How to choose a grass mower

There’s grass in the yard: how to choose a lawn mower?

A neat lawn. the result of a lot of work. Oddly enough, for the grass to grow well and thickly, with it you need to lead an eternal struggle. We tell you how to choose a lawn mower, a reliable and handy tool for lawn care.

A wheel mower or a grass trimmer. the choice depends, first of all, on who and what will mow. Let’s say right away that in order to maintain a tennis court, soccer field or lawn for golf need a professional or at least semi-professional mower, and we will talk about domestic. And one more thing: you want smooth “English” lawns. choose a wheeled mower, as grass trimmer does not allow you to adjust the height of cutting the grass and does not give you a perfectly flat surface.

A grass trimmer for the lawn

Lawn trimmers are not for wimps. After all, the user will have to carry a 5-7-kilogram machine mounted on straps, or hold (and actively wield) a 3-kilogram device.

Trimmers have an obvious advantage over wheeled lawnmowers: they can mow grass of any height. even up to the waist, while wheeled lawnmowers are more suitable for regular maintenance of the site: if the grass has overgrown a certain height, the “cart” can not cope. In addition, the grass trimmer is always maneuverability and the ability to carefully bypass obstacles: bushes, trees, flowers, garden décor. trimmer for grass. if the power allows. cuts young growth of bushes and weeds, and in addition, he does not need to adapt to the difficult terrain.


The weight should not be more than 35 kg, the optimal weight is 30-32 kg. The garden will be in any case with trees or bushes and they will have to be mowed. And it will be necessary to turn the mower. Even if your center of gravity is shifted backward and the mower easily gets up on the rear wheels, but after 10-15 exercises you will understand that you should have trusted the large mowing width (for example 52-55 kg) and got 5-8 kg for nothing.

If you have to walk between bushes, which grow under trees or low branches in the bushes, all your movements will be back and forth and the line for the trimmer in front of the front part of the deck will be uncut in any case. which is not good.


Don’t take less than 65 liters. The grass catcher box gets clogged every 70-80 m if you cut more than 10 cm. And it’s a lot of fun to shake it out. Especially if the design is full of obstacles as in this photo. the stiffener is built right above the grass catcher box

choose, grass, mower

Here’s the video itself

As a result, shaking it out every 5 minutes, you’ll think. Why didn’t I buy a grass catcher box 20% bigger?

Below, at the end of the page I showed a video showing how to mow correctly so you don’t have to empty the bag every 20 seconds and the output doesn’t decrease. Read smoothly to the bottom and you will understand everything.

Comparing gasoline and electric mowers

Criterion #1. Power and noise level

Gasoline lawnmowers are much more powerful than electric lawnmowers. The latter are powered from the network, which means that the manufacturers can not install too powerful electric motors, otherwise the 220W network will not withstand the voltage. It’s true, some models have an extra rechargeable battery, but it will run for up to 2 hours.

But the weaker the engine, the quieter it is. Mowing your lawn with a gasoline-powered machine, you will feel the roar of the engine. That’s why the most powerful ride-on mowers come with headphones.

You have to wear earphones to protect your hearing from the noise

By the way, the maximum power in gasoline models can cause damage to the machine. Imagine you’re mowing a patch with a medium-powered mower, and a pebble or bone accidentally falls under the blade, brought by a dog. How the engine reacts? Stops! They take out the stone and quietly go on mowing. If the same object happens to fall under a powerful petrol lawnmower, the “horsepower” is enough to move the jammed knives further. As a result. the cutting mechanism finally curves, causes deformation of the shaft and breaks the bushings. This thing “smells” of overhaul!

For country needs quite enough gasoline motor with 6-7 “horse”, so before you choose a gasoline lawnmower, a higher power, think about whether you do not have on site, “pitfalls” that will provoke similar failures.

When choosing a lawn mower do not go for high-powered motors, because they take a lot of gasoline and are hard to control

Criterion #2. Performance

Performance, of course, is tied to power. Large and medium-sized areas are easier to mow with gasoline models, because they can work for a long time without stopping. An electric motor can’t take that kind of pace. They are operated for about 15 minutes at a time and then given a rest to avoid overheating the mechanism. Т.е. That’s good enough for the front lawn, but not for mowing 10 acres. In addition, before choosing an electric lawn mower, consider the distance from the site to the power source. The standard length of the machine’s cord is no more than 20 meters. And if you need to mow within 50 m. If it is unplugged from the outlet, you have to buy more than 30 meters of extension cord. Good cable automatics the cost of the mower itself = the price of a medium-powered gasoline model. So is it worth “tying yourself” to a corded machine when you can buy a “free, untethered horse” for that price.

The electric mower is tethered to the mains, so it requires additional cable on large plots

choose, grass, mower

Criterion #3 is maintenance

But in terms of maintenance, electric models are much easier. They do not require constant monitoring the level of oil and gasoline, so people who do not understand the intricacies of filling liquids in motors, it is better to buy an electric version.

Criterion #4. safety level

If to analyze, what is worth choosing a lawn mower on the level of safety, then both options have their disadvantages. For example, gasoline models are not happy with the amount of exhaust gases that somehow the mower has to inhale, especially when working small areas. The electric machines have no harmful emissions, but they cannot be used in wet weather. In addition, if handled carelessly, there are cases when the cutting part of the mower run into the cable and cut it, which can be dangerous. Nevertheless, if according to the instructions to mow only with rubber boots, it is more comfortable to work with an electric mower.

Criterion #5. weight of the machine

When choosing a gasoline lawnmower, consider who will have to work with it. Due to the powerful motor, this unit has a significant weight, and it is harder to manage than the electric version. The load on the hands is great, which means that women, teenagers and the elderly will find it difficult to work with such a technique. Electric models are more maneuverable, easier to control and go flatter. All you need to do is to point the cart in the desired direction.

What to look for when buying a specific model?

If you have already decided which lawnmower to give preference. gasoline or electric, pay attention when buying the individual nuances that apply to both types of units.

choose, grass, mower

The presence and quality of the grass catcher box

Many models have a grass catcher box that collects the cuttings from the blades of grass. The advantage of such a device is that you don’t have to rake the grass after mowing, but you periodically have to stop working to clean the full bag.

Soft grass catchers make it easier to control the level of grass

The grass catchers are available in two versions: soft (made of mesh) and hard (made of plastic). In the soft ones it is easier to control the level: as soon as the bag stopped inflating when air is pumped, it means it is already full. That’s no way to test a plastic container. But when mowing wet grass, the second option is definitely more convenient, because the wet grass will stick to the grid walls and clog it so much that after work you have to wash the bag, and even vacuum it.

Mulching function

Some lawnmowers have a device that finely chops everything that gets inside, and throws it as mulch for lawn fertilizer. Seems like a useful addition, but! A good mulch is only made when absolutely dry, soft grass is mown. If you mow a wet lawn, the mulch material will bunch up. Clumps scattered on the lawn clog the roots of grass and do not allow it to grow normally. You could end up with “bald spots” on your lawn. In addition, excessive mulch also causes a build-up of felt which gradually rises higher and higher and prevents grass from growing. You’ll have to rake over your entire lawn to comb out the excess.

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The mulching function is only good for those owners who don’t care about the quality of their lawn. It saves them the trouble of having to take the grass clippings somewhere else.

Side discharge of grass

This is a useful feature for places where you want to cut the grass by the side of the road.

Front-drive or rear-drive models (for petrol lawnmowers)

There are two types of drive on gasoline-powered machines. The front one is easier to control. With this technique, you can turn right on the spot, without turning off the motor. But when the grass catcher box is full, or the grass is heavy (wet, tall), you will have to constantly push the mower to keep it moving. Rear-wheel-drive models have virtually no slip, but to turn them around, the drive lever must be disengaged.

Front-drive mowers are more maneuverable, but can slip when the bag is full

Height adjustment for cutting the grass

If you have to deal with different areas, then this feature is convenient, especially that the adjustment does not spend more than 3 minutes. In the event that the technique will constantly mow the same area, usually set the same height, which means there is no point in overpaying for a regulator.

No two opinions are the same about what the best lawn mowers look like. Any model can be a great helper in the economy, if it is chosen with the above tips, not only on the brand and price.

Types of lawn mowers

Lawn mowers on the market can be divided into five basic types:

To decide which mower to choose for the country house, or for professional lawn mowing, first read about the characteristic advantages and disadvantages for each type of mower:

Used most often on relatively small plots. The reason is obvious. the range of the electric lawnmower is limited by the length of the mains cord. It’s not very pleasant to drag a long tail, and even make sure that the blades of the mower does not damage it. Nevertheless, electric mowers are convenient for working in the yard, where there is always the possibility of connection

Advantages of electric lawn mowers:

  • Quiet. Not that an electric mower is completely silent, but it is definitely not in favour of a petrol mower. The maximum recorded noise of an electric lawnmower is barely 50 dB, while gasoline mowers produce 90.
  • Economical. No fuel, no oil, no spark plugs. Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline.
  • Eco-friendliness. No exhaust emissions.
  • Price. The most expensive electric mower will cost you roughly 5 times less than a similar lawn mower with petrol power.
  • Low weight. The units are much easier to transport.
  • Unpretentiousness. Electric mowers require very little maintenance. No more inspections or repairs to the piston system. And if you have to rewind a burnt-out electric motor, it’s a lot cheaper than fixing an internal combustion engine.

Disadvantages of electric lawnmowers:

  • Dependence on the mains. As mentioned before, you can’t go farther away from the outlet than the cord length allows. Or you will be forced to use extension cords, which also does not add convenience to the process of work. But it’s not just the length of the power cord that limits the area you can mow.
  • Low power. The electric motors on these lawnmowers are much weaker than internal combustion engines. Approximate operating power range of these motors 900-2000 watts. They tend to overheat, so you have to stop regularly to let the motor cool down. Prolonged overheating can lead to serious malfunction. However, most modern models are equipped with a special temperature sensor that will not allow you to bring the motor to dangerous levels of overheating.

Probably the most popular lawn mowers. Almost all professional mowers belong to this group. As a rule, gasoline mowers are used on plots of more than three acres, but they are also used on smaller areas, in case there is no possibility to connect to the electricity grid. If you are wondering how to choose a gasoline lawnmower, read about the disadvantages and advantages inherent in this type:

  • Autonomy. Independent of external power sources.
  • Power. Gasoline models cope with much more difficult areas than electric ones.
  • Working session duration. Engine does not need to be stopped for cooling. The duration of the work session is limited only by the volume of the fuel tank.
  • Maneuverability. Due to the lack of power cord, gasoline lawnmowers are actively used on landscapes with complex design (alpine mounds, trees, shrubs).
  • Low environmental friendliness. The most obvious and serious disadvantage. Exhaust fumes, which are an integral part of the internal combustion engine, can make you uncomfortable.
  • Noise. Again, a petrol engine is noisy at over 90dB.
  • fastidiousness in maintenance. The internal combustion engine requires regular maintenance, you will have to spend money on fuel and lubricants and periodically change the spark plugs.
  • The heavy weight, making these mowers uncomfortable to transport.

When choosing a gasoline lawnmower, pay attention to the engine power.

The engines of 2 kW are used for household models.3-5 л. с. With an approximate displacement of 110-190 cm³. These models are usually used for plots of not more than 8 acres. For such an engine, a service life of about 700 hours is usually indicated. This means that it must be regularly serviced after seven hundred hours of operation.

Semi-professional lawnmowers are equipped with 5-7 liters engines. с. with a working volume of 160-200 cm³. Such a machine will allow you to work an area from 5 to 20 acres. Its power reserve reaches 1200 hours.

And finally, professional lawn mowers are equipped with an engine with power from 7 horses. At that the engine volume is more than 200 cm³ as a rule, and the motor service life reaches 2500 hours and more. Such devices are used not only by public utilities, but also by private persons wishing to buy a lawn mower with a good reliability margin. In addition to the powerful engine, such models are characterized by extended functionality. Most often they carry on board additional trimmers for grass, devices for mulching, etc. п.

Among gasoline lawnmowers, the so-called riders stand out.

In short, the rider. a lawnmower, which is equipped with a saddle, steering wheel and pedals. Thus, it does not need to be pushed, it does not even need to be followed. Rider itself drives you, mowing the grass at the same time.

In addition to mowing the grass, the rider can perform a number of functions. Some models allow you to attach snow removal attachments to the front instead of the mowing deck. In addition, there is an attachment at the back, to which you can also attach attachments (seed drill, plough, small cargo trailer, etc.). п.).

It should be noted right away that riders can be not only petrol-powered. There are some battery-powered riders, but they are still pretty rare and not very popular.

Lawn mower selection criteria

Here we will look at the individual elements of lawnmowers that are or can be found in both gasoline-powered and electric-powered devices.

Lawn mower bodies and decks

Sometimes these two notions are mixed up, but the body and the deck are different elements of design.

Deck is called the load-bearing part of the structure, the frame on which all the other nodes and blocks are fixed. The body usually covers the top of the lawnmower, covering the mechanisms from external influences.

The following materials are used to manufacture the deck and body:

  • Plastic is the most budget-friendly option. Not subject to corrosion, but very susceptible to mechanical influences and temperature fluctuations;
  • Shock-resistant ABS plastic. withstands shocks, is quite resistant to abrasion. Even a few deep scratches will not affect the work of the unit;
  • Steel. sturdy, reliable, not very expensive. But it has a big weight and if you damage the anti-corrosion coating it can be battered by rust.
  • Aluminum is the most practical, but also the most expensive option. Lightweight, non-corrosive, durable. Professional models are most often mounted on aluminum decks.

Lawnmower wheels

It is preferable to choose a lawnmower with a larger diameter and width of the wheels, as well as with a rather rough tread pattern. This provides easier operation and passability on difficult terrains, in addition, large wheels are less traumatic to the lawn and soil.

There is also a distinction between wheels mounted on bearings, or sliding sleeves. The former is more expensive, but more durable, reliable and economical due to the lack of friction.

Lawnmower drive

A distinction is made between non-propelled and self-propelled lawnmowers.

In non-self-propelled lawnmowers, all the power of the power unit is spent on rotation of the cutting mechanism, and the movement is performed by the user’s muscular power. In other words, you have to push the mower yourself. This option is more suitable for flat areas.

Self-propelled mowers drive themselves, you just have to push. Among self-propelled, there are mowers with front, rear or all-wheel drive. Each option has its own advantages:

Lawn mower grass catchers, mulching function

If the grass catcher bag is not used, the cut grass can be thrown to the back or to the side. Some models allow the use of both, and the so-called mulching function may be available in them.

Mulching is the grinding of grass cuttings into a fine dust, for subsequent use as an organic fertilizer. It is recommended to leave mulch grass on the lawn from time to time, it has a beneficial effect on its condition. However, do not get carried away. Specialists advise to fertilise lawns with mulched grass not more than once a week, otherwise it does not have time to decompose and blocks the growing grass access to sunlight.

As you have probably already realized, there is no universal recipe for every user. The choice depends entirely on the characteristics of your site, your preferences and budget.

What is the difference between self-propelled and non-propelled lawnmowers?

A non-mower does not have a drive system and wheels. So moving it requires a certain amount of effort. Generally, these models are lightweight (up to 20 kg) and low-powered. Used for mowing grass in areas not exceeding 800 sq. ft. м. Ideal for country houses.

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With a self-propelled mower, the blades and wheels are powered by a powerful motor. No effort is needed to mow the grass, you just have to guide the machine. Some self-propelled models have an independent blade and engine shutdown. Such mower comes in handy on difficult terrain. If you have to traverse paths with gravel, this is the best choice.

Self-propelled lawnmowers come in front-drive, rear-drive and four-wheel drive versions.

Front-drive mowers are more manoeuvrable. Choosing a self-propelled mower, pay attention to the diameter of the wheels, the larger it is, the easier it will be to move the mower on the site. It is also worth asking about the availability of spare wheels, and whether they are sold separately.

Features of the electric lawnmower

Electric lawnmowers are not very powerful, because the electric network of high power will not withstand. But the noise level is also noticeably lower than that of petrol mowers.

Low weight allows for greater maneuverability, and women and the elderly can work with such a device, which cannot be said about a gasoline-powered unit.

Even cutting of the grass is achieved thanks to the fixed blade position. Plastic and metal housings are available. plastic housings are not subject to erosion, and metal housings have a longer service life. Not suitable for wet and too tough grass. During operation, the mower can run over a cable, and this is very dangerous. To make mowing safe, rubber boots should be worn and the cable should be in a contrasting color.

They are good for small gardens, mowing near administrative buildings, stores and banks. After each time you mow, wipe down machine parts with a rag. Do not let moisture get inside the body. Sharpen knives before each season.

Note the power capacity of the model and the electrical wiring on the site. It should be twice as high as the mower. When buying, consider the remoteness of the power source, the farther away it is, the weaker the power will be.

Mechanical lawnmowers

They are powered by human power. They consist of a housing on wheels with cutting blades inside. There are two kinds of lawn mowers: spindle mowers and hand lawn mowers. the first ones have spindle blades that are driven by the energy transmitted by the spinning wheels as the mower moves. Spindle mowers can be contact (blades cross over each other) and non-contact (there is a gap between the cutting elements). All of them cut the grass as they move toward the blade.Older users note that spindle mowers are worse for mowing the lawn: the same places need to be passed several times.Hand lawn mowers have a rotating cylinder with blades attached. This mower has adjustment elements, the grass is cut cleaner, and a manual mower is considered more durable than a spindle mower.

The advantages of all types of mechanical lawn mowers:

  • autonomy. no need for wires, fuel, etc.д. The mower is always ready for use;
  • easy operation. will go for years and repairs are simple. Requires minimal maintenance;
  • Quiet. The lack of an engine makes mowing quiet and unobtrusive;
  • Environmentally friendly. no emissions.


  • they are effective only for small lawns;
  • not suitable for uneven, hilly terrain;
  • Cutting quality is lower than on mowers with engines.

Electric lawnmowers

The cutting elements are driven by an electric motor. For convenience, 4 wheels and a handle with control elements are attached to the housing. Electric mower pushes forward, and the knife (or several) cuts the grass evenly. Depending on the model, the unit can be powered from both the network and the battery. Ideal for small lawns.

Advantages of electric mowers:

  • Relatively low price. gasoline models usually cost more;
  • Easy to operate. turn it on and push evenly forwards. Due to the low weight of the device you will not have to exert much effort;
  • Good quality mowing, good performance.

Disadvantages of electric mowers:

  • the range of the area is limited by the length of the electric cord. May have to use extension cords, which is not always safe. The presence of a battery does not solve the problem much. On batteries, this unit works for 15-30 minutes and then takes a long time to charge;
  • Not suitable for tall grass and neglected areas;
  • It is not recommended to mow wet grass because of the risk of electric shock.

Table ranking the best lawn mowers, current for 2021

The table below shows the top 15 models of lawn mowers:

There are several criteria for choosing the best lawn mower. But in order to choose a mower, you must first understand the fundamental differences of this device from similar devices. Often site owners do not see significant differences between these techniques, which threatens to make mistakes when choosing.

  • Lawn mower. this is a fairly powerful garden equipment for mowing grass, plants and perform other functions on flat terrain, which moves on wheels.
  • Grass trimmer. low-powered handheld device. Consists of cutting elements, rods, and a motor. Usually used for processing relatively small areas and those where the mower did not pass.
  • Lawn mower. more powerful and reliable trimmer options for grass. Used for tall grass and on uneven ground. If it is not possible to use a mower, a brushcutter can be used as a basic tool, but it is not suitable for grass.

Once you are sure you need a mower, it’s time to start looking at your lawn mower selection criteria. They differ depending on whether you plan to buy a mechanical, electric or gasoline mower.

Criteria for choosing an electric lawn mower

Electric mowers have a 0.4 to 6 kW electric motor that drives the cutting element. This element can be a cylindrical blade (drum type) or a vane blade (rotor type). With these devices you can cut grass from 32 to 43 cm wide at a time, and their cutting height can be adjusted from 1 to 10 cm.

  • Working from the socket. They are environmentally friendly, do not require purchase of fuel and lubricants, have low noise level (80dB).
  • Rechargeable. They have the same advantages as the devices above. An additional plus is the increased mobility.

The shredded grass can be discharged on the sides, behind, sent to the collector or mulched (the shredded grass falls down to the soil and turns into fertilizer).

  • Engine power. Choose a parameter, depending on the features of the terrain of the area to be improved. For thick and coarse grass, more power is needed. For fine grass. smaller.
  • Adjustable cutting height. It can have from 2 to more than 50 fixed height settings, but usually it is between 2 and 10. If accuracy is important, buy a device with central adjustment function.
  • How to throw the grass. The most common type is rear discharge. When mowing grass on the side of the road, the most convenient way is to dump it sideways. Many models are also equipped with a grass catcher box (can be soft, hard and combined), and the most powerful weeders have a mulching function. they can throw grass in different ways and are labeled “3 in 1”.
  • Self-propelled. Electric lawnmowers can work independently (it only needs to be started) or with the help of a person. Usually, self-propelled in this case does not matter much, as electric lawnmowers are lightweight, so they are not difficult to manage, even if the model is not self-propelled.
  • Folding handle. Mowers can be easily loaded into the trunk of the car, easy to transport and store.

Criteria for choosing mechanical mowers

Mechanical (aka hand-held) lawnmowers have no engine. The cutting element is a cylindrical blade that is driven by wheels. The operator pushes the mower, the wheels turn, the blade turns and the lawn is cut.

Criteria for choosing a mechanical lawn mower:

  • Mowing width. For open lawns without any obstacles a wide mower is the right choice. If the lawn is surrounded by trees and other obstacles, a narrower model is needed.
  • Length of cutting segment. The productivity of the equipment increases with the length of the mower.
  • Height adjustment. Pay attention to the height of your lawn when buying. The more height levels, the more versatile the mower. There are lawn mowers with 8 or more levels.
  • How the grass is thrown. Here everything is similar to the electric type of mowers. There is a throwing back, sideways, equipped with grass catchers.
  • The weight of the mower. The heavier it is, the more solidly built it is. Lightness is convenient, but sometimes it is achieved at the expense of the overall performance of the device and its quality.

Lawn mower selection criteria

this type of equipment has a gasoline engine with power from 1 to 6 horse powers, due to which the blade rotates.

With a gasoline mower, you can cut grass from 42 to 87 cm wide at a time, and the cutting height can be adjusted from 2 to 11 cm. Grass cuttings can also be thrown from behind, to the side, into the grass catcher box, or mulched.

Self-propelled models are equipped with a wheel drive and are available:

  • Engine power. The same as with electric mowers. the more powerful ones are better for cutting hard grass and thick stems.
  • Engine start method. Most models are equipped with a cable ignition drive (it is necessary to pull the special cord), but there are also those that are wound up with a key.

Here is a description and characteristics of products from the previously made rating. These models are the best of their kind and cost less than other top-of-the-line mowers.

1 Makita ELM3320

Electric lawn mower. Ergonomic, maneuverable and productive. Mowing along the fence is possible with this model. Side guides on the deck turn the grass toward the cutting disc.

  • warranty period. 1 year;
  • Manufacturer. Makita;
  • the birthplace of the brand. Japan;
  • application. domestic;
  • cutting width. 33 cm;
  • body. plastic;
  • power. 1200 W;
  • adjustment. central;
  • type of operation. non-self-propelled;
  • Grass catcher capacity. 30 liters;
  • type of mowing. 2 in 1 (grass collector and rear discharge);
  • The grass catcher box is a combo (soft underneath, hard top);
  • The grass after mowing is min. 20 mm, max. 55 mm;
  • weight. 10.2 kg;
  • approximate price. 7 500
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The lawnmower from the world-renowned manufacturer of quality tools. This financially affordable model for small plots (up to 400 sq. м). Makita ELM3320 is lightweight, compact, reliable and easy to maintain.

Makita ELM 3720, which is mentioned below in the rating, differs from the Makita ELM3320 in that the ELM 3720 has a larger mowing width, bag volume and motor power. But Makita ELM3320 is also a worthy mower, that is why it is included in the top lawnmower.

A good model. Users appreciated the quality of materials, low noise and compact size of the Makita ELM3320.

2 Champion EM3313

Electric lawn mower designed for small countryside plots up to 500 sq.м. Mower blade is able to provide increased airflow. Cooled motor protects against water and dust. Folding handle makes it easy to transport and store.

Low power models for small gardens and lawns. With this lawnmower, you can easily care for your lawn up to 4 acres. For larger areas see the models above 1500 W in the ranking below.

GARDENA PowerMax 1400/34

  • wheeled mower
  • electric motor (1400 W) with mains cable
  • Mowing width / height: 34 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Mowing area: 400 m²
  • Grass ejection into rigid grass catcher box. back
  • weight: 9.7 kg
  • Noise level 79 dB

First on the list, not the most powerful mower with electric motor and plastic housing to reduce weight. The small deck with a 34 cm working width raises 20-60 mm above the wheels via a central mechanism. Comfortable ErgoTec Plus handles with antivibration coating make lawn care easy and pleasant. With this handle is easier to control the mower than with conventional handles. A 40-liter grass catcher box extends run time, but it also adds weight to the unit, reducing maneuverability. Side blades mow grass along curbs.

  • a breathable plastic grass case;
  • 5 blade heights;
  • folding handle ErgoTec Plus;
  • belt-driven torque transfer.

AL-KO Comfort 40 E

  • wheeled lawnmower
  • electric motor (1400 W) with mains cable
  • cutting width / height: 40 cm / 28-68 mm
  • Mowing area: 600 m²
  • Grass discharge into rigid grass catcher box. back

The second smallest mower in the rating, the plastic mower for the garden and courtyard. The handle has adjustable height and tilt for height-adaptation of any operator. 43 liter grass catcher box for long working hours without emptying. Openings let moist air in, preventing the formation of air s. Wide wheels do not leave ruts on the lawn. Designed for mowing up to 6 hectares. Large wheels do not leave tracks on the lawn. deck construction enables mowing right up to kerbs and buildings. Lawnmower is good, but expensive. Would have ranked first for under 1500 watts, but second because of price.

  • wide wheels;
  • adjustable cutting height;
  • roomy grass catcher box;
  • cable fixing;
  • folding handle with tilt and height adjuster.


  • wheeled mower
  • Electric motor (1300 W) from mains cable
  • Mowing width / height: 33 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Grass ejection into soft grass catcher box. back
  • mulching

Electric lawn mower for country houses and estate maintenance up to 6 acres with many trees, bushes and flowerbeds. 33 cm working width allows you to maneuver between plantings. Weighing just 9 kg, it is handled by any member of the family, especially the travel speed can be adjusted to suit the operator. The machine is suitable for any kind of lawn. the mowing height is adjustable from 20-60 mm in 10 mm steps. EasyEdge option helps get rid of grass along fences and buildings. mulching function shreds the grass for fertilisation or composting.

  • blades for cutting along the fence;
  • Height-adjustable handle for the operator;
  • 5-position adjustable cutting height;
  • 35 litre combined grass catcher box.

Champion EM3313

  • wheeled (non-self-propelled)
  • electric motor (1300 W) with mains cable
  • cutting height/width: 33 cm / 25-65 mm
  • Grass discharge into soft grass catcher box. backward
  • weight: 8.8 kg

Low power country lawn mower for cutting young grass on a few acres. Perfectly suited to lawns with many flower, tree and bush growth. the working width makes it manoeuvrable and easy to pass in narrow places. Grass is collected in a combined 35 L container with breathable fabric, side discharge or mulching is not supported. Cutting height is adjustable by cranks on each wheel axle between 25-65 mm. The cord is securely fastened with a staple.

  • low weight;
  • Belt-driven power transmission to the blade drive;
  • adjustable handle;
  • maneuverability;
  • Makes a bad job with thick and tall grass.

GARDENA PowerMax 1100/32

  • wheeled mower
  • electric motor (1100 W) with mains cable
  • Mowing width / height: 32 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Mowing area: 300 m²
  • Grass discharge into rigid grass catcher box. back

Good and inexpensive lawn mower for small areas up to 3 acres with more or less flat terrain. With 1.1 kW power, it has proven itself only for cutting thin young stems no higher than 15-18 cm. With a cutting width of 32 cm, it is ideal for manoeuvring between bushes and flowerbeds. The cutting height is adjustable in three stages: 20, 40 and 60 mm. Large handle allows you to carry the unit and folds to minimize size.

  • Three-step height adjustment in 20 mm increments;
  • Small size and weight;
  • only works on soft, low plants;
  • anti-vibration grip on handles.

Rated 1500 to 2000 Watts electric lawn mowers

Medium power devices are suitable for plots with an uneven surface from 5-6 acres. Handles tall and stiff stands; many also support mulching.

GARDENA PowerMax 1800/42

  • wheeled mower
  • electric motor (1800 watts) with mains cable
  • Mowing width / height: 42 cm / 20-60 mm
  • Mowing area: 800 m²
  • Grass discharge into rigid grass catcher box. back
  • mulching
  • weight: 14.3 kg

The lawn mower is an electric rotary mower for a 7 to 15 acres plot with a rough surface. large wheels take care of the bumps. Low weight thanks to plastic construction allows teenagers and women to work. Height and position adjuster adjusts to suit the height of any operator. Robust plastic bag can hold up to 45 litres of grass. Wide wheels made of impact-resistant polymer do not leave streaks on the lawn. The metal handle made of pleasant plastic does not cause discomfort. it is not cold, does not transmit vibrations. Height adjustable handle. There are 5 cutting heights.

  • Large grass catcher box;
  • Folding handle for storage;
  • The wheels won’t tear up the lawn;
  • powerful enough to cut high vegetation.


  • wheeled mower
  • Electric motor (2000 watts) from the mains cable
  • Mowing width / height: 48 cm / 38-100 mm
  • cutting area: 800 m²
  • Grass in the soft grass catcher box. back

Our second lawn mower of the top category is the powerful 2 kW electric lawn mower. Efficiently tackles all types of grass in three modes: mowing and collecting in a container, mowing with turf discharge, and shredding with mulching. 7-position height adjustment of the cutting height adapts the look of the lawn to any landscape design. EdgeMax system grabs grass from the side, eliminating the need for a grass trimmer. Launch bar makes it easy to operate the lawnmower with one hand.

  • folding handle for space saving;
  • central lever to adjust the cutting height;
  • body handles for carrying;
  • Three grass control modes.


  • lawnmower on wheels
  • electric motor (1800 W) powered by mains cable
  • Mowing width/height: 32 cm/20-60 mm
  • Grass discharge into the rigid grass catcher box, backwards
  • weight 7,5 kg
  • housing material impact-resistant plastic

The powerful electric Kruger lawnmower is easy to operate, easy to maintain and low-noise. The 50 litre capacity hard plastic grass catcher box does not require frequent cleaning. Compact size and light weight make it easy to carry the tool from place to place and maneuver between trees and bushes. Ergonomic handle can be adjusted to the operator’s height. Special handle coating smoothes vibrations, so the operator’s hands will not get tired even with prolonged use of the electric mower Kruger. Also the manufacturer has a model for 1900 W, which costs a little more, but has better characteristics. For example, it has a moisture-resistant induction motor. information about the mower can be found on the brand website.

  • Large and robust plastic grass catcher box;
  • three-level mowing;
  • reasonable ;
  • ingenious design.

Makita ELM4121

  • wheeled mower
  • electric motor (1600 W) with mains cable
  • cutting width / height: 41 cm / 20-75 mm
  • Grass discharge into soft grass catcher box. back
  • weight: 19.5 kg

Powerful lawn mower, can mow about 6 acres of lawn. Quick-release combination grass catcher box lets moisture out and is easy to clean. Overfill indicator tells you when the bin is full. The rear heavy-duty wheels with a wide tread take most of the weight and do not crush the lawn. Small front wheels make the machine very maneuverable. Belt drive prevents motor breakage if blade jams. Stainless steel housing, which makes the mower reliable.

It’s clear from the reviews that it’s a good machine for lawn care, the main thing is to use it as intended, and not to be surprised that it’s impossible to mow weeds or virgin land. Burrows must be cleared with trimmer first.

  • Vibration damping neoprene padding;
  • safety start function;
  • folding handle;
  • motor protection in case of stuck blade.


  • wheeled (non-self-propelled)
  • electric motor (1600 W) powered by mains cable
  • Mowing width / height: 35 cm / 25-65 mm
  • Mowing area: 500 m²
  • Throw grass in a hard grass catcher. back

Lawn mower with unique PCG technical solution, which guarantees up to 99% of the mowed grass. It lies in the special shape of the blade and its aerodynamics. air currents direct the cut stalks into the container. The central lever sets the desired cutting height of the vegetation in a couple of seconds in the range of 25-65 mm. Handle on the body makes it easy to carry, and a folding handle makes it easy to transport to the cottage and store. Cable holder will prevent pulling the plug out of the extension cord socket. Wide wheels do not damage the lawn surface.