How to check the spark on your Moto-Block

FAQ: What kind of spark plugs to put on a single axle tractor?

Plug power tiller requires replacement in the case of frequent poor engine starting or when it is unstable. Allowable spark gap between the electrodes 0.5-0.65 mm.

You can check the magneto of your motor-block as follows: The nail is placed seven millimeters from the unit’s cylinder; The spark plug is returned to its standard position and the engine of the motoblock is started; A spark should form during the start. At the same time it will be strong, with a blue tint.

No spark on the Moto-Block. causes and solutions

No spark

This is one of the typical problems with the ignition system on your power tiller. The most common reasons for this are the formation of soot on the spark plug or spark plug breakage. In such a case, you should unscrew the candle and carefully inspect its side and center electrodes. If the spark plug is covered with soot, formed as a result of pouring the part with fuel mixture, then cleaning the spark plug alone will not be enough. you will need to check the fuel system tubes of your motoblock for leaks. Examples of cases of heavily fuel contaminated spark plugs are well seen in the photo.

If the spark is gone, you will need to thoroughly clean the spark plug in any case. The best way to do this is to heat it over a gas burner, and then scrape the dried fuel from the surface. After cleaning the part, put the tip on its upper part and bring it to the casing of the engine. Hold the spark plug in such a way that the electrode is approximately 1 millimeter from the engine housing. Hold it with the other hand and try to start the engine.

If the spark plug is fully functional, then a spark will form in its lower part, which will pop out and hit the body of the motor. If this does not happen, you need to inspect the distance between the lateral and central electrodes. A blade should be placed between them, and if it fits tightly between the two electrodes, then the gap has optimal dimensions. If the blade is loose, it is necessary to knock with any hard object on the back of the central electrode. As a result, it will move, and then you need to try again to start the engine of the power tiller.

Checking a magneto for a power tiller by yourself

Another important element of the ignition system of a motorblock is the magneto. If the assembly is defective, it can also be carefully inspected for proper operation. Check the magneto motorcycle easy enough. Clean the spark plug from the carbon build-up on its surface and make sure that it is in good condition. Then the cap is put on the spark plug with a functioning actuator. Next, the lower part of the plug should be brought to the magneto body, and start turning the flywheel, located in the engine, with your fingers.

If there is no spark in the magneto on the single axle tractor, then the element is out of order. In such a case, it will be necessary to replace the magneto of the ignition system of the motor-block in order to prevent wear and tear of other mechanisms of the unit.

How to check the ignition coil on a power tiller?

Check and, if necessary, repair the ignition coil, should be on the same principle as the magneto of the motoblock.

Signs that the ignition coil of the motoblock has failed are indicated by the following factors:

  • weak spark or its complete absence;
  • The smell of melted plastic in the area where the ignition coil is installed;
  • a cracking sound when trying to start the single axle tractor.

In any of these cases, you will need to carefully inspect the ignition coil of your power tiller. To do this, it is best to remove it completely. To this end, you should first unscrew the fixing bolts and remove the top cover of the ignition housing. Then you need to disconnect the high-voltage wire and gently pry the coil out of the housing. After that, you need to carefully inspect the part for traces of melting. if you can see black spots on the coil, then most likely, the current created by it did not get to the spark plug, as a result of which the voltage succumbed to the ignition coil itself. This problem is especially common for farmers whose power tillers have non-contact ignition.

The reason the current was not getting to the spark plug was because of bad contacts on the high voltage wire. In such a case, the repair of the ignition of the motoblock is reduced to the stripping of wires or their complete replacement. On power tillers with electronic ignition system the wire is disconnected automatically in case of a breakdown due to a special fuse. On agricultural machines with other ignition systems, the wire must be disconnected manually in the event of a breakdown.

Prevention of damage to the ignition system of a power tiller

In order to avoid the need to repair the ignition system of your power tiller, you need to follow a number of simple rules. Their observance will prolong the terms of application of the unit and will save time and money of the owner of the equipment.

  • Do not use the power tool in wet weather, during frosty weather or when there are extreme fluctuations in temperature or humidity;
  • Do not attempt to start the machine if you smell melted plastic;
  • if necessary, install plates on the single-axle tractor that will protect the ignition system parts from moisture;
  • Replace the spark plug at least every 3 months. If you use your power tiller extensively, you may increase the intervals for replacing the part;
  • Change the spark plug at least once a month; use quality engine oil. use of unsuitable oil will result in permanent overfilling of the spark plug with fuel mixture;
  • Inspect the ignition system parts regularly to eliminate the slightest possibility of your power tiller being operated with broken wires or other breakages;
  • try not to subject the single-axle tractor with a hot engine to heavy loads. it will lead to accelerated wear of important units of the machine, including its ignition system.

Adhering to these simple rules, the owner of a power tiller will increase the working life of the ignition system and other important parts and mechanisms of his machine.

All the listed problems with the ignition system are typical for power tillers manufactured by Ural, Mole, Zubr, Agro, Neva, Honda, Salut, MTZ and Kaskad. Adjustment and repair of the node is performed in the same order for each of the listed agricultural units.

What’s the problem?

The main problem is lack of spark. Most likely the cause is in the plug. either it is fouled or faulty. Unscrew it and carefully inspect the electrodes. In the presence of fouling, formed by pouring gasoline, in addition to cleaning the spark plug, it is necessary to check the fuel system, perhaps there are leaks. If there is no spark, you need to clean the spark plug from carbon deposits. a good way out can be heating it over a gas burner turned on, scraping off the surface of its surface frozen streaks of fuel mixture.

After cleaning the spark plug, check to see if the spark plug works. To do this, put the cap on top of the part and bring it close to the motor block with one hand to a distance of about 1 mm. Try to start the engine with your free hand.

check, spark, your, moto-block

If the spark plug is good, at the lower end of the spark plug a welcome spark will be formed and will fly toward the engine housing.

If not, check the gap between the electrodes. Try to slip a razor blade in there, and in case the electrodes clamp it tightly, the distance is optimal. If you can feel the free dangling of the blade, it is necessary to correct the position of the electrodes. To do this, tap lightly on the back of the center element with a screwdriver. When the electrodes are in the optimal position, try to start the engine again. If no spark appears, check that the magneto is in good working order.

To check the condition of the magneto, after testing the spark plug, place the spark plug lug on the spark plug with the spark plug actuator in good condition. Approach the lower end of the spark plug to the magnetic shoe and start twisting the flywheel. If there is no spark, there is a fault.

There may be other problems with the ignition system:

  • Weak or no spark;
  • A bad smell of burned plastic in the part of the mechanism where the ignition coil is located;
  • crackling when starting the motor.

All of these troubles require inspection of the coil. the best way out is to completely disassemble and inspect it.

To do this, remove the upper part of the ignition coil cover by unscrewing the fixing bolts. Then disconnect the power cord, pick up the coil element and pull it out. Carefully inspect the appearance of the part. the presence of black spots indicates that the current did not flow to the candle, but melted the coil winding. This situation is especially relevant for power harvesters with contactless ignition.

The cause of such malfunctions. in poor-quality contacts on the high-voltage cable. Need to strip or completely replace wires. Devices with an electronic ignition system have an automatic fuse that shuts off power in the event of a malfunction. In case your car has any other ignition system, you will have to disconnect the cable yourself. If the spark breaks when you turn it on. check the tip of the spark plug, it’s probably dirty.

On how to adjust the ignition on your power harvester, see below.

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Modernization of the ignition system (MB-1) motocultivator “mole

Greetings all! I want to tell you about the redesign of the Mole ignition system, which allowed me to get rid of all ignition reliability problems, and subsequently made starting the engine much easier. I have not yet encountered this improvement on the pages of this forum, and in other places, too, and I hope that someone will benefit from the work I have done.

One thing at a time. I did my first rebuild back in 2021. The message was simple. The main trouble with the MB-1 magneto, in my humble opinion, is its diminutiveness (as well as one flaw in the circuit). If the designers had followed the well-known way on light motorcycles. they would have separated the generator coils, the electronic circuit and the ignition coil into different units, the ignition would not have had any problems

And here it turned out that the alternator coil is wound with a very thin wire, and the ignition coil is not enough, and most importantly. the electronic circuit is mounted directly on the crankcase and easily heated to 70-80 degrees. And thyristor KU202N, used in magneto is designed for temperature of 75 degrees.

As a result, it often fails. After all the same thyristor was used in many motorcycles and mopeds and nothing worked. The thin wire of the generator coil winding made it impossible to develop a high current and put a storage capacitor, at least 1 uF, and like in motorcycles add a stabilitron to cut off unnecessary voltage.

Anyway, the idea of separating all three ignition elements was born a long time ago. I decided to use the automobile coil at once, which had multiple reserve. Then, with car big coil, the spark with the same circuit was at least three times more powerful. And here just happened to be a Toyota car coil with a commutator.

The commutator burned out and in its place I just installed my circuit. Picture attached. The coil was installed on the plate on the steering wheel. High-voltage wire standard, automotive. From the native MB-1 I left only the generator coil and the sensor coil. I wired them up, and for the sensor I decided to use shielded.

Phone Lost or Stolen? Here’s What to Do!

Anyway. What came out after the first modification. great reliability. War thyristor Т122-25-8, diode bridge for 1000 volt, monumental ignition coil. No more weak spots. The previous owner for 10 years of operation has changed 6 MB-1. And this one won’t break.

But there was also a reason to be sad. The circuit, which worked perfectly on the table, giving a spark that would stop an elephant, got slower on the engine. The spark power had dropped. After a while it became clear what was wrong. The fault is the alternator coil. Very thin wire and many turns.

Only DC resistance is about 3 kOhm. And the inductive resistance is added to the rotation. As a result, when the speed increases, the voltage decreases. And instead of at least fourfold increase in spark power it was twofold (all by ear, by eye, approximately).

On air, the spark stretched up to 15 mm. Very big improvement in starting properties this scheme did not bring (although warmed up engine could be started, if you push strongly the flywheel toward you with the palm of your hand). That is, the frequency of spark formation decreased greatly. almost like in a tractor magneto, the spark started to break through when rotating by hand.

But the main problem remains. the problem of hot starting, which on my Mole always plagued me. This circuit served me faithfully for 4 years. I wanted to play with the alternator coil. Try looking for one with less resistance. But I never got around to it.

check, spark, your, moto-block

And so last fall I had an idea that transformed the nature of the engine. After twisting the magneto in my hands, I realized that in the vacant place of the ignition coil I could try to put the second alternator coil. I had to work with a file, to grind a part of a coil magnet wire and a landing place on the magneto.

The ignition system of a power tiller

The ignition system. one of the most important parts of the mechanism of the power tiller, its purpose is to create a spark, which is necessary for the combustion of fuel. The simple design of this system allows users to successfully attempt to repair or adjust it on their own.

The ignition system usually consists of a coil connected to the power supply, a spark plug and a magneto. When the voltage is applied, a spark is formed between the spark plug and the magnetic shoe, which ignites the fuel in the engine combustion chamber.

Electronic systems are also equipped with automatic interrupters that trip the power supply in the event of a malfunction.

Motoblock ignition

The ignition is the mechanism responsible for generating the electrical impulse required by the power tiller to ignite the fuel being refueled. The first start and subsequent operation of the agricultural machine’s engine depend on the correct functioning of the ignition system. Like the others, this mechanism needs regular maintenance and timely repair. this will be the key to the stable operation of the engine in all weather and operating conditions.

The ignition system belongs to the list of the most important components of both branded and homemade power tillers. Its main function is to generate the spark that is needed to ignite and gradually burn the fuel in the engine’s chrome cylinder.

The simplicity of the factory device of the node allows you to perform your own repair of the ignition of the motor block. which, more often than not, consists in adjusting the gap between its elements. However, in order to do this correctly, you need to study the design of the node.

The ignition device of any household agricultural machine includes a coil, which is initially connected to the electrical power supply of the system, as well as a magneto and candles. During the start of the power unit of a power tiller, voltage is applied, as a result of which a pronounced spark is formed between the magnetic “shoe” and the standard spark plug. It is necessary for the instantaneous ignition of the fuel, which at that moment is in the combustion chamber of the motor. In more detail about the structure of the ignition system of the used power tiller the photo will tell.

The electronic ignition system of the motor-block is also often equipped with interrupters, which are triggered automatically if any of the faults of the node. This leads to an emergency power outage in the mains.

Independent elimination of malfunctions

Diesel single axle tractor is sometimes difficult to start after purchase. The cause is air in the fuel system.

The following steps are performed:

The single axle tractor would not start if there is no fuel in the combustion chamber. The spark plug is absolutely dry.

Such a breakdown is eliminated as follows:

  • Old fuel is drained out;
  • The gas tank is thoroughly flushed;
  • The air filter is cleaned of blockages;
  • The hose, which supplies fuel, is blown out;
  • The carburetor jets are blown;
  • The tank is filled with fresh fuel;
  • Fuel cock is closed;
  • Breather in the gasoline tank is blown out.

To restart the engine manually pumps up the fuel. press the primer bulb a couple of times. After starting the engine, it needs time to warm up. The power tiller can now be used as normal.

The internal combustion motor will start, after performing the following steps:

The cause of the failure may be in the intake and exhaust valves. If the seats are loose, adjust them by turning the screw clockwise.

To prevent the problem with malfunctioning of the power tiller, you must regularly clean the walls of the muffler from accumulated carbon deposits. Use compressed air for this purpose.

No spark on your power tool

This malfunction is directly related to the failure of the ignition system. Ignition system failures include magneto, alternator, wiring, cap and spark plug malfunctions. If the spark is gone or weak, the cause is only in the cap and spark plugs. First remove the spark plug and check its condition. If necessary, wipe off the carbon build-up and “fry” it over a fire (if you cannot replace it immediately with a new one).

Reinsert the spark plug and try to restart the single axle tractor. If there is still no spark. check the contact of the cap with the center electrode of the spark plug. The gap between the cap and the electrode is checked with a special feeler gauge and should be 0,8 mm.

A few words on how to avoid such situations. First of all always strictly follow the recommendations in the instruction manual. If you stick to them. your single axle tractor will last much longer.

To avoid problems with starting the tractor it is also important to know the engine cycle of the given model (which is also noted in the manual). For example, the motor blocks from Neva (MB-1 and MB-2, which are most often equipped with a Subaru engine), Zubr, Salyut, Agro, Kaskad are equipped with a four-stroke engine. And the engine of Mole tractors has a two-stroke. The value of this information for owners is that it indicates how to properly fill the equipment with fuel. For models with a 2-stroke engine, you need to prepare a special fuel mixture, for which you mix petrol and oil in a certain proportion. Oil and gasoline are filled separately for 4-stroke engines. But don’t forget to check the quality as well!

Also always remember the correct starting procedure for your power tiller. For example, for a Mole power tiller or any other machine with a gasoline engine start it in this sequence:

  • Open the fuel tap.
  • Set the choke lever in “Start” mode (Choke).
  • Kick-start the engine several times with the ignition off.
  • Start the single axle tractor and move the choke lever to the “Run” position.

With diesel engines of power tillers Neva, Zubr, Salyut, Kaskad or Agro it is a bit more complicated. Bleed air from the fuel system first. To do that you need to open the fuel tap, unscrew the fuel hose connections until fuel appears, tighten the connections and blow out the nozzles. If after the manipulation the single axle tractor does not start or if it starts but there is thick white smoke coming from the muffler. change the oil as soon as possible.

After a long downtime, the diesel should be started according to this algorithm:

  • Open the gasoline tap.
  • Check if there is grease.
  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Turn the gas knob slightly, not more than half way.

We also suggest you read a video on how to properly start a single axle tractor: