How To Assemble A Stihl Fs 38 Petrol Trimmer

The topic of trimmers is becoming more popular. This is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any gardener. They can mow grass, level the lawn and get rid of bushes and weeds. The thing is quite useful and effective. Unlike lawn mowers, trimmers are comfortable, manoeuvrable, lightweight and mobile. You can take them anywhere. One of the well-known trimmer manufacturers is Stihl.

How To Assemble A Stihl Fs 38 Petrol Trimmer

Petrol Stihl trimmers

If you still do not know, then all devices can be divided into three types:

As for the Stihl line, the company does not produce battery packs. It is famous for its gasoline and electric trimmers. First, consider a gas trimmer.

"Stihl FS 55"

The Sthil FS 55 model is in great demand. Estimates of the model are quite high. But why? It’s all about the specifications and assembly. This is a portable device, on board which is a gasoline engine with a two-cycle frequency. Volume 27 cm 3 with a capacity of 1 liter. with. The set of model 55 is small: two types of cutting element (knife and fishing line) and a shoulder strap. The photo shows how the trimmer looks.


Here is what Sergei from Moscow says: “I’ve been using it for 5 years. During his work, he noted such advantages: lightness, power, maneuverability and ease of operation. In addition, you can find inexpensive parts on different sites. Only now the problems with the carburetor began: the lawn mower stalled. Replacing the carburetor helped. ”

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And Gennady from Moscow put it this way: “The 3 summer season trimmer shows an excellent result. The unit was advised by a neighbor. It is lightweight, comfortable and fits well in the hand. Fail-safe and economical. I can work with one gas station for 3 hours. The only moment when working is a little vibrating. "

"Stihl FS 250"

But, this is not the only successful model. I would like to note the "Stihl FS 250". It is much more powerful, as it has an engine with a capacity of 40 cm 3 with a power of 2.15 liters. with. The knife rotates at a speed of 9000 rpm. And his tank is twice as much. 0.64 liters. Only because of these characteristics, it has a weight of 6.3 kg. And the price of the trimmer is almost twice as much.

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"Stihl FS 38"

The middle option among gasoline products is the Stihl FS 38 trimmer. It is slightly cheaper than 55, but with similar characteristics. Mows 38 cm of grass. The engine is also with 27 cm 3, but the power is 0.9 liters. with. It works at 9500 rpm. The tank is the same. 0.33 L, deck and body are plastic, and the trimmer weighs only 4.1 kg.

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Electric models

The advantage of such models is that they are not so noisy, do not give off exhaust gases, and also they do not need gasoline. All that is needed is an outlet and extension cord. It’s clear that you won’t be able to take him to the regiment, but for work near the house an electric trimmer is just perfect.

"Stihl FSE 60"

Stihl’s electric models are not so successful. Customer ratings are much lower. The average in the price category can be called the Stihl FSE 60 brand. He mows grass 36 cm. The knife rotates at speeds up to 7400 rpm. It produces 60 dB of noise.

The power consumption of the unit is 540 watts. Telescopic handle, deck and plastic housing. The weight of this miracle is 3.9 kg. It is lightweight, it is good to hold and operate the trimmer. And they are cheaper to maintain. The only negative is the low power compared to gasoline. But this is offset by a small cost.


The reviews are mixed. According to Igor from St. Petersburg, the device works, does not vibrate, it is light and convenient. “The good news,” says Igor, “is that it is possible to replace the fishing line with a knife. However, the power is clearly not enough, because the grass is not cut more than 15 cm. "

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But Oleg from Moscow said: “Quality, performance, reliability, low weight and noise make it very good. Yes, and takes little energy. Mows perfectly. The bad thing is that there is no belt on the shoulder. it’s inconvenient. "

"Stihl FSE 31"

The cheapest trimmer in the line is the Stihl FSE 31. the trimmer is very light. 2.2 kg. But the power is lame. It is suitable for small landscaping jobs. The knife rotates at a speed of 10100 rpm, and the engine is located below.

The unit consumes 254 watts. They are better off cutting grass left from the mower along the wall, fence and curbs.

"Stihl FSE 81"

And perhaps the most expensive is the Stihl FSE 81. Among all, it is the most powerful, running from 1000 watts. The knife rotates at a speed of 7400 rpm. The engine is on top. The handle is telescopic. Trimmer weight. 4.7 kg. Among all the models, he copes better with the task.


To summarize

If you conclude, the Stihl trimmers are in demand and do their job well.

The advantages of the products are quality, reliability, ease of operation and availability. After analyzing all the models, you can choose something for yourself.