How To Change The Chain On A Makita Saw

How to choose a good saw: what to look at before buying a machine?
The advantages of an electric saw. Types of equipment for working with wood. What to look for when choosing a chain saw: instruction. Helpful advice from the pros.

about the chain saw

First, consider the characteristics that you need to pay attention to when buying.

Engine power

This is one of the most important indicators. For gardening work, a tool with a power of 1000 W to 2100 W is suitable, but it is better to purchase a stronger unit. The fact is that powerful saws respond more adequately to voltage drops in the mains, therefore, they will last longer. For example, the engine of the popular CHAMPION 420 model has a power of 2000 W, that is, with small voltage fluctuations (200-224 V), it will remain operational and will not allow critical overheating. In addition, an indicator from 2000 W is a guarantee that in an extreme situation, when a large amount of work is required, the engine will withstand the load.

Saw Husqvarna 321EL has characteristics suitable for garden and construction work in the country: power – 2000 W, bar length – 40 cm, soft start, motor protection

Electric tool advantages

Both an electric saw and its gasoline counterpart are good for garden and summer cottage work, but many still choose the first option. Why is he so attractive?

The power tool, indeed, has a whole list of advantages:

  • Does not require constant material costs for fuel – gasoline;
  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • Makes less noise during operation than a chainsaw;
  • Clean from an environmental point of view – works without exhaust gases;
  • Allows for cutting indoors;
  • It works equally well, despite the climatic features (the gasoline analogue has problems with starting in frosty weather).

If the power source becomes unattainable, a rechargeable chain saw will come in handy, for example – Makita BUC122Z (price – 9000-10000 rubles). Battery and charger must be purchased separately

How to sharpen a saw chain correctly

Perhaps the question of how to sharpen a saw chain is worth separately. If you bought a quality chain from a good manufacturer like Makita saw chain. Such a chain will require sharpening much later than a lower quality and cheaper one. Sharpening is done using a special sharpening machine; but if it is not there, at home the chain should be corrected with a cylindrical file. First sharpen the cutting teeth: place the sharpening template on the chain and sharpen with a gentle motion, pushing forward at an angle to the bar. The same number of movements should go to each tooth. File one tooth on the right, one. Left. Sharpen the teeth to the same length using the blunt one. In any case, if you are in doubt about how to sharpen your saw chain, consult a specialist.

How to choose a chain to a saw

Gentlemen, tell me who knows how to choose a chain for the Makita UC 4003A saw. #13;
The problem is this: the instructions say in black and white to use genuine Makita consumables (and indicate the catalog number for the chain). The supplied chain links (3/8 narrow kerf / 16 bar) read Dolmar. # 13;
I did not find such people in Kharkov. But the sale is full of Stihl, Jonsered and Husqvarna chains with the same pitch 3 / 8. # 13;
Actually, the question is whether it is possible to use such chains on my saw or does each manufacturer have their own geometry of the drive sprocket, and therefore the chain? # 13;
And immediately the second question: do the UC3003A / UC3503A / UC4003A / UC4503A models differ only in the bus length? I studied the entire specification catalog and it turned out that the catalog numbers for all parts for all modifications completely coincide (different numbers only for tires and chains, and the 4500A model has a slightly different cover fixing the bus) # 13;
The instructions say that you can only use tires with a length corresponding to this model. And if you put 30-35 cm instead of 40? / naturally with the appropriate chain /.# 13;
Regards, # 13;
Alexey # 13;

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It’s not a secret to anybody. Which Oregon does for almost all chain and bar manufacturers. You need 91 VG circuit. Her step is 3/8. The thickness of the driving link is 1.3 mm. The length of the chain is determined by the number of links. Count the links and buy the same chain. If you put a shorter tire. The saw will only get better because there is less stress on the engine. Bus. If I’m not mistaken. Must be selected with landing 095 (these are the last numbers in the marking for the Oregon tire). Regarding the UC3003A / UC3503A / UC4003A / UC4503A saws, this is the same thing only with different bar lengths.

The chain can be taken by any company, the chains have 3 main parameters by which they are selected. The number of links, the pitch of the chain, the thickness of the shank of the chain (groove of the bar), the manufacturers still have differences in the shape of the tooth, etc. But the question of whether this or that chain will rise on your saw is answered only by these three parameters. You most likely have a 3/8 pitch chain, the shank thickness is 1.3mm, and the links can be counted on the old chain, because with a length of 16 the number of links for different saws may differ. # 13;
I have nothing special to say about the difference in models, but I will answer about the size of the tire. In principle, you can put the tire shorter, the saw engine will be even better from this, the saw will start to cut much faster, but if there are such tires for your model, you need to find out from the sellers, for sure there is, the most important thing is that the holes of the oil channel and the tensioner match chains, well, so that the groove for the mounting studs was the same size.

Well, while typing the text Japcar got ahead of me.

Damn, I went for a month and suffered, but here in 5 minutes all doubts were dispelled. Everything turned out to be so simple. On Saturday I’ll go buy. # 13;
Japcar and LM thanks for the science! # 13;

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It is important to consider the number of teeth in your saw chain. # 13;
Ie there are chains where the tooth goes through the link, it happens after two and even after three, # 13;
This determines the amount of cutting load and is accordingly determined by the power of your tool. # 13;
Pay attention to the shape of the drive link. # 13;
As a rule on saws they are specially shaped to reduce kickback. # 13;
Important for unprepared users. # 13;
Be careful in your work! # 13;

Saw chain types

Saw chains are divided into two main types: longitudinal chains and transverse chains, which are respectively designed for sawing wood along the grain or across them. Their difference is mainly in the angle of attack of the cutting link.

Chain lubrication system

In case of significant (small is considered normal) oil leakage, it is necessary to check the tightness of the connection of the pipes to the pump unions. They can subside or crack. Violation of the tightness of the oil line, in addition to drips, can lead to insufficient lubrication of the chain. The pump begins to suck in air, which affects its performance. The violation of the tightness is eliminated by replacing the tubes or sealing them with a sealant.

The most serious failure of the lubrication system is cracks in the oil pump housing. In this case, it will have to be replaced.

Chain brake

DIY chainsaw repair

All chainsaw malfunctions can be divided into two main groups: engine malfunctions with all its components and systems (ignition, fuel supply system, cylinder-piston group, exhaust system) and malfunctions of other units (chain brake, lubrication system, clutch, tire, etc. ).

How to sharpen a saw chain with your own hands?

Many craftsmen will sharpen the saw chain at the first sign of wear on its cutting teeth. However, it is not possible to use a specific tool for this procedure. To work, you need to stock up on a whole set of special equipment. To do this, you need:

  • Flat file – it is needed to adjust the depth gauge;
  • Round file that has a mowing line of a landmark;
  • Caliber;
  • Rim – this will help you when determining the angle.

When using a round file, make sure that it protrudes no more than 1/5 of its length above the chain teeth. The first sharpened tooth of the chain must be marked with a marker so as not to go on the second circle.

Sharpening the saw chain with your own hands should be performed with accurate and rhythmic movements and only in one direction. After making a few sharpenings, proceed to processing the limiter – over time, it wears out and loses its shape. When working, apply the gauge with the end side to the edge of the stopper. If the stop is too far beyond the gauge, then it will have to be trimmed with a flat file. In this case, the gauge should be located strictly perpendicular to the saw bar.

It is impossible to visually determine the result of sharpening the chain. You can only find out if you did everything right when sawing wood.

How to put the chain on the saw correctly – a detailed algorithm

Having chosen the sawing element for your tool, you probably wondered how to put the chain on the saw with your own hands. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this procedure. All that is required of you is to carefully study the specified algorithm and observe it while working.

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Features of the choice of a bar for a saw

how to change the chain on a Makita saw

When buying a tire, the first thing to look for is the material it is made of. If it is strong and reliable enough, then the part will serve for a long time and properly. In addition to the material, when choosing a tire, you need to study its such parameters:

  • Shank – Use this to determine if the bar matches your saw model. It’s all about the location of the saw chain tensioners and chain oil holes. Most of the well-known brands make branded shanks for their saw models. In this case, shanks from different companies can replace each other;
  • Groove width – in today’s market, you can choose tires with a groove width of 1.1 and 1.3 mm for low-power household saws, as well as 1.5 and 1.6 mm for more powerful saw models;
  • Saw bar length – this parameter is one of the most important when choosing a part. To determine the length of the saw bar, you will need to measure the distance between the tip of the bar and the bumper. Most often it is 12-20 inches – it all depends on the saw model. The longer the tire you choose, the larger the tree you can cut.

The correct and compatible bar, chain and saw will allow you to work efficiently and calmly without wasting money and time.

Makita chain saws overview

Chainsaw manufacturer Makita produces two varieties of this power tool:

  1. Electric chain saws powered from the mains.
  2. Cordless saws powered by rechargeable batteries.

Makita brand chainsaws: an overview of the range

"Makita" saws are created at the factories of the Japanese company Makita, which are located on different continents, in different countries: in Japan, the USA, England, Romania, Russia, Germany. Masaburo Makita registered his company in 1915, the company was engaged in the manufacture and repair of compressors, electric motors and generators.

How do you know if a Makita saw is genuine or a fake?

How to deal with an original electric saw in front of you or a Chinese fake? Sometimes the nuances are so insignificant that only an experienced owner of the instrument will be able to recognize the counterfeit, what can an ordinary consumer do. Wanting to purchase a specific modification of the chain saw?

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with just two points that will help the future owner of the saw to exclude 100% falsification:

  1. Check the proposed saw marking on the official website of the manufacturer of this equipment. The presence of additional letters and numbers, or the complete absence of the modification of interest in the Makita electronic catalog, will speak of 100% fake.
  2. It will not be superfluous to check the tool by barcode – the combinations of numbers will accurately point you to the country of manufacture, no matter what the seller says.