How to choose a cordless screwdriver for your home

Sparky BVR 66E

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This model of the Bulgarian manufacturer may well compete with Makita, DeWalt and Bosch: a painfully good price-quality ratio.

  • electronic preselection of speed, so as not to waste time shifting;
  • blocking the switch during operation also saves the master’s time;
  • magnesium alloy reducer will extend Sparky BVR 66E life;
  • removable aluminum stop for screwing entire rows of fasteners to the same depth;
  • universal magnetic holder to hang the tool anywhere you want;
  • ergonomic soft grip handle for long-lasting comfortable work;
  • auto-adjusting brushes to avoid unnecessary work;
  • belt clip to keep your device close at hand.

Makita FS4300

Another tool designed for working with drywall, now Japanese. The high-speed model is available in two versions: 110 and 240 W.

Has an extended list of features:

  • quick-detachable locator in Makita FS4300 will make the choice of depth easier and increase the efficiency of use;
  • neither the master himself nor those around him will have to suffer from obsessive buzzing sounds: a silent pin connection will reduce the noise level to a minimum;
  • the aluminum structure from which the screwdriver is made not only speaks of lightness, but also of strength: the material will greatly extend its service life;
  • ease of use in confined spaces due to compact design;
  • LED work indicator for improved visibility of work;
  • variable speed;
  • soft rubberized handle;
  • strong metal belt clip;
  • high ergonomics thanks to a smooth and light body.

Kit: magnetic bit holder; carbide bits; locator; carrying case.

Stomer SCD-500

The German manufacturer presented a cordless screwdriver with a high screwdriving speed and a gearbox in a metal housing. One of the best options for working with drywall.

Stomer SCD-500 boasts the following features:

  • rotationally adjustable thrust clutch;
  • depth gauge for tightening fasteners to a given depth;
  • reverse function for easy unscrewing;
  • 4 modes of drilling depth;
  • lock button for on / off;
  • belt clip.

Optional accessories: carbon brush set.

DeWalt DW268K

This time, the Americans have developed and released a really durable tool: they used steel to make the gear.

Other specs are impressive too:

Versa control system allows for easy torque adjustment, while maintaining the ability to overcome obstacles when tightening fasteners in materials with variable density (wood);

powerful engine provides comfortable work with metals;

ideal for working with plastic;

reversing switch for quick change of operating modes;

Soft grip surface on handle and switch to reduce vibration and improve user comfort;

DeWalt DW268K works at high speeds without damaging the fasteners;

ergonomics: lightweight and compact design to reduce user fatigue.

Sturdy carrying case included.

10 best cordless screwdrivers in 2018

Screwdriver. a reliable assistant who will cope with twisting and unscrewing fasteners of various modifications. They can be used to fasten concrete and plastic parts, screwdrivers work with metal and wood. Most of these tools perform the function of drilling (if there is a special chuck), which means that many useful things can be done with their help at home.

The principle of operation is the same for everyone. But the types of power supply differ: there are rechargeable and mains. The first, as the name implies. run on batteries, the latter. from electricity. We will consider them.

✅ TOP 3: Best Cordless Screwdriver 2020

DeWalt DW269K

In the arsenal of the American brand there is a professional low-speed screwdriver, the “trick” of which. unique patented Versa system. She is responsible for adjusting the torque: the desired mode is turned on automatically while the tool is in the process of drilling. A very useful option when working with materials that have a non-uniform density (for example, with wood).

Other features of the model:

  • good power and fast operation of the DeWalt DW269K engine provide excellent drilling in wood, plastic and metal;
  • 44 steps of torque to select the desired mode;
  • power increase button for difficult-to-pass areas;
  • soft shell of the handle: more control and comfort when using;
  • rugged brushes: lower maintenance costs.

Sparky BVR 6

The Bulgarian company has released the Sparky BVR 6 cordless screwdriver with double insulation, so you don’t have to worry about safety while working. The relatively budget variation works almost silently. Users note the comfort provided by the ergonomic load-distributing and vibration-absorbing handle.

What else is interesting about the model:

  • the blocking sleeve adjusts the penetration depth;
  • torque control helps to select the desired mode depending on what is to be done;
  • the blocker fixes the switch in the on position;
  • the electronics pre-sets the rotation speeds;
  • the presence of a reverse, which is responsible for the direction in which the spindle rotates;
  • the wheel on the power button controls the number of revolutions. adjust the indicator depending on the specifics of work and mood;
  • the filling of the device is protected by a strong gearbox, because it was made of magnesium alloy,
  • brushes are switched off without effort from the side. Again, no unnecessary burden;
  • the holder is securely attached to the belt.

Complete set: a set of interchangeable nozzles, including a magnetic holder for them; case.

Warning: Be sure to turn off and unplug the instrument before setting or checking a function on the instrument.

Makita FS4000

One of the giants of the power tool market introduced an improved screwdriver with a lightweight gear, which had a great effect on its controllability and maneuverability. Like other models, the Makita FS4000 has a high mounting speed (570W motor. No joke). The case can easily be called ergonomic: its shape helps to hold the screwdriver for a long time with one hand, without too much straining. Even working at maximum load is comfortable. Lightweight and smooth starting control further minimizes the strain on the hands. Tool weighs 2.9 lbs.

What else distinguished the model:

  • lightweight gearbox for easy handling and maneuverability;
  • one-touch locator for setting drilling depth;
  • plastic metal clip for easy carrying on a belt;
  • ¼ ”hex shank for drilling in any material;
  • vibration-absorbing soft rubber handle;
  • speed up to 4000 rpm.

Supplied with locator, magnetic holder, 2 attachments.

Which screwdriver is better? Selection options

When buying a tool for his home, the owner must take into account certain important parameters.

  • Household appliances are usually not able to develop very high speed, but the available one will be quite enough for screwing a screw into the wall, assembling furniture. For large-scale construction, you will need other equipment.
  • Ergonomics indicators play an important role: the nature and quality of use directly depends on the convenient position of the tool in the hand. Sometimes even an expensive branded tool turns out to be inconvenient and ill-suited for comfortable work. It is both uncomfortable and heavy to hold in your hand, and it is impossible to reach the adjustment setting with one hand. Therefore, experts advise, when choosing an instrument, try to pick it up, hold it, and maybe even turn it on.
  • Backlight. The work area lighting feature is useful, but not required. It is used when working in the niches of toilets and bathrooms, in cellars and unlit basements.
  • Selecting a speed mode. Not available on all models, but this option is highly desirable as it facilitates interaction with different types of materials.
  • Impact mechanism. An important characteristic, since its presence expands the functions of the device, allowing it to be used as a puncher. This capability is often required when handling solid materials. Often, in modern buildings, an ordinary tool cannot cope with hard surfaces, the drilling process becomes impossible. Impact function easily overcomes such obstacles.
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Corded screwdrivers: the advantages of choosing

In many cases, cordless screwdrivers are much more convenient than cordless ones. Therefore, devices of this type do not lose their popularity. What are the advantages they have?

  • The master does not need to think and calculate whether the battery charge will be enough for him to complete the work. The device is connected to the network and you can start working.
  • Continuous, uninterrupted power supply increases the power of the device and increases the productivity of the worker. In some cases, this is quite important.
  • When the battery of the mobile device loses some of its charge, the power of the tool decreases. This affects the speed and quality of his work. The web tool is completely free from this problem. The main thing for him is the presence of a working network.
  • The network tool, for obvious reasons, has less weight. Because of this, it is more convenient to use: the hand does not get tired of holding it, and at a time you can perform a larger amount of the intended purpose than with a mobile device. When assembling furniture, such a device is more convenient to hold in your hand and use.
  • The number of revolutions of the network device is higher than that of its fellow cordless screwdriver. The battery is not able to provide this quality of work.
  • There is no battery, so there is no need to replace it. Specific problems associated with the operation of batteries are completely excluded: the device can operate at subzero temperatures, it is not afraid of temperature drops.

However, there are also negative points that it is advisable to keep in mind:

  • Hard-to-reach difficult places are often difficult to reach with this type of equipment, because the long cable makes it very difficult.
  • The tool cord must be of sufficient length to ensure trouble-free and comfortable operation.

For professional work, networked screwdrivers are usually more preferable.

This is due to the fact that in industrial use, uninterrupted operation and its productivity are of priority importance.

How to choose a network screwdriver for home. for construction and repair: Overview Video

For all kinds of construction and repair work, many devices for a variety of purposes are used.

How to choose a Cordless Drill & Screwdriver

The screwdriver is not the last among them. The tool has a self-explanatory name: it is used to easily and quickly fix various elements, screw in screws. The market offers a wide variety of device models. Devices can be divided into stationary network, connected directly to the mains, and mobile battery, which can be used autonomously. It is difficult to say which screwdriver is better, the choice depends on many parameters of its intended use.

How to choose a screwdriver according to technical characteristics?

What are the performance characteristics of the network screwdriver?

Control modes

  • Excellent power. The network device provides much higher power during operation than professional battery counterparts. When choosing the right equipment, you should pay attention to this indicator. After all, the more powerful the motor of the tool, the more productive it is. Ordinary household appliances do not have very high power. for professional ones it is much higher.

They are also capable of working without interruption for much longer. When planning small chores, such as fixing a shelf, or assembling furniture, the simplest household tool will be enough.

  • Torque. This indicator indicates the strength of the rotation. The level of quality of work depends on it, the possibility of using a device for fastening materials of various types.
  • The torque correlates with the quality of processing: the higher it is, the more materials are allowed to work, the better the job will be done.

For domestic use, the device is quite sufficient for the possibility of driving screws into concrete, wood and brick, as well as drilling. serious work involves completely different, more complex functions. The range of processable materials that are not available to the household appliance is expanding.

  • Setting the speed control. This is an important indicator. Since the drill can rotate at different speeds, the ability to adjust it, for different types of work, with different materials, allows you to use the tool more efficiently and optimally.
  • Reverse. Not all models have this function. What is the reverse for? For example, during home repairs, a working drill suddenly jams. Pulling it out without damaging the material is extremely difficult. This is where the named function comes in handy, allowing you to engage reverse gear. At the same time, the drill can be easily removed without damaging either it or the material being processed.

Screwdriver: the tool of which company to prefer?

The various tools produced by them have long and well established themselves among users. Leaders among manufacturers of Makita, Bosch and Hitachi screwdrivers. Their models are designed for a long service life, they are comfortable and reliable. But the are appropriate.

You can purchase a simpler but high quality tool. This is, for example, the Skil screwdriver.

Screwdriver: operating rules

In order for the device to serve the owners faithfully for a long time, the operating rules should be followed.

After all, any manufacturer always supplies its product with detailed instructions, which are often ignored by the buyer. And in it, important for operation are noted network parameters that ensure uninterrupted operation, additional functions and capabilities of the device.

Of course, you can find out such details from the seller, but carefully read the instructions, as experience shows, it will be more reliable.

Such punctuality will allow the buyer to avoid many possible troubles associated with the operation of the device, up to its repair or damage, due to non-compliance with the basic provisions.

To extend the life of the device, you must follow the steps below:

It is easy and simple to mount the ceiling, hands do not get tired, since the network screw is lighter

  • Prevent liquid from entering the device: this is quite capable of damaging its motor. You can use the tool in the absence of high humidity, or with proper protection from it.
  • Before starting work, the device must be well adjusted, the mode must be selected and set correctly.
  • When the nature of the screwdriver’s work changes, the setting mode also changes. It is strictly forbidden to violate this important condition.
  • To change the attachment, the device must be disconnected from the mains. Such manipulations cannot be performed with a working device.
  • Working with a screwdriver requires the use of special protective gloves. Also, protective goggles or masks will not be superfluous.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver for your home?

19 March 2020, Th

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The screwdriver is one of the most demanded power tools. It is needed for minor repairs, furniture assembly and finishing work. It is an indispensable assistant for builders, carpenters, furniture makers and DIYers.

Manufacturers offer screwdrivers that differ in characteristics, capabilities and price. Such a variety interferes with the choice and introduces into a stupor novice masters. What to choose from dozens of suggested options? You will find the answer to the question in this article.

Which network screwdriver is better?

The choice of a screwdriver begins with an acquaintance with its characteristics. Knowing the scope of the tool, you can choose the right option wisely. What characteristics to pay attention to?

Quality and reliability. There is no point in a disposable tool, so we recommend buying a device with the maximum service life.

Classness. The tool is divided into 2 classes: household and professional. Professional is more powerful and more expensive. Household. easier and cheaper.

Power. The higher this indicator, the harder the material the screwdriver can handle. The power of household models does not exceed 550 W.

Torque. Measured in Newton meters, it characterizes the force exerted on the fasteners. The higher this figure, the longer the fastener can be tightened. For home use, 10-15 Nm is enough, for professional work you need a torque of up to 40 Nm.

Torque adjustment. The adjustment allows you to change the force exerted by the screwdriver on the fasteners. The higher the force (the number on the regulator), the deeper the screw will enter the material. For drilling, you need to switch the screwdriver to a mode specially designed for this work.

The presence of a reverse motion. Reverse tool is more convenient to work with. Previously, only professional models had this function, today almost all screwdrivers have it.

Ergonomic features. A good tool should be not only functional, but also convenient. Therefore, you need to pay attention to its weight, the shape of the handle, the presence of anti-vibration pads, the location of buttons and controls.

Chuck type. This indicator affects the speed of replacement of tips and the quality of their fixation.

There are several types of chucks for different purposes that can be installed on a screwdriver. The three most commonly used cartridges:

Keyless chuck. for tightening you do not need a special key that requires constant attention. This is one of the most reliable and durable chuck types.

Self-clamping chuck. fixed without a key. It does not require the use of muscle strength to tighten it. A slight turn of the movable coupling is sufficient. Needed by craftsmen who often change attachments.

Bit chuck. special chuck for bits. Such a product is usually used to install a bit and is used only for loosening (wrapping) threaded fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws, self-tapping screws, etc.).

Availability of additional functions. The simpler the instrument, the lower its price. Additional options add comfort but increase cost.

Additional options include:

  • key lock,
  • illumination of the working area,
  • drilling function,
  • the presence of anti-vibration pads,
  • length and material of the power cord.

By studying the characteristics and differences of models, you can weed out unnecessary functions.

TM Worcraft offers corded screwdrivers of various classes. Knowing the task and the dimensions of the fasteners, you can choose the best option. Worcraft ED-280 is enough for assembling furniture and small screws. For wider drilling applications, the Worcraft WED-650 is ideal.

Which screwdriver to choose

After you have read all the technical characteristics, the question arises, which screwdriver to choose.

Another rather interesting area where screwdrivers are used is fishing.

Often, winter fishing enthusiasts use a screwdriver to drill holes, which will significantly speed up the ice drilling process.

But which screwdriver for an ice screw to choose? Definitely, for an environment where there is no access to electrical outlets, you need to take a cordless tool.

It is also important to have a spare unit with you and that both batteries are kept warm when fishing, for example, under clothing. This will avoid excessive cooling and loss of capacity.

Which screwdriver to choose brush or brushless

The principle of operation, like the screwdriver itself, has not changed for many years. But, not so long ago, brushless models of screwdrivers appeared.

How to choose the right screwdriver

The screwdriver is one of the indispensable tools during any construction professional and household work. And before choosing a screwdriver, you need to carefully consider all the details of the purchase and weigh all the pros and cons, taking into account the key features of future tasks.

In this article:

  • Types of screwdrivers
  • How to choose a screwdriver for home
  • How to choose a screwdriver for the job
  • Which screwdriver to choose
  • How to choose a cordless screwdriver
    • How to choose a network screwdriver
    • Which screwdriver to choose brush or brushless
    • What power to choose a screwdriver
  • Which firm screwdriver to choose

How to choose a cordless screwdriver

Let’s start with how to choose a cordless screwdriver for home.

In cordless tools, the power source is a battery that is charged from an electrical outlet. A big plus of cordless tools is their mobility. You will not need to move your workplace closer to a power outlet or through an electrical extension cord to “pull energy” to the desired place.

You often ask how to choose the right cordless screwdriver and with which battery to choose a cordless screwdriver. It’s very simple, because one of the most important parameters in cordless screwdrivers is the battery capacity.

For example, the YATO YT-82788 two-speed cordless impact driver has a 2 Ah battery capacity (very good in its class). over, this screwdriver is charged in just 60 minutes. It is also worth noting that such a cordless screwdriver performs as many as three functions: drilling, hammer drilling and, of course, screwing.

Therefore, if you are still in doubt about choosing a screwdriver or impact drill, then this one tool can fulfill the functions of these two tools.

How to choose a screwdriver for home

So, which screwdriver to choose for the home, or rather, how to choose the right screwdriver for the home.

It should be noted that for domestic use of a screwdriver, some technical parameters are important, and for a professional one. more powerful and expensive.

At the same time, you do not need to choose the cheapest and weakest model for your home, since any intensive work for several hours can lead to burnout of electronics in versions with weak power. Therefore, it is difficult to answer which budget screwdriver to choose.

For example, how to choose a screwdriver for assembling furniture, so that it is easy to use even for a beginner. Firstly, it is important that the screwdriver is comfortable for you to hold in your hand and weighs a little.

In another case, how to choose a screwdriver for building a house. This requires a professional approach and a more powerful tool.

How to choose a network screwdriver

Compared to cordless tools, the cordless screwdriver is renowned for its much higher performance, as well as the fact that it can work without interruption.

But still, before choosing a good network screwdriver, you need to familiarize yourself with all its technical indicators.

If you are faced with a choice of which inexpensive cordless screwdriver is better to choose, then it is recommended to purchase a tool with at least average power and ergonomics.

Types of screwdrivers

Firstly, all screwdrivers are divided according to the power supply method into:

It’s very simple: the rechargeable battery weighs a little, charges quickly and does not “tie” you to an outlet.

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In addition to cordless screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers are no less popular. And then the question immediately arises, which network screwdriver is better to choose.

The mains powered tool is powered directly from the mains. Among the advantages of network tools, one can single out the fact that they will work as long as you need without recharging.

For example, customers often ask how to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home. We will answer this question in the next paragraph.

How to choose a screwdriver for the job

So, let’s start with what criteria to choose a screwdriver. Firstly, every craftsman wants to have a tool with which it will be convenient for him to work. As for screwdrivers, here one of the most important criteria that affect comfortable work is the weight of the tool. Since with a light screwdriver in your hand you get much less tired, therefore, this allows you to do a lot more work.

How to choose a good screwdriver and what parameters to pay attention to:

  • torque. Remember a very important thing, the higher the torque of the screwdriver, the more difficult work it can perform.
  • battery power. Power tools with a powerful battery are much tougher and last longer.
  • additional functions. No less important qualities of screwdrivers are the presence of additional functions that will give your screwdriver other roles. Additional functions often include: strike function, reverse, quick-release chuck, backlight and others.
  • dimensions and ergonomics of the tool. Before choosing a screwdriver, you need to hold the tool in your hands and try on its dimensions and weight for your hand.
  • equipment. It is very good when a second battery, charger, bag or case for storing and carrying it is included with the tool.


Before deciding which network screwdrivers to choose, it is necessary to note the characteristics of the torque. This is an indicator of how hard the bit acts on the fastener. As the speed decreases, the torque increases. These efforts are enough to screw in the self-tapping screw.

The ability to work with fasteners of different sizes depends on this parameter. The larger the fasteners, the more this indicator should be.

Functional features of the tool

The screwdriver is a multifunctional tool. Its ease of use lies in the fact that to perform various kinds of tasks, you need to change the nozzle on the cartridge. Before choosing a network screwdriver for the home, you need to pay attention to the list of operations that can be performed using this tool:

  • Tightening / unscrewing fasteners. These can be screws and self-tapping screws with a Phillips or hexagonal slot.
  • Drilling. Depending on the type of surface and its thickness, select a suitable drill or bit.


If you need to purchase a cordless screwdriver, how to choose it according to properties such as power?

Most household models have a power rating of up to 900 watts. If you plan to use the tool from time to time, to unscrew the screws, then a screwdriver with a power of up to 500 W will be quite enough. High power in this case can only do much harm.

In cases where the volume of work is large: repair, assembly / disassembly of furniture, car repair, then the unit must be more powerful. And here, the best choice is an instrument up to 850 W.

Above the indicated indicators, the tool already belongs to the professional class. They are designed for intensive work with tasks of different difficulty levels.

How To Choose A Cordless Drill or Impact Driver – Ace Hardware

Therefore, you yourself need to decide which network electric screwdriver is better.

Network screwdrivers: which is better and how to choose

The screwdriver is a multifunctional tool that is actively used not only for working with fasteners, but also for performing such work as drilling holes.

The quality and speed of construction work depends on the correctly selected tool: a drill, a screwdriver, a hammer drill. For ease of use, you can pay attention to the power drill-screwdriver. But which is the best of them and what needs to be considered when choosing such a tool?

Rechargeable batteries. Views

The type of screwdriver battery depends on the intensity of the use of the tool, its service life and the safety of use. Distinguish between rechargeable batteries:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are quite common, withstand up to 3000 charge cycles, are lightweight and environmentally friendly. There are difficulties when working in cold air, they must not be completely discharged.
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries are rated for 2000 charging cycles. The battery must not be completely discharged. At the same time, they must be stored in a discharged state.
  • NiMH batteries are rated for 1500 charge cycles. They require special charging conditions.

Rotational speed

Olya household screwdrivers, it is within 800 rpm. Some models have speed regulation. This can be done either by pressing the start button or using a toggle switch. It all depends on the equipment of the screwdriver.

If it is necessary to use a drill for its intended purpose, the rotation speed determines the quality of the work performed.

Electric drills have double speed. To use the tool as a screwdriver, the speed is set to 300 rpm. For drilling operations. up to 1300 rpm, depending on the model and class of the tool.

Tool classification

Any tools are subdivided into classes, depending on the technical characteristics and field of application. In total, 2 main classes are distinguished: professional tools and for household needs.

  • Professional screwdrivers are designed for a large amount of work. They are equipped with a powerful engine that can cope with any task. Most often, they are a universal tool that combines the functions of a drill, screwdriver, perforator.
  • Household tool. Scope. for performing simple work around the house, in the country or in a personal plot. Engine power does not exceed 1200 rpm.

Before choosing a cordless screwdriver, you need to decide what exactly you need a tool for home use or do you plan to use as source of making money.

You also need to pay attention to this point: whether the tool works from a mains cable, or from a battery. Let’s highlight the advantages and disadvantages of such models.

Electric screwdriver has more power, less weight, more convenient to use.

Battery products have the advantage of being more mobile. They can be used outdoors and in conditions where the power supply cannot be connected. The rechargeable battery requires constant recharging, especially if the tool is used intensively enough. Many manufacturers have foreseen this fact and offer their customers models with a spare battery. Its advantage is that you can continue your workflow without long interruptions. This significantly speeds up the execution of work. When choosing a screwdriver of such a model, you need to pay attention to the type of battery.

Network screwdrivers

Electric tools provide greater productivity and work continuity. It is worth paying attention to them before choosing a network drill-driver for home.

The main characteristics that matter when choosing such a tool:

  • Engine power. The main indicator of the productivity and efficiency of the workflow.
  • Torque.
  • Rotation speed, the possibility of its adjustment.
  • Reversible mechanism. Allows you to effortlessly remove the bit or drill from the chuck.
  • Ergonomic qualities. Responsible for the ease of use of the tool. Here you can note the weight, shape, ease of grip of the handle.