How to assemble a cutter on a single axle tractor Huter


The answer to this question is yes with gooseneck cultivators. Regular inspection and sharpening of the cutting edges is necessary there. The welded construction of these cutters does not involve the use of hardened metal, and therefore bends, breaks and dulls.

Sharpening with sabre milling cutters is not only inexpedient but also harmful. In addition, the product data sheet clearly states: “Do not sharpen edges”. In their work, the frequency of rotation and the composition of the soil is important. Cultivation is the process of fighting weeds, breaking up the crust, and mixing the fertilizer with the soil.

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Assembling the active tiller of a water-cooled diesel power tiller

The active tiller for diesel water cooled power tillers Garden Scout GS81D(E)-GS101D(E)-12DE models, as well as for mini-tractors on the basis of power tillers is supplied unassembled, unless otherwise has been previously agreed. Cultivator is used for milling the ground.

A person who has not encountered the assembly of a trimmer, it is quite difficult to quickly understand the assembly. It takes about 45 minutes to assemble the tiller and we offer you a manual with pictures which will help you to assemble your power tiller easily:

The first step of the assembly is to install the blades in the appropriate mounts on the hub. We arrange the hubs with the anthers facing each other, install the blades in such a way that when rotating the blade would sink into the ground with its sharpened side.

First we will install the blade that is closest to the dust cap (which is installed on the gearbox). The sharpened part of the blade must face the motion of the cutter, and its curved part must face the gearbox.

The other blades are installed similar to the first one. Second step is to prepare the gearbox: mount the spigot on the bottom of the gearbox and secure it with bolts.

We also install the screw for tensioning the chain of the gearbox, it is installed in the center of the gearbox, between the stop and the pinion.

Then mount the hubs with blades on the gearbox. There is a fixing bolt on the hub, near the dust cap, which should coincide with the hole on the splined shaft of the gearbox.

Next, the stud pins are inserted into the hubs and properly screwed into the gearbox shaft.

These studs will additionally fix the hubs on the gearbox shaft.

Fitting the deflector hood: On the deflector hood you fit and bolt the STIHL foot deflector in the shape of a splash guard. Screw the mounting bar to the shroud.

Install the cover on the gearbox and fasten it with bolts.

An integral part of the machine is a wheel, which is used to adjust the depth of cultivation and mount the seat-adapter (if it is included in the delivery set). Wheel fork is mounted on the cutter bar mount, with the wheel height adjustment knob on top of the fork.

Also, an adapter beam is attached to the fork and an adjusting spring is stretched between the beam and the fork, which does not allow the fork with the wheel to rotate freely, but returns it to its working position.

After assembling the active tiller in the hole at the bottom of the gearbox, you must screw the bolt of the chain stabilizer, for this purpose is suitable bolt marking M8. That’s it, the tiller is assembled. The machine can be connected to a power tiller.

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Cutters for power tillers: what is better active saber or goose feet, how to assemble with your own hands, drawings and dimensions

Cutters for power tillers are attachments designed for plowing, loosening soil, mixing it with mineral and organic fertilizers, weed and pest control.

Due to the high agronomic characteristics and a high degree of crumbling, tillers create an optimal density of soil, increase its biological and biochemical activity, while significantly increasing yields. Tilling is performed in the spring before planting crops and after the fall harvesting of coarse-stemmed plants.

The units are installed on power tillers and cultivators as a working tool. They can come in a basic kit when buying motorcycles, sold separately in domestic markets, and some craftsmen make them themselves.