How to choose a budget grass trimmer gasoline?

Ruby-cromsay: 5 best gasoline trimmers

How many times have we seen green lawns in Hollywood movies and thought, “Damn, I can do just as well!”And every time the dreams were crushed by everyday life: somewhere there was a lack of desire and time, and somewhere. the tool. Naughty lawns and weeds are easier to control today than ever before. Many technical innovations have appeared on the market of garden tools: from robots, which help take care of plants, to miniature excavators on the remote control. A worthy place is taken by gasoline grass trimmers, which have become more accessible to Russian gardeners. Today we will figure out how to choose the best gasoline trimmer for the grass and not to get lost in the abundance of proposals and models: at your service. our little buyer’s guide and independent Top 5 best gasoline trimmers.

choose, budget, grass, trimmer, gasoline
1 Huter GGT-1300S The best budget grass trimmer 5 980 Р
2 Elitech BT 43 Best two-stroke model 9 690 Р
3 Makita EM2600U Best value for money 16 910 Р
4 Husqvarna 143R-II Best professional model 24 990 Р
5 Makita DBC400 Premium model 27 940 Р

Budget ones for country houses

There is no point in buying expensive tools for occasional grass mowing in a holiday home. It is recommended to pay attention to the budget models of trimmers. This group includes grass trimmers of low power and performance, most often equipped with two-stroke engines. Below will be the top petrol trimmers 2021 on customer reviews.

Kalibr BK-1800

Inexpensive petrol grass trimmer with 2 power.4 л.с. Equipped with a two-stroke engine that is located on top of the tool. Mows grass in a 44 cm wide strip. A separate grass catcher in the design is not provided. It is possible to install a lopper or brush cutter on the working part, which greatly extends the capabilities of the grass trimmer. Fuel tank has a capacity of 1 liter, there is a brake for the engine. Body and deck made of plastic. Height-adjustable handle. T-handle shape. Belt, blade and filament for trimmer are included.

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  • affordable price;
  • High power for its price;
  • Possibility to connect brush cutter and lopper;
  • simple and reliable design.

Huter GGT-1500S

Portable petrol grass trimmer with 2hp.с. Engine capacity. 43 cm. Cubic, two-stroke type. The engine is located in the upper part of the tool. Maximum engine speed. 7500. Tank holds 700 ml of fuel. Engine brake. There is no separate grass catcher box. T-shaped handle, height adjustable. Casing and deck are made of plastic.

There is an additional anti-vibration system that increases the level of comfort and convenience when working with a trimmer.

Owners do not note any serious disadvantages in the operation of this tool.

Champion T256-2

Portable petrol grass trimmer, power 0.95 л.с. Engine displacement. 25 cm. cubic. Maximum engine rpm. 7500. Fuel tank has a capacity of 750 ml. Can cut grass in strips up to 41 cm wide. Engine type. two-stroke. No grass catcher box. T-handle, height adjustable. A design feature of the handle is that it is foldable, which makes the tool easy to transport.

PATRIOT PT 553 (11)

Budget portable grass trimmer with gasoline engine, 3L.с. Engine type. two-stroke, combustion chamber volume. 52 cm. cubic. Max. number of revolutions of the working part. 8000 per minute. The machine can cut grass in 44 cm wide stripes. Large capacity fuel tank. 1.1 liter. There is no separate grass catcher box. Has built-in anti-vibration system. T-handle, height adjustable.

  • Highest power for budget trimmers;
  • affordable price for its characteristics;
  • easy to start;
  • good build quality;
  • Vibration damper.

The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 S

straight-boom grass trimmer. Equipped with 1 liter 2-stroke engine.с. Weight is just over 5.5 kg. Fuel tank capacity 750 ml. Comes with a line for the trimmer.

  • Easy assembly for fast setup. Lawn mower comes with a set of tools for the assembly and adjustment of the machine.
  • Well thought-out design is the key to ease of direct use. The grass trimmer easily cuts grass even in hard-to-reach places, such as along fences.
  • Vibration-free operation makes mowing easier. Work with this brushcutter does not tire, so it increases productivity, that is, it increases the amount of grass mowed during the same period of time.
  • Compact size defines the ease of storage and transportation.
  • The low noise level makes the use of the grass trimmer comfortable for others.
  • Relatively high weight. Of course, this parameter is perceived by each owner individually, but in general you can specify this characteristic as a disadvantage, since the market offers models with the same characteristics, but with a weight of about 1.5 times lower.
  • Not very comfortable handle. This is a disadvantage when working for a long time. The hand gradually becomes slack, and the movement becomes imprecise.
  • Poor repairability. This is the reason for the high cost of repair. Although the manufacturer claims that his products are reliable, but in practice it often happens that they break. Repair of this trimmer for grass connected with difficulties of dismantling some nodes, which complicates the recovery process.
  • No grass catcher box.
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Conclusion. This model is good for mowing lawns planted on fairly clean soil and for cultivating rolled turf on sports and other grounds. The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 S grass trimmer is the preferred choice for short-duration operation.

Model Echo SRM-2305SI

Standard top mounted grass trimmer with D-handle. Two-stroke engine with 0.8 L displacement.с. The weight is 5.8 kg. Gasoline consumption 0.5 l/h. Equipped with i-Start easy start system.

  • Easy start-up. The motor starts easily, which reduces the load on the starter and indirectly extends the life of the device.
  • Easy fueling of the Grasshopper and low fuel consumption.
  • Rather high noise level limits the use of the grass trimmer in some facilities, such as hospitals, schools, etc.д.
  • Not very clearly written instructions make it difficult to prepare the equipment for its first use.
  • Difficulty in locating and obtaining replacement parts impairs maintainability.
  • Fewer speeds lead to slower mowing and lower overall output.
  • Unsuccessful design of the cord reel. from time to time it gets clogged with grass, and you have to clean it manually.

Conclusion. The model performs well in intensive cutting applications. The Echo SRM-2305SI grass trimmer can be used on low-grass lawns. Not recommended for use on stony soils.

Hitachi CG22EAS

Cheap Japanese-made grass trimmer with a 0.85L two-stroke motor.с. Weighs 4.7 kg. Equipped with handy handle on bicycle handlebar bracket.

  • Low cost.
  • Easy cutting head replacement.
  • Height-adjustable handle makes it quick and easy to get used to the brushcutter. The device can literally be adjusted for yourself and experience real comfort when mowing the grass.
  • High-strength trimmer line easily cuts any kind of hard grass, even lumpy grass with thick stems. Included steel disc for tough grass and young brushwood.
  • Low weight allows for easy manipulation of the trimmer during lawn treatment. The lightness of the grass trimmer makes it possible to take a wider swing and mow large amounts of grass in one go.

Universal features for grass trimmers

The main characteristics that affect the performance of the grass trimmer for grass and convenience of use:

The more power of the engine, the higher the performance of the grass trimmer. A flower bed or lawn does not need a powerful trimmer. a 500 watt motor is enough. But when mowing high, dense grass, it will overheat and fail. Here you’ll need a more powerful trimmer for the grass. from 600 to 1500 watts. Apparatuses with the highest power, up to 3500 W, are used for professional grass mowing or on areas overgrown with weeds with thick stems and bushes.

On electric models, the motor unit can be at the top or bottom of the boom. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

If the motor is mounted on the bottom, it is combined into one unit with the cutter bar. This design is simple and comfortable, and is easier for women and teenagers to operate. It also allows you to change the blade position at any angle to cut grass in tight places, such as between rows of flowers in a flowerbed. But these trimmers are not suitable for wet grass after dew or rain. If water gets into the motor unit, it can cause a short circuit. In addition, the motor vents get clogged with grass and dust, but this problem can be eliminated by installing a capron mesh filter.

Top-mounted grass trimmers don’t get wet. It is more productive and durable, but heavier and harder to hold. It requires additional shoulder straps.

Cutting width. this is the width of the cutting mechanism’s grip. It depends on the length of the knife or the extending part of the fishing line. For a flower bed or rose planting, an inexpensive grass trimmer with a cutting width of 200-230mm is the right choice. For a large lawn with plants of varying density, it is better to choose a tool with a cutting width of 230 to 255 mm. Some models have a grip band that can be adjusted in steps.

They are distinguished in several ways.

Shaped: straight or curved. the choice depends on personal preference.

choose, budget, grass, trimmer, gasoline
  • One-piece. more often used in simple models;
  • Collapsible, making them easy to carry;
  • telescopic. their length can be adjusted to the operator’s height.
  • Plastic are the lightest and cheapest, but not reliable enough;
  • Steel trimmers are rugged but they weigh down the entire design;
  • aluminum handles are the best combination of weight, durability, and price.

Most often it is on the handle where the control elements. buttons and switches. are located. Handles come in a variety of shapes:

  • D-handles are used on low-power models with a lower motor;
  • T-handle is more convenient on powerful shrub trimmers or grass trimmers, less hand fatigue during work;
  • The J-grip is the most comfortable and safest, especially when working with knives.
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All types of handles can be moved along the boom and adjusted for your height.

Almost every tool and small construction equipment manufacturer is producing gasoline-powered trimmers: from world industry leaders to unnamed brands from China. The variety of proposals gives rise to a lot of questions about the right choice of company-manufacturer of gasoline trimmer for the grass, not to mention the layout, quality of assembly, ergonomics. It is ideal when all the advantages of a grass trimmer are combined in one body. Despite the fact that each manufacturer positions its equipment as the best on the market, the first lines of the rating of the best gasoline trimmers remain almost unchanged:

Buying a gasoline grass trimmer of the household class will help to solve many problems in the garden plot, dacha, and the technique is often used to serve the household. Grass trimmers of this class are not distinguished by high power and productivity, because they are designed for periodic, short-term use. Choosing a good gasoline trimmer from the budget segment is the most difficult. Similar in price and appearance models can differ significantly in quality and reliability. Choosing a good and inexpensive grass trimmer, it is better to start the review not with the most popular, but with proven representatives.

Champion T433-2

Champion T433-2 is a rare example of quality over price. Convenient and light trimmer for grass is designed for mowing lawns or bushes. You can use a cord with a 3 mm fishing line or a 25.5 cm cutting blade. Now for the main thing: the maximum mowing width. 40 cm, the power of the unit is 1.7 liters.с This is quite enough, that the grass trimmer easily copes with the mowing of lawn grass or weeds. Fuel tank holds up to 0.95 l of mix. The design of the gasoline trimmer is a bit massive, but quite familiar and standard: bicycle handle with a straight bar, top-mounted engine. According to user reviews. this is one of the best models in its class, despite the unprecedented cost.

  • reliable and unpretentious in use;
  • Relatively low weight of 8.3 kg;
  • low price;
  • Disassembled boom for easy transport
  • economical;
  • Meets all stated specifications.
choose, budget, grass, trimmer, gasoline

PATRIOT PT 443 The One

Inexpensive, yet productive and reliable trimmers for the grass without problems copes with any “thickets” in the homestead. To cut the grass, use a semi-automatic spool with a 3-millimeter line, for shrubs comes with a cutting disc. Despite the fact that this is the cheapest model in the review, the unit is quite powerful. 2.5 liters.с.

According to user reviews, the technical characteristics allow you to process large areas, not bad trimmer for grass copes with lawn grass, weeds, tall weeds and branches of small diameter. The Easy Start system has made operation much easier. the engine starts up without a hitch. Owners also note the maintainability. in the case of a breakdown, spare parts or consumables can be found in almost any service center. The disadvantages include vibrations, which are felt during prolonged work. This should be taken into account and take short breaks at least once an hour.

  • high performance;
  • affordable price;
  • ease of starting;
  • Excellent equipment;
  • Robust continuous boom.

Champion T523

Proven Champion model is equipped with a two-stroke engine with the best efficiency in its class. With a capacity of 1.9 l.с. Requires only 0.62 liters of gasoline per hour of operation. For home use, the Grass Trimmer can be operated with a standard 2.4-mm line. And when you need to mow tougher grass or weeds, the bobbin can be replaced with a cutter knife. Cold start system, two-shoulder strap with relief for easy operation. The trimmer’s disadvantages are the high noise and vibration level that occur under high load. Uncommonly high power is praised. the unit is effective for large areas and against dense overgrowth.

DAEWOO Power Products DABC 520

This is one of the most powerful budget trimmers will perform well on large and rough terrain. The reliable, indestructible boom and high-quality handle fixation should also be noted. Benzotrimmer is easy to use, compact and manage, and most importantly. productive, its power of 3.0 liters.с. you can buy this unit even for the most neglected area. the grass trimmer capacity is enough for any brushwood, except for trees from 10 cm in diameter, not to mention the fine lawn grass.

  • Grass trimmer will replace shrub trimmer;
  • quick-release bobbin;
  • backpack type belt;
  • excellent equipment;
  • high power;
  • easy access to air filter.

Advantages of petrol grass trimmers

First of all, it should be noted the high power of gasoline brushcuts. They can mow quite large areas or professionally process extensive lawns. gasoline grass trimmers are mobile. you can work without being tied to a power outlet. Limited by fuel capacity and supply.

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Gasoline trimmers can work even in the most remote areas

Gasoline unit can be repaired by yourself. In the case of an electric trimmer, you need to resort to the services of an electrician. Lawn mower repair is not complicated. In some cases, for replacement parts, you can use parts from a chainsaw.

The following models were included in the price/quality trimmer rating:

  • Oleo-Mac BCH 40 T;
  • Husqvarna 143R-II;
  • Echo SRM-2655SI;
  • STIHL FS 55;
  • STIHL FS 38;
  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium;
  • EFCO Stark 25;
  • Echo SRM-22GES;
  • Makita EM2500U.

1 place Oleo-Mac BCH 40 T

  • Engine power: 2 liters.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.86 л
  • cutting width: 41 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • weight: 8.2 kg

Mid-priced gasoline grass trimmer is a perfect combination of performance and economy. The unique design ensures the reliability and durability of the device.

  • Crankshaft is made of forged steel and made in a three-part version;
  • Cast chrome cylinder;
  • Gearbox is made in corrosion-resistant aluminum housing;
  • Material of transmission. stainless steel;
  • Vibration-resistant bearings are used;
  • Noise reduction through the use of a stainless steel muffler;
  • Shock-absorbing elements reducing vibration loads;
  • Fuel tank protection;
  • 4 year warranty.

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2nd place Husqvarna 143R-II

  • engine power: 2 L.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.94 л
  • cutting width: 48 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 3 mm
  • weight: 8 kg

The device is equipped with a powerful engine, with reduced noise. High-efficiency air-cooling system ensures long periods of continuous operation. T-shaped (bicycle) handle for steering. Steel forged shaft inside the boom, which makes the mower very reliable. These grass trimmers are used even in military units, which shows their reliability. But it was not without a fly in the ointment. Not very comfortable suspension, the back begins to get tired after 5 hundred square meters. Other features:

  • Protected 0.94 liter fuel tank;
  • Versatility due to the possibility of using both a fishing line and a metal blade;
  • The boom is not collapsible;
  • The boom is made of aluminum alloy and has a low weight;
  • Low vibration is achieved by a special gearbox design;
  • Optimal balance.

3 place Echo SRM-2655SI

5.9-kilogram straight-boom lawnmower. Power of the 2-stroke engine is 1.1 liters.с. Grass trimmer works with 3 mm line or knife. Mowing width is 43 centimeters, and the tank capacity is 650 ml. It has an easy start system. Comes with a comfortable shoulder strap. Nice anti-vibration system.

To work in any position, the grass saw is equipped with a rotary carburetor.

Review: Not the most powerful model, but very handy and productive. If you install a wide trimmer line, you won’t leave a trail of dead wood. users note that in the end it is not possible to perfectly level the lawn, as a lawn trimmer (but this is not a lawn trimmer, and grass trimmer). Buyers are attracted by the long warranty (5 years), which fully justifies itself. It’s true that in order to get this kind of warranty you need to have a service at an authorized service, promo like cars. The device is not prone to breakage.

4th place STIHL FS 55

  • engine power: 1L.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.33 л
  • cutting width: 55 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • weight: 5 kg

Pay special attention to this model. German manufacturer includes protective goggles and a universal belt. ErgoStart for easy start. The device is equipped with an effective vibration damping system as well:

  • Multifunctional handle in which all trimmer controls are integrated;
  • A manually controlled booster pump;
  • Electronic ignition system;
  • Direct drive shaft connected to a two-stroke engine ensures high mowing efficiency, reliability and durability of the mechanical elements.

5th place STIHL FS 38

  • engine power: 0.9 л.с.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.33 л
  • cutting width: 38 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line, 2 mm
  • weight: 4.1 kg

Lawn mower is not only capable of cutting grass, but also of removing tough stems, bushes, branches. The manufacturer has developed several types of heads, each of which is best suited to its type of mowing: PolyCut is ideal for thick stems; AutoCut C ensures maximum ease of use; FixCut is good for simple lawn mowing. Grass trimmer advantages:

  • Controls are integrated into the adjustable circular handle;
  • Instant starting and stable motor operation due to the electronic ignition system;
  • Low weight and excellent balance ensure maximum working comfort.

6th Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium

  • engine power: 1 l.с.
  • fuel tank capacity: 0.75 л
  • cutting width: 23 cm
  • Grass trimmer cutting element: trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 2.40 mm
  • weight: 6.2 kg

robust and reliable than previous model. They are made possible by the nickel-silicon coating of the engine cylinder and piston as well as the improved lubrication system.