetor.

PPS luck, unfortunately, did not last long. At half past three the trimmer suddenly stopped and no tricks made the stubborn unit give at least one flash. In the service they said “it can’t be!” And dragged the braid into the next room. I didn’t listen without gloating I through the door echoes of the Sisyphean efforts of the team of masters.

So, the trimmer was taken again and the grass can grow quietly for a week, and most likely longer. They say that avaricious pays twice. It is possible. But it seems to me that the era of really reliable things has passed and now you have to rely not on the brand or value, but more on luck.PPPSura! Repaired! By the way, in less than a week.

they didn’t say what they did, but they didn’t take the money. The grass and shrubbery grew during the repairs so that you can’t get near the fishing line. I had to put a knife. Everything works fine.

starts with half a turn, pulls like a beast! in the words of the poet: and again, life warmed up, which I want to wish for you! completely forgot! most lawn mowers are very sensitive to the quality of gasoline and the fact that a four-stroke engine will swallow without sneezing will cause the two-stroke engine to stall for a long time. the service was advised to buy gasoline for the braid at branded gas stations neste, shell.BP, statoil.


equipment and power


worked perfectly until the end of the warranty period and left me face to face with lush grass

Period of use:

15 February 1. 28, 2016

I bought it in July 2015, until the end of the summer I worked fine, without failures. Let’s see what the second season will give.
This company has a warranty service policy similar to a car one: periodically, the unit must be brought to an authorized service center for service, then the warranty is 3 years. True, this case is worth about 1000 rubles.



For some reason, it’s impossible to mow fishing line, it’s too heavy

Period of use:

6 July 1. 18, 2015

(For the rest, there is a wheeled self-propelled mower that has been working flawlessly for more than 15 years. But it’s not convenient for everyone to call in. So I took this miracle for inconvenience.) Now I will look for a guarantee. Maybe they will fix it.

Hope dies last.



If it starts, then only once. If for some reason you drowned out, you won’t start the second time.

Period of use:

5 May 12. 29, 2016

I have been using this mower for the fourth year. Koshu without smoke breaks, burning 2-3 barrels at a time. It works and starts up fine.

After the operation of season 1, it is not clear for what reason the piston ring burst and killed the piston (((Fortunately, the service center had all the spare parts, 2 hours of fuss and she was back in battle. Since then there have been no complaints. Overall, the purchase was very satisfied.

Video: How To Adjust A Carburetor To A Patriot 545 Trimmer


Convenient, powerful, rigid shaft, one-piece bar! Equipment.


The head of the line can be released on a huge amount of fishing line, at high speeds.

Period of use:

0 0. August 7, 2017

I mowed 30 acres of two-meter grass and weeds in a month, easily mowed weeds thick with a disk in a hand, cut a saw blade.


Powerful, one-piece bar, saw blade included


The first year I worked without problems, mowed down 20 acres, the second year it began to stall at load, it works at idle, but does not mow. They kept it in the main service for almost a month, and the repair was trifling. replacing the fuel filter for 120 rubles. For everything (diagnostics, replacement, filter) they took 640 rubles, I spent more time on the way there and back. Since then, she has been mowing like a beast, no problem.

Period of use:

August 10. August 10, 2017

The main thing is to customize the pens for yourself. The main parameters are the location of their mount on.


Power, quick start.


Sometimes you have to get the fishing line manually, because automation does not work. Sloped two tanks.

Period of use:

3 July 1. 15, 2018

Works 2 years.


Powerful, good equipment, starts well.


If parts break, it’s hard to find.

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Period of use:

July 1. July 24, 2018


powerful, reliable, everything is included (a knife, a disk, keys, a belt, a container for measuring oil), easy to maintain and operate, easy to start,


a little heavy, (without a belt, hard to wear for a long time). not collapsible (transportation in transport), when heated, the air filter cover can be unfastened spontaneously.

Period of use:

August 1. August 24, 2018

Long chose a lawn mower. I looked through many models and brands. And Makita and Husqvarna, and other "eminent" brands. The models are good, but they have a drawback. they are much more expensive with the same functionality, and with a similarly powerful engine, it’s at times significantly.
Patriot brand is not bad, its roots in the USA, although it’s being done.


Power (2.5 HP), equipment. The kit includes a 3mm fishing line, a 3-blade blade and a disc, like an angle grinder. The price is affordable. The belt is nice and comfortable. The engine starts quickly. In general, an excellent unit for the needs of the garden.


Not revealed yet

Period of use:

Repair of petrol trimmers Patriot and Moscow region

The 1st Specialized Service Center "Agrotechservice" is ready to offer you professional repair of lawn mowers and Patriot trimmers. Our company employs experienced, qualified and qualified mechanics who perform all types of work in the field of maintenance and repair of gardening equipment.

List of lawn mowers and Patriot trimmers:

PT 2340, PT 2540 ECO, GG 262, GG 362, GG 562, GG 462, PT2540 Imperial, GG 224, PT 3045, PT 4555ES, PT 5555ES Country, PT3045 Imperial, PT 2540, PT3055 Imperial, PT 545, PT 555, PT3355 Imperial, PT4355 Imperial, T 530 Pro, PT 3055, PT 536J, PT 3355, PT 546J, PT 415

The list does not contain all models of trimmers to be repaired.

Attention! Before contacting a service center!

We ask you to inform the manager of our company in advance: exact model of technology.

If you need spare parts for Patriot lawn mowers, then you need to know: brand of your engine; engine model; a type; code, located at the installation site of the carburetor, spark plug or muffler.

The engine code is indicated by a line consisting of 3 groups (6 lines in each line without additional quotation marks and asterisks).

The cost of our services can be changed after the diagnosis of your equipment. We work with each client individually, which means that the price calculation is made in accordance with the level of complexity of a particular type of work.

We are responsible for the results of our work, confirming that our words do not diverge from the deed!

This is an efficient and powerful machine, which is designed for professional cleaning of household plots and park areas. The Patriot T545 trimmer is capable of cleaning not only young grass, but also dry marsh vegetation.

The reinforced gearbox and rigid shaft allow long-term work to harvest coarse-stalked plants and small shrubs over a long period of time.

To increase comfort during prolonged use, the Patriot 545 Lawnmow has a noise and vibration reduction system.

Basic equipment

The factory equipment for the Patriot T 545 Pro gas mower includes:

  1. engine with bicycle handle
  2. protective cover
  3. handle connecting link
  4. fuel canister
  5. shoulder strap
  6. trimmer and knife
  7. instruction manual
  8. a set of basic tools for maintenance and repair of lawn mowers



The Patriot Lawnmow has a convenient and durable belt harness.

Anti-vibration system absorbs a greater amount of transmitted vibration, thereby ensuring a comfortable work.

The Patriot T545 Pro trimmer is equipped with a primer for pumping fuel, thereby making the engine start smooth and smooth.


Lawn Mowers Patriot is able to cope with work, both privately and in the professional field.

Before starting work on a gas mower, you should check the bolted connections, they must be tightened.

During operation, owners should wear protective clothing: glasses, gloves, boots, a suit and headphones.


A feature of the gas trimmer is that it does not work on pure gasoline, but on its mixture with oil in a ratio of 1:32.

The instruction manual recommends the use of branded oil from the manufacturer. It was specifically designed for Patriot trimmers.

User’s manual

Before starting operation, new owners should definitely study the user manual in order to understand how the device works, starts, stops and maintains the unit.

An electronic version of this document is here—>

Advantages and disadvantages

The Patriot T 545 Pro petrol trimmer is designed for professional use, but it has significant disadvantages, which include:

  • Big vibration;
  • Cranking handle;
  • When working with soft grass, it is wound on a reel.

But the positive points include the following:

  • Budgeting;
  • Power;
  • Large basic equipment;
  • Convenience of belt equipment.

Patriot PT 555 Reviews. Bad

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Repair of PATRIOT trimmers

Service Center Servy

Paid Repair PATRIOT

Servy Service Center (Servi) carries out professional post-warranty REPAIR and MAINTENANCE of gasoline powered tools, power tools, household and professional garden equipment, cleaning equipment,…

Optional: field trimmer repair at home or in the office, replacement of consumables, sale of spare parts

The Best company carries out repairs and maintenance of gasoline and diesel equipment, repairs of chainsaws, lawn mowers, snow blowers, mini tractors, generators, gas trimmers, seam cutters.

Repair and maintenance of gardening equipment: lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, cultivators, generators, snow blowers, etc.

Our experts will make high-quality repairs of chainsaws, lawn mowers, compressors, generators (power plants), fan heaters, heat guns, welding equipment, pumps. Diagnose.

Workshop "Kulibin" specializes in the repair of gardening equipment, gas powered tools, power tools. Always available the necessary supplies and spare parts. We work both with physical.

AGROTECHSERVICE. 1st specialized service center! Service Center "AGROTEHSERVICE". specializes in the repair of gardening, communal, power and construction equipment the world.

Garden Service is a professional center for the diagnosis and repair of gardening, communal equipment and outboard motors of various domestic and world manufacturers. Our specialists.

The cost of repairing trim tabs in service centers

Additional services of trimmer repair service centers

How much does trimmer repair cost?

Trimmer Repair Services

To install or configure the purchased equipment, you can use the services of specialists of authorized organizations (authorized service center) who will carry out all the necessary work for the further operation of the trimmer. The addresses of all service centers on the map of Moscow are given at the top of the page. If the service center is not available at the indicated address or is located at a different address, please let us know.

Review of the Patriot PT 3355 petrol trimmer


Reviews on the Patriot PT 3355 gas trimmer


  • -inexpensive
  • -comfortable knapsack belt
  • -thoughtful casing
  • -enough power (even for weeds)
  • -collapsible bar (convenient for transportation)
  • -air filter installed


  • noisy
  • plastic carburetor flap adjustment lever (not credible)
  • I haven’t noticed others yet

A comment A good price / quality ratio, a fairly powerful model, there is nothing to compare with. it patched up to two seasons with the Patriot earlier model of 1.2 l / s, but this trimmer has a little power. it roars heavily on weeds, it instantly clogs on tall grass. This model has several nice improvements. Here they write that an uncomfortable belt.

I don’t know, maybe this question has been finalized, but I have a knapsack belt with a latch under the sternum (the old one had an ordinary shoulder and he didn’t strain it).

Then, with the old model, the casing was placed directly above the coil (disk) mount, now it is 10 cm higher and this is a significant plus now the disk does not clog. the grass has nowhere to get into (I don’t know about the coil, I haven’t tried). An air filter was added to this model, which is nice.

Read more:  How to Extend a Fishing Line In a Trimmer

I don’t know if it’s a marriage or a revision, but my trimmer has a disc with a slight slope to the right compared to the handle, which probably also prevents blockages between the disc and the bar, because the disc evenly cuts higher first, and then erases it shorter than land.

On the old model, the disk stood parallel to the ground and completely all the tall grass mowed in one place and when the grass was tall, it cut itself between the casing, the barbell and the disk, instantly wound and stopped the trimmer, you had to stop, turn off the trimmer and clean the disk, or be careful and first go up, and in the second move mow lower. there are no such problems on the new spit. But still, this is not a professional model, we have a landscaping team at work mowing down with professional calms and they work quieter under load than Patriot at idle. And on the earlier model, the damper lever was metal, and now plastic, which is alarming. But in general, the trimmer copes with its task at 5.

Rodionov Pavel, 2013-05-24 Rating 4


  • One of the best in terms of price and quality. Pretty powerful, you can use a knife. Carry well.


  • Extremely uncomfortable shoulder strap. The vibration is quite noticeable, the manual has very small pictures.

Maples and plums went under the ax, and were finished off with a chainsaw. and everything else is work for Patriot. First, I had to download the manual from the manufacturer’s website, because what happened with the trimmer was with such small pictures that you couldn’t really figure anything out. The belt (shoulder) is not successful, now I will buy a backpack type.

The kit comes with a three-beam knife, in principle it is not bad, but bought a Patriot circular multi-serrated knife. and did not regret it. raspberries and small bushes mowed like grass. small maples with a diameter of 3-5 cm were carefully brought to the trunk and slowly sawed. then the fishing line was finally put in order.

and once every two weeks the plot is trimmed. The grass is crushed into powder. Well, now a little about the trimmer. The quality of parts and assembly is 4. For the Chinese, pretty good. The fact that it is collapsible is a big plus for transportation. Starts up quite easily on both cold and hot, the tank lasts an average of 1 hour.

The summer of 2011 was rainy and the trimer had to work a lot in two sections. Everything works, nothing broke, which is very good for the Chinese. After the winter, it started up immediately without any problems. I loaded the trimeric coil with a 2.4-square line fishing line which is an order of magnitude better than the one that came with the kit.

Which, nevertheless, of consumables needs to be changed after two years. Shock-absorbing rubber on the body (anti-vibration system), as the trimeric coil worn out, which also wore off contact with the ground. There is a native for sale, but it is not particularly convenient, but I was advised from Stihl avtocut 25-2, with an adapter.

gres1701, 2011-11-07 Rating 5


  • Weeds are suitable for mowing. Vibration is small, fuel consumption is acceptable, collapsible bar allows you not to think about how to put it in the trunk. It starts with half a poke (pah, pah, pah).


  • The design of the mowing head has not been thought out when you mow tall grass with a fishing line, it clogs at a time (or mowed grass gets in). Of course, you can succumb to the gas, but the unit heats up seriously. You have to pick out the grass or unscrew the coil.

A comment Satisfied with the purchase because I took it specially for the weed. Before that I used both Husqvarna and Stihl, I can say, someday everything breaks.

ALexx232, 2010-06-20 Rating 4


  • Powerful, cheap, eats little fuel, a comfortable knapsack belt with a casing.


A comment They bought for a summer residence on which they had not mowed for 5 years, 6 hectare with sticks of grass in a thick finger easily gobbled up, sometimes chewing, but quickly shaking off the skeins. mows currant bushes without hesitation, came across trees cm 4 thought a little, but chopped. Beast car.

Quite quiet, with the neighbors fishing line buzzing gasoline louder than ours with a knife on a windy. Sweeping everything in the cabbage. The problems were with surprises in the thicket, through the bucket breaks through, bent a little, straightens easily. the extreme was a meeting with a locomotive spring, an eerie sound, but survived. For 2 refueling, the windbreak was mowed by the order of 12 acres.

I advise a good thing in the household. It’s convenient that it’s folding, folded back into the box and taken away.

Osipova Olga, 2014-06-16 Rating 5



  • Inconvenient belt. But this is not a criterion.

A comment Bought, and immediately to the cottage. I read the instructions, started with a half kick, and with great pleasure mowed 8 acres in 3 hours, with smoke breaks. The grass was waist-high. The line is better to put 2.4 twisted.

The knives in the kit are blunt, and I had to grind them on an angle grinder. After sharpening knives, sweeps everything to smithereens and dust. In general, I am very pleased with the purchase. While working with a bang, and then we’ll see.

Anonim, 2012-05-30 Rating 4


  • In general, there are no problems with the launch, although I am already operating the second year. Voluminous tank. Collapsible. takes up little space. There is a clutch.


  • Some kind of not-so-comfortable strap stretches. Well, there is vibration, I don’t advise you to mow without thick gloves.

A comment In general. a good model. The strap, I think, is not a very serious flaw. And everyone has a vibration.

Anonim, 2009-06-15 Rating 4

Video review of the Patriot PT 3355 gas trimmer

Gas trimmer Patriot PT 3555ES Country 250108035

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Trimmer description Patriot Patriot 3555ES Country (collapsible bar)
lawn mowers (petrol trimmer) PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country for domestic use with a powerful engine is intended for mowing grass in areas that have slopes, a raised surface or terraces, where it is not advisable to use a full-fledged lawn mower. She also copes with shoots from shrubs and trees and mowing coarse overgrown grass.

The design has a non-demountable rod with handles having the shape of a bicycle rudder; a 2.4 mm thick fishing line or a saw blade can be used as a cutting tool. The Patriot PT 3555ES lawn mowers (trimmers) are equipped with a backpack-type shoulder strap that provides the user with comfort and reduces stress on his hands while working.

The PATRIOT 3555 ES Country petrol trimmer is a tool for tidy plot processing. The line easily cuts fresh grass, and the knife. dried growth and even small bushes. The model features a lightweight launch. The adjustable bicycle handle allows you to choose the perfect grip for the user. Adjustable knapsack strap reduces fatigue during prolonged use.


Power (hp): 1.8 Power (kW): 1.32 Engine displacement, cc: 35 Engine type: gasoline Fuel tank capacity, ml: 950 Rotation speed, rpm: 7500 Engine cycle speed: push-pull Mixing ratio: 32: 1 Cutting element: fishing line / knife Drive shaft: flexible Cutting width, cm: 23 (knife) / 46 (fishing line) Weight, kg: 7 Line thickness, mm: 2.4

Collapsible bar: no


Bicycle handle (adjustable). ease of use; Anti-vibration system AVS; Convenient grip with gas trigger and gas lock; The primer makes it easy to start the engine after a long downtime; The backpack belt promotes comfortable work; Easy to maintain air filter; Easy access to the spark plug; The presence of a knife on the cover of the PATRIOT 3555 ES Country petrol trimmer. for trimming excess fishing line. Characteristics of the Patriot Patriot 3555ES Country (collapsible bar)