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Top 10 best lines for trimmers: pros and cons, reviews

Grass trimmer. one of the most important and necessary things for every amateur gardener. It helps to maintain the site in a neat appearance. There are different types of devices on the market, but on which to stop your choice? The article will tell you how to choose the best fishing line for grass trimmer to quickly and qualitatively mow the grass, its features, proven manufacturers, the advantages and disadvantages of their products. The article is accompanied by the rating of the best lines for trimmers according to experts and customer reviews.

The fishing line for trimmers for trimmers is classified according to such characteristics:

  • Thread thickness. About the thickness you can find out from the technical data of the device itself. Each unit requires a line for the trimmer of a certain diameter. If the device is electric, it will need a thread of 2 mm. Gasoline grass trimmer should be filled with a fishing line with a diameter of 2.4-3 mm.
  • Sectional shape. Usually a line with a circular cross-section is preferred. It is affordable, in addition, perfectly copes with fresh grass. The main disadvantage. the noise that can be heard from the working device. Manufacturers also produce lines for trimmers with a square cross-section. The rectangular shape is seen much less often. Produced a two-piece twisted line for the trimmer, which is used for mowing dead wood. Its peculiarity is its strength and resistance to rupture. The disadvantage. the price.
  • Composition of line. You can determine the service life of the model by it. Often there is a line for trimmer of nylon. It gradually wears down, effective at high loads. Coaxial line for trimmer is considered one of the strongest. It is difficult to cut with a knife, it makes minimum noise during cutting. Mainly used by utility workers.

Why do I need to put a knife on my grass trimmer

Grass trimmer with a knife installed on it is most convenient to use for more comfortable mowing tall and coarse grass in the country. The line for the trimmer on the brushcutter in such cases does not cope. But also on the grass trimmer remain as well as with any have to switch to a knife, a line only. Thin line tears very quickly.

Using thick 23 mm cord or homemade rope rods causes vegetation to wind up on the bobbin. This increases the load on the motor. How to replace the head on before putting a blade on put a blade on a grass trimmer with.

As a result, the piston group and other moving parts of the unit wear out very quickly.

If you mow weeds with an electric trimmer without a blade, just a line. even if it is thick with a shaped section, it will not solve the problem. There is always a risk of overheating the electric motor and disabling the flexible shaft.

And it’s all in the high torque of the electric motor. Fix such a spool on the grass trimmer also, as well as a spool with an ordinary how to change the line for the trimmer.

Grass wound on the spindle creates a strong resistance to the shaft, reminiscent of a speedometer cable, which cannot withstand and twists.

In order to save the technique from premature wear manufacturers have provided the opportunity to install special knives on grass trimmers. Design and shape of existing cutting elements allow to fight not only rough and overgrown grass with ease, but also to fight successfully with young shrubs.

choose, grass, trimmer, bobbin

Popular models

Choosing which reel is better for your grass trimmer, read the list of heads that have already earned many good reviews from users.

Bosh K103

This head is universal. Its weight is 300gr. Mainly used in Hyundai and Makita trimmers. the line for this trimmer reel is particularly durable and reliable, with moderate consumption even with heavy use. The winding is automatic. The base plate is made of metal and is seldom easy to break. Head height is 67mm. It uses a flat cap that lasts a long time. Soft and young grass mows beautifully. There are rare reports that the cover does rub off, but these are extremely rare. The cover is made of durable plastic.

Coil for EFCO3060

Affordable and good quality head. The line winding system is semi-automatic, and therefore the most convenient. Diameter fixture 6.6mm. The trimmer line is made of high-quality, strong material. In operation, the coil has proven to be reliable, its use lasts for a decent number of moto-hours. Thanks to its thickness, the trimmer line is able to cut through even the densest of grass. Adapter in the threaded reel. Special cup protects the entire line head from damage. This model is suitable for so many models, including.ч. “Hyundai, Intertool, etc.д.

Flymo 15

Spool (head) with semi-automatic line winding for universal use. Comes with a rather thin cup, so the consumption of fishing line may be higher. This fault, however, is more than compensated for by the excellent cutting performance. The head is set at 74 mm, which is a good result. Only fine trimmer line is used in the reel. The core is all-metal. Mainly used for garden trimmer models from different manufacturers.

EFCO 8100

Perhaps the best all-purpose reel for grass trimmers. Comes with special adapter for mounting on many models. Fully automatic winding type. The cleat has a diameter of 6.2 m and the coil height is 76 mm. A 1.3 mm trimmer line is used. Fastening is done with a screw method. The protective cover is very compact, made of special impact-resistant plastic, but the cup is absent at all. First of all, this model is designed for soft young grass, with perennial tall grass, it probably will not cope.

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Differences in the principle of charging the line

Types of spools for grass trimmer also differ in the principle of charging the consumable.

  • Quick. The new cord is put on without removing the spool from its base. This is very convenient, in addition, saves time. The tip of the new fishing line is slipped into the spool and wrapped around the surface several times. Once a certain amount is reached, the cord is cut. Usually this method is used by lawnmowers.
  • Collapsible type. Based on the name, it is already clear that to change the line it is necessary to turn off the ignition and remove the head. The new head is wound in place of the old one, after which the spool is closed and reinserted.

Also different models of trimmers are equipped with semi-automatic heads, which, in turn, consist of a pair of parts, the body and the bobbin. Both elements contain springs. The bobbin is available in different versions:

  • Single-section. evenly winding the line (both parts).
  • Two-sectional. each tip of the line is wound separately, on the corresponding part. As a rule, this type is considered the most comfortable and practical to use. In the two-section bobbin line for trimmer never tangle, and also does not sinter.

Feature: you can easily and quickly turn a bobbin with one section into a two-section. To begin with, you need to find a fairly solid plate. The diameter of the bobbin is measured on it and cut out along the contour. The thickness is taken near where the line is wound. It is important that the circle moves freely. The next step is to make an appropriate cut on the ring. Then the ring is put on the bobbin and fixed with strong fixing glue and adhesive tape. If everything is done correctly, it will be possible to wind the line for the trimmer on different sections.

Turning a one-section reel into a two-section reel

Universal spools have several holes (2 to 4), which are always opposite each other. The grass-cutting tips stick out of the holes. There are also types of spools, where you can install only a line for a trimmer of a certain size. Interestingly, the number of holes in such reels can be up to 12.

There is an opinion that the more holes through which the mowing line for the trimmer can stick out, the easier it is to use the device itself, but this statement is not always true in practice.


Many users can’t get accustomed to working with such heads, and they prefer experienced spools that have been tested by their own experience. To change such a line it is necessary to stop the motor, which is not very useful for a gasoline grass trimmer. Besides, its use leads to higher line consumption, and it is convenient to work with a trimmer with a reel of this type only on a level terrain, without holes and roughness. In short, there are clear limitations in use.

Before you buy a grass trimmer, you should decide on the type of spools that will be installed on it. this will help avoid additional costs.

What do you need a grass trimmer for

A garden trimmer is a manual motorized tool for cutting grass on small plots, up to 5 acres. This is a kind of lawnmower, but in a more compact and mobile version. Trimmers are convenient for mowing grass in places that are inaccessible to lawnmowers:

  • around trees and bushes;
  • near walls, fences, and posts;
  • along the edges of the lawn and flowerbeds;
  • along paths and along the banks of ponds;
  • on stony areas;
  • overgrown lawns; overgrown lawns with high grass.

The power of the grass trimmer is not designed to handle large areas. In addition, the grass will have to mow, holding the device on the weight, which is rather tedious.

Grass trimmer device for grass

The main components of the garden trimmer for grass. the motor unit and the work unit with a cutting element, which are attached to a long boom with a convenient handle. There is a flexible or rigid shaft inside the rod to transmit the rotation from the motor to the cutting mechanism. The working head rotates at high speed, cutting the stems. It’s half-covered by a solid guard to protect against flying grass and dust. The guard must be tough and securely fastened to the body. often than not, it is made of plastic. But the best option is a metal cover.

Depending on the power source, the hand-held grass trimmer for grass is electric or gasoline.

Electric models are divided into mains and battery models. Electric mains grass trimmers work from a standard 220 V outlet. In battery-powered models, the engine is powered by a battery. Gasoline grass trimmer works on an internal combustion engine. That’s why the gasoline tank is additionally attached to the boom.

A smooth and accurate cut of the grass is given by the trimmer’s line. It allows you to get close to the edge of the curb, a tree trunk or other obstacles to clear the weeds. The thicker the line, the easier it is to trim coarse and dry stems. However, a low-powered motor will not be able to spin it to the desired speed, and the line for the trimmer will not cut, but simply crumple the grass. Therefore, its diameter must match the power of the machine:

  • for trimmers with power up to 500 watts, a line for the trimmer with a diameter of 1.5 mm is suitable;
  • for 500-1000 W models. 1.5 to 2.5 mm;
  • on trimmers with power more than 1000 watts, you can install spools with 2.5-3.5 mm fishing line, it will cope with perennial plants and even small bushes.
  • round. strong, but very noisy;
  • curly. cuts thick stems well and makes less noise;
  • Twisted. more often used for thin stems;
  • Metal core reels are tough and hard-wearing, but expensive.

On overgrown weedy areas, it is better to use a grass trimmer with a knife. plastic or steel. Plastic products can be installed on grass trimmers of any power, but they are used only on a clean lawn without bumps and humps. They break when in contact with hard objects.

Grass trimmers with steel blades can easily handle high and dense grass and even bushes or young growth of trees.

In models with a detachable cutter design, you can use both.

Rigging of the multiplier

Multiplier reels are a natural evolution of the good old inertia reels. Basically, they are winches, characterized by increased strength and carrying capacity with an expectedly large weight and no less impressive price. It is used mainly in sea fishing, but sometimes it is used in freshwater fishing, usually in tandem with reinforced casting or trolling form. The multiplier is purposefully sharpened for catching trophy specimens.

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The other principles can be borrowed from reeling the winch, but note that in this case, it is better to control the tension of the cord. This can be done with fingers protected by a glove or a piece of cloth, or you can use a half-cut plug for this purpose (a line for the trimmer is passed through the cut).

This type of reels does not have a clip for fixing the cord, so the final it is better to wind it on the leg fastening to the rod.

How to remove the reel from a grass trimmer and remove the line for the trimmer

Initially, before you tuck the line for the trimmer into the reel of the grass trimmer, it is necessary to remove it from there. The reel or guide is a device that is located inside the mowing head, reel or reel. There are different kinds of heads (depending on the manufacturer), but the principle of changing the line on the reel is the same for all. First of all, let’s understand how to remove the head from the tool, as well as how to get the reel with the fishing line out of it.

The instructions on how to unwind a manual head on a trimmer are as follows:

  • Turn the tool upside down and, if necessary, clean any dirt from the head. Grasp the cover locks (on the mowing head) symmetrically with two fingers of one hand. After pressing them in slightly, remove the cover from the drum
  • Next, the fishing line spool must be removed from the reel shaft. It is seated on the shaft without fasteners, so it can be removed with one hand
  • The main part of the reel is fastened with a screw, which should be unscrewed with a screwdriver with a suitable tip or a bit
  • To unscrew it, hold the base of the drum with one hand while turning it counterclockwise with the other
  • Then the dismantling process can begin. to do this, do not pull it with all your might, but gently wiggle it sideways to slowly disengage it from the metal shaft on which the drum is seated
  • When reinstalling it, the head should be seated in the slots of the square shape

This process is not difficult, and as you understand, there is no need to dismantle the whole head, if you know how to replace. Consider these nuances when disassembling:

  • It is advisable to periodically remove the head to prevent corrosion of the threaded joint. If a screw is never unscrewed, it can be difficult or even impossible to unscrew it when required
  • If the screw has a square shaped head, then a screwdriver or suitable size bits must be selected for unscrewing to avoid slipping on the head
  • When reassembling the unit, the threaded seating should be treated with a lubricant, such as solidol or machine oil
  • If the facets on the screw have slipped off, you can use special tongs to unscrew it
  • There are reels which do not require disassembly. To disassemble it, take hold of it and twist in the opposite direction of the clockwise direction

Knowing how to disassemble the reel, you should continue to figure out the process of replacing the grass trimmer line. The video below shows a detailed process of how to open the grass trimmer reel and disassemble it.

The device in the mower

In a trimmer, the element on which the string is stretched is very simply arranged. It is called the “reel”. It usually consists of an upper and lower part (grooves), between which passes a partition with a recess. It is on these grooves that you need to wind the line for the trimmer. However, before it is pulled through the recess.

Before pulling out the spool, it is necessary to unscrew the special button, which is located directly on the body of the lawnmower. Before you can change the line for your trimmer, you must remove the spool from the mower.

It is not difficult to do, but there are peculiarities depending on the configuration of the grass trimmer and the spool itself.

In small electronic mowers, the motor and spool are on the bottom, and on the sides of the spool there are buttons. If you press on them, you get the upper groove of the spool and the part where you need to wind the line for the trimmer.

In lawnmowers with a curved boom that does not have a blade, the bobbins have special double-headed nuts. In such tools, you need to hold the bobbin so it does not move, and at the same time turn the nut not in a clockwise direction. It is it that holds the entire bobbin, which is then easily removed.

Mowers with a straight boom on which a knife can be mounted have a hole just under the reel. To remove the reel, a screwdriver is inserted into this hole and the reel is then locked. Then turn the spool clockwise and remove it from the machine.

Sometimes there may be latches on the reel in the form of clips. These must be pressed to disengage the parts of the spool. It is also possible when the top and bottom of the bobbin are connected by thread. In this case, just grab the top and bottom with your hands, and then twist in different directions until they develop.

Which cutting system is better for brushcutter: line for trimmer blade or disc

Mowing lush green grass with a fishing line is fun and easy. It’s even fun. But you run into dry, stiff stems, and it’s no fun at all. Such a task is impossible for a fishing line. It just glides, and weeds stay intact. You need to replace it with a knife.

That is why quality and powerful brushcutters always have an interchangeable cutting system: trimmer line, blade and disc, for example at

html you can comfortably and quickly pick up a mower with any cutting system, see for yourself, but let’s not go off topic and read on.

What’s the best way to cut the grass?

Before you install the cutting attachment, think about what you’re going to mow. If you mow fresh grass, the answer is the same: choose a fishing line for your trimmer.

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The line for the trimmer is a thin nylon thread. It is also called a cord, string or wire. The mowing head inside has a bobbin (spool) on which this wire is wound. The bobbin is mounted on a shaft to which the speed of the motor is transferred by way of a gearbox. The tips of the line are exposed to the outside. As the bobbin rotates, they also rotate with great speed and force. This is how the grass is mowed.

Mowing width varies from 40 cm to half a meter. The wider the mowing line, the faster you can mow the lawn.

Hold the string line parallel to the grass when mowing. According to the consultants of the S Torgom store, it is possible to drive the brushcutter as it suits you. in one direction, from right to left, or in both directions.

You can also use the so-called “square” method. along the perimeter of the plot. The main thing is not to press the mowing head too hard on the ground, as this would put an instant strain on the engine.

How To Use A Weed Eater- weed wacker string trimmer proper use

it heats up a lot, some parts may melt and the motor may be damaged.

The line for the trimmer is good for cutting grass of any height. even the tallest, with which the lawnmower can not cope. Generally speaking, there are a lot of places where a lawn mower will not pass. narrow places, the edges of lawns, near curbs, flowerbeds, under benches. All these places for a brushcutter with a string tucked in.

The wire is especially effective when mowing grass in the garden, as it slides easily over tree trunks and does not damage them.

It is also convenient to mow grass for hay, but if the vegetation is tough and dense. set the knife.

Types of steel knives

Not all brushcutters are designed for disc or blade mounting. In order for the engine to “pull” the blade, it must be powerful, not less than 1-1.2 liters.с. In addition, there must be a rigid forged shaft inside the boom. If you have a gasoline lawn mower or an electric grass trimmer with a curved boom, it has a cable inside, not a metal shaft. The blade won’t hold. it will break right away.

But, if everything is okay with the mower, and the manufacturer provides a knife in the kit, then feel free to use it.

  • Mixed vegetation;
  • thick and tough undergrowth;
  • The more blades, the higher the cutting performance;
  • cutting corn or sunflower stalks;
  • germination of fresh shrub shoots.

The cutting principle is the rotation of the blade on a shaft. Mowing width is usually standard on all brushcutters. a quarter meter, but there are blades with a larger diameter.

The design of the brushcutter blade is a paddle blade. The blades are sharp blades that are ground on both sides. There are two, three, or four blades.

  • The double-beam blade resembles a plate. Lightweight and suitable even for household trimmers;
  • The three-blade is the most popular for cutting weeds. It has a small base and three long blades;
  • The four-beam differs in that its base is larger and its blades are shorter. With this design the grass is cut less, which is important when mowing for hay, because finely cut hay is difficult to collect afterwards.

blades result in more productive mowing. It is the blades that effectively cut through tough vegetation.

Often, to make the blade stronger, it is packed with Pobedite tips. Such a blade element is much stronger and more durable. But it’s also heavier in weight. That’s why don’t be in a hurry to mount a multi-blade blade if you mow soft clover, for example. Better save it for vegetable gardens, where you need to cut thick and tough corn stalks.

When mowing with a knife, especially carefully inspect the area. if there is no treacherous rock or hard bump. If you bump into it, you might break or warp the blade and stress the engine.

What to mow with a toothed disc

If the blade has eight or more blades, it is already called a disk. The number of teeth varies from eight to forty. The multi-toothed blade is made of strong steel. Sharpened on both sides. Its base is large, but the teeth are small and sharp. It works like a saw. it spins and cuts. The disc must be set particularly carefully. flat and well secured.

Saw blade is needed for cutting thin trunks of trees. Even a fully formed trunk can be sawn off by carefully sawing from different sides.

But a circular saw blade is not just for cutting down young growth. You can mow grass for hay with it too. Especially the dry and tough ones. The main thing is to choose the right disc. a light one with a peoriated base. Then the grass will not be cut too much. That makes all the difference when cutting low grass into hay.

The discs also have a tungsten carbide tipped surface. Although, according to user reviews, they fly off very quickly, and they are of little use. Only the weight gets heavier.

If you are going to saw trunks, you can also install a disk from a circular saw. It saws beautifully, especially if the tines are slightly spaced. But when mounting a circular disc you run a great risk.

You risk to put your tool at risk, because the load on the gear increases tenfold. A powerful engine (2-3 liters).с.) will pull such a drive with no problem, but the gearbox is not sure how it will behave.

So this kind of substitution can be done only if you are sure that the reducer is hardy and professional.

What is the best line diameter?

For different freshness and softness of grass you need different line diameter. But let’s say at once. carefully read the technical data sheet of your device. If the manufacturer says that a trimmer is allowed to use only 1.2 mm filament, don’t try to wind 2 mm filament. You won’t mow for long. The motor will overheat from the load.