How To Adjust The Carburetor On A Husqvarna 137 Chainsaw

How to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna (Husqvarna) chainsaw; setting and adjusting the saw Husqvarna chainsaws are distinguished by three features: the ability to absorb unnecessary vibrations, an improved air filtration system, and high power.

Instructions for setting up and adjusting yourself

Before proceeding with setting up your Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, you need to install it. Before starting work, you need to study the device of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw.

  • Be sure to wear gloves for protection. They are not included in the delivery set, so you need to take care of their purchase in advance. First you need to install the saw comb and secure it with two screws.
  • If chains and bars are not installed, they should also be replaced. To do this, remove the cover and the nuts securing it. If there is a shipping pad on the chain, remove it.
  • Adjust the chain tension with the adjusting screw. It is important that the gripper can enter the hole in the tire. To advance the gripper, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise. In this way, the correct grip position can be achieved.
  • Next, you need to prepare the chain for installation. For this, its correct position is selected. A sprocket is placed on the chain, which is located behind the clutch drum. The chain is passed between the sprocket teeth.
  • The top of the guide bar must be moved into the groove of the guide bar.

When the editing is finished, you can go to setting up your Husqvarna 137 chainsaw.

  • First you need to set the saw switch to the On position.
  • Then pull out the idle throttle lever until it stops.
  • Pull the starter cord with a brisk movement of your hand (no more than ten times).

To start and tune an already warm engine, you need to:

  • Set the saw switch to the On position.
  • Aim the Mode Change Knob at the HalfChoke mark.
  • With your right hand, you need to pull the cord until the engine starts to work.
  • Press in the engine starter to return it to idle speed.

For the disassembly and assembly process, see:

Description and technical characteristics of the saw

Chainsaw model Husqvarna 137 (included in the list of “best chainsaws”) first went on sale in 2005. It was released at the same time as the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw and was appreciated by amateurs. This amateur saw model is an excellent option for working in the country. Most similar models do not start well due to infrequent use.

At the dacha and suburban area, it is not so often necessary to use a chainsaw. Husqvarna specialists have developed a new technology that will come to the rescue in case of problems with starting the saw, thanks to which the Husqvarna 137 starts, as they say, with a half-turn.

A special spring is built into the chainsaw, which turns the crankshaft at the right moment. This makes it possible to start the saw effortlessly in relation to the starter rope.

In addition, the Husqvarna 137 has an improved ignition mechanism that produces a spark. The manufacturer made sure that the amateur chainsaw was equipped with a device that is equipped with professional saw models.

The design of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw is as close as possible to the design of professional equipment. However, the ergonomic design is also appreciated by amateurs. The model is equipped with an air injection system called Air Injection.


  • The volume of the fuel tank is 0.41 liters.
  • Weight without fuel and without tire 4600 g.
  • The tire is 220-380 mm long.
  • Vibration on the front handle 4.9 m / sec.
  • Vibration at rear handle 7.7 m / s.Kv.
  • Chainsaw power 2.2 HP
  • The engine volume is 36.3 cubic meters. Cm.

Choosing the right oil for chainsaw chain lubrication will be easier by reading our other article.

Chainsaw instruction manual

Chainsaw Husqvarna 137, like other models of this brand, is equipped with an inertial automatic chain brake. This part was invented by the engineers at Husqvarna. Now most of the manufacturers still produce chainsaws with a contact brake. That is, the brake is applied when interacting with the hand during a return impact. In practice, however, such a contact brake may not work at all. Don’t forget to take care of your engine, read this article to learn how to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil.

The auto-vibration system of this model works on the principle of two masses. The manufacturer does not release other systems.

The Husqvarna 137 is equipped with a high profile professional chain (just like the Stihl chainsaw). This is another difference from low-profile chainsaws. Chainsaws with a high profile chain are forty percent higher. This is especially striking with large volumes of work. In addition, these chainsaws remain highly efficient even when working with contaminated wood.

One of the most common mistakes when starting Husqvarna 137 is closing the choke without turning on the ignition.

Turns out that the fuel mixture enters the cylinder. And there is no spark, no ignition. After that, you will have to unscrew the candle, wipe it and screw it back in. Therefore, it is worth remembering that all Husqvarna chainsaws have a combined choke, and the ignition in them will turn on automatically at the moment the choke lever is pulled out. There should be no errors.

How does the carburetor work on a Husqvarna 137 chainsaw?

On chainsaws of these models, the Walbro carburetor is most often installed from the factory. Before adjusting the Walbro carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw, you need to have a minimum understanding of its structure and know how it works.

What you should pay attention to?

Once the Husqvarna carburetor adjustment is complete, you need to ensure that the engine is running smoothly and that the saw can easily rev up and down. It is considered abnormal to rotate the chain when idling, so it is necessary to re-adjust its connection to the clutch with screw H.

Do not forget that the assembly is not immediately set up: you need to wait a while, as the Husqvarna chainsaw does not immediately respond to changes in the position of the screws. This time can range from 5 to 15 seconds. This time does not prescribe the table, so you can only find out experimentally.

If, after adjustment, a huge amount of smoke appears during operation, then the supply of the fuel and oil mixture must be adjusted. For these purposes, rotate the screw L.

What is responsible for supplying a mixture of fuel and oil

For accurate delivery of fuel with oil, the operation of the fuel pump is used, which is mechanically driven from the crankshaft. The carburetor itself is equipped with a diaphragm and a special needle valve, which are responsible for regulating the pressure in the system. Thanks to them, the correct operation of the metering chambers and the pump is organized, which improves the operation of the chainsaw.

Nuances of adjustment

After adjusting, the chainsaw should easily pick up and drop speed, work stably at low and high speeds. If the saw chain rotates at idle after adjusting the carburetor control screws, this is a sign that the adjustment has been made incorrectly and the position of the screw (T) must be corrected.

Also, when adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor, it is worth considering the response time of the chainsaw to the rotation of the screws. The settings do not change immediately, but within five or ten seconds.

One of the indicators of an incorrect adjustment is a strong smoke during the operation of the saw, which indicates a large amount of fuel entering the combustion chamber. If this situation occurs, the position of the screw (L) must be corrected.

Tools required for work

Before proceeding with the tuning of the Husqvarna carburetor, you need to take care of having all the tools that may come in handy. To carry out this type of work yourself, you will need:

Adjusting the carburetor of your Husqvarna chainsaw

Modern chainsaws have a complex system and consist of several main units that periodically require maintenance and adjustment. In this article, we’ll talk about how to adjust the carburetor on your Husqvarna chainsaw.