How To Choose A Cordless Lawn Mower

The 7 best cordless lawn mowers The best cordless lawn mowers ranked by experts and customer reviews. Independent investigation of the best manufacturers: Bosch, Husqvarna, Al-Ko, Gardena, Robomow, Greenworks.


  • Wide swath;
  • Self-propelled;
  • Spacious grass catcher;
  • High-quality assembly.


  • High-quality mowing;
  • Spacious grass catcher;
  • Wide swath;
  • Acceptable price.

AL-KO Energy Flex Moweo 46.5 Li SP

how to choose a cordless lawn mower

The AL-KO Energy Flex Moweo 46.5 Li SP self-propelled cordless lawnmower stands out from the competition with its large grass catcher (70 l). A special level indicator helps to monitor the filling of the container. In one pass, the gardening equipment makes a swath of 46 cm wide. The model is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4 Ah with a voltage of 36 V. The cutting height is manually adjustable in the range of 25-75 mm. The body of the device is made of steel, which gives strength to the structure. The mower is ideal for lawns up to 400 sq. M

The large weight (30 kg), the minimum number of mowing height levels (7) did not allow the lawn mower to rise to a higher position in the rating. Users found another drawback, during mowing, grass often falls out of the collection.

AL-KO Moweo 38.5 Li


With such an assistant, you can process a larger area, the manufacturer assures that this model can easily cope with 300 square meters. The mowing width does not differ from previous models of 37 centimeters, but the motor is more powerful. It is worth noting the battery, its capacity is 4Ah, which is enough for a long battery life, and it charges for no more than an hour and a half, so you will not get into a situation where half of the lawn is left uncut.

The grass catcher is tough, no problem to shake it out. The volume is also a solid 50 liters. The weight of the device is a little less than 14 kilograms, which is quite a bit for such a productive device. In general, the deserved first place of our today’s top.

Greenworks G-Max 40V 35cm

Somewhat frustrating is the quality of the materials from which the body of the device is made, as well as the reliability of the structure itself, breakdowns, unfortunately, are very common. The capacity of the battery is small 2Ah, but it can be fully charged in just half an hour, an excellent indicator. In general, a good option from Greenworks for small lawns in front of the house, but in such conditions the machine must compete with wired counterparts, and they are much cheaper.

Cordless lawn mowers: how to choose the right one?

The main feature of the cordless lawnmower is complete absence of wires thanks to the integrated or replaceable lithium-ion battery. You do not have to look for a power source for work. This is especially true for owners of small areas where good maneuverability is needed. When choosing a model, take into account the power of the battery so that its charge is sufficient for the duration of operation you need and you do not have to recharge the device so you will save your time and energy.

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Check how easy it is to adjust the cutting height and if there are side grabs for cutting lawn and grass edges along walls and fences. Do not forget to pay attention to the comfort of the handle, this is an important factor, as the natural grip makes the mower easy to operate and control. And the presence of large wheels guarantees a good passability of the equipment, even on uneven ground. Be sure to evaluate the volume and efficiency of the collection box. After all, the less often you have to empty it in the process of work, the more time you save!

Try to pay attention to all the above factors when choosing equipment and we are sure you will be satisfied with your purchase! Alternatively, entrust your choice to the German garden technology manufacturer GARDENA, which offers several models of cordless lawn mowers that meet all these requirements, such as the PowerMax Li-18/32 cordless lawnmower (for small and medium-sized gardens up to 230 m2) and PowerMax Li-40/37 (for large gardens up to 450 m2). The models are equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries BLi-18 (voltage 18 V, capacity 2.6 Ah) and Bli-40/160 (voltage 40 V, capacity 4.2 Ah), respectively, which do not require additional maintenance, are easy to recharge and suitable for other GARDENA cordless equipment. The LED display on the battery shows the current charge level, which is convenient to navigate during operation. The brushless motor delivers high torque and guarantees high performance. And the cutting height (20 to 60 mm) can be adjusted at the push of a button!

For more information, please contact the media manager Veronika Pishchikova

Power lawn mower for grass, how to choose

They have a power output of 3.5-7.5 HP and a cutting width of 46-53 cm, so they are suitable for large surfaces. Their disadvantage is:

  • High noise level,
  • Vapor formation,
  • Need to refuel,
  • Oil and filter change,
  • Care of the engine cylinder.

Powered lawn mowers work in small areas. Devices without wheels (front only, rear only, or all) are easier to move and at the same time undemanding to maintain. Four-wheel drive is especially recommended when mowing large lawns on uneven, undulating terrain.

It is good if the working speed can be adjusted using a multi-stage gearbox or infinitely variable. The engine starter should be positioned so that it does not have to lean towards it as close to the handle as possible and as far from the cutting unit as possible.

It is worth choosing a model with a solution that simplifies engine starting (automatic suction, electronic ignition, starting by pressing the lever and turning it off after releasing or pressing the button).

What do we do with the cut grass?

If we don’t have a place to collect the rollers and would rather not pay to remove them, it is worth considering buying a mower with the mulching option. Machines of this type usually mill the entire strip, but there are also those in which we ourselves decide how much of the crushed grass remains on the lawn and how much will be collected in the basket.

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Does the noise bother you? If so, then the choice seems simple. Either a hand-held lawnmower without a motor or an electric or cordless lawnmower that operates at 69-87dB volume. In comparison, the quietest combustion engine mowers generate 94 dB of noise.

How to choose a lawn mower for grass

To mow your lawn, we have many devices to choose from. The most important are:

  • Powered lawn mowers with mains cable;
  • Electric battery;
  • And the simplest with a manual drive;
  • As well as self-propelled mowers with battery or solar energy. Thanks to them, the lawn is mowed the fastest.

On very small areas (for example, a few tens of square meters), a hand-held lawnmower will work. You can use an electric lawnmower to mow slightly larger lawns. If the lawn is more than 500 m2, then it is worth investing in a good lawn mower.

A good choice of lawn mower with chopping function and side discharge so you don’t need to empty the container. In hard-to-reach places, you can use a grass trimmer.

Which lawn mower to choose for a summer residence? Consider the following:

  • Lawn size,
  • What effect we want to achieve (green carpet or flower meadow),
  • Place of residence (quiet devices will work in a compact building, the work of which does not make life difficult for neighbors),
  • The number, size and shape of ledges, paths and other elements that compromise the integrity of the lawn, as the mower around them does not always accurately cut the stem.

Features of devices

The cordless lawnmower is an electric, mobile, small mowing machine that draws energy from rechargeable batteries.

Most commonly, lithium-ion batteries are used. They ensure the operation of the mower for a certain period, after which the batteries are recharged.

The production of modern lawn mowers has been mastered by a number of well-known companies. The devices differ in appearance, size and layout of the main units.

The basis of any design is the following elements:

  • Electric motor;
  • Body, reinforced with a bearing, power frame;
  • Wheels (usually 4 pieces) for moving on the ground;
  • Cutting tool in the form of horizontal, rotating knives;
  • Reservoir (container) for collecting cut grass;
  • A guiding handle that sets the movement for the apparatus;
  • Accumulator battery.

The popularity of cordless lawn mowers is due to the following benefits:

  • No need for electricity or fuel supplies (gasoline, diesel fuel);
  • Lack of an electric cable that limits and interferes with movement;
  • Light weight and small size;
  • Low noise level;
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Simplicity of operation;
  • High mowing quality.

Complaints include disadvantages such as limited battery life and increased cost..

TOP 10 best cordless lawn mowers: rating of 2019 and description of model features

11/06/2019 14,082 Views

A beautiful, well-groomed site near a country house pleases the eye and provides a good mood.

A variety of lawn mowers are designed to create the perfect landscape design.

A huge number of such devices are exhibited on the Russian market, and sometimes it becomes a problem to choose the right device.

When purchasing a cordless lawnmower, a ranking of the best models helps you find the best option.

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How to choose and what to look for?

According to the technical characteristics, when choosing a device, special attention should be paid to such parameters:

  1. Working width, i.E. Strip cut in one pass. It is determined by the width of the mower deck. The performance and efficiency of the device depends on this parameter. For most cordless lawn mowers, it is 42-52 cm.In powerful installations, the width can reach 56-58 cm.In miniature, hand-held devices, a grip in the range of 32-40 cm is provided.
  2. Developed power. It depends on the voltage of the batteries. Lawnmowers can be equipped with one 60-85V battery or 2 40-58V batteries. Small-sized devices have a battery voltage of about 12-20 V.
  3. Time to recharge. The duration of uninterrupted operation is determined by the capacity of the battery. The most common models use batteries with a capacity of 2.5-2.6 Ah, which provides 32-38 minutes of operation. In a number of mowers, batteries with an increased capacity (up to 7.4-8 Ah) are used, which makes it possible to increase the operating time to 1 hour or more.
  4. Height of cut grass. Most of the machines are designed for cutting grass 10-16 cm high, but some of them can safely cut vegetation 35-45 cm high.It is recognized that the optimal cutting height in one pass is 6-8 cm.

The area of ​​the serviced area depends on the specified parameters. For mowers with one battery, it is 350-450 m2. When installing 2 batteries, the area increases to 650-700 sq. M.

When choosing, the design features of the lawn mower are also taken into account.:

  1. Way of moving. In private areas, both manual and self-propelled installations can be used. In the first case, all movements are set by hand, and the electric drive provides only the rotation of the knives. Self-propelled units have rear-wheel drive. This allows the device to move independently, and the direction is set manually.
  2. Handle (rod). This is the longest element and complicates the storage of the device. Several design options stand out: folding the handle in the forward direction, pressing it against the body; double or multiple (zigzag) folding of the bar itself; telescopic principle. The simplest versions do not have a folding handle, but are simply stored upright.
  3. Grass-box availability. The volume of the container for collecting cut grass affects the uptime.
  4. Special grass discharge. When mowing in a neglected area, the container will clog too quickly. A side discharge device is used to increase productivity. It ensures that the cuttings accumulate on one side, making it easier to dispose of later.
  5. Number of wheels. There can be from 2 to 4. The maneuverability of the apparatus, simplicity and speed of movement over an uneven area depend on this indicator.

You should pay attention to the presence of additional functions. Of interest is a mulching device, i.E. Chopping herbs in a container. It ensures the efficient use of the collection box and allows the grass to be converted into fertilizer.