How to choose a cordless electric screwdriver for home

How to choose a screwdriver for your home?

If you are reading this article, it means that you have started to make repairs at home or just starting this process and think what cordless electric screwdriver is better to buy so that then do not regret. It is not so easy to choose, because manufacturers offer hundreds of different options with many functions, different characteristics, weight, voltage, shape, type of chucks and bits This list can go on and on, because for each individual task a similar tool is produced.

Expensive is not good. If you need a reliable electric screwdriver for home and country, and you are just going to buy the most expensive tool in the hope that it will be better than others, you are deeply mistaken. Often overpaying for extra features that only a professional needs, while the average user will not even notice. For example, why overpay 2500 for pulse tightening or couple hundred for extra torque mode? Now we will tell you what is really important for the beginner builder, and what is the best electric screwdriver to work at home or at home!

Choosing the shape and size of the tool

Let’s start with the simple: let’s choose the right shape and determine how big a cordless electric screwdriver should be, to be comfortable and not lose much precious battery capacity. Here, size doesn’t just matter. it matters a great deal. If the drill is too heavy, you will curse everything and everyone after 1-2 hours of screwing screws into the drywall on the ceiling. If you buy an electric screwdriver, you can’t drive a screw more than 3 cm into the wood.

The most popular electric screwdriver when screwing drywall sheets weighs from 1.8 to 2.4 kg. But if you are not only going to do finishing work, but also to drill wood, profiles and metal sheets, then it would be more convenient to take a tool that weighs 2.5-3 kg. If you often use the tool as a drill and you plan to work with drills larger than 8 mm in diameter, then it is better to choose models with a weight of 2.5 kg and a large battery pack.

Now a little about ergonomics. The shape is also very important. Now we will tell you how to choose a cordless drill electric screwdriver for the home, so that then you do not rub your hands and was comfortable to do everything. First you should pay attention to the angle between the handle and the body. If the angle is less than 90 degrees. there will be problems. Your thumb will be chafed after an hour of work. Also keep in mind that a chuck that is too raised can be a problem. Such tools are taken for work on the ceiling, but to twist on the walls and on the floor will not be comfortable, with constant pressure the hands will be very tired.

Now about the buttons. The reverse should turn on and off with the hand holding the tool while working, because with the other hand you hold the building material or yourself. Switching with two hands is not safe. If the reverse or speed button is out of range of your index finger or thumb, it soon becomes a problem.

Small drill electric screwdriver Medium sized drill electric screwdriver Large sized drill electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver which company to buy

In just about any home, you sometimes need to hang a picture, fix a TV bracket, install fasteners for a kitchen unit, and perform other similar tasks. In all of these cases, the user needs an electric screwdriver. However, spending a lot of money to buy a device that will be used only a few times is not too desirable. Ask your neighbor? It is not always possible, and the breakdown of someone else’s equipment will not add joy. Better to have your own electric screwdriver at home. And since you won’t be using it much, limit yourself to buying the inexpensive model. It can’t handle heavy loads, but it’s a faithful helper in the home for years to come.

Kalibr DE-550ShM

Kalibr DE-550ShM 550 Watt 14.5 N-m

Let’s start the review of screwdrivers with the cheapest model in the list. DE-550ShM from the brand Kalibr. It’s a simple corded device with up to 14 ft-lbs of torque.5 Nm and idle speed within 750 rpm. The device offers only one speed with 550 W. Allowed diameters of holes for metal and wood drilling for DE-550ShM are stated at the level of 10 and 20 mm respectively. Except for the standard features, including electronic speed control and reverse, the affordable electric screwdriver from Kalibr does not have any additional features.

  • low cost;
  • the ability to quickly change accessories;
  • low weight;
  • good torque;
  • high-quality work;
  • good ergonomics.

Rokodil Twist 2 Pro

Let’s continue the review with an inexpensive, but powerful enough model from the company Rokodil. Cordless electric screwdriver is supplied in a branded case with a set of bits and drills. Capacity of the battery at 2 A / h capacity of 18 volts will provide high performance over a long period of time without additional charging, and 48 Nm of torque enough to perform most installation work.

In addition to the standard features of the device is equipped with a backlight, locking the trigger, a motor brake and a spindle lock. It is also worth noting the excellent quality of the electric screwdriver assembly and accessories, as evidenced by the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty.

  • usability and reliability in operation;
  • power;
  • a wide range of equipment;
  • low weight;
  • decent functionality;
  • reasonable cost;
  • long warranty (5 years).

Zubr ZSSh-300-2

Compact electric screwdriver drill with good functionality and an attractive price tag. The ZSSh-300-2 from Zubr has everything you need for household use. The chuck of this cordless electric screwdriver is adjustable in diameter from 0.8 mm to 1 cm. Maximum speed and torque of this model is 1400 rpm and 35 Nm, respectively.

This model is also available in a modification with the index “K” at the end of the name, indicating the presence of a plastic case in the kit. If we compare the price of both variants, the older is more expensive by about 300-400, but if you often carry an electric screwdriver you do not need, then there is no sense to overpay them.

Additional modes include drilling. Power button in the ZSSh-300-2 is lockable to prevent accidental pressing. The electric screwdriver has 23 torque settings, so it is suitable for different applications. Powered by the Zubr, and its cable length is quite impressive 5 meters.

  • The cable is long and of good quality;
  • good torque;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • small dimensions;
  • two speeds of rotation;
  • easy replacement of brushes;
  • excellent assembly.


We continue with one of the best screwdrivers according to user reviews. BlackDecker BDCDC18K. For convenient operation, the unit is equipped with a spotlight lamp as well as a bit socket. Comes with one brand-name 1 battery.5 Ah and 18 Volt. Also in the brand case is a battery charger and documentation.

To fully charge the battery, the charger requires 3 hours, which is not too fast. It should be initially considered that for long and active work, this electric screwdriver is not suitable. Other features include a drilling mode with a maximum diameter of 25 mm for wood and 1 cm for metal. BDCDC18K torque of 30 Nm.

  • excellent quality
  • reliable battery;
  • good torque;
  • good reverse;
  • Capable of withstanding the toughest jobs;
  • diameter of wood drilling;
  • A quick-release socket for locking bits;
  • illuminated work area.

Cordless screwdrivers are ideal for construction and production. The same devices are used by repair crews and do-it-yourselfers. However, when buying, you need to determine how often the electric screwdriver will be in use. Prolonged idle time will ruin the battery, so for rare or one time use we recommend the mains models discussed in the following category.

Screwdrivers can be equipped with three types of batteries:

Nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries developed on their basis are not too in demand today, because they have many disadvantages that are unlikely to be outweighed by the advantages for the average user. Li-ion batteries have a low self-discharge rate, so a little downtime is not a problem for them, and they do not have a “memory effect”, which allows you to charge it at any time.

Rokodil Twist Max

Robust and powerful cordless electric screwdriver for all kinds of assembly jobs. Considering its low price and excellent performance, this model deservedly occupies a leading position in the market of electric tools.

The electric screwdriver is equipped with a quick-action chuck, reverse, backlight, speed regulation, engine brake, spindle lock. Maximum torque of 48 Nm. The electric screwdriver comes with two 2 Ah batteries, a carrying case and a battery charger. Perfect grip thanks to the ergonomic handle with rubberized inlays and a weight of only 1 kg.25 kg.

Makita DF331DWYE

Inexpensive cordless electric screwdriver of excellent quality. Makita has worked on both durability and convenience, so you can expect no complaints on either point. The device weighs only 1.1 kg, so it is very comfortable to work with.

The package of an electric screwdriver includes a case, bits, battery charger and two batteries of 1.5 mm each.5 Ah.

To ensure safety, the device has a lock on the power button. The spot lighting allows for convenient operation in poorly lit areas of the premises. DF331DWYE’s maximum no-load speed of 1,700 rpm.

  • complete suitcase;
  • small dimensions;
  • good illumination;
  • two batteries;
  • convenience and reliability in operation;
  • Japanese quality.

AEG BS 12G3 LI-152C

The solution from the popular German brand, serving as an alternative to the Makita model, both in price and functionality. A handy electric screwdriver is delivered in a quality brand-name case, where in addition to the device itself with a battery installed on it, there is a spare battery, charging station and documentation.

According to the number of revolutions AEG BS 12G3 is slightly inferior to the competitor (1500 rpm), but this popular model of electric screwdriver boasts a large chuck diameter (from 0.8 to 10 mm) and the possibility of drilling holes in wood with a diameter of 3 cm inclusive. Also features backlight and overload protection.

  • Excellent ergonomics;
  • low weight;
  • suitable for professional activity;
  • good performance;
  • German quality;
  • long-lasting batteries;
  • elaborate cooling system;
  • availability of a case for transportation;
  • overload protection.

Bosch GSR 12V-15

Next is one of the best cordless screwdrivers in terms of reliability. Bosch GSR 12V-15. It is equipped with a quick-change chuck that allows fast change of accessories (up to 10 mm in diameter) and a varying degree of clamping (20 steps and a separate one for drilling).

The equipment of the device depends on its modification. In addition to the quality branded case and the electric screwdriver manufacturer supplies a belt holster that makes it convenient to work at height, a battery charger, as well as two batteries of 2 Ah.

There is a gear switch on top of the Bosch electric screwdriver. In the first mode, the user gets 400 rpm, which is enough to drive self-tapping screws. With the second speed (1300 rpm), you can drill holes of up to 19 mm and 10 mm for wood and metal respectively.

  • battery charge indicator;
  • illuminated working area;
  • powerful batteries;
  • handy reversing button;
  • Charging the battery in just half an hour;
  • belt holster.


The most powerful electric screwdriver in its category. The DeWALT DCD791D2 boasts a maximum torque of 70 Nm for tightening large screws and handling large drills, and a maximum no-load speed of 2,000 rpm. Allowable diameter of drilling in wood and metal for this model is 40 and 13 mm, respectively. The device is equipped with a pair of batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah. It takes 60 minutes to charge the 18-volt battery. Among the device’s features are electronic speed control, a lamp for spot lighting and a brushless motor.

  • Reliable and durable;
  • handy;
  • powerful;
  • wide range of selection of torque (15 positions);
  • it supports the set revolutions;
  • with backlight;
  • it quickly charges;
  • small weight;
  • 3 year warranty.

Choose an electric screwdriver

Every one of us has to do small jobs around the house from time to time: hang a shelf, install a curtain rod, assemble a new desk. Handheld screwdrivers make your hands get tired quickly. Special devices. screwdrivers. can help make the task easier. A prompting you to choose the ideal model for you.

Before giving specific advice on the choice, let’s define what you need this tool for. According to their purpose, they are divided into household and professional.An everyday electric screwdriver is designed for occasional use. This is why power tools are designed to be relatively cheap, low-powered, compact and lightweight. Low price and less weight are often sacrificed for functionality. For example, drilling or even drilling with a hammer function is often present in more expensive household models of electric screwdrivers. Constant use or heavy loads on the tool lead to premature wear and tear of the inner mechanisms.A professional electric screwdriver is designed for frequent use, with an increased inner life of wear and tear. Professional models are noticeably more powerful, have higher battery capacity and functionality. They can unscrew any screw, and with an impact drill can even make a hole in plaster. A professional electric screwdriver makes sense if you need one for work. There is also such a kind of tool as an electric screwdriver. Different from a regular electric screwdriver in terms of smaller size and lower power. Designed for tightening/screwing in hard-to-reach places, which a standard electric screwdriver cannot reach. Electric screwdrivers cannot drill.

Important characteristics of screwdrivers

Based on these parameters, you can choose the best model for you.

Battery type

    – Today it is the most popular type of battery, used in everything from cell phones to electric cars. It is very reliable, powerful, holds a charge well, has an increased resource of charge/discharge cycles, has no memory effect. Suitable for frequent use. But lithium screwdrivers are more expensive than their counterparts. By the way, the inventors of lithium-ion batteries in 2019 won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry the battery is “from the past”, today it is mainly used in household models of screwdrivers that are used occasionally. Their main advantage is their low price. A serious disadvantage of these batteries is the memory effect: if you charge a battery that has not been fully saturated, its maximum capacity is somewhat reduced. If you continue to charge a battery that is half discharged, it will soon reach the end of its service life and fail prematurely. Another disadvantage of this type of batteries is their lack of environmental friendliness. After all, cadmium is recognized as an adverse metal for health and the environment. Therefore, the use of nickel-cadmium batteries will require special care an advanced form of nickel batteries. They operate perfectly well at subzero temperatures, with a memory effect that is weaker than that of Ni-Cd batteries. But they are much less powerful than lithium-ion batteries in terms of the number of charge-discharge cycles the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries, developed by Metabo especially for power tools. According to the manufacturer’s statements, they are smaller and lighter than conventional lithium-ion cells, and deliver maximum power, not inferior to mains power.

Motor type

    – the most common motor type in tools and household appliances. Electricity from the power source is transmitted to the motor through sliding contacts with special brushes. Brushes are a consumable item that wears out over time and must be replaced. For some models it is not possible to replace the brushes quickly and the electric screwdriver must be disassembled very thoroughly. The main advantages of the brush motor are its simple construction and low price the more productive electric motor, with a high efficiency. There are no moving parts inside, and the current transfer is regulated by a solid-state commutator controlled by an electronic sensor. Brushless motor is highly durable, wear-resistant and does not spark when in working order. But it raises the price of an electric screwdriver considerably.

Cordless power, quick-action chuck type, torque 9 Nm, max. 550 rpm, 1.1 Ah, 12V voltage, backlit working area, weight 1.32 kg.

Type of chuck

The special bits with which the electric screwdriver works are fastened in the chuck. There are several types of chucks on the market:

    – the most common. Allows you to change the bit in a couple of moves;

  • Magnetic. the bits are held in place by magnetic force. The bits are fastened in the chuck and then tightened with the toothed ring on the side, as in an electric drill and impact wrench. It is the most secure type of fastener. it will naturally take some time to change the bit;. fits with certain kinds of bits. Allows you to replace them quickly.

Power output of an electric screwdriver

The power of an electric tool directly depends on its performance. For screwdrivers, it means how much torque you have to apply in order to unscrew a screw or check the surface. This value is measured in nm (Newton-meter). The higher it is, the more force the device has to clamp the screw, and it can handle larger diameter fasteners. However, excessive torque can damage the bits, so in many models it can be adjusted by a special clutch. If you intend to work with small fasteners, the screwdriver power of 10-15 nm is enough. These are typical values for electric screwdrivers. The power output of professional models is around 25-30 nm. With such a tool, you can safely turn screws up to 7 cm. Higher class models have a torque of about 40 nm, can cope with long screws and even drill small holes in not too dense materials. The power of professional screwdrivers can go up to 130 nm. They can drill holes in dense materials, used, for example, to install stretch ceilings. Powerful screwdrivers are usually powered by electricity.

Speed (or RPM)

This is an important characteristic that shows how fast the chuck with the nozzle will rotate. The general rule is quite simple. at lower speeds you can drill through denser material or unscrew screws of a larger diameter. Measurement unit: revolutions per minute (rpm).The chuck speed is normally controlled by the force of the trigger. In some models, the speed can be set by a special gearbox. High speed is used for drilling, low speed for installing fasteners. So, for screwing screws, a speed of about 500 rpm is suitable. On the contrary, for comfortable drilling you already need 1000-1500 rpm.

Types of screwdrivers by connection

Screwdrivers are divided into different types according to their power source:

    – are powered by rechargeable batteries. Their main advantage. mobility. You are not tied to a power outlet, you can safely move around the workshop, get to the most hard-to-reach places without extension cords and wires. Cordless electric screwdriver is convenient to take with you to the cottage, in the countryside and wherever you can not connect to the electricity grid. Often the electric screwdriver comes with a replaceable battery, which can be charged in advance. A significant disadvantage. in an effort to extend the life of a battery-powered electric screwdriver, manufacturers make smaller models. There are several types of batteries in a screwdriver. Nickel-cadmium batteries. an obsolete type of battery, in many countries already out of use because of components harmful to the environment. They have a relatively low capacity and are prone to the memory effect. if such a battery is not fully discharged before charging, then in the future the maximum capacity of the storage battery is reduced. The nickel cadmium battery requires special care. It is recommended to store the tool almost fully discharged, periodically need to fully charge and discharge the battery. Survive 1000 charge-discharge cycles. Their only advantage is their low price. This is why these batteries are found only in the most inexpensive models. Suitable if you do not plan to use the electric screwdriver too often. Lithium-ion battery is the most common battery type today. They accumulate a lot of charge, store it well, have no memory effect. Usually the longest-lasting batteries. they can withstand several thousand charge-discharge cycles and require very little maintenance. The only disadvantage is the unstable operation in low temperatures. If you have a choice, it is worth buying an electric screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery. Nickel-metal hydride batteries are stable, even at very low temperatures. Therefore, such batteries are installed in equipment, which will be used in frosty conditions. The disadvantages are still the memory effect (although not so pronounced) and the high rate of wear and tear (after 500 charge cycles the battery must be replaced with a new one).
    – connected to electric network. As a rule, mains powered wrenches are more powerful, because you do not have to worry about a rapid battery drain. The obvious drawback. the presence of wire and the need to use an extension cord, which is not very convenient for outdoor use or when repairing in the apartment.

Power supply, quick-action chuck type, torque 36 Nm, max. Speed of rotation 1500 rpm, backlight of the working area, weight 1.4 kg.

Power and voltage

The ability of an electric screwdriver to tighten screws and drill is expressed in terms of torque N-m (newton-meter). The higher the maximum torque, the more you can bore a screw or self-tapping screw with a larger diameter.

The torque of ordinary electric screwdrivers seldom exceeds 10 N-m, so they can be used for minor installation work only (furniture assembly, repairing children’s toys, etc.). д.), but you can hardly unscrew a screw, bolt or screw that is too tight. Professional screwdrivers have torques up to 25 Nm, which enables assembly of structures made of aluminum profiles, etc., But the power to drive a self-tapping screw into wood will not be enough.

In medium-class screwdrivers this parameter should be at the level of 30-40 Nm. This will not only allow you to assemble and disassemble furniture, but also to drill small holes in various surfaces. Professionals often choose tools with torque of 100 Nm and more. you can perform installation of suspended ceilings, work with surfaces like plaster and sand-blocks. And when it comes to special professional screwdrivers, their torque can reach a couple of thousand N-m.

In the vast majority of screwdrivers the torque is regulated by a special limiter. This function is useful for precise tightening to avoid damaging the surface.

  • The power screwdrivers are designed for voltages up to 6 volts. You should not expect much efficiency from such a tool;
  • If you plan to drill not very hard surfaces, choose a device with a voltage of 9-15 volts;
  • you want to beat a brick with your electric screwdriver? Consider tools with 18 volts or more;
  • Don’t forget: The more powerful an electric screwdriver, the heavier it is.

Speed of rotation

A good electric screwdriver should be equipped with a rotational speed switch to work in two modes. This value is very important if you are going to use the tool as a drill, where at low speeds the drill will simply not give the desired effect.

A slower speed of about 500-600 rpm is used for tightening/unscrewing screws and bolts. If you want to drill something, choose tools that can rotate up to 1300 rpm.

Types of chucks

An overview of screwdrivers shows that today almost all models are equipped with so-called quick-change chucks. They are the ones you can use to quickly change the drill bit or bit. There are two types of this element on the market: one-clamp or two-clamp.

The first ones are easy to operate. They can be set with one hand. But the spindle must not rotate. That is why many models have the locking function. It can be automatic, which means that as soon as it stops turning, the spindle locks. And forced with a button.

The latter are more difficult to operate. To change the working tool in them, you have to hold the lower coupling with one hand and release or tighten the upper one with the other hand.

there are still screwdrivers on the market with older cam chucks that require a special key. The latter is always disappearing somewhere, so replacing the working tool becomes a problem. But it should be noted that many craftsmen keep the cam-type variant in reserve. With their help it is possible to screw in up to the maximum parameters.

If your goal is how to choose an electric screwdriver for the home, that is, you will use this tool to do small jobs, then we recommend buying a tool without a chuck. The end of the spindle has a ¼-inch hexagon adapter.

What other additional features will help you choose a cordless electric screwdriver:

  • If there will be an impact function, that’s a big plus. Clearly, you can’t drill through concrete walls with an electric screwdriver, but it can handle brick or aerated concrete with no problem.
  • The removable side handle is also a plus when drilling. It accentuates the force.
  • The impulse work makes it possible to cope with rusty screw joints. This feature is present in electric wrenches by default.
  • Built-in illumination under the chuck or at the bottom of the handle. The latter option is preferable, because, as practice has shown, some chucks obscure the LED beam.
  • Weight of the product. The smaller it is, the more convenient it is to work, especially at height.
  • Package Contents. The more additional elements, the better. For example, a flashlight, charger, extra battery, pouches or straps into which the tool is inserted during work. Set of bits and drills, adapter, chuck, eccentric. The latter is used when it is necessary to transmit rotation to the working tool with an offset from the spindle axis.

The more extensive the equipment, the more expensive the tool.

The cordless screwdriver

According to its design features, a screwdriver is a pistol type drill, the body of which is made of impact-resistant plastic. It gives the possibility to reduce the price of the device, but also to guarantee its long-term operation. The very shape of the handle itself. it is, first of all, a convenience of holding in your hand, plus many manufacturers equip it with rubber pads, which reduce the slipping properties of plastic.

But the main distinguishing feature of a cordless screwdriver is the batteries themselves, which are located in the bottom compartment of the handle. Today, manufacturers offer new models where the battery is located in the handle itself, which reduces the size of the tool and makes it more compact and easy to use. We will talk more about batteries for a screwdriver below, but now let’s continue to deal with the tool itself.

Design elements of a cordless screwdriver

All other positions are somewhat similar to the drill, so let’s indicate them in order:

  • Quick-action chuck in which a drill or bit can be inserted by hand.
  • Start button, aka “off”, controls the spindle speed, and, accordingly, the chuck with a drill bit.
  • The reversing function is supported by a switch. In some models it is a button at the top of the handle, in others it is a lever near the trigger. But in all the tools (professional or domestic) this function is present without exception. Nowadays, manufacturers offer three positions for the reversing button. The middle position means that the tool is completely disconnected from the power supply. Handy feature, especially when spontaneous start can occur during transportation.
  • Speed selector. it is on the top of the tool and is usually a button that slides across the body. Most often there are two positions for this function: to screw fasteners, you rotate at low speed, and to drill at maximum speed.
  • Torque regulator (tightening). It is an ordinary plastic ring with marks and numerical symbols that rotates in relation to the ratchet located inside. All craftsmen consider this to be one of the most important functions. By accurately setting the torque, you can guarantee quality screwing in of fasteners without breaking, tearing off of slots on the flat, indentation of connected constructions and details. All electric screwdrivers also have a straight position in which the spindle is rotated as much as possible. This position is chosen when the tool is used for drilling.
  • Many models are now equipped with LED illumination. Convenient for work in confined spaces with reduced lighting. It is appreciated by all craftsmen without exception. the light can be positioned under the chuck or in the battery compartment.

As for the internal filling of the tool, it is an electric motor connected directly to the gearbox. On the shaft of the latter the chuck is fastened. The electric motor is wired to the batteries through a kind of control panel, which is based on a gas cock.

The inside of a cordless screwdriver

way of fastening bits and drills

Modern screwdrivers are three different ways of fastening drills and bits in it. One of them has already been identified. the quick-action chuck. It is a device in which the drills are clamped without the use of a special wrench. That is, you put the drill bit in the jaws and twist the chuck shell clockwise. The cams are clamped together, securing the installed tool to each other. Turning the chuck the other way is the opening. In such a chuck, the body is plastic and the filling is steel.

The second method of clamping is no chuck. The screwdriver has a hexagonal socket instead of a chuck. Such tools need drills and bits with hexagonal shanks and not round ones, which are used in chucks. Simply the shank is inserted into the socket, and the screwdriver can be used. A simpler way to mount the working tool, but no less reliable.

Screwdriver with a hexagonal socket for drills and bits

Today chucks with hexagonal shanks are also available on the market, which makes it possible to use drill bits and bits with round ends in these electric screwdrivers. And this is the third way. Let’s add that the quick-action chuck itself is available on the market in two designs: direct drilling and angular drilling. To make you understand what we are talking about, the photo below shows a chuck that can screw fasteners at right angles to the axis of rotation of the screwdriver shaft. A special adapter in the form of an angular gear is used for this.

Quick-action chuck with angle adapter

How to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home

You have to choose the screwdriver carefully, because this tool will last for many years. Therefore, in the first place should pay attention to its technical characteristics, not forgetting about the economic side of the issue. That is, the best value for money. this is the most important criterion.

You buy a screwdriver for many years, so you have to choose it carefully

Operational characteristics

We have already reviewed some of the features above, and this list should be completed by the following. Let’s start with the engine for the screwdriver, as the main element responsible for the rotation of the working organ. Today, manufacturers offer three models of engines:

  • Conventional brushes. This variety has been used for a long time, it has passed the test of time, so that many models of screwdrivers are still equipped with such a motor.
  • Brushless. They appeared on the market relatively recently, but they gradually replace the first ones. It is the absence of a collector with brushes, which makes it possible to extend the service life due to the lack of rotating elements and friction force. The same, in turn, increases the power of the device. No friction, no power loss.
  • There are cordless screwdrivers on the market that have been designed more recently to contain the motor without the housing. That is, a compartment is made in the tool itself for the stator and the rotor. This means that part of the casing of the cordless screwdriver becomes the housing for the motor. This makes it possible to reduce the weight and dimensions of the tool without reducing performance.

the small screwdriver thanks to the housingless motor

Turning speed

this is not a decisive factor for a screwdriver, because the screwdriver’s main purpose is to tighten fixtures and fasteners. And you don’t need a high speed for that. And although the tool is often used for drilling, still masters try not to use this function. thereby extending the service life of the device.

The spindle speed can be adjusted with this orange button

But in the data sheet, this characteristic is necessarily designated as one of the important. If you choose exactly according to this indicator, then for household units, the screwing speed should not be more than 500 rpm, for drilling suits 1500 rpm. Both values can be used to drive or drill in soft wood or hard steel.

The nameplate clearly shows the maximum and minimum spindle speed

Torque of a screwdriver

Usually, the data sheet shows the maximum speed. In essence, torque is the force generated by the device as the motor rotates. Accordingly, and the spindle. When it is a question of what is better to buy a screwdriver for the house just for this value, then it is necessary to take into account what work will be performed by the tool.

For example, if you want to screw self-tapping screws (even the longest ones) into wood, then 25 Nm of torque is enough. If it is necessary to drill holes in the wood with drill bits or occasionally drill holes with drills in metal parts, it is necessary to buy an electric tool with a torque of up to 40 Nm.

The torque on the screwdriver is adjusted by means of a ring rotating on the ratchet, on which the numbers are indicated

This torque is over 100 Nm for professional models. Because such a tool has not only to work often, but also to create significant forces in the process of fixing various elements.

Professional screwdriver with a maximum torque of over 100 Nm.

Attention ! Today manufacturers offer cordless screwdrivers with an impact function. That means that this tool gradually supersedes conventional drills and impact wrenches.

How important is the impact function in this tool? On the one hand, it seems to be convenient, the expansion of functionality has never stopped anyone. But, on the other hand, a universal tool, in the first place, means a shorter service life. Because the main purpose of a screwdriver is to screw fasteners into soft materials or prepared holes in hard elements. No sense to drill in concrete or metal, there is another tool for that. the rotary, it is more powerful, with a longer service life. So you should not substitute one tool for another. Each one has to perform its function.

The screwdriver can also be used for drilling in concrete structures, including the impact function of the tool

And the last one is the torque. As mentioned above, the adjustment of this characteristic is made by a special ring, on which there is a digital graduation. The numbers themselves don’t say anything, they just indicate the torque increase. And the more digits, the more precisely can be adjusted to the required loads.

  • Backlighting.
  • High power.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Metal gear case.
  • Maximum continuous use time.

The main disadvantage is the impossibility to deliver drills, because the chuck is designed for bits only.

Model of percussion type. The power of the drive unit is 1050 W. The maximum RPM is 2,000 per minute and the number of blows is up to 36,000./minute.

  • High power.
  • Extended functionality.
  • Infinitely variable speed control.
  • Ergonomic design, easy to use.
  • Reliability.

The tool does not exhibit any expressed disadvantages.

Pay attention! In order to determine which power drill is best suited for specific applications, it is necessary to consider that the budget models have a weak motor and not strong enough housing, and the expensive. high functionality, reliability and adaptability to prolonged strain.

The main points in a nutshell

When choosing a network electric screwdriver, it is necessary to consider the following range of parameters:

  • Motor power.
  • Torque.
  • Reverse power.
  • Maximum speed and adjustability.
  • Housing shape and dimensions.
  • Type of chuck.
  • Feature set.

The 220-volt version is more powerful, compact, lighter, less expensive and allows you to work outside in the cold. In the rating of network screwdrivers got the following instances. Interskol D-11/540T, Energomash DU-21500, Zubr DSh-M1-400, Sturm! ID2145P, Kress 500 BS, Makita FS4300 570 and SPARKY BUR2 350E.