How to attach an angle grinder to a table

Attach the angle grinder to the table

Everyone knows that an angle grinder or an angle machine is a useful and versatile tool. Its application has become so diverse that sometimes we do not know what this tool is capable of. The angle grinder is successfully used for cutting metal, stone, tiles and, sanding surfaces.

But when working with an angle grinder, the first degree of ease of use, as well as safety, begins when the workpiece is rigidly fixed. With this fastening, the cut is better and the degree of safety is increased..

However, if you fix the angle grinder itself, to various devices, then its capabilities expand, accuracy increases, practicality increases and the safety of its operation improves..

Nevertheless, if you show some ingenuity and some locksmith’s capabilities, then the angle grinder can be turned into a stationary cut-off machine. Moreover, such a device can be manufactured with minimal cost and within a few hours. One of the design solutions is a long metal, usually square, pipe, which is both a frame and a handle. A transverse metal strip is welded from the end of the pipe, which has two holes for fasteners. Angle grinder.

There is also a simpler solution, this is when the angle grinder is attached to the curtain, through the bar, to the wooden table, and rubber can be used as a spring. The pipe is attached to a small piece of the corner on the movable shaft, and the corner is screwed either to the manufactured bed or to the table. It is important that this lever has a spring to raise and return the entire structure to the upper position..

The next way to attach the angle grinder to the table reminds us of emery. After making a simple frame from a square pipe, we attach the angle grinder through the holes for the handles and place it on the edge of the table. With this setup, using thick discs, the angle grinder really turns into emery or a sharpener, while with thin discs it does a good cut.

The following mounting option is also possible for an angle grinder, in which it can perform the functions of a circular saw if a circular saw is installed on it. To do this, screw the angle grinder under the table. In this case, the device can also have a feed mechanism up or down, which will affect the cutting depth.

With this use of an angle grinder, it must be remembered that the use of saws with victorious solders is very dangerous, since they are not designed for high revolutions and solders can fly off, becoming flying fragments.

One way or another, with the help of a simple device, you can significantly improve and expand the use of this universal tool, especially in cases where it is not possible to purchase expensive special machines.
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Carriage made of pipes and shock absorbers

If there are water pipes, a pair of car shock absorbers and a metal corner or profile in stocks, you can make a wonderful cross-cut (aka “cut-off”) machine with a transverse horizontal carriage feed.

The pendulum unit is still required to bring the tool into the cutting plane. But the carriage, movable along the pendulum arm, allows you to significantly expand the range of material sizes. Now you can cut quickly and accurately not only pipes, profiles and beams.

The horizontal carriage travel allows you to neatly cut sheet materials as wide as we can design the carriage overhang.

Complex rail assemblies with spring-loaded bearings are usually designed to ensure smooth yet accurate carriage travel. But you can use car shock absorbers. They have a very robust and precise construction. If you remove gas and liquid, you get excellent guides..

The rear shock absorbers of VAZ cars have a stroke of almost 200 millimeters. This will allow, for example, when attaching an angle grinder-230 to the carriage, to organize a cutting line up to 400 mm long. But even if you have a compact angle grinder with a disc only 150 mm in diameter, you can still cut sheets up to 200 mm wide. This more than covers most of the daily tasks..

When designing the “guide-carriage” assembly based on automobile shock absorbers, it should be taken into account that the shock absorber bodies themselves are quite thin and easily wrinkle. Such “guides” should be fastened to the upper arm of the pendulum with semicircular clamping brackets. This is where water pipes come in handy..

Elements made of wood

If it is not possible to make the basic elements of a pendulum saw from metal, do not despair. Many structural elements can be made from wood. First of all, this is the bed, pendulum arm and angle grinder holder..

The frame can be made from any suitable lumber. Frames made of solid and heavy timber of considerable cross-section are very good. They are both durable and quite heavy. This ensures the stability of the entire machine..

The frame, assembled from an oak bar with a section of 100×100 mm, is certainly impressive. But it is too expensive. Thick bars of larch or even birch are quite suitable for the base of the desktop..

But for the manufacture of the pendulum arm, you can just use the noble types of wood traditionally used in furniture production. Oak would be quite appropriate here.

When constructing a machine from wood, do not forget about the overall rigidity of the structure. Significant dimensions of the bed make it possible to ensure the strength and rigidity of this part when manufactured from not the highest quality materials..

The pendulum arm has a long, elongated design. If made of wood, its geometry can be unstable with changes in temperature and humidity..

For this structural element, it is better to use the so-called furniture board, consisting of several wooden elements glued together.

Rectangular bed

Very stiff in itself, this profile allows the construction of a rigid and sturdy bed. More importantly, the pendulum arm made from this material will barely bend during operation..

But the bed frame is only half the battle. On top of the frame, you need to put a “table top” – a plate on which the processed material will be placed under the angle grinder.

If the frame is made of metal, sheet metal is the best material for the workbench. However, a thick sheet of plywood or chipboard is also quite suitable. Just do not forget that a fairly wide slot must be provided in the tabletop directly under the disc of the angle grinder in the tabletop, which provides a through passage of the disc through the material to be cut..

The upright is a very busy pendulum saw assembly. The use of a metal profile will create a strong and rigid structure.

When using metal as the basic element of the machine, preference should be given to welded joints. Of course, metal profile products can also be connected with bolts..

But such connections do not provide the required rigidity..

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Nevertheless, if you show resourcefulness and some locksmith’s abilities, then the angle grinder will of course be transformed into a stationary cutting machine. Moreover, such an adaptation can be done with the lowest cost and over a period of time. One of the design solutions is a long iron, you, square, pipe, which is both a frame and a handle. From the end of the pipe, a transverse iron bar is welded, which has two holes for fasteners..

Tool fixation options

Many experts argue that there is no better way to secure the workpiece than the well-known vice. The use of this attachment ensures that the risk of injury is reduced to zero even if the abrasive disc breaks into small pieces. Particular attention should be paid to the rotary type of vice, at the base of which there are special longitudinal grooves. If the master manages to make the correct oblique cut, then it will be possible to achieve a significant increase in the functionality of the device..

First, you need to prepare strong fasteners according to the drawings of the angle grinder stand. With your own hands, you can build a unique attachment for an angle grinder, which must necessarily consist of the following elements:

  • Spring to provide counterweight.
  • 2 tubes in the form of bearings.
  • 2 meters of profile pipe.
  • Sheet metal to create a solid foundation.
  • 2 bolts.

You can build a rack from the most common materials that can be found in almost every garage and private house. Of course, you simply cannot do without a welding machine. Despite this, such a rack will not only be of high quality, but will also cost much less than a purchased product. For more convenient use of the device, its frame can be equipped with an ergonomic handle. In this case, a simple tube is suitable, which is attached using a welding machine..

For those craftsmen who do not want to fiddle with workpieces for a long time, you can use a regular protective cover. You just need to make the necessary holes in it and attach an angle grinder. Bolts with self-locking nuts are suitable for fixing. Finally, the entire structure must be attached to the bed..

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You can’t think of any cooler! Cool homemade product from a REGULAR angle grinder.

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Quality counterweight with shock absorber

The safety of the bed is largely dependent on the counterweight. The most practical is the option when, at the moment of lowering the tool, it will automatically move to a vertical position, thereby stopping any cutting manipulations. It will be not only very convenient, but also safe. The easiest way is to install a spring mechanism, which must be selected in accordance with the characteristics of the angle grinder. The design itself will be compact and efficient..

A great idea is when the stand is equipped with powerful shock absorbers to ensure smooth movement of the tool. Even a beginner can handle such a unit..

How to fix a table lamp to a table?

A table lamp is a must-have lighting fixture in almost any apartment. The fact is that with the onset of darkness, meticulous work that is associated with focusing attention (writing, reading, embroidery, etc.) becomes almost impossible.

When choosing, it is strongly recommended to pay attention not only to the design, but also to the light sources used:

  • halogen lamps;
  • fluorescent lamps;
  • LED lamps, etc.

We think in advance about the place where the table lamp will be located

Many people may think that this should be ignored. The lamp is a table, which means that it will be located on the table. In fact, some difficulties may arise with the installation of a lighting device..

An example is shelves that are hung very close to the table top. In addition, do not forget that not every lamp has a specific bracket for mounting on the table top..

Possible ways of installing a table lamp will be described below: using a special bracket that is fixed directly on the table top; using a weighted base.

Professional table lamp

The bracket characterizes the professional orientation of the table lamp. Indeed, unlike a student, a professional has a large number of different equipment on his desk..

Therefore, it is required to position the lamp in such a way that it does not create any interference and problems..

Thanks to the use of LED light sources, it became possible to effectively reduce the weight of the lamp. As a result, today you can buy models that are fixed on any flat, even, smooth surface using a suction cup..

Naturally, we are not talking about the Chinese versions. A suction cup similar to the one used by master glaziers. That is, in order to pump out the air from under the suction cup and create a vacuum there, you need to turn the lever.

In any case, it is not recommended to purchase models that are in one copy. Indeed, in case of urgent need, it will not be possible to find the necessary spare parts.

The video will showcase a classic transforming table lamp:

Angle grinder stand

This device is a small machine with which you can easily, safely and very accurately cut metal pipes, profiles or rods. It consists of a base or a small table attached to the ground or to a locksmith’s table.

The machine is assembled in a simple sequence:

  • we install a hinge on the base;
  • we weld the supporting pipe to the hinge;
  • we attach the U-shaped attachment plate to the angle grinder;
  • we put a rubber handle on the supporting pipe;
  • install the disk and check its position.

As a result of simple work, we got a machine or stand for an angle grinder. The angle grinder can now swivel up and down on the part set for cutting. So that the angle grinder rises up without loads, we install a spring on the pipe.

Two fixing corners must be installed on the table. At the base of one corner, we make a groove for the bolt around the circumference. It will be needed when a pipe or profile needs to be cut at a certain angle. Then we install this corner with a slot at the same angle to the plane of the cutting disc. Angle grinder.

Parallel to the corner with the arc slot, we install a corner that can be moved to the part to fix it on the table. The pipe or profile will simply be nested between the two corners. This is sufficient for fast and accurate cuts..

By installing the supporting transverse metal bar on the machine table, you can clean the material using a steel brush mounted on the shaft of an angle grinder.

Simple cut-off machine

A cut-off machine based on an angle grinder can be made by hand in one day. For the machine, you need to choose a bed – a metal base plate. Fix the hinge on it. Weld the supporting frame with the plate for attaching the angle grinder to the hinge.

Any suitable part can be used as a hinge. In this case, the hinge is made from the swivel hinges of a passenger car. The hinges have already served their time, but they fit the machine very well.

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Do-it-yourself wall chaser from an angle grinder

A groove is a groove that must be cut in a wall to lay an electrical wire or cable. The difficulty of this work lies in the fact that the groove must be of constant width and depth. Then the wire will fit evenly and less solution for the bookmark will be required.

A wall chaser is rarely used in practice, so it will be expensive to buy it for a home. But it can be made on the basis of an angle grinder – our favorite angle grinder..

The main task is to install two diamond discs on the shaft of an angle grinder with a distance of at least 1 cm:

  • install the first disk and fix it with a nut;
  • install the second disk and fix it with a nut;
  • measure the resulting distance between the disks;
  • we install protection on the angle grinder;
  • checking the work.

But, if for some reason it is not possible to install two discs on the shaft, the strobe can also be cut by the usual method with one installed disc. You just have to cut a second parallel line.

Work with a wall chaser is carried out indoors. This creates a huge amount of dust. Even a respirator does not save from it. To eliminate this negative phenomenon, it is necessary to make a protective casing that would cover both disks and have a branch pipe on top for connecting to a vacuum cleaner. There is a similar device on electric jigsaws for collecting small sawdust..
Sometimes lovers of the rational use of the tool adapt 2 or 4 rotating rollers to this casing. When the chaser moves along the wall surface, it will move on rollers without creating additional loads on the hands.

To make a tool for a wide groove, it is necessary to make special bushings for attaching discs to the desired width. With such a wall chaser, it will be possible to make grooves for pipe laying..

But the protective casing will also need to be made wider. On the cover of the chaser for both wires and pipes, you must install a screw for adjusting the immersion of the cutting tool into the wall. In this case, the casing will consist of two parts connected by a hinge and a submersion adjustment unit..

What accessories for an angle grinder can be made by hand

The well-known angle grinder, with its cutting, grinding and cleaning capabilities, proved to be capable of several more functions. Expanding the functionality requires you to do some work with your own hands in order to get the devices you need for work.

  • Circular Saw from Angle Grinder
  • How to repair an angle grinder
  • DIY sander
  • DIY drill stand: drawings

Router from an angle grinder

Sometimes it becomes necessary to mill a hole or surface, but there is no familiar milling machine operator, and there is nowhere to look. But there is an angle grinder – an angle grinder. This is the solution to the problem. We choose a machine from two options – a movable machine and a movable table.

In the first case, we fix the workpiece or material that needs to be milled, and the angle grinder is attached in the vertical plane to the frame. On the frame it is possible to move the plate to which the angle grinder is attached to the left – right and forward – backward. In other words, we can move the angle grinder relative to the workpiece..

In another version, the angle grinder is rigidly fixed, and the workpiece moves by analogy to the left – right and forward – backward. These are the main directions for milling. For milling along the up and down axes, it will not be difficult to supplement the adaptation.

Having chosen the version of the machine, you can start implementation. The only place that will require the involvement of a turner is the cutter holder. It is turned from a hexagon of at least 16 mm, because the thread of the angle grinder is 14 mm. Collet type holder. It is easy to manufacture and does not have large beats. Regular jaw chuck does worse.

The advantage of such a machine, like all machines based on an angle grinder, is that they can be easily transformed back into an angle grinder. As a kind of milling cutter from an angle grinder, you can make a drill.

Pendulum saw

It is not difficult to make adaptations for an angle grinder with your own hands. It doesn’t even need blueprints. It is enough to know the principle that is embedded in this or that machine. The pendulum saw based on the angle grinder is no exception. This is the same cut-off machine, but its weight is distributed almost in half..

It is somewhat similar to a children’s swing. A frame is located on the movable sleeve, and an angle grinder is mounted on it. Any weight in combination with a return spring can serve as a counterweight.

Option 1

To make this device for an angle grinder, you will need the skills of a welder. So, you need to do the following.

First, cut 2 small pieces from the corner (50×50 mm). Their size is selected based on the dimensions of the gear unit of your angle grinder.

Next, drill holes with a diameter of 14 mm in them and screw the corners to the angle grinder, as shown in the following photo. If you do not have suitable bolts, M14 threaded studs can be used. Just be careful that the bolts are not too long. Otherwise, in some models of angle grinder, they may cling to the impeller located in the gearbox housing..

Without removing the corners from the angle grinder, grab them with welding. After that, the corners can be removed and scalded well..

Sand the weld seams with an angle grinder.

Then you need to make a rotating support for the lever on which the apparatus will be fixed. To do this, select 2 pipes of such diameters so that one can enter the other without much effort..

For a more accurate cut, you can glue masking tape on the tubes and draw a fishing line on it..

How to Make a Mini Table Saw from an Angle Grinder. | DIY |

Then, while turning the tube, carefully cut the angle grinder. A pipe section of a smaller diameter should be 20 mm shorter (thickness of 2 bearings) – it will serve as a spacer.

attach, angle, grinder, table

For a thicker pipe, select 2 bearings that match its inner diameter. After that, insert a thin tube into a thick one and press the bearings on both sides.

Then insert a stud into the bearings. It is imperative to lay a washer in front of the nut..

When the swivel mechanism is ready, you need to weld a small piece of the corner to it.

At the next stage, a stand is made for the swivel mechanism from the same corner 50×50 mm. To make the segments the same length, the corners can be tightened with a clamp and cut off..

Also, without unscrewing the clamp, they can be drilled immediately..

Attach the drilled corners to the finished pivot block using nuts.

Weld a longer corner to this rack, as shown in the following photos.

Now you need to decide on the length of the lever on which the angle grinder will be fixed. This is done by the selection method, based on the dimensions of your angle grinder. You can lay out the parts on the table and calculate the approximate dimensions of the lever, which is better made from 2 pieces of a square profile pipe 20×20 mm.

The pipes must also be clamped with a clamp and cut to the same size..

After all the parts are ready, they can be welded together, as shown in the following photos.

In the next step, you can attach an angle grinder to the finished structure and check again what came of it..

The finished swingarm for the angle grinder can be easily installed on any flat surface such as a workbench. Also, this design can be installed on a table specially made for it. For a more rigid fastening of the mechanism, you can weld small pieces of corners on both sides of the long corner, and drill holes in them.

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In the following photos you can see how a ready-made device for an angle grinder is fixed on the table (in this case, a metal frame is used).

It is very important to set a right angle between the plane of the cutting wheel and the plane of the table. Place the square on a table and slide it over to the abrasive wheel on the angle grinder. If initially you managed to weld the fixture so that the angle between the planes was 90 degrees, then this is good. If you notice a deviation from a right angle in one direction or another, then you can correct the situation with a scrap or a long profile pipe, for example, 60×20 mm.

So that the part does not budge during cutting, a corner can be screwed onto the table, which will serve as an emphasis. Also, for an accurate cut, the table can be easily improved with a simple vice made of a nut welded to it and a stud of the required length screwed into it.

Next, you need to make a protective casing. It is done taking into account the maximum diameter of the cutting disc, which can be installed on a specific model of an angle grinder. To make it easier to determine the dimensions of the casing and places for its attachment, you can first make a template, for example, from a piece of cardboard.

attach, angle, grinder, table
  • It is required to cut 2 blanks from tin for the future casing.
  • Screw an aluminum corner to one of the blanks. With its help, the casing will be attached to the rod of the device..
  • Twist 2 halves together.
  • Drill holes on the pendulum rod for the angle fixed to the cover, cut a thread into them and screw on the protective cover.

In this case, the casing will also serve as a limiter for the cutting tool, which does not allow it to go too deep into the table during processing of the part..

It will not be superfluous if you make spring loading for the lever with the angle grinder attached to it. In this case, it is easy to do this: insert a smaller tube on the back of the rod and attach a spring to it, as shown in the following photo.

On this, the manufacture of a cutting machine with your own hands, in which an angle grinder is used as a drive, can be considered complete.

Option 2

Another version of the device for an angle grinder, with which it will be possible to cut metal workpieces, is done as follows.

  • Take 2 sections of profile pipe of the same height and weld them to a rectangle pre-cut from sheet metal.
  • Drill holes in 2 racks and in the lever (the length is selected experimentally), then fix the latter with a bolt, as shown in the photo below.
  • Attach a spring to the back of the lever.
  • At the intended attachment point of the angle grinder on the rod, drill a through hole.
  • You can now attach the angle grinder to the table..

Thus, we have a simple cut-off machine. To give additional rigidity to the attachment of the device to the lever, you can use clamps, having previously laid between the body of the angle grinder and the pipe, for example, a wooden block.

For accurate cutting, so that the workpiece does not move, you will need to screw the corner to the table.

For a small angle grinder, a similar version of the device is also suitable, only the angle grinder will be attached to a metal strip: on the one hand, with a bolt to the angle grinder itself, and on the other, with a clamp.

For a powerful angle grinder, the adaptation is made according to the same principle, but from larger profiles than in the figures above.

It is not necessary to use dumbbells as a counterweight. It is enough to find a suitable spring.

Homemade attachments for angle grinder

The capabilities of the angle grinder can be expanded not only by using various attachments, but also by installing it on special home-made devices. As a result, you can get a cutting machine, with which it becomes possible to accurately cut metal blanks at any angle. In addition, the angle grinder can be mounted on a carriage and the resulting machine can be used to cut sheet steel..

Cutting sheet hoists with an angle grinder

To cut sheet metal, you will need to purchase a special carriage that moves along a guide (shaped square tube).

But as practice shows, the cost of a good carriage is high (more than $ 100), so you can make it yourself. Since this process is rather complicated to describe, you can understand the manufacturing technology of this slider from this video. With the help of the device, you can cut not only steel, but also ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware.

Please note that a lot of dust is generated when cutting ceramics. Therefore, it is recommended to adapt a dust collector with a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner to the casing of an angle grinder..

Angle Grinder Cutting Machine

In order to understand how to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder (angle grinder), you can look at various drawings on the Internet. But they will not help much, since all the sizes of the parts will still have to be selected based on the size of the angle grinder you have. The options for the execution of devices can be both simple and more complex, requiring the ability to handle the welding machine.

Option 3

This version of the device is the easiest to make with your own hands. It is made without the traditional pivot stand. All you need is one door canopy, a metal strip and a rubber band (you can use a rubber band from a hand expander).

The construction is done as follows:

  • in the metal strip, on one side, drill holes for the door shed, and on the other, for the bolt, with which the strip will be attached to the angle grinder;
  • screw an angle grinder and a canopy to the strip;
  • screw the canopy to the table;
  • attach one end of the elastic to the edge of the table and the other to the holder (handle) of the angle grinder.

In just a few minutes you will receive a quality cutting machine. This device is also mobile, because it can be carried with you in a suitcase with tools, and, if necessary, can be mounted on any flat surface..

When installing this device, do not forget to fix the corner on the table to rest the workpiece on it.

How to make a homemade dust collector

The simplest dust collector for an angle grinder can be made from a plastic bottle of motor oil.

The nozzle is made as follows.

  • Place a disc of the diameter to be used for cutting to the container and mark: position the disc so that the edges do not catch on the casing, and mark the center.
  • Cut a square hole in the side of the bottle with a utility knife.
  • You should also cut 2 holes opposite each other, in the place where you marked the center.
  • Screw the dust container to the angle grinder using the standard holes for attaching the casing, and put the hose from the vacuum cleaner on the neck of the bottle.
  • Slide the cut-off wheel onto the angle grinder shaft.
  • The hole, which is used for easy tool change, can be closed with a small piece of plastic.

After these simple steps, you can use your angle grinder to work on materials that generate a lot of dust when cutting..