How To Assemble A Starter On The Trimmer Video

The device and principle of operation of the starter for trimmers

Gas engine. This is, in principle, the main part of lawn mowers. Its power lies in the range of 0.5-2.5 hp. The movement from it is transmitted to the shaft, which is inside the hollow rod, and then through a gearbox consisting of gears, already a fishing line or knife (working body).

Also, lawn mowers have the following elements:

  • Protective casing;
  • Lever;
  • Belt designed for the convenience of using the device;
  • Starter used to start a gasoline internal combustion engine.

All parts of the lawn mowers are shown in the photo below.

How To Assemble A Starter On The Trimmer Video

The trimmer starter is an integral part that starts the engine into operation. He is shown separately in the two photos below.

The starter mechanisms of different models of lawn mowers work according to the same principle: When the engine starts, the protrusions marked with 1 in the photo above engage with the pawls 3. When the engine starts to work, they return to their previous position due to the centrifugal force. A similar role is also played by wires 2.

The process of returning to the initial position of the elements of the mechanism occurs due to the presence of a spring wound around the axis. It unfolds when the rope is pulled. After releasing the cord, it is pulled in and wound up due to the coiling of the spring. During the start of the internal combustion engine, the lawn mowers starting the mechanism rotate its shaft until it starts to work (starts).

Today, gasoline lawn mowers are equipped with two types of starter mechanisms:

  • Manual;
  • Electric.

The first option is much more common.

The trimmer starter can function without breakdowns for a long time. It is impossible to clearly indicate the period of uptime. Everything is determined by the initial quality of the device and compliance with the rules for handling it.

Spring tension

After installing the spring, tighten it. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Remove the handle from the starter cord;
  • Then the rope is inserted into the reel groove;
  • The spring is tensioned by rotating the coil in the opposite direction to the clockwise (winding)
  • Make the required number of revolutions specified in the operating instructions for the trimmer used and corresponding to the length of the cord used;
  • At the very end, the rope is threaded through the hole provided for this, located in the starter cover;
  • Put the handle in place, fix it with a knot.

If, after repair, the spring continues to fly, then you can get rid of this in the following ways:

  • A piece of the plate is squeezed into the groove where the spring hook is located;
  • Drill holes on both sides of the groove in the spool, into which to insert the spring hook and fix it with a wire.

The main malfunctions of the trimmer starter

It is not difficult to determine the cause of the breakdown of the triggering device. There are several main options:

  • Broken cord (rope)
  • When the spring breaks or disengages.

The specified details are shown in the photo below.

It may happen that the starter mechanism is accidentally broken. The consequences will be disastrous if the torn rope is wound around the flywheel of a working internal combustion engine: then the spring will burst, the pulley will break. But such cases, when a complete replacement of the starter unit is required, are extremely rare. In most cases, to fix the mechanism, it is enough to install a new spring or replace the cord.

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Starter assembly

The assembly of the starter unit is carried out in a number of stages:

  • The coil is turned over, Installing it so that the spring bend fits exactly into the groove of the body, as in the photo below;
  • Lay two washers, between which a spring is placed;
  • Put the cup with the Usyk in place;
  • Tighten the screw (photo below).

When doing the described manipulations, it is imperative to put two washers. If this is not done, the spring will eventually damage the plastic cup, and when it is pulled, it will begin to wedge. Because of this, there is a feeling as if the spring has flown off. To eliminate this drawback, you need to install this part of a greater length or an additional washer.

When such spare parts are not available, you can simply unscrew the screw a little, and the starter unit will start working without wedging. But this option is temporary. It is better to repair it with high quality as soon as possible.

How to repair a starter for trim tabs

Petrol trimmer starter repair may be required at the most inopportune moment. In this case, the problem can be solved in two ways: replace the broken part or change the entire unit. The latter option is more expensive. To repair the device with your own hands, in most cases, you only need a screwdriver with an appropriate tip from the tools. Repair work will NOT take long and will NOT require any Special Knowledge. It is enough to know the device, the principle of operation, the nuances of assembling and disassembling the starter for the trimmer in order to achieve the desired positive result.

Removal and disassembly of the starter, replacement of broken parts

To repair the trimmer starter, you will first need to disassemble it and then assemble it. This process is NOT a particularly difficult task. For work, you need a screwdriver with a tip of the desired shape.

Diagnostics and elimination of breakdowns

To diagnose the starter mechanism for the purpose of its subsequent repair, the unit must be disassembled. This is not difficult to do; you only need a screwdriver. But during this operation you need to be careful. Inadvertent movement may cause the spring to fly out and cause injury to the user.

Spring winding

Spring winding. Not an easy procedure. Not everyone succeeds in installing the part in place the first time, so you should not be upset if it fails. It is necessary to repeat attempts until the actions are not successful. If you wish, you can look at the Internet, where craftsmen tell in detail and show how to easily and quickly perform this operation.

To wind the spring, you need to place the bend in the groove, and then, while turning the coil, carefully lay the part along the inner diameter of the bobbin. In this case, the spring must be constantly held with your hands. If it is NOT fixed, the part slips and jumps out, then the winding has to be done again. When done correctly, the spring is firmly seated in its seat.

How to repair a starter for trim tabs

One of the key components of a lawn mower. It is a starter designed to facilitate starting the engine of the device. Like other parts, it breaks down periodically. In this case, there are two solutions to the problem: repair the trimmer starter or replace it completely. The second option is simpler, but more expensive. In addition, the required part must first be found on the market, since different lawn mowers use different starters for different models. If you have free time and a screwdriver with a suitable tip, you can restore the functionality of this unit yourself if you know how it works, what malfunctions are typical for it, and how to fix them correctly. About all this. In this material.

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Problem prevention

Sooner or later, problems with the starter arise on any trimmer. Stihl FS 55, MTD 790 or another brand. It is possible to delay the appearance of such a malfunction, but for this you need to handle the instrument with care. In particular. Do not make too sharp jerks, this will lead to a break in the cord or to a spring out. It is not recommended to subject the lawnmower to shocks or other physical influences. If the starter housing breaks and the cord breaks, it could wind up around the engine flywheel. This will lead to a torn pulley and a bursting spring.

So, having found out that the starter mechanism has broken on the lawn mowers, you should not rush to the specialists for help right away. Knowing how the malfunction is eliminated and / or the part is replaced, the repair work can be performed independently. This does not require any specific tool. At first, the procedure may seem complicated and tedious, but the numerous on the Internet dedicated to starter repair will help to solve the problem as quickly and simply.

Replacing the cord

To replace an element, you need to find a hole in the coil for it, through which the cord will pass, and then tie a knot. Next, you need to charge the coil with a spring, performing several turns.

For example, if the cord is wrapped around the circumference six times, then to tighten the spring, you need to turn the coil counterclockwise six times. After that, it remains only to thread the rope through the hole and fix the handle on the cord.

Signs and causes of failure of the starter mechanism

There are two faults in the starter mechanism.

  • Broken cord. With regular use of lawn mowers, this element is frayed and torn, which will be easily noticed by the user when trying to start the trimmer. To correct the situation, you need to replace the cord.
  • Spring wear and subsequent breakage or release of the hook from the groove. It is possible to determine the malfunction by the cord, which does NOT return and does NOT wrap around the pulley after starting the engine. To repair the trimmer in this case, just install a new spring.

In rare situations, the starter mechanism breaks when the tool is used carelessly. The consequences can be unpleasant: a deformed cord is wound around the flywheel of a running engine, the pulley breaks, and the spring breaks. But this. Isolated cases, complete replacement of the starter is required very rarely.

Starter repair: disassembly

We unscrew the screw with which the pulley is attached to the starter cover. We take out the antennae, the spring. We pull out the pulley itself carefully so that the spring does NOT bounce into the face. Even with the most careful disassembly, it usually immediately flies out of the coil and abruptly unfolds into a long metal strip or twists into rings.

Pull out the white starter coil carefully. Don’t get hurt by the spring!

If the spring bursts or one of its hooks breaks, then repairing the starter will NOT work simply and quickly. Spring replacement required. In order not to spend money on buying a new starter, you can search only for it on sale.

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If the starter spring simply fell off, i.e. one of the hooks is out of engagement, it is enough to insert it, if necessary, slightly tightening the hooks more tightly (just not breaking off!) Install the spring with an outer hook into the pulley groove and start twisting it, while holding fingers inside the coil and do not let it jump out of there.

Filling the starter spring Presses the spring against the pulley, in a circular motion Wind the spring inward

It may not seem so easy to insert the starter spring the first time, but everything comes with experience. With a little practice, you can easily wind the spring into the pulley in a maximum of a minute.

The starter spring is wound. It remains only to assemble the starter and charge the spring to the desired value

How to repair a gasoline tool starter with your own hands?

In the case of a break in the starter cord, everything is clear: We take out the old rope, take it that is suitable in length and thickness (linen is possible), thread it through the hole in the reel, tie a knot. Next, the spring is cocked to the required number of revolutions, only after which we fasten the handle. And voila! details on how all this is done is clearly shown below.

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Removal and disassembly of the starter, replacement of broken parts

To repair the trimmer starter, it will be useful to disassemble it first, and then assemble it. This process is NOT particularly difficult. A screwdriver with a tip of a suitable shape is useful for performing work.

It remains for our client to do it carefully, observing safety precautions, mainly so that the spring, in case of accidental pouring, does NOT injure the master.

Spring tension

After installing the spring, tighten it. For this purpose, do the following acts:

  • Remove the handle from the starter cord;
  • Then the rope is inserted into the reel groove;
  • Tension the spring by rotating the coil in the opposite direction to the clockwise (winding)
  • Make the required number of revolutions indicated in the instruction manual for the trimmer used and corresponding to the length of the cord used;
  • At the very end, the rope is threaded through the hole created for this, located in the starter cover;
  • Put the handle in place, fix it with a knot.

If, after repair, the spring continues to fly, then for this reason there is an option to get rid of the following methods:

  • A piece of the plate of a suitable size is squeezed into the groove at the location of the spring hook;
  • Drill holes from 2 sides of the groove in the coil, on which to stick the spring hook and fix it using a wire.

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