How To Charge A Bosch S5 Battery


Before charging, the battery removed from the vehicle must be clear of dirt and wipe its surface to remove acid residues with a cloth moistened with an aqueous solution of soda, prepared at the rate of a tablespoon of soda in a glass of water. If there is acid on the surface, then the aqueous solution of soda foams. If the car battery has plugs for filling acid, then all plugs need to be unscrewed so that the gases formed during charging in the battery can freely escape. Definitely needed check electrolyte level, and if it is less than required, add distilled water.


The battery is a direct current source and when connected polarity must be observed. The battery terminals are marked. A positive conclusion is indicated by “ "And the negative sign" ". The terminals of the charger for connecting the battery also have the same markings. When connecting it, you need to charge connect the same conclusions. The positive terminal of the battery must be connected to the positive terminal of the charger, and the negative terminal to negative. If you reverse the polarity of the connection, then the battery will be discharged instead of charging.

How To Charge A Bosch S5 Battery

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1. Battery needed charge in a well-ventilated area. Because during charging, the electrolyte slowly evaporates, and large amounts of electrolyte vapor are harmful to health.

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2. Check electrolyte density in serviced batteries. To do this, open the filler holes (unscrew the plugs), and collect electrolyte into the hydrometer. Density should be around 1.26-1.28. If the density does not meet the requirements, add distilled water (only distilled water is added.). In the process of adjusting the density of the electrolyte, the battery should be put on charge for 40 minutes at a voltage of 15-16 V in order to intensively mix the electrolyte. Some premium batteries use special separator caps; these batteries are maintenance free.

3. To the turned off charger connect the car battery according to polarity. Simply put, connect the positive lead of the charger to the positive terminal of the battery, and the negative to “minus”. Check the connection again. Do you know the operating rules for the battery here?

4. Choose a charging current. Recommended and Optimal calculation formula simple: battery power (Ah)/ ten (number of hours needed to charge) = strength charge current (Ampere). Example: the battery power is 60A / h, then 60A / h is divided by 10 and we get a charging current of 6A. We set the amperage to 6A on the charger and charge it for about 10 hours.

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5. Turn on the memory and periodically control the temperature of the battery case, it should not exceed 55 g.

6. How to understand that rechargeable Is the battery infected? The estimated charging time has passed. A battery is considered fully charged if it produces voltages of about 14.4 volts.

7. At the end charge off the charger and only then disconnect it from the battery.

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