How to Change a Filter on a Trimmer

How to Change a Filter on a Trimmer

Do I need to change it and how often

Signs of a need for replacement

How to replace the cabin filter

Consequences of using a used filter or its absence

Video “Replacing the cabin filter Priors with air conditioning”

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Filter location

It is not difficult to find where the cabin filter is located, it is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side or on the inside of the glove compartment, depending on the brand of the car. In domestic cars, the cabin filter is located under the hood in a special cartridge or under the windshield. The search instruction for the vehicle will greatly simplify the search process.

Filter types

Strict requirements are imposed on modern automobile filters. They must be compact and function smoothly even in critical mode: in conditions of cold start and high pressure. The frequency of the filter change in the car depends on the operating conditions, and is also set according to the regulations of the manufacturer.

The cabin filter is responsible for cleaning the air entering the machine. Otherwise, it is also called a carbon filter, because it is made of activated carbon. The clogging of the filter is determined by misting the windows or when the air from the stove does not enter the cabin well. The period of operation of the cabin filter according to the regulations of the manufacturer is approximately every 10 thousand km.

Initially, when designing the first models, auto filters were standard for everyone. Later they were upgraded to two-layer. Today, cabin filters are made on the basis of activated carbon, capable of absorbing molecules of such harmful substances as, for example, sulfur, nitric oxide and the like.

  1. Mechanical. Air enters the cabin through thin mesh fibers.
  2. Absorption. Thanks to its activated carbon base, it absorbs not only dust, but also odors.

There are also soot types of cabin air purifiers. Such filters are only available for cars with a diesel engine. They trap exhaust particulate matter. This type of filter does not need to be replaced; during post-injection it is cleaned by itself. If, nevertheless, the filter becomes clogged, it is cleaned at an authorized dealership.

All automotive filters must be in good condition, to determine the frequency of their replacement, you must be guided by the information prescribed in the operation book.

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Do I need to change it and how often

Many motorists attribute the replacement of the cabin filter to the category of “optional” work. But it is important to remember that traffic safety depends not only on the experience of the driver, but also on his well-being, and clean air in the cabin is simply a must.

The life of the cabin filter and the replacement interval are indicated in the operating book. However, after how much time and how often to change the cabin filter, you need to count on the basis of the conditions of use of the machine. In each country, the situation on the roads is different; in Russian cities, due to the increased dust content, the filter serves less than it should be.

Some motorists prefer to remove the cabin filter for the winter, because they notice that in this case, the stove heats the air in the cabin faster. This is especially true when it snows and air humidity is high, and with rapid heating, fogging of the windows is significantly reduced. The option is acceptable if there is snow on the roadsides and roads and there is no debris and dust.

Signs of a need for replacement

You can determine when to change this element in a car by indirect indicators:

  • a persistent unpleasant odor was noticed inside the car;
  • air conditioning in the summer and the stove in winter work at maximum, but the power is still not enough;
  • windows are sweating, there is an increased level of humidity in the cabin.

It must be borne in mind that the average duration of the filter is 20–25 thousand kilometers.

Video tutorial on how to replace the cabin filter in a Renault car from the Autoshio channel.

How to replace the cabin filter

As already mentioned, the cabin filter can be located in different places, depending on the brand of car.

For example, consider the replacement procedure when the filter is in the glove compartment:

  1. We remove all contents from the glove compartment.
  2. Remove the limiter, which is located on the right side.
  3. To remove the clamps, lower the glove box down and squeeze its walls.
  4. Remove the old filter and install the new one in the reverse order.

Video: How to Change a Filter on a Trimmer

An arrow with the inscription UP is shown on the filter, which means that the filter should be placed with the arrow pointing up.

Consequences of using a used filter or its absence

The cabin filter is on almost all brands of cars, it traps dust and soot, preventing dirty air from entering the passenger compartment. If the driver is allergic, a filter in the passenger compartment is mandatory so that the air in the car is free of harmful impurities.

In all cars, and especially with climate control, the filter must always be in good condition. If it is clogged or completely absent, then after a short period of time cleaning in a car service will be required, and this will cost much more.

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Another critical point in the absence or malfunction of the filter, when the evaporator radiator freezes. Frozen dust will thaw over time and create the perfect habitat for bacteria and viruses.

And if the dust got into the air conditioner or stove, you will need to do a complete dismantling of the evaporator at the service station, which again will hit the car owner’s pocket.

Video “Replacing the cabin filter Priors with air conditioning”

We offer you to watch a video on how to replace a Priora cabin filter with air conditioning. Also, the author of INVENMEN YURIY will share a little secret with you.

From early childhood, parents explain to their children that they cannot drink tap water without boiling it. “Heat treatment” removes most of the harmful impurities. Progress is moving forward. Water filters of domestic and foreign brands are very popular. there are many varieties.

Models differ in size, performance, connection method, and other features. If family members decide to install cleaning equipment, you need to clarify how often to change the water filter. This is important, because the cartridge, whose operational life has come to an end, does not fulfill its “duties”.

How to understand that the filter is time for me: factors on which it depends

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in caring for the structure. However, do not limit yourself to just reading the instructions. All equipment has a cartridge, be it a jug or reverse osmosis system. You must understand that this element must be changed in a timely manner. The use of water that has passed through a cartridge with an exhausted service life will adversely affect human health.

Factors affecting the frequency of time when a design needs to be changed:

  • total amount of water consumed;
  • replaceable cartridge quality;
  • quality of tap water.

By studying the instructions of the pitcher filter, the volume of fluid used is taken into account. On average, a cartridge needs to be changed once every 30 days. However, with a large amount of fluid consumed, this will have to be done more often.

There are a few “secrets” that will help you understand when it is time to change the cartridge:

  1. The taste of water is changing. A person who once tasted a filtered liquid will notice a strong difference with a “raw” tap. It happens that water takes on a taste as before. This fact indicates impurities in the composition. the filter does not withstand the load.
  2. After boiling the filtered water, scale forms. Are the stains on things badly “moving away”? The water quality is poor; a cleaning unit needs to be replaced.
  3. The pressure of water has become less. This nuance concerns nozzles on the crane, reverse osmosis systems (almost all structures, with the exception of jugs). The decrease in pressure “vehemently” indicates that the cartridge is exhausted.

It’s not easy to monitor the equipment resource, sometimes the moment of the need to replace the unit is missed. Manufacturers offer modern models of designs that solve the problem. Now you can find great filters equipped with a special indicator. The indicator lights up when the system resource is exhausted. A person will be notified of the need to replace the filter.

  • equipment has exhausted its “strength”;
  • there are too many impurities in the composition, it is difficult to handle the equipment.
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The frequency of cartridge replacement designs of various models

How often do I need to change the water filter? It depends on the selected model of cleaning equipment.

    Classic jugs, carbon filters must be replaced once every 2-4 weeks. The instruction describes the volume of liquid, processing which the system will become unusable.

The reverse osmosis system requires more care. It is important to clarify all the nuances, if it is incorrect to operate the water filter, it will become unusable faster. In the reverse osmosis system, you will have to monitor not only the cartridges. The equipment “too” purifies water, removing not only harmful impurities, but also useful substances. Additionally, it is recommended to install a mineralizer with the system. The reverse osmosis filter must be changed once every 2 years (average).

Houses, apartments with autonomous water supply require the installation of flow systems. The maximum service life of the equipment is 3 months.

Water is necessary for a person to maintain life, health, therefore, the quality of a liquid is a factor that needs to be taken care of. When buying home cleaning equipment, the needs of living people are taken into account.

If the family is large, a jug to clean the liquid will be small. It is recommended to give preference to proven, popular brands that have enjoyed impeccable consumer confidence for many years. Aquaphor, Geyser. top domestic manufacturers. Among the range of catalogs, you can choose high-quality equipment for water treatment, affordable.

Having bought a filter, you must take care of it. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, examine the frequency of replacing the cartridge. Did the water taste bad? Are the heating elements prematurely covered with a layer of scale? Equipment must be replaced immediately!

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