How To Choose A Lawn Mow, Choosing A Gas Trimmer For Mowing Grass

How To Choose A Lawn Mow, Choosing A Benzotrimmer For Mowing Grass

Today we will talk with you about how to choose a lawn mower, or as it is also called. a gas trimmer. Earlier grass mowing was a rather complicated and lengthy process, especially if it is necessary to process large areas. This question becomes especially acute when, in the family, there is no healthy adult man. But progress does not stand still, and more and more new technologies in agriculture, such as a tiller or cultivator, come to the rescue, and instead of a usual scythe they use a lawn mowing ground. So, a fragile woman, an elderly couple, or a teenager can now cope with cottage care. But for the work to be a joy, it is necessary to choose the right unit for a long and high-quality service. Let’s analyze this issue in more detail, find out all the nuances.

The most popular manufacturers on the market are:

Given this information, we have compiled a table for you in which we selected the best models, and their approximate prices:

How to choose a lawn mow. what to look for

The most important features:

  • Device weight;
  • Type of motor, and its performance;
  • Cutting element;
  • Bar shape;
  • Comfort at work;
  • Cost.

Cutting element:

The type of cutting element is very important to do, it can be different:

So what is better? Fishing line or knives? There is no definite answer, since it completely depends on the type of tasks assigned to the operator. For ordinary grass mowing, only a fishing line will be sufficient. For a wider range of work, you will need knives, for example, to align bushes, pruning trees. There are mixed drives that are equipped with both fishing line and knives.

When choosing a fishing line as a cutting element, you get the following advantages:

  • Durability and margin of safety;
  • It is easy to replace a fishing line, even by yourself, without skills;
  • Good functionality;
  • Relative cheapness;
  • A wide selection of manufacturers and models using a reel with fishing line as a basis.

Line feed can be:

  • Automatic;
  • Semi-automatic;
  • Manual.


Perhaps the main parameter that you most often pay attention to when buying is power. But you do not always need an aggregate with a maximum rate. It all depends on the area that you will process:

  • For a small area. power up to 1000 watts.
  • Area up to 10 hundred parts. 1000.1500 W.
  • For 10 and more. over 1500 watts.

If you process a large area with a tool with low power, you wear it out faster, the motor quickly overheats, and the service life, therefore, is reduced. For large areas, it is best to take a device with a four-stroke engine, and small ones. a two-stroke.

Weight of models:

Rating of the best gas trimmers for grass mowing:

Echo GT-22GES Description:

If you need a full range of features from the purchased unit, then be sure to pay attention to the GT-22GES. Having a two-stroke engine, the device is able to cope with a large amount of work, without wearing out. The rotation speed of the drum reaches 6500 rpm./min, which is a very decent indicator. The curved bar and the D-shaped handle of fastening will allow the operator to work even in the most inaccessible places. The handle is adjustable in height, which will undoubtedly help people with low stature to customize it for themselves.

  • Ease;
  • Convenience in operation;
  • Reliability;
  • Good power to performance ratio.

Patriot PT 3355:

Powerful, but at the same time convenient and practical braid, solves a whole range of mowing tasks:

  • Uneven landscapes;
  • Ravines;
  • Ordinary sites with a flat surface;
  • In the pits.

The unit is equipped with both a reel with fishing line and metal knives. Knives well solve the problem of tall weeds with thick stems. 7,500 thousand revolutions per minute allow the fishing line to mow lawns with unprecedented efficiency.

The bar is disassembled, so transporting the PT 3355 does not complicate anything. Thanks to the shoulder girdle, you will be able to carry loads associated with weight and long labor much easier. The weight of the test subject, by the way, is average. 6.5 kilograms.

  1. Power;
  2. Relative cheapness;
  3. Thrift;
  4. Belt;
  5. Air filters.
  1. High noise level;
  2. There is no absorption of vibration, so it hurts hands;
  3. The quality of the belt is poor;
  4. Plastic carburetor flap lever.
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Husqvarna 128R Lawn Mow:

The rotation speed of the cutting base is 8000 rpm, any task is solved with a bang.

What’s in the box:

  1. Semi-automatic head;
  2. Fastening belts;
  3. Additional cutting element in the form of metal knives.

Stihl FS 250 model review:

Thanks to its powerful engine, the scythe has earned love among farmers with large areas for cultivation. With its help, lawns are cut and hay is harvested, a vest is also included, with very convenient fastenings. Thus, you facilitate your work quite a lot. Thanks to the protection from vibration, the operator can work for hours without experiencing pain in the hands, while cutting hard weeds with thick stems. Thanks to the new smart start system, the operator easily starts work, without unnecessary efforts at the start.

  • Mounts
  • Easy to control motor with handle;
  • Manual fuel pump;
  • A carburetor compensator is provided.
  • No coil included;
  • The belt mount is difficult to adjust, it must be untwisted with a key.

As you can see, the advantages of the model are still more than the disadvantages, so the FS 250 enjoys well-deserved popularity.

When choosing a gas trimmer for mowing grass, or more simply, lawn mowers, there are no trifles. Pay attention to the power and type of engine, the shape of the rod, handle, and also the weight of the unit. The brand of the manufacturer also plays an important role. To make the right choice, do not save if possible, take a more solid model. It will serve you much longer, and the quality of work will be higher. On this we say goodbye to you, wish you a happy shopping.

How to choose a lawn mow for a summer residence

In modern conditions, more and more of our compatriots are reaching for the earth. And this applies not only to rural, but also to urban residents. People understand that the breadwinner will always come to the rescue. Along with this, they strive to ease the hard rural work as much as possible. The industry is constantly expanding the range of devices and assemblies that are widely used in gardens, personal plots and cottages.

Lawn mowing is one such versatile tool. It does not need a power grid. It works on any landscape and with any vegetation. There was grass. take and mow. How to choose a lawn mow? Here is the answer to this question.

The choice of gas lawn mowers

choosing a lawn mow is quite difficult. A good choice depends not only on the characteristics and cost. Each future owner must hold it in his hands, feel the instrument, and after that acquire it.

To simplify the procedure for choosing lawn mowers, we give a classification of the tool and talk about the areas of application of each of its classes. Different tasks are performed by different solutions.

lawn mowing has a simple design. A two-stroke engine is used as a drive, although it can be a four-stroke, but very rarely. From it, revolutions to the cutting tools (cutting disc or trim code) are transmitted using a flexible shaft (less commonly, a hard shaft through a gearbox).

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By design, there are lawn mowers with a straight shaft and with a flexible shaft. By class, they are divided into professional and domestic.

How to choose a lawn mow for home and garden

lawn mowing. a faithful assistant who will help the summer resident to cope with weeds and young shoots of bushes or to tidy up the lawn, giving it a well-groomed appearance. The tool must be selected taking into account the work where it will be used. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed varieties of gas trimmer will help in choosing.

The best manufacturers of lawn mowers. which company to choose

Only a tool in which the optimal combination of important parameters is precisely calculated, where the best components are used in combination with high build quality, can turn routine work into a pleasant task.

This tool includes lawn mowers of the following brands:

Principle of operation and arrangement of lawn mowers

lawn mowers, regardless of the variety to which they belong, have a similar design.

The main elements are:

1. Gasoline engine;

2. A rod with a handle, an arm-limiter and a device for stopping the engine;

3. Throttle control lever;

4. Cutting working head in a protective casing.

The engine is located in the upper part of the rod, opposite the working head. The principle of operation of the gas trimmer is simple: the engine rotates the shaft, and with the shaft the working head, equipped with a cutting element, rotates and cuts off the grass.

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Types of lawn mowing

two-stroke lawn mowers

lawn mowing is not a car, special agility is not required from it, a two-stroke engine perfectly copes with the load imposed on it. Most manufacturers equip gas trimmers with a two-stroke engine, which is why the price of a tool is 1.5-2 times lower than a trimmer with a four-stroke engine.

  • Lower price;
  • Less (15-20%) weight;
  • They have a more uniform course and respond better to the gas button;
  • It is easier to maintain and repair, since there is no camshaft and a complex valve system;
  • Fewer parts in the engine design increase its reliability;
  • The need to prepare a fuel mixture of oil and gasoline;
  • Greater toxicity of exhaust gases, the exhaust includes an unburned fuel mixture and has an unpleasant smell of burnt oil;
  • Produce more noise, smoke and vibrations;
  • They have greater fuel consumption: gasoline needs 20% more, oil will need twice as much as for a four-stroke engine;
  • Less durable, running hours to overhaul 25% less.

four-stroke lawn mower

Four-stroke trimmers have recently become increasingly popular due to their superiority in some parameters of traditional models.

Comparative analysis of the weight of the proposed tool with a power of 1 hp:

1. gas trimmer with a two-stroke engine: average weight. 5.85 kg, maximum weight. 8 kg; minimum weight. 4.5 kg;

2. gas trimmer in a four-stroke engine: average weight. 6.4 kg, maximum weight. 7 kg; minimum weight. 6 kg.

That is, the average weight difference for a tool with a power of 1 hp about 0.5 kg, which is almost imperceptible.

  • Separate oil filling into the crankcase of the device provides better lubrication of all units, due to which the working life of the lawn mowing engine increases (approximately by 25%);
  • Profitability due to less fuel and oil consumption (the benefits are noticeable when performing large volumes of work);
  • Provide more comfortable working conditions: insignificant noise level, less exhaust gases.
  • Higher price;
  • Heavier than gas trimmers with a two-stroke engine by 10-15%;
  • Harder to maintain;
  • Engine repairs will be more expensive.

hard drive lawn mowers

In this type of tool, rotation from the engine to the working head is transmitted through the gearbox and the rigid shaft in the form of a rod, which is located inside the rod. The bearings for it are roller bearings. A rigid shaft transfers significant forces to the working head.

The gear in most models is located at the bottom of the trimmer. It transmits torque from the engine to the cutting nozzles at an angle of 30 °, supporting the operation of the knife or blade in a horizontal plane. In this case, the gearbox reduces the angular velocity and increases the torque of the shaft, which increases the efficiency.

Mostly hard drives are equipped with models with increased power, capable of withstanding significant loads. Rigid lawn mowers are always straight.

  • Advanced functionality. cutting bushes, weeds. Tooling with a hard drive includes steel knives or saw blades, and not just fishing line with which you can cut grass;
  • Many models have a collapsible design, which simplifies the transportation of the tool to the summer cottage or to the place of mowing;
  • The ability to withstand prolonged torque loads, which increases the life of the tool as a whole;
  • The presence of a gearbox reduces the load on the engine, which increases the service life of the lawn mowers.
  • Higher price;
  • A rigid shaft located inside the rod causes more pronounced vibration;
  • The presence of a gearbox, which is part of the construction with a rigid shaft, increases the weight of the tool;
  • The need for a systematic replacement of gear lubricant (once every 10-15 hours).

flexible lawn mowers

If the tool bar is bent, it definitely has a flexible drive. Through it, a torque is transmitted from the engine to the working head. The design of the flexible shaft includes a core and several layers of wire with an alternating direction of winding.

  • Less weight;
  • Less tool vibration during operation;
  • The tool is more convenient, the trimmer head is easier to hold in the correct position. parallel to the ground;
  • Good maneuverability. the braid is convenient when processing areas with complex terrain, as well as areas where obstacles or areas that do not need processing are located.
  • Less reliable;
  • Limited functionality. a weaker drive can only service a head with a fishing line or with a plastic knife.

Lawn mowing options


With an increase in engine power, tool indicators such as:

4. Fuel consumption;

The purchase of an excessively powerful gas trimmer unnecessarily results in unnecessary expenses and increased physical activity necessary for processing the territory. For a plot of 5-10 acres, 1 kW (1.36 hp) will be enough.

An important parameter, given that it is necessary not only to hold the braid, but also to actively move with the tool in hand. The belt, of course, reduces the load, but it is much more comfortable to work with a lawn-mowing machine, which weighs 5.5 kg, than an 8 kg one. An average power tool weighs 6.5-7 kg.

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Working width

The parameter affects the performance. the wider the strip, the faster the plot will be processed. The processed strip width is important for the selection of the tool that will be used to mow a large area. If the plot is small, the parameter indicator does not have much significance.

Shaft rotation speed

The cut quality depends on the number of revolutions of the cutting system per minute. A high rotational speed guarantees the growth of healthy grass, as it does not damage the stems of plants.

Type of cutting element

Depending on the tool drive, the cutting elements can be:

1. Fishing line (cord) is designed for mowing grass. The thicker the cord, the more coarse grass can be cut. The thickness of the cord that can be used depends on engine power and ranges from 1.2 to 2.4 mm. Direct relationship: a more powerful engine. thicker fishing line. coarser grass.

2. Knives are used to cut thick grass with thicker and coarser stems. A knife can have several blades (usually from two to four), the larger their number, the more efficient the work. A knife with eight teeth is used when processing areas with interwoven grass.

3. The saw blade will help cut young growth of bushes. He represents a knife with many teeth. As a rule, he is equipped with a professional tool.

Bar shape

The shape of the rod depends on the type of shaft that is placed inside.

The shape of the bar may be as follows:

1. A curved rod, inside which a flexible shaft, is well absorbed in case of accidental impact of a knife against a stone.

2. A tool with a direct bar, inside of which a rigid shaft is designed for more significant loads, is able to deal with dense growth.

Collapsible bar

The scythe with a folding bar is convenient for transportation. If it is not supposed to take the tool out for haymaking, and it is kept all the time in the country, it is better to opt for a non-separable model.

This design completely eliminates the ingress of particles of dirt, grains of sand, which ultimately affects the service life.

Handle shape

Manufacturers offer a tool with three handle options:

1. D-shaped. compact, convenient for a small amount of work, as well as when mowing grass on a site with shrubs;

2. J-shaped. convenient when working with a metal knife, more compact than a U-shaped, but less "sweeping";

3. U-shaped. the most successful option, which is equipped with a tool with great power. But this kind of inconvenient when mowing grass under the bushes, as the branches cling to the handle.

Tank capacity

The volume of the tank varies from 0.4 to 1.5 liters. The amount of fuel capacity determines the time of non-stop operation. Do not forget that the expansion of the capacity entails an increase in the weight and dimensions of the engine.

In addition, manufacturers recommend using the lawnmower non-stop for a period of 30-40 minutes, after which it is necessary to give the engine “rest” so that it does not overheat.


It is included in the mandatory equipment models with a U-shaped handle. Other models may not be equipped with a belt, so you need to pay attention to its presence or the possibility of its use.

Which lawn mowing to choose

1. For professional operation, processing a large summer cottage (more than 10 acres) or, if necessary, haymaking, preference should be given to a model with a power of more than 1.5 kW, a rigid shaft and a U-shaped handle;

2. A small lawn can be maintained in order by using a gas trimmer with an engine power of 0.5-1 kW with a flexible shaft. A curved bar with a D-shaped handle will simplify the job;

3. For the site where you have to deal with hard grass, you can buy a tool with a power of 1-1.5 kW, which includes not only fishing line, but also a knife.

How much is a lawn mowing

1. Low-power (up to 1 kW). from 3.8 thousand rubles. up to 32 thousand rubles;

2. Average power (from 1 to 1.5 kW). from 3.8 thousand rubles. up to 33 thousand rubles;

3. High power (from 1.5 kW and more). from 4 thousand rubles. up to 54 thousand rubles

Updated: 29 August 2017

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